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Go for the Gold

Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges.

Each month you can earn one of each type of badge - bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. You'll need to earn 8 gold, 10 silver, and 12 bronze badges. So theoretically this will take a total of 12 months to unlock them all. This would also mean that, in theory, since this game was released in April 2017, that these achievements aren't obtainable for some months yet. Thankfully there are a few workarounds and exploits to take advantage of to make these achievement very fast. Even faster if you upgrade to Premium, which doubles all of your coins you earn.

There are a couple important notes to keep in mind, assuming you're going to be changing the date on your device to obtain these achievements. As mentioned in the Roadmap, if you have the Premium upgrade, make sure you're changing the date back in time, not forward, so you retain your Premium benefits. Here are the important notes to keep in mind:

Note 1: Wordament and Jumble daily challenges are computer generated. This means they exist for all days of all months, no matter what you set your date for. Crosswords, on the other hand, are created and loaded newly each month. So there are no Crossword daily challenges before April 2017 or after the current month you're playing in. As soon as you hit the first of the month, all of that month's daily challenges are then available for you if you change the date to the last day of the month.

Note 2: the coin requirements for each badge changed after June 2017 for some reason. So any month of daily challenges you do before June have a higher coin requirement for each badge. Here's what the requirements look like:

Original requirements
Bronze - 3000
Silver - 9000
Gold - 15000

New requirements
Bronze - 2000
Silver - 5000
Gold - 10000

With those two important notes in mind, we can now talk about how to exploit the system to get daily challenge badges as quickly as possible. First let's talk about how to complete daily challenges for months before April 2017, when the game didn't actually exist yet.

To earn daily challenge badges in a month before April 2017, there are a bunch of steps you have to follow. It may seem long winded and like a pain, but it's actually very fast once you get the hang of it.

1) Open up the game app and wait until the Home screen loads up and is displayed

2) Change the date on your device to the desired date before April 2017

3) Go to Daily Challenges, then to Calendar, and select the day you want to do the challenge on. Select the challenge you want to complete. Keep Note 1 in mind - crossword challenges don't exist, so you can't choose them or you'll get an error.

4) Change the date back to the current day. The reason for doing this is it changes the coin requirements to the lesser amount mentioned in Note 2 above

5) Complete the daily challenge. After getting your coins and experience, close the app. Resume from Step 1 for the next challenge

Now that you can complete daily challenges for any month, here's another exploit to take advantage of to double the amount of badges you earn each month. Remember how the coin requirement for each badge changed after June 2017? We're going to exploit the varying coin requirements to earn two of each badge per month. It all ties back to step number 4 above, where you change the date back to today's date after opening the old daily challenge. If you change the date back to today's date, you get the new requirements; if you don't, you get the old requirements. Because of this, it's possible to get badges at the following coin amounts:

2000 - bronze (new)
3000 - bronze (original)
5000 - silver (new)
9000 - silver (original)
10000 - gold (new)
15000 - gold (original, not possible without Premium)

So what you'll do is follow the workaround steps above, following step 4 so you'll get a bronze badge at 2000 coins. Once you reach 2000 coins, skip step 4 so you unlock another bronze badge at 3000 coins. Note that skipping step 4 means you'll need to set your date back to the current date after closing the app and before opening it again. Then go back to following step 4 until you reach 5000 coins for silver, then skip step 4 until you get to 9000 coins for a second silver.

This method actually makes it faster to play months before April 2017 instead of later months. In six months you can have all of the required badges for these three achievements. Just be aware that any badges earned in months before April 2017 will not show up in your badge count on the Awards and Achievements screen, but it will count toward the achievements if you follow them on the Xbox app and it will unlock the achievement with the correct time stamp.

As far as the challenges themselves, refer to the "Strive for Perfection" achievement solution for more information.

Upon collecting the required number of badges, the achievement will unlock.

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