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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10 (If playing against easy A.I.)
- Offline Achievements: 12 (200)
- Online Achievements: 0 (0)
- Approximate Time for 200 : 2-3 Hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed for Completion: 1 playthrough
- Number of Missable Achievements: None
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No Cheats
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: No
- Extra Equipment Needed: Windows Phone 7/8 Devices

Welcome to Monopoly on Windows Phone, brought to you by Electronic Arts. This Windows Phone version of Monopoly supports 10 achievements for 200 and also leaderboard functionality. The game does not however offer any form of online multiplayer, not even a push and play type mode which may have made the game a bit more enjoyable. Nevertheless, the game should not take you long to complete, although there is a bit of "luck" involved making you play more than one game in order to get the full score.

Most of the achievements for Monopoly should come naturally after playing the game. There really isn't any need to try and force a lot of these achievements, although you can do so if you so feel. Most of them require a bit of luck or chance and rely on what number is rolled. Achievements such as Globe Trotter, for landing on every property on the board, is a prime examples that a bit of time is needed for some of these. A good amount of the achievements revolve around you dominating the game and owning various monopolies and properties, something that is easily done in the lower difficulties, so you should get a lot of these simply by playing.

Mop Up:
There are two achievements that I would classify as needing "luck" and that you may wish to force them instead of waiting for them to unlock naturally. These are, Rolled to Freedom for rolling a double to get out of jail, and Rolled to Jail for rolling three doubles in a row to get sent to jail. It will be much easier and much less annoying to force these achievements instead of hoping you roll doubles, especially for the three times in a row to get in jail achievement. By using the method described in Rolled to Jail you should be able to force these achievements easily, albeit quite a handful of tries.

None of these achievements are hard, and many should come naturally as you kick the A.I.'s butt in lower difficulties. There are two that need some luck, but with the exploit described in the achievement guide, should not take you a considerable amount of time. This is a pretty easy 200 game overall.


[x360a would like to thank Judge_Bergan for this road map]

Deal Of The Century20
Form a monopoly as a result of trading   

When you have all but one of the properties you need for a monopoly press the trade icon on your turn and trade for the final property, you can try to trade for someone else’s monopoly but are unlikely to be successful.

Everybody Starts Somewhere10
Buy a property   

Simple achievement likely to be your first as soon as its your turn roll the dice and confirm your purchase of the property you land on.

Globe Trotter20
Land on every property on the board   (2) 

This is not as difficult as it seems but is based on luck simply land on all properties train stations and utilities, this does not have to be in one game mine unlocked before I had landed on all properties in my second game.

Moving On Up15
Build your first set of houses.   

Once you own your first monopoly press the manage option and build houses on your monopoly.

No Mercy20
Be responsible for the bankruptcy of another player   

When you own properties if a player lands on them they pay you rent simply take the last bit of money off a player to get this, building hotels on you properties yields much higher rent.

Now You're On Your Way10
Own a monopoly   

Another easy achievement simply own all properties in one set this can be all properties of one group all train stations or both utilities.

Rolled To Freedom10
Rolled a double to get out of jail   

This is not to bad to get, when you get sent to jail don’t buy yourself out or use a get out of jail free card you will get three chances to roll a double before you have to buy yourself out at the end of your third turn.

Rolled To Jail10
Roll three doubles in a row and get sent to jail   

This can be a real pain to get and is based on pure luck, keep trying and you will get it, as it says roll three doubles in a row and the achievement will be yours.


Method by Graivul:
An easy method to obtain this achievement is as follows:

Wait until you roll a double, watch your piece move to its destination, then roll again. If you don't roll a double, quickly press the Windows button on your phone to return to the main menu before you piece starts to move. , so pretty much as soon as the dice land and you can see the result.

Reload the game and use the Resume option, you will reload at the point before you made your second roll, repeat the method until you roll your second double. 

Once you roll your second double, allow your piece to move and repeat as above until you roll your third double.

Taking Sides40
Own every property, including any ports and utilities, down one whole side of the board   

Not too difficult to get just buy or trade for every property on one side of the board.

The View From The Top25
Build your first set of hotels.   (2) 

To build hotels you need to first build 4 houses on every property in you monopoly once you have done this you will be able to build hotels in place of the four houses, but to built a hotel there must be four houses first.

Transport King10
Own the monopoly on the transport properties   

Simply buy or trade for all of the train stations, there are four and are located in the centre of each side of the game board.

You've Got The Power10
Own the monopoly on the utilities   (1) 

Again all you have to do is buy or trade for both of the utilities.

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Electronic Arts


US October 23, 2010

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