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Guide By: Plym
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 34 (700)
-Online: 12 (300)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 700+ hours (must spend 24 hours as each character)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Story Mode, 14 Arcade Ladder (minimum)
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

This is the ninth installment of the legendary fighting game Mortal Kombat which originally debuted in 1992. The first three games are generally considered the pinnacle of the series and this game retells their story, but with an alternate timeline created by one of the characters - Raiden. Most fighters from the first three Mortal Kombat games make a return. The game primarily uses a one on one fighting system and also introduces the tag team gameplay. There are modes such as Arcade Ladder and Story Mode where you must defeat opponents to progress to the next stage, the new Challenge Tower where you must perform 300 different tasks using various characters, and a Tutorial mode. The Krypt returns as the place to buy various items using Koins gained in the other modes. As is standard now with any fighting game, you must also go on Xbox Live to complete the list.

There are 27 Kombatants in total, two of which are unlocked by completing Story Mode.

This should be the first thing you do to get to grips with the game and its controls. Most of the in-game fight achievements can not be gained in Training.

During Tutorial, you can follow the steps to perform basic moves. Fatality Tutorial takes you through how to perform a finishing move. There are also free Practice and Tag Team Practice modes. The achievements that can be gained in Training are:

  • License to Kill
  • A For Effort

Story Mode:
This should be the first mode you complete as it will unlock two of the hidden fighters needed for some of the other achievements.
Battle your way through various bouts over 16 Chapters as the story of Mortal Kombat unfolds. The achievements that can be gained in Story Mode are:

  • Halfway There!
  • Back In Time...
  • Cold Fusion
  • Quan-Tease

Arcade/Tag Team Ladder:
Arcade Ladder is the classic Mortal Kombat arcade mode where you battle through various opponents until you reach the final boss. This game also includes Tag Team Ladder where you can make the fights two on two (or two on one for boss fights). You must complete Arcade Ladder with every character as well as performing their fatality, throws, and X-Ray so try to do as many of these as possible when completing it. Completing Arcade Ladder also unlocks their alternate costume. The achievements that can be gained in Arcade/Tag Team Ladder are:

  • Robots Rule!
  • What Does This Button Do??
  • Ladder Master
  • Where's The Arcade?
  • Arcade Champion
  • Hide and Seek
  • Pit Master
  • Brotherhood of Shadow
  • You Found Me!

Challenge Tower:
One of the most time consuming achievements is making your way up the Challenge Tower which requires you to beat 300 Challenges put before you. These range from defeating your opponent using only special moves to the screen being turned upside down. There are also various "Test Your..." rounds where you must put your Sight, Might and Strike skills to good use. The achievements that can be gained in Challenge Tower are:

  • Tower Apprentice
  • Tower Master
  • These Aren't My Glasses!
  • Dim Mak!
  • I "Might" Be the Strongest
  • Best...Alternate...Ever!

Xbox Live:
Take your character online and fight against other Xbox users. Ranked and Player matches are here and the new King of the Hill mode where other users can watch your match and rank you on how you did. The achievements that can be gained online are:

  • Tough Guy!
  • Cyber Challenger
  • Wavenet...
  • Humiliation
  • Outstanding!
  • Ultimate Respect!
  • You Will Learn Respect!
  • Don't Jump!
  • I'm Not Dead Yet!
  • There Can Be Only One!
  • Throws Are For Champs
  • Turtle!

The Krypt is where you use Koins to spend on various items such as sketches, set designs, new fatalities, and alternate costumes. The achievements that can be gained here are:

  • Undertaker
  • The Krypt Keeper
  • You've Got Style!

There are achievements that are earned just by fighting and performing specific moves. They can be gained in any mode where you do battle, except Training. My Kung Fu Is Stronger is one of the most time consuming achievements ever seen as you must spend 24 hours fight as each character.

  • There Will Be Blood!
  • Fatality!
  • Block This!
  • The Grappler
  • The Competitor
  • Finish What You Start!
  • Tag, You're It!
  • e-X-cellent!
  • My Kung Fu Is Strong
  • My Kung Fu Is Stronger
  • Luck Be A Lady
  • Complet-ality
  • Finish Him?
  • Ultimate Humiliation

This is a very time consuming fighting game as you must spend at least 24 hours with each character and performing all their moves numerous times. The achievement list is for hardcore fighting and true completionists only. Saying that, the game is a LOT of fun and has one of the best Story Modes in any fighting game ever.

[x360a would like to thank Plym for this Road Map]

Cyber Challenger20
Complete 100 Online Matches   (29) 

See "Wavenet..."

Win 100 total Online Matches   (78) 

You must win 100 matches on Xbox Live. This must be done in one specific match type though - you can't mix between Ranked and Player matches.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Get a Flawless Victory in an Online Match   (51) 

Win an Xbox Live match, Ranked or Player, without taking ANY damage from your opponent.

In a Player match, if you and your opponent enter the Kombat Kode 044-440 (Player 1 presses + four times, Player 2 presses + four times) this will make the match a one-hit kill wins the round.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Tough Guy!10
Win an Online Match   (9) 

See "Wavenet..."

Robots Rule!10
Win Arcade Tag Ladder with robot Sektor and Cyrax   (17) 

Enter Fight on the Main Menu and then Tag Ladder. Select Cyrax and Sektor in their robot costumes (the human versions will not net you the achievement) and work your way through the game until you have beaten Shao Khan.

If you are having trouble with Shao Khan, switch to Sektor and spam his so you can teleport behind him, punch him into the air, then do an uppercut ( ) as he lands.

You can make this easier by setting the Rounds to 1 and difficulty to Beginner.

Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row   (166) 

Defeat 10 consecutive opponents in an online Ranked Matches. If you're about to lose you can quit out and, although it will count as a loss in your stats, your streak will remain intact.

You can find a boosting partner here.

There Will Be Blood!40
Spill 10000 pints of blood    (32) 

As you punch and kick your way through battles blood will be spilled over the arena and fighters. You must spill 10,000 pints to earn this achievement which is not a lot. If you work through an Arcade Ladder or Story Mode, you will get this very quickly.

License to Kill20
Complete Fatality Trainer   (10) 

Select 'Fatality Tutorial' from the Training menu. Pick a character and then complete the fatality as instructed. Select Infinite Timer so you have unlimited amount of time to practice the fatality and remember to stay inside the green box.

Easiest to do this with Scorpion. Go up close to your opponent as soon as you hear the 'Finish Him!' and press . Watch the button meter at the top to see if you are pressing the right combination. The screen should then turn black, the fatality is performed, and achievement unlocked.

Ultimate Respect!20
Earn 2500 Respect Points via King of the Hill Matches   (133) 

King of the Hill is an online match where other players watch you fight and score you out of 10 based on how well you performed. You must earn a cumulative total of 2500 Respect Points to net the achievement.

You can boost this with up to seven other people, giving you a total of 70 points per win. You can find a boosting partner here.

You Will Learn Respect!10
Earn 1000 Respect Points via King of the Hill Matches   (19) 

See "Ultimate Respect!"

Unlock 50% of the Krypt   (11) 

See "The Krypt Keeper"

The Krypt Keeper20
Unlock 100% of the Krypt   (41) 

The Krypt is where you will find all of the collectable/unlockable items and gallery. You collect koins by fighting in the various other modes to spend within the Krypt.

There are exactly 299 unlockables to open in the Krypt within 4 sections. Each section also has an extra 5000 hidden koins. Please refer to this thread for a full rundown of everything in the Krpyt plus how to find the hidden koins within.

Playing through Story Mode, uncovering the hidden koins, and working your way up Challenge Tower should net you more than enough. Performing Babalities and Flawless Victories in Arcade Ladder will also net you extra koins.

What Does This Button Do??10
Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue)   (20) 

Enter Fight on the main menu and then Ladder. You must work your way through the Arcade Ladder without hitting the block button once so do not try using your X-Ray or Enhanced Specials in case you mess up and block.

Try doing this achievement the same time you are doing "Robots Rule!" and spam Sektor's Teleport Uppercut move throughout.

Perform a Fatality!    (7) 

See "Finish What You Start!"

Block This!10
Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighter    (14) 

The simplest way to do this is to pick Sonya Blade and build up her Super Meter. When it's full, hit + together and, if it connects, Sonya should perform her X-Ray move which is an 11 hit combo.

The Grappler10
Perform every fighter's forward and backwards throws    (24) 

To perform a throw you must be next to your opponent and then hit plus the direction you want to throw the opponent. Press + to throw forward and or + to throw backward.

This can not be done in Training and you must also do the throws of hidden characters Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero.

Halfway There!5
Complete Story Mode 50%    (6) 

See "Back In Time..."

Back In Time...20
Complete Story Mode 100%    (41) 

Story Mode follows the events of the first three Mortal Kombat games but offering a new alternate twist on the saga. There are 16 Chapters that must be completed and 67 fights total. You must follow one character for each Chapter as the story unfolds. You can change the difficulty to Beginner if you go to Options in the main menu.

Johnny Cage (Reptile, Baraka, Sonya Blade, Kano)
Sonya Blade (Sub-Zero, Raiden, Jade/Kitana, Kano)
Scorpion (Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Cyrax/Sektor, Sub-Zero)
Cyrax (Sheeva, Baraka, Johnny Cage, Sektor)
Liu Kang (Ermac, Kitana, Scorpion/Quan Chi, Goro, Shang Tsung)
--End of First Tournament--

Jax (Baraka, Johnny Cage, Jade, Sheeva)
Smoke (Kitana, Kano, Sub-Zero/Reptile, Sektor)
Sub-Zero (Cyrax, Ermac, Reptile, Scorpion)
Kitana (Smoke/Johnny Cage, Jade, Mileena, Shang Tsung)
Jade (Baraka, Sheeva, Mileena, Smoke)
Kung Lao (Noob, Goro, Shang Tsung/Quan Chi, Kintaro)
Liu Kang vs Shao Khan
--End of Second Tournament--

Stryker (Reptile, Mileena, Kintaro, Ermac)
Kabal (Kano, Mileena/Noob, Cyber Sub-Zero, Sheeva)
Cyber Sub-Zero (Sektor, Kintaro/Goro, Ermac, Noob)
Nightwolf (Quan Chi, Cyrax, Sektor, Sindel)
Raiden (Scorpion, Jax-Stryker-Kabal, Kitana-Nightwolf-Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Shao Khan)

When fighting against Shao Khan the first time, hit him with an uppercut whenever he taunts and duck under his spears. Use a low fireball as much as you can to whittle his health down. The second time you fight him teleport behind him and uppercut repeatedly.

You should unlock "Halfway There!" after Kitana's battle with Johnny Cage and Smoke.

A For Effort10
Complete Tutorial Mode   (18) 

You must complete the game's tutorial mode to unlock this achievement. There are 15 tutorials to complete in total. Just follow the on screen instructions and press the command when prompted.

The Competitor30
Complete 200 Versus matches (online OR offline)   (16) 

This is cumulative of both online matches and local matches with a second player in Versus.
This is done fastest with a second controller using the Sans Power kode (044-440).

Ladder Master20
Complete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continue    (61) 

This can be done on either Arcade Ladder or Tag Team Ladder.

ParoXysm QC suggests:
Start a tag ladder and choose Sheeva and Noob in that order. As soon as the fight starts, use Sheeva's attack repeatedly. If Sheeva dies use the same move with Noob. Occasionally the computer will stay on the ground while you perform the Sheeva's attacks so they're easier to kill. And it's easier to kill Shao Kahn with Noob than with Sheeva.

Don't Jump!10
Win A Ranked Online Match without jumping   (10) 

Enter a Ranked Match in Xbox Live and defeat your opponent without pressing the up button on your d-pad. Every other button is still available to use and moves such as Kitana's Square Boost move can still be done too.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Where's The Arcade?10
Complete Arcade Ladder with Any Fighter   (2) 

See "Arcade Champion".

Arcade Champion40
Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters   (29) 

Work your way up Arcade Ladder with all 27 characters including hidden fighters Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero. Set Rounds to 1 in the Options menu and select Beginner after choosing your fighter(s) to make it easier.

If you are struggling to beat the Ladder with a specific character, select Tag Team Ladder and choose the fighter you want the ending for plus your main/favourite character, as this counts as having completed the mode with both characters. You can take advantage of this to speed the achievement up and cut your playthroughs in half.

You can see who you have completed the game with in Nekropolis. If it says "View Ending" then you have completed it with that character.

Finish What You Start!60
Perform a Fatality with all playable fighters    (36) 

Fatalities are the final moves done at the end of each battle by the winning fighter. After the announcer shouts "Finish Him!" you must perform a specific combination of buttons to do the fatality. Distance is a key factor. Press and select Move List to see how to perform each Fatality or read this thread for a complete move list. If the Fatality requires you to press up on the d-pad, hold the Block button while inputting your combination so you don't jump.

You can keep track of this roughly in the Nekropolis by checking how many "-alities" a specific character has (beware, this also counts babalities), by keeping a checklist, or by running through all the characters in order. The Sans Power code again speeds things up.

This can not be done in Fatality Trainer.

Tag, You're It!10
Perform and land a Tag Combo    (14) 

A Tag Combo is when you have two characters in a Tag match and you perform a combo by first hitting them with character one then switching to your second character and continuing the combo.

Pick Kung Lao then Johnny Cage in Tag Team Versus or Arcade mode and press , , to perform a successful Tag Combo.

These Aren't My Glasses!20
Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challenges   (1) 

You will acquire all the Test Your Sight challenges when you complete them in the Challenge Tower.
There are 10 in total. You should get this after completing Challenge #270 in the Tower.

Tower Apprentice10
Complete 25 Tower missions   (3) 

See "Tower Master"

Tower Master20
Complete all Tower missions   (90) 

Select Challenge Tower from the main menu and complete all 300 challenges on offer. These involve fighting your opponents under specific circumstances using the character it tells you to. You can skip challenges by spending Koins however this will not net you the achievement. You must complete EVERY challenge.

Check out this thread for tips on each individual challenge.

Dim Mak!20
Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challenges   (3) 

You will acquire all the Test Your Strike challenges when you complete them in the Challenge Tower. There are 6 in total. You should get this after completing Challenge #168 in the Tower.

I'm Not Dead Yet!20
Comeback with under 10% health in an Online Ranked Match   (45) 

In a Ranked Match let your opponent beat you down until you have a tiny portion of health left and then beat them. Try using an X-Ray move as this will deal 1/3 of their life off and will hurry things along.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Successfully land every playable fighter's X-Ray attack    (12) 

An X-Ray attack can be performed by building up your meter at the bottom of the screen. Once it is completely full hit + to have your character perform their X-Ray attack. If it connects the screen will turn black and your character will deal bone-crushing moves to your opponent. These can be performed in any mode except Training.

Note: Cyber Sub-Zero must be in the air to activate and with Johnny Cage your opponent must attempt to hit you while you activate (or shortly after) for it connect.

There Can Be Only One!20
Win 10 King of the Hill Matches in a row   (51) 

Select King of the Hill and defeat 10 opponents in a row. Very easily boostable.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Throws Are For Champs20
Perform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match   (13) 

You must perform eight throws with a character in one online ranked match (not round). All eight do not have to be the same. Air throws do not count.

You can find a boosting partner here.

Win both rounds with timer running out in an Online Ranked Match   (30) 

Enter a Ranked Match through Xbox Live and win by BOTH rounds by having the timer reach 0. This means that you must have more health than your opponent as time runs out.

You can find a boosting partner here.

My Kung Fu Is Strong20
Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter    (54) 

See "My Kung Fu Is Stronger".

My Kung Fu Is Stronger60
Gain Mastery of All Fighters    (172) 

For this achievement you mustdo the following with all 27 characters:

  • 100 victories
  • 100 -alities
  • 150 X-Rays landed
  • 10,000 pints of blood spilled
  • 1 Day played as that character

Firstly, save this achievement for last. All the other achievements will contribute to this so don't do extra work.

X-Rays: Do these first. Do a 3 round tag match with kombat kode 466-466 and most characters will get 18 X-rays per match. The characters with the weaker ones will even get 24. And of course, don't forget to do a fatality/babality when the match is over.

Fatalities: Do a one round singles match with kombat kode 044-440 on Subway and do the stage fatality. It's faster than any of the character fatalities and the other stage fatalities as well. The 100 victories will come with this. This too will take a long time.

Blood Spilled: Every character should be at least halfway there by the time you're done X-Rays and fatalities, but most should be near done since you've used them in other game modes. For this head back to 3 round tag matches, but this time use cheat code 091-091 and spam or (for most characters use ). A turbo controller really helps here.

Time: By the time you get here each character should be over an hour at least. The best way to do this is to go into tag team practice and leave your console idling. Make sure that you quit to the main menu when you're done - if you dashboard or power off before doing so all that time will have been wasted.

I "Might" Be the Strongest20
Complete all Test Your Might mini-game challenges   (11) 

You will acquire all the Test Your Might challenges when you complete them in the Challenge Tower. There are 16 in total. You should get this after completing Challenge #294 in the Tower.

Luck Be A Lady10
Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck   (137) 

Test Your Luck is a one on one fighting mode where the wheels of a slot machine spin before the fight and each bar that comes up will impact the fight in a different way such as removing all special moves from the match or turning on an earthquake so the floor shakes etc. You must match up three MK Dragons in the slots to get the achievement.

For this you can either rely completely on luck or try the following:

While reel one spins press seven times before it stops, then while reel two spins press seven times before it stops, then press seven times while the final reel spins. If done really fast, 3 MK Dragons should come up.

You've Got Style!20
Unlock all Alternate Costumes    (35) 

Alternate costumes can be found in the Krypt or by completing Arcade Ladder with that character.
To view and unlock the alternate costume, go to the Nekropolis in Extras and select the character. A message will come up saying alternate costume unlocked. This must be done with all 26/27 characters (Cyber Sub-Zero does not have an alternate costume).

For a complete breakdown on where each Alternate Costume is in the Krypt, see this thread.

Secret Achievements
Perform 1 of each type of "-ality"    (30) 

For this, you must perform one normal Fatality, one Babality, and one Stage Fatality for any one character. For a complete move list, see here.

Note: You do not have to have the Fatality/Babality unlocked for the move to work. Just input the code regardless of whether it is in your move list menu or not.

This can be done in any mode except Fatality Trainer.

Finish Him?10
Perform any fighter's hidden finishing move    (33) 

See "Ultimate Humiliation".

Hide and Seek10
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder   (30) 

See "You Found Me!".

Pit Master10
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder   (36) 

See "You Found Me!".

Brotherhood of Shadow20
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder   (38) 

See "You Found Me!".

Ultimate Humiliation20
Perform every fighter's hidden finishing move    (63) 

The Hidden Finishing move is a Babality.

Perform a Babality for each character including Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero. You don't need to unlock them, just input the combination from this thread when you hear "Finish Him!".

This can be done in any mode except Fatality Trainer. This is done fastest by using two controllers and the Sans Power kode.

Unlock Hidden Fighter "Quan Chi"    (4) 

Quan Chi is the prize for completing all 16 Chapters of Story Mode. He will unlock after the final battle and cut-scene.

You Found Me!10
Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder   (98) 

When playing through Arcade Ladder, there are four hidden Kombatats who you can fight by special means if you perform a certain task. Being challenged by the hidden Kombatant will net you the achievement. You do not need to defeat them.

Set "Rounds to Win" to 2 in the options, make sure you're playing solo, and set the difficulty to Beginner.

Hidden Combatant 1: Klassic Jade

  • Must not lose a fight before Shang Tsung (can lose rounds)
  • Must not lose a round to Shang Tsung
  • Must perform 3 fatalities before Goro/Kintaro (fatality on Shang Tsung not required)
  • Must perform 5 flawless victories before Goro/Kintaro
  • Must perform a double flawless on Shang Tsung

Tips: Choose Scorpion and spam his spear, combo, teleport move and rinse and repeat. Sektor is also a good character and use his teleport, uppercut move. If Shang Tsung manages to hit you, beat him and then go back to the Player Select screen immediately after you hear "Finish Him!". You'll then be able to try again against Shang Tsung.

Another video using Scorpion by member RA1NKING

Hidden Combatant 2: Klassic Smoke
Conditions: On the Living Forest stage start mashing as soon as the fight starts. If Smoke was hiding in the background your opponent will instantly die and you will fight Klassic Smoke. Smoke does not have to be visible to you for this to work.

Hidden Combatant 3: Klassic Reptile
Conditions: On the Pit II Night stage occasionally you will see Santa Clause and his sleigh or a witch in the sky flying across the moon. If this happens, you must get a double Flawless then perform the stage fatality.

Hidden Combatant 4: Klassic Noob Saibot
Conditions: On The Temple stage Noob will sometimes be standing in the background instead of the usual monks. If you see him you must win the match without blocking to fight.

For Noob, Smoke, and Reptile the easiest way is to keep quitting to the main menu if the stage you need is not the first or second. Once you've got the stage you need if the condition you need is not met then go back to the character select screen. Unlike quitting to the main menu this leaves the stage the same allowing for infinite retries.

Cold Fusion20
Unlock Hidden Fighter "Cyber Sub-Zero"    (12) 

During Chapter 13 of Story Mode, you will fight Cyber Sub-Zero as Kabal. This achievement and the character will unlock as soon as he is defeated.

Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume   (67) 

Mileena's Flesh Pits costume (the costume she is in when you fight her with Kitana in Story Mode) is your prize for reaching the top of the Challenge Tower. You do not need to complete every challenge for this so you can skip whichever challenges you wish. Once the 300th challenge is completed/skipped the achievement unlocks.

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US April 19, 2011
Europe April 21, 2011

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