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Guide By: Blarghinator
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
-Offline 20 (200)
-Online 0 (0)
-Approximate Amount of Time to 200: 2-4 hours
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 1 (replayable levels)
-Missable Achievements: No (replayable levels)
-Glitched Achievements: None!
-Do Cheats Disable Achievements: No Cheats
-Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: No Difficulty
-Extra equipment required?: WP7

Mush is a puzzle based game in which you use four different emotions to complete the levels and collect minimotes along the way. There is the happy emotion which makes Mush float, the sad emotion which makes Mush sink in water and fall faster, the confused emotion which flips Mush's world upside down, and the angry emotion which allows him to break blocks and defeat baddies. This game has 20 achievements worth 200 .

Step 1: The Playthrough
The first step will or should unlock all the achievements in the game. Just complete the game and try to collect all the minimotes along the way. If you miss a few you are allowed to replay the levels. Be sure to do the miscellaneous achievements like Magpie and Smashing Good Time along the way.

All in all Mush is a very simple puzzle game with easy achievements. It won't take a long time and you will enjoy every bit of this quizzical game. If you have followed this Road Map and stuck through the Guide congratulations on your 200!


[x360a would like to thank Blarghinator for this roadmap]

Beginner's Luck10
Complete the first level.    

Refer to Home in Time for Tea.

In Pursuit of Happiness5
Use happy emotion for the first time.    

You unlock the happy emotion towards the beginning of level 1. To use it, draw a smile on your screen.

Into the Doldrums5
Use the sad emotion for the first time.    

You will unlock the sad emotion on level 4. To use it, draw a frown on your screen.

Use the confused emotion for the first time.    

You will unlock the confused emotion on level 7. To use it, turn your phone upside down.

Seeing Red5
Use the angry emotion for the first time.    

You will unlock the angry emotion on 10. To use it, shake your phone.

Happy Go Lucky10
Complete all the happy levels.    

Levels 1 through 3 are the happy levels. Refer to Home in Time for Tea.

Complete all the sad levels.    

Levels 4 through 6 are all sad levels. Refer to Home in Time for Tea.

This Way Up10
Complete all the confused levels.    

Levels 7 through 9 are all confused levels. Refer to Home in Time for Tea.

Anger Management10
Complete all the angry levels.    

Levels 10 through 12 are all angry levels. Refer to Home in Time for Tea.

Home In Time For Tea30
Complete all the levels.    

There are a total of 12 levels in the game. The twelve levels are divided into 4 sections: Happy, Sad, Confused, and Angry. The puzzles are very simple and you will most likely never find yourself stuck. Simply complete the game and this achievement is yours.

Mood Maestro5
Change emotions 150 times.   

You must change from one emotion to the other 150 different times. This will come with natural progression as you will have to swap between your emotions a lot to complete the puzzles. You'll most likely get this achievement in level four or five.

Emotion Ninja10
Complete a level in less than five minutes.   

This is easiest on level one. After you have a feel for it do a speed run through it. Do not worry about collecting minimotes as you do not need them to complete a level.

Only 9 Million To Go...5
Collect your first 10 minimotes.   

Minimotes are scattered through out the levels in the game. You have to use the emotion that the minimote is in order to collect it. You will have to unlock this achievement if you plan on playing the game at all. It is nearly impossible to complete a single level without accidently collecting 10 minimotes.

Complete any level collecting all minimotes.    

Minimotes are scattered throughout the puzzles in the game and to collect a minimote you must be in that emotion. For example if its a happy minimote you must have the happy emotion enabled. This is easily done on level one. Level one has 40 minimotes and all are happy minimotes. Just take your time. You can replay the level and collect any you have missed and the ones previously collected will be grayed out.

Complete a level without collecting 10 or more minimotes.    

You can take the easy way out or the hard way. The hard way would be going through a level avoiding as many minimotes as you can and hoping you complete it without collecting ten. The easy way would be to complete level one collecting all the minimotes then replaying level one and running through it as fast as you can. Once you collect a minimote it can not be collected again, therefore if you previously collected all minimotes you can not pick any up this time around.

Smile When Down10
Complete a sad level collecting all happy minimotes. 

The first level you can obtain this achievement on is level 4, the first level with sad minimotes. There are 30 happy minimotes and 50 sad minimotes. You can collect any number of sad minimotes as long as you collect all happy minimotes in the level.

Collide with electricity three times in a row.   

You will first encounter electricity in level 4. Early on in the level you will encounter a rope that is electrified. Use your happy emotion to fly into it three times.

Spinning Out5
Change to the confused state three times in quick succession.   

You will unlock the confused emotion on level 7. You must use it 3 times in succession. Quickly flip you phone 3 times. It seems a little tricky to get it to trigger but keep trying and you will unlock it.

Smashing Good Time10
Smash 65 rocks.   

To smash rocks you must unlock the angry emotion. The angry emotion is unlocked on level 10. To smash into the rocks you simply bump or run through them while angry. There are more than 65 rocks in level 10 alone.

Emotionally Complete30
Collect all minimotes in the game and complete the current level.    (1) 

All 12 levels have a specific amount of minimotes. To check how many of which minimotes are on the level, pause the game. In order to collect a minimote you must have the corresponding emotion on, i.e. Angry for angry and happy for happy. Most minimotes are always easy to find and usually in your direct path. Note that you must complete the level in order for the minimotes you collected to register.

Some of the harder to find minimotes are:

  • Level 2 The Canopy: There is another tree exactly like the tree you are comming out of at the beginning it is not too far into the level, go down the tree and collect three happy minimotes.
  • Level 4 The Doldrums: Use your happy emotion at the start to collect 6 happy minimotes.
  • Level 7 The Pits: Just after you put a ball through three oil fountains, jump down, go right, and find nine confusion minimotes.
  • Level 12 Lost and Found: At the end of the level there is a wheel and a breakable brick in a "windmill" make sure you get down before the wheel does or else you will miss four sad and four angry minimotes. If you don't do this right, you will not get them.


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