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Reach Level 50.

Assuming you don’t replay levels a bunch, you should hit level 50 during your Apocalypse difficulty playthrough. Leveling up is pretty straight forward, there are 4 ways to level up: Killing Enemies (higher difficulty = more XP earned), Surviving Ambushes (Ambushes are triggered periodically in levels, clearing out all the enemies gives you XP per enemy killed, plus a bit of extra XP for finishing the ambush), Story Progression (Completing levels, even replaying them, nets extra XP depending on level difficulty), Defeating Bosses (Defeating a boss nets a large chunk of XP and usually some pretty good gear drops).

You can farm XP (And emeralds/gear/kills) on the Redstone Mines level. This level is full of Spawner blocks, which spawn in enemies. Simply, kill these enemies over and over again without destroying the Spawner block.

To avoid any danger of dying, you can summon allies with Artifacts (refer to "A Friend in Need" for more information about Artifacts and allies) or equip armor that includes pets that fight for you, like the Spelunker Armor. If you use this method, make sure you position yourself so that the Spawner block is off screen. This will stop your pets/allies from destroying the Spawner block and make sure they only focus on killing the enemies that spawn in. You can also use this method to generate a seemingly endless supply of emeralds that the mobs drop and by selling the gear that the mobs drop.

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