Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games Achievements

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Word Wielder50
Find 1,000 words across all game modes. 
Go for the Bronze20
Win 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges. 
Go for the Silver25
Win 10 silver Daily Challenge badges. 
Go for the Gold30
Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges. 
Diamonds are Forever40
Win a diamond Daily Challenge badge. 
Star Seeker20
Earn 100 stars in Wordament Adventure. 
Fast Finder15
Find 5 words in under 10 seconds (Single Player or Multiplayer). 
Come Together15
Finish your first Wordament Multiplayer game. 
Theme Party25
Find 50 Theme Words. 
Star Juggler20
Earn 100 stars in Jumble Adventure. 
Educated Tumbler20
Find 50 Expert words. 
Star Solver20
Earn 50 Stars in Crosswords Single Player. 
Crossword Craver15
Complete your first Sunday Puzzle pack. 
First Star10
Earn your first Star (in any mode). 
Stroll in the Park25
Complete your first Adventure Map in any mode. 
A Long Walk30
Get a 100% Completion on an Adventure Map (any mode). 
A Year Long Excursion70
Complete 12 Adventure Maps in any single mode. (7) 
Came To Play10
Play your first Daily Challenge. 
Came To Win15
Win your first Daily Challenge. 
Strive for Perfection50
Complete every Daily Challenge in a month. 
Expert Seeker45
Obtain the Expert title for Wordament. (1) 
Exceptional Seeker15
Find a word worth over 45 points. 
Word Finder25
Find 30 words without getting all three stars. 
Find all expert words in a single puzzle. 
The Big One15
In a Jumble puzzle, find the Longest Word in the list first. 
The Quick and the Jumbled15
Finish a game of Jumble Quickplay. 
Going Backwards20
Solve the Bonus Jumble before getting the first 2 stars. 
Expert Jumbler45
Obtain the Expert title for Jumble. (1) 
Self-Made Solver20
Obtain 3 stars on a crossword puzzle without using any hints. 
Clean Sweep25
Answer all clues in a puzzle correctly using only one full grid check. (1) 
Get a Clue15
Finish a clue with at least 10 letters. 
Correctly answer all clues along the edges of the grid before entering any other letters. 
Expert Solver45
Obtain the Expert title for Crosswords. 
Bring it On!50
Complete an Expert Crosswords DC, Hard Jumble Quick Play (3 stars), and MP Wordament in one day. 
A Hidden Path?30
Unlock a Bonus Puzzle (in any mode). 
Gate Crasher15
Unlock a Gate on an Adventure Map. 
Gimme Five!20
Play the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row. 
Come back each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge. 

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