Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: KillerBEA
There are 55 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 50/50 [1000]
Online: 0/50 [0/1000]
Approximate time to 1000: Around 20 hours.
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
Missable achievements: No [Chapter Select]
Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? No

  • DLC: Full Burst
    • Difficulty: 3/10 
    • Time to 250~ 5 Hours.
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. This is the 4th installment in the storm series; but only the third to come to the Xbox 360. The game has 50 achievements for 1000 gamerscore; while most of it is pretty easy the final battle S rank will likely give you a little trouble. While not that hard will provide issues for some people do to lack of ability to heal for the hard part of the fight.

Note about the time requirement:
If you really wanted to, you could complete this game in under 10 hours by skipping all the cutscenes. The game isn't very long once you take them away and you can skip them right away. This also assumes that you already kind of know what you're doing.

Step 1: Story mode
You will get most of the achievements from ultimate adventure mode. During this step simply play through ultimate adventure while trying to S rank all the boss fights that you can. You can reload the boss fights at any time using the Ninja world timeline, so they are not missable.
You need to S rank the following fights:

  • The 'Nine Tails' Attack
  • The Agitated Five Kage Summit
  • The Hero and The Avenger
  • Overcoming Hatred
  • Threat of the Seven Swordsman
  • The Rumbling Coast
  • Bet the Future
  • The Last Battle

Step 2 : Fragments and Ninja World Timeline
In this step you will get everything you didn't get before from ultimate adventure mode. This is also the time to get Ninja World traveler. Head to the foot of the stairs heading to the Hokage's mansion. There is a frog there named Gekomatsu, he will give you a quest to get residual chakra fragments. You need to get through stage 2 of his quest in order to get Avenger on the Move (There is a timeline page during Fragment: Eternal Mangekyo) and you need to clear the quest completely to get the Three Years timeline page for Historian.

A more detailed explanation of Gekomatsu's quest is under the Avenger on the Move achievement.

For the timeline pages you will need to complete bonus objectives from a large handful of fights; as well as finding them in free roam. In order to see the scrolls in free roam you must accept a quest from Shikaku (Shikamaru's Dad) to finish your timeline. Once you have accepted the quest you need to hunt down a large number of gold scrolls scattered throughout the world. The places they are hidden are relevant to where the battle you unlock took place. For example: Sasuke attacked Killer Bee at the storm cloud ravine, so the scroll for that timeline battle is at the storm cloud ravine.

See this post on details on how to get each timeline page:

While hunting down scrolls you will need to visit each of the 3 visitable villages. One of them you get right away, the other 2 are the hidden cloud village and the hidden sand village. Directions on how to get to the villages are under Ninja World Traveler.

Step 3: Secret Factors and Actions
During ultimate adventure mode there special events that can happen and certain memories that you can activate by doing certain things during the fights. You can see what you missing by looking at the timeline and going to each fight as seeing if you have it done. Most of them can be done on any route (if you do it on hero, it will only show you have done it if you are looking at hero and not legend) There are few boss battles where you have to do both routes to get everything for the 1k.

Step 4: Remaining S ranks
If there are any S ranks you didn't get during you run through of ultimate adventure this is the time to get them. The Threat of Seven Swordsman and The Final Battle are definitely the 2 hardest S ranks in the game and will probably be the last thing you do in the game.

Please refer to each individual S rank achievement for tips on how to most easily accomplish the S rank.

Step 5: A tournament
Really quick and simple. Just go into free battle and choose to do a very easy tournament with 3 other opponents. You just have to win 2 fights so it should only take a few minutes.

Overall this not that bad of a completion; its pretty doable. The S rank for the final fight may seem like a daunting task; but its actually not that bad. Nothing should take more then a few tries and the game is not that long. Especially if you skip cutscenes.

DLC: Full Burst
(Full RoadMap Here)

Welcome to Full Burst, the DLC expansion to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. This DLC contains 1 boss fight and 100 missions for you to play. All you need to do for the 5 achievements is S rank the Boss fight, Brother, United and complete the 5 missions. The S rank will require a bit of strategy and experience with the game but is not too bad. Each attempt does take a bit of time. A successful run from start to finish runs about 22-25 minutes. It will take you a few tries though so it may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to get the S rank done. The missions are not difficult and won't take very long, so it shouldn't take you 3-4 hours maximum to polish all of them off.

There is something weird going with certain DLC achievements affecting achievements from the main game's achievements. If you download the DLC before getting "Conquered Formidables," the S rank for Brothers, United will be required in order to unlock the achievement.

On the flip side of that "Consummate Storm Master" will unlock once you have all the main game achievements and it is not required to get the other 3 DLC achievements to get it. Thanks to ATL Dragoon for this information.

Step 1: The Dragon-Slayer Brothers:
Go into ultimate adventure, then pause the game, go to the timeline and scroll all the way to the right. The only fight you need to do is the fight between team Itachi/Sasuke and Sage Kabuto. The fight is long winded and mildly annoying, being properly prepared for this fight is a must to S rank it with minimal issues. See the achievement's description for a text description and video demonstration.

Step 2: Enlightenment:
Go to free battle, then challenge missions, choose mission lists you need to clear all 100 missions. Each mission is unique in the fact that it has its own rule that you must abide by in order to get the picture piece. None of them are hard so just complete each on. You don't even need to do the extra bonus requirements in each mission, just win each mission.

This DLC isn't hard, since the boss fight with Sage Mode Kabuto can be S Ranked with ease by abusing healing items and the character switch checkpoint. The missions are a grind and only 1 of them is really all that annoying. With enough healing items and chakra regeneration items this should be pretty easy, it will just be mildly boring.

[XBA would like to thank KillerBEA for this road map]

Burning Hidden Leaf Village5
You cleared the prologue.    

Story related. The prologue covers the Nine tail's attack on the hidden leaf village. During this chapter you fight The Masked Man using Minato The 4th Hokage and you will also fight The Nine Tailed Fox using Hiruzen The 3rd Hokage. Once the Fox and the Masked Man have been defeated the prologue is over.

Crash the Five Kage Summit5
You cleared Chapter 1.    

Story related. Chapter 1 starts off right after the end of the invasion of Pein arc and ends with the boss battle Agitated Five Kage Summit. In this chapter you will learn about free-roam and mob battles and is your first chance to get Shadow Creeper and Ruler of the Battlefield.

Promise of a Rematch5
You cleared Chapter 2.    

Story related. This chapter contains the Hero and Avenger boss battle. Which is Naruto vs Sasuke near the samurai bridge, right after the five kage summit. You also fight Danzo as Sasuke in this chapter.

Dark Naruto Conquest5
You cleared Chapter 3.    

Story related. This chapter focuses on Naruto's encounter with his dark half at the waterfall of truth.

With Love5
You cleared Chapter 4.    

Story related. Chapter 4 contains the overcoming hatred boss battle. Besides the boss fight there are a bunch of cutscenes explaining the events surrounding Naruto's birth and The Nine Tailed Fox's attack on the hidden leave village. You can skip them if you want to save time.

Approaching Ninja World War5
You cleared Chapter 5.    

Story related. In this chapter Naruto gets his Bijuu mode. Otherwise its build up for the ninja war.

The Ninja Alliance Struggle5
You cleared Chapter 6.    

Story related. This chapter contains the boss battle Threat of the seven swordsman. These play out like mob battles except for Kakashi's bout is a more traditional 1 on 1 fight.

End of the Coastline Battle5
You cleared Chapter 7.    

Story related. This chapter contains Team 10's reunion with their Sensei as well as The Rumbling coast boss battle.

Gain the Raikage's Approval5
You cleared Chapter 8.    

Story related. This chapter doesn't have a lot. Has Naruto and Bee confronting the Raikage.

Nearing the Climax5
You cleared Chapter 9.    (1) 

Story related. This chapter contains the fights with the Edo Kage and Madara.

Beyond the Ninja World War10
You cleared the last chapter.    (13) 

This chapter contains the bet the future boss battle; which is the Five Kages vs Madara Uchiha. It also houses the Last battle boss battle; which Naruto vs 6 Jinchurikis( Can all 6 or just 3), 6 Tailed Beats (2 at a time), and Tobi. There are a lot of fights, and almost no chances where you can heal.

This doesn't unlock right after the final boss or after the credits roll. You will need to do something in free-roam after the credits are done. Mine unlocked after leaving the village, some people have unlocked it after accessing the ninja world timeline as well.

Avenger on the Move60
You cleared the fragments.   (17) 

Find Gekomatsu the frog at the foot of the stairs heading to the Hokage's Mansion. He will give you a quest to find chakra fragments. This is a multi part quest. Each fragment you pick up is worth 20 points and fragments respawn after leaving the area and going to an area beyond the one next to it. At 500 he updates your quest and gives you chakra entities. After that he gives you 2 chakra entities for every 1,000 chakra points; except for 10,000 he gives you 1 entity (and a timeline page).

  • Stage 1: 500 chakra fragment points
  • Stage 2: 5,000 chakra fragment points *
  • Stage 3: 9,999 chakra fragment points
  • Stage 4: 10,000 chakra fragment points **

*Once you have the 5000, Gekomatsu will ask you to go to far west of land of lightning. What he means is go to the land of the last battle. There will a purple chakra fragment with a dark aura in the center of the area. Interact with it and you start the Eternal Mengekyo Fragment; where you play as Sasuke trying to get away from Tobi and Zetsu.

In the first part just sprint passed all the enemies to the other end. Saves time and health. The second part is a mob battle with a bunch of Zetsu clones. The third part is a battle with Tobi (Zetsu clone); during this fight make sure to do the bonus requirement so you can get the Big brother, Little brother timeline page for the Historian achievement. Once you have beaten Tobi and have watched the cutscene the achievement will pop.

**In order to get another timeline page you must continue on with Gekomatsu's quest. After doing the special fragment he will update you quest to having to get 9,999 chakra fragment points. Do that and then return to him. He will give you more chakra entities and will update your quest one last time. Now you have to get just one more fragment and then go back to him. Once you return to him he will give the Three Years timeline page.


Battle of Hidden Leaf10
Got A rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.   (2) 

See The Almighty Leaf for more information.

The Almighty Leaf20
Got S rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.   

This is a 2 part S rank. One part has you playing as Hiruzen Sarutobi (The 3rd Hokage) against the Nine Tail's. During this section you will jumping across the roof tops of a burning village hidden in the leaves while dodging attacks from the Nine Tail's. The main thing about this fight is dodging the tailed beast ball (energy attack from the mouth) attack by jumping around the village rooftops. The other thing is paying mind to the Nine Tails swiping at you with his claw, if you are too close for very long.

In order to hurt the Nine Tails you need to get to a rooftop near him that is glowing blue; at this point you can melee the Nine Tails' with an enlarged staff. Hit him a few times and then back away before he howls. If you get hit by it; it will send you flying but does minimal damage. You can also throw chakra charged shuriken by hitting + . It does minimal damage but it does keep you at a distance. You can also use Hiruzen's ninjutsu by hitting + ; this is a fire attack; again not a lot of damage but it allows you to peck at his health from a distance.

Through out the battle multiple people will come to your aid. You can activate that help by following the glowing arrow to a certain roof top and then press to interact with them. This initiates quick time events where the support uses their clan's special technique to attack the Nine Tails. First one being Choza Akimichi, Second being the Inuzaka clan, Third being a combo attack with the Nara and Akimichi clan and lastly the Yamanaka clan ordering the entire village to unleash an attack on the Nine Tail's. Once that has happened the fight with the Nine Tails is done.

Now for Minato's fight with The Masked Man. This is a standard 1 on 1 fight. Use your substitution jutsu's wisely to avoid his jutsus. Throw shuriken/kunai to block his shuriken/kunai throws. Try to use your substitution justus to create openings to hit him with your ninjutsu + and ultimate jutsu ++. Also try not run out of substitutions; if you are running low play keep away for a bit to let it recharge. This way you won't be stuck in a situation where you get stuck in a taijutsu combo or can't avoid his ninjutsu or ultimate jutsu.

Now once you beat The Masked Man and The Nine Tails; as long you maintained a good health bar you should get an S rank. This S rank is not very hard and should not pose a problem.

Five Kage Summit Interrupted10
Got A rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit.   

See We Are Unstoppable! for more information.

We Are Unstoppable!20
Got S rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit.   

This one is pretty easy if for no other reason; then that Karin has the ability to heal you during mob sections. The mob sections are not hard; you can just abuse the rear attacks when prompted and burst attacks ++. A few annoying bits when the mob enemies are the big guys, but they are easily dispatched in a few hits. No matter if you choose hero route or legend route you will have to fight groups of enemies in mob fights. Hero route just less. Just make sure to have Karin heal you between fights.

The actual fights are with Gaara (with support) and after all the mob fights you will fight Mizukage Mei (with support as well). Both fights are standard 1 vs 1's with supports. Use substitutions wisely and use ninjutsu and ultimate jutsu ++. Neither of them are are hard to beat. Play defensive when low on substitutions and donlt get caught in attacks because you don't have them The Danzo fight is not a part of this S rank making it almost too easy.

His Answer10
Got A rank in Hero and Avenger.   

See To Fight a Friend for more information.

To Fight a Friend20
Got S rank in Hero and Avenger.   (1) 

This Naruto and Sasuke's battle at the Samurai bridge, right after The Five Kage Summit and Sasuke's fight with Danzo. This a straight up fight with no supports; so not a lot goes into the strategy in this fight. Fight with preserving health in mind while getting a lot of attacks in. Once Sasuke's health bar is a little above the half way point there will be a short cutscene and an ultimate decision. Honestly neither of them is more difficult than the other. You will just have different flashbacks based on your choice.

In general stay back if you only have 1 substitution jutsu so you don't get caught in one of Sasuke's jutsus. Use the rasengan + a lot. I would also have at least 1 healing item on you just in case. The fight isn't hard by any means its just better to be safe then sorry. Once his 2nd health bar is down to about a quarter a series of quick time events will begin. If you have high health by the end of the quick time events you should have your S rank.

Gaining Power10
Got A rank in Overcoming Hatred.   

See Nine Tails Overwhelmed for more information.

Nine Tails Overwhelmed20
Got S rank in Overcoming Hatred.   (2) 

This is Naruto's fight with Kurama the Nine Tails. This is done so Naruto can take some of the Nine tails chakra for his own. I would recommend the hero route as you get support from Bee as a result. The Nine tails has various attacks; one being a mortar like strike of tailed beast bombs which is easy to dodge. Just watch the ground to see where they are coming down. If you cant get out of the way fast enough use a substitution jutsu to avoid harm. He also attempts to jump on you occasionally; just side step or use substitution to get out of the way. He also uses a literal version on the tailed beast ball; this travels in a straight line so its easy to dodge.

If you hit him with rasengan + it will send him flying back; giving you a chance to heal and charge up your chakra hold . Once you get him down 1 full health bar plus about 1/3rd of his second the Nine tails will attempt to finish the fight in a short cutscene. Bee catches the attack to protect you; this causes him to be unable to help for the remainder of the fight. This is inevitable and will happen no matter what. Once that has happened he will run around the outside of the arena shortly and then jumps back in to throw several straight line tailed beast balls at you. Dodging them with a side step is easy enough.

Hurt him some more and once his 2nd health bar is down to about a quarter left; a series of quicktime events will start where you knock down the Nine Tails and then make your first attempt at stealing some of his chakra. This ultimately fails and a cutscene ensues with Naruto's Mom.

Once the cutscene is over the battle resumes. This time the Nine tails is partially chained up with Kushina's (Naruto's Mom) justsu and she will now act a support for you. During this bit you have limited chakra, its enough for multiple rasengans though. Now as long as support is available you can use it to have Kushina enforce the chains and stop the attack. Giving you a chance to land 2-3 rasengans + with no resistance. His attacks are now shooting 3 quick tailed beast bombs (easy to dodge), swiping his claw at you (easier to dodge) and a version of the tailed beast bomb that is a giant beam that reaches the length of the field. When he does this you really have 2 options run to the left and outrun it or substitute out of the way and let it pass.

Once his health gets low on the 3rd bar he starts getting really angry. He starts using an an energy slash attack that come in groups of 4. Easy to dodge as you can get between them or move to the side very easily. He also starts pounding the ground to have a tremor wave try and hit you; simply jump over it by hitting as it gets close. After a few rounds of attacks he will worn out and you can attack him on the face.

Then he will start to come at you with one his tails; very easy to dodge as you can see where its coming down. Once it gets stuck in the ground you will get a prompt on his tail you press . This will start a quick time event where Naruto successfully pulls out some of the Nine Tails' chakra. after that you will be able to use your ultimate jutsu in combat. Use it once by hitting ++. This does some good damage and also leaves the Nine Tails worn out. Hit him a few times with the rasengan to trigger the final set of quick time events. This ends the fight; if you have a majority of your health left you should get your S rank.

Vs. the Seven Swordsmen10
Got A rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen.   (1) 

See 3rd Unit Rules! for more information.

3rd Unit Rules!20
Got S rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen.   (10) 

This fight is actually pretty easy; its seems intimidating at first but I promise its not that hard. Although it would make more sense to split up the swordsmen and choose the hero path; I found this much easier going the legend route. You have 2 less fights to bring down your score and you actually fight less enemies in the long run. Going the legend route you will fight all 6 swordsman at once in a mob battle using Gai as your main character and Lee and Sakura as your supports.

Use dynamic entry + a lot. You can usually catch multiple enemies in the attack and it does decent damage to all the enemies it hits. Have some chakra replenishment items on hand so you don't have to waste as much time charging up your chakra. There is a small invincibility frame when you are finishing off one of the swordsman, so you can charge straight to one if they are ready to be knocked out. You press right next to them (It will have prompt above their head) to finish them off. This also resets your location on the battlefield giving you a chance to locate an enemy before they can strike from off screen. Burst attacks + + are very helpful as once its activated the only thing that can stop it is you failing to press the right button in time. This attack allows you to attack multiple enemies without being touched.

When using taijustu (punches and kicks) make sure to use rear attacks. A rear attack is triggered when a button prompt comes up on your screen telling to press . This puts you behind an enemy and allows you to continue your combo. This not only pulls you out of harms way but is effectively making hand to hand combat much easier. Once all 6 are defeated you will move to Kakashi's fight with Zabuza and Haku.

The fight with Zabuza and Haku is not that hard. Its a normal fight so none of the mob battle stuff will show up here. Just smart; use substitution jutsus wisely to avoid his ninjutsus. Make sure to use substitution jutsu when he attempts his hidden mist jutsu; this will get you a secret action which will help your score for the s rank. The major sticking point for this fight; was the quick time event where the 2 water dragons meet and you have to press rapidly. It requires you to do it so fast its ridiculous. Honestly get that out of the way right away by doing ++. If you fail more then once start the fight over; you only go back to the beginning of this fight not the entire thing. Once Zabuza is down to a certain point in his health bar a series of quick time events start; get these right the first time to avoid losing health and you should be fine to have your s rank.

Gedo Statue, Vanished10
Got A rank in The Rumbling Coast.   

See Fists of Determination for more information.

Fists of Determination20
Got S rank in The Rumbling Coast.   

This one isn't overly complicated, but might take a few tries. This is Choji's fight with the giant Gedo Statue summoned by Tobi. The main thing you need to know how to for this fight is dodge and swat attacks. Sway attacks are only relevant during this particular fight and are activated by pushing the left or right and pressing as the statue is attacking with punches or kicks. This gets you behind the statue and then the game prompts you to press a button. This attack is undodgable/unblockable and always hits.

He has lightning based attacks that come in 2 varieties. One is lighting bolts coming at you in threes. These are easily dodge-able with a click of and in either direction. Keep dodging these to get close and wale on him when you get close. When doing this pay mind to the second variety of attack. Which is the statue charging the ground in front of him with lightning and if you are hit by it, you will temporarily paralyzed and he will hit you with the first kind of attack.

Once The Statue is down to a certain point in his health bar, Choza (Choji's Dad) will appear and the quick time events will start. Make sure to do the quick events correctly the first time to avoid losing health.

If you are paying mind to The Statue's attacks, using sway attacks effectively and do the quick time events correctly this shouldn't take more then a few tries.

Five Kage at Full Power10
Got A rank in Bet the Future.   

See Uchiha Against Five Kage for more information.

Uchiha Against Five Kage20
Got S rank in Bet the Future.   (1) 

This is a multi-stage fight. First bit is easy. Pound away at him with heaven kick of pain + and use substitutions to hold him off for a chance to charge up your chakra hold . Once his first health bar is done he will use deep forest emergence jutsu to change the layout of the battlefield. he will also change tactics.

During this stage of the fight he will stand on a bent tree to stay out of reach. While up there he has 2 moves. One where he shoots roots out the ground and another where he shoots roots from underneath him; the latter has limited range so isn't really an issue. The first one though will require dodging and possible use of substitution jutsus Once Madara is on the bent tree use one of your supports or to bring him down. Once he is down proceed to smash him up with Heaven Kick of Pain; the ultimate Jutsu ++ also works quite well.

Once his second bar is down he uses great fire annihilation to destroy the forest. This doesn't do much minus changing the way he uses great fire annihilation mid battle and he doesn't get on the tree as much. When he does just dodge the incoming root attack from the ground and first chance you get use a support to knock him down. His new way of using great fire annihilation is to jump up into the air and rotate it; just stay ahead of it or get close so it can't hit you. During this stage you do have to mind falling burning tree parts but its not a big threat. Once his third bar is gone he will activate his Susano.

After a short cutscene you get an ultimate decision. Choose the hero path so you can heal indefinitely. During this bit you will be floating on a cloud. Madara will use his susano's sword to attack you. Its an easy dodge just tilt the left or right and press to dodge to either side and when he swings horizontal back up and tilt down to dodge or hold to guard. He also shoots fire which is easy to dodge. When there is an opening hit him by pressing the after hitting him a few times 6 ying yang symbols appear on Susano's chest. You must destroy these; once they are destroyed you get a prompt to attack with . Once you hit him a few times you will be knocked back. This time he is using great fire annihilation; which is basically a straight line of fire. Hold to guard against it and continue assaulting his susano. You have to repeat this cycle of assault and defense 4 times. On the 3rd time his susano will begin to crack and he will start attacking you with meteors and a stream of spitfires. All of it is very easy to dodge, you just have to pay attention and also mind Susano's sword when you get close. Make sure to use the healing you are allotted by pressing or and continue assaulting. Once his final health bar is below a quarter a series of quick time events will start. Doing them correctly will do some minor healing.

In summary the infinite amount of healing you can do for this fight makes this S rank too easy. You just need to get to his final 2 health bars to access it.

End of the War10
Got A rank in The Last Battle.   

See Hero of the Ninja World for more information.

Hero of the Ninja World20
Got S rank in The Last Battle.   (13) 

This is a long fight with many stages. So I am going to break it apart piece by piece and explain them individually. Make sure to east a brawny lunch from your inventory (or other bento that jacks up health and defense on high); plus also have 2 slots dedicated to healing items. Preferably lv 4 healing items and lv 3 healing items. Slot 3 I would recommend something that recuperates chakra and the 4th slot being soldier pills for added damage. The only jutsu you can use is planetary rasengan +, but your taijutsu combo ends with a massive version of the rasengan dealing around the same amount of damage. Its good for when your low on chakra during the tailed beast fight in particular.

You can get 3 S ranks + 1 A or B and get an S rank for the entire thing. This creates room for mistakes during the fight with the tailed beasts.

Stage 1:

Jinchuriki fight; I recommend the hero route. this fight plays like a mob battle minus the ability to use rear attacks and burst attacks. That way you only fight 3 of the jinchuriki at once and you don't have to fight the other 3 at this time. This part is not that hard and is one of 2 parts you can use healing items. So before you finish of the last one make sure to heal up; not only does this help S rank this part but makes the coming parts easier to S rank as well. I would focus on Roushi first as his attacks cover a large amount of space and diverts your attention from the other 2's attacks. If you manage to catch him a planetary rasengan while he is charging up or starting to perform his ninjutsu it will break the attack and the attack of the other 2 if they are trying to hit you. Same works for the 2 other 2 as well but isn't quite as required as it is with Roushi. You don't really have to worry that much about Utakata and his bubbles. All his attacks lack range so they are easy to dodge and the planetary rasengan either matches or sometimes rips right through. Yagura isn't much of a threat either. He has has an attack that is a bunch of coral reefs coming out of the ground; but because the attack is so obvious its easy to dodge.

Just remember to heal before you finish off the last one so you can easily S rank this bit, but try to leave at least one healing item for later. So you have room for error in one of the later fights.

Stage 2:

Tailed Beasts Fight; this is the hardest part to S rank. You are doing back to back fights against 2 tailed beats at a time with Tobi butting in every once and a while.

2 tails and 3 tails.

This part is the 2nd easiest/hardest part of the Tailed beast fights. You fight are fighting the 2 tails and 3 tails bijuu. The 2 tails (blue flaming cat) uses fire attacks and the 3 tails (giant grey turtle) uses water attacks. Focus on the 3 tails first; he has an attack where he rolls up into a ball and rolls around the field attacking you. If you knock him out first you won;t have to deal with dodging it. Use chakra dash + to get close and then spam him with planetary rasengan +. While you are doing this keep an eye out for the 2 tails, if she gets too close she will start clawing at you; if she is not doing that then she will likely be sending fireballs your way. You can block these attacks by holding or you can dodge them using the substitution jutsu This part isn't hard per say but you will need to pay attention. If the 3 tails does get his rolling attack off you can summon Bee's help to stop him by pressing

Quick time Event (doing them correctly also slightly heals you)

5 tails and 6 tails

This is the easiest part of the tailed beast fight. Focus on the 5 tails first as the 6 tails has no range and is not a real threat. The 5 tails (the mountain goat) has 2 attacks. The first one first is a charge attack which is pretty easy to dodge. He can also get stuck on the wall for a few seconds after using this attack so its a good chance to land a planetary rasengan + or 2. Also you can use the support from Bee in order to stun the 5 tails for a few seconds so you can land a few attacks. His other attack has him go off screen and drop down on you; this is pretty easily dodge as the red shadow shows up where he is supposed to land. It follows you but keep running around and it won't hit you.

Once the 5 tails is knocked out time to focus on the 6 tails (the slug). Just chakra dash + to the slug's stomach and start pounding away. Use the taijutsu combo; press multiple times to use a version of the rasengan that does not take up chakra but has similar damage output. None of his attacks should hit you but be prepared to use the substitution jutsu just in case.

4 tails and 7 tails
This was to me the hardest part of getting the S rank. This part kept me from it for several attempts. If you managed to S rank every other part of this sequence of fights you can slip by with an A for this part (I did) but anything less and you won't get the S rank for the entire fight. What I did was I fought the 4 tails (giant red ape) in hand to hand/jutsu and used chakra charged shurikens + to break the 7 tail's projectile wind attack. While still focusing on fighting the 4 tails. Use Bee's support as much as possible to by yourself room to counterattack or recharge your chakra; hold . The chakra charged shuriken also stun whomever it hits for a tiny period of time; use this to your advantage. The 4 tails has a lava attack that you have to dodge/block/counter. He also has a blue energy attack that can be destroyed with charged up shuriken. The last thing to mention is the 7 tails is not very approachable is close range combat. Once the 4 tails is down; run back and forth throwing charged shuriken and using Bee's support to defeat her. The 7 tails also has an attack in which it summons 3 whirlwinds but these are easily to dodge.

Ultimately don't let your health drop into the 2nd bar + a touch more during this section and that would get an A rank for this section. Keep it about half down the green bar or higher in order to S rank this part.

Step 3: Kurama/Naruto vs the 6 tailed Beasts individually.

This bit is insanely easy. Just use + to use a tailed beast bomb; this takes out half of their health with 1 hit. Charge up your chakra by holding down while paying attention to the attacks from the tailed beast. If you see an attack coming just hold down to guard against the attack. This basic strategy works for all 6 of the tailed beasts during this part.

Step 4: Regular Naruto vs Tobi

Remember way back during the Jinchuriki fight I told you you to hold onto at least 1 healing item? This is the reason. That way if you some how get caught in 1 or 2 of his attacks you can heal and save your S rank. The basic strategy for this is to run around in circles around the field keeping Tobi right behind you. Once you feel comfortable to attack press + to use rasengan on him. He likely can't dodge. After attacking be prepared to use the substitution jutsu so you can escape and starting circling again. Occasionally during the fight you will be on the complete opposite side of the field from him. Use this opportunity to charge your chakra; hold . Keep doing this until his health drops halfway down his last bar. This triggers the final set of quicktime events with Naruto ultimately cracking Tobi's mask. This ends the fight; hopefully you got an S rank. If not try again and try to remember how the enemies attack and know how to deal with them. This should only take a few solid tries; it is slightly challenging but not nearly as bad as I originally thought.

Defeated Formidables60
Got four S ranks in boss battles.   (3) 

If you are S ranking them as go; this should pop alongside the S rank for Overcoming hatred.

Conquered Formidables100
Got S rank in all boss battles.   (18) 

Please see the individual achievements for each boss fight for tips on how to S rank them. This achievement will pop along side the last s rank achievement you get.

A Hidden Memory10
Unlocked a Secret Factor.   

First chance to unlock this is during the prologue. Acquire 10 star's from quick time events and you will unlock the Secret Factor. See Memories in your heart for more details.

Collected Memories60
Unlocked four Secret Factors.   

Earliest you can unlock this, is in the Seven swordsman boss battle.
See Memories in your heart for more details.

Memories In Your Heart100
Saw all Secret Factors.   

Most of the boss fights and a few intermediate fights have secret factors that are unlocked by earning a certain numbers of stars from the quick time events.

  • 10 stars in 'The Nine Tails Attack'
  • No secret factor in 'The Agitated Five Kage Summit'
  • 35 stars in 'Hero and Avenger'
  • 32 stars in 'Overcoming Hatred'
  • 19 stars in 'Threat of the Seven Swordsman'
  • 24 stars in 'Time to fly'
  • 19 stars in 'The Rumbling Coast'
  • 10 stars in 'Two Suns'
  • 35 stars in 'Bet the Future'
  • 40 stars in 'The Last Battle'
Hidden Action10
Successfully performed a Secret Action.   (1) 

Your first chance to do this is during Minato's fight with The Masked Man in the prologue.
See Tales that live in an instant for more details.

Tales That Live In An Instant100
Successfully performed all Secret Actions.   (8) 

Here is a list of secret actions:

  • During 'The Nine Tails Attack'
    During battle, activate chakra dash from more than a certain distance away.
    -This one took a bit for me to get because simply chakra dashing from doesn't cut it.
    I have not been able to accomplish this on the legendary route; only hero.
    Chakra Dash is performed by pressing ++ a direction on the
  • No secret action during 'The Agitated Five Kage Summit'
  • During 'Hero and Avenger' on the legendary route
    During battle, activate your ninjutsu when the enemy activates theirs.
  • During 'Hero and Avenger' on the hero route
    During battle, activate your ninjutsu when the enemy activates theirs.
  • During 'Threat of Seven Swordsman'
    During battle, evade the enemies attacks with the substitution jutsu.
  • During 'Threat of Seven Swordsman'
    During battle, activate your ninjutsu when the enemy activates theirs.
  • No secret action during 'The Rumbling Coast'
  • No secret action during 'Bet the Future'
  • No secret action during 'The Last Battle'
Ready to Roll10
You customized your ninja tools.   

You will pick ninja tools off the ground or you can buy them with ryo in free roam. Once you have a ninja tool; go into the pause menu, select inventory, select which palette to customize, press to select the item, then a direction on the d-pad to assign it. Back out to save the palette and it will unlock the achievement.

New Products in Stock10
The Tool Shop added to its ninja tool lineup.   

You should get this once chapter 2 loads up after the finishing the agitated kage summit boss battle.

Savvy Shopper10
Used a coupon.   

Coupons can be picked up off the ground in ultimate adventure mode or won from fights for fulfilling secondary tasks mid-fight. Once you have a coupon; go to a store in free roam, select discount on the menu, choose what coupon you want to use, and then select an item to buy. Once you buy the discounted item the achievement will pop.

Gem of a Card10
Got a ★x 5 Ninja Info Card.   (2) 

You should obtain this at the end of prologue.

Team Ultimate Finisher10
Finished a match with Team Ultimate Jutsu.   (1) 

A team ultimate requires you to be in support drive; which is obtained by using your supports in battle. Using them builds up a bar next to your health and chakra bars. Once you have the on screen prompt that an ultimate jutsu can finish your opponent; hit +++ to initiate the jutsu. The hit box for the jutsu won't be the same, instead you and your supports will charge the enemy. If any one of you hit the enemy, the jutsu triggers.

Take This!!!10
Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.   

You need to finish off your opponent with any character's ultimate jutsu. Certain characters in ultimate adventure don't have ultimate jutsus; although its just a small handful that are like that. An ultimate jutsu requires your chakra bar to be near full (just passed the notch in the bar). Once you have enough chakra built up hit ++ to initiate the jutsu. Each character's ultimate jutsu have different hit boxes, so pay mind to how the jutsu acts when trying to hit your opponent.

Taijutsu Master10
Performed a 50-hit combo.   (9) 

This is easily done by doing Hinata's ninjutsu. I easily got 60 hit combos with it. Simply go into free battle, choose Hinata and pick an opponent of your liking. Once the battle starts let the opponent get close; then charge up your chakra by hitting + to perform the 64 palms rotation. If you fully catch them in the jutsu you should get over a 60 hit combo; netting you the achievement.

Magnificent Victory10
You won the battle with a full health bar.   (3) 

Simply do not lose any health and win a fight. I got this pretty easy using Bijuu mode Naruto after obtaining in ultimate adventure against Killer Bee.

Blasting Off10
Performed a Ring-Out KO.   (6) 

If you don't get it naturally use the cloud ravine map and use Naruto and his rasengan technique. The rasengan will send an enemy flying once they are hit with hit it. In order for the arena to "let you out" you will need to hit roughly the same spot 3 times; once to crack it, again to break it, then again to send them out.

Creeping Shadow10
Used rear attack feature in a mob battle.   (2) 

During a mob fight you will get a button prompt to hit and this will dash you to another opponent; unlocking the achievement.

Ruler of the Battlefield10
Triggered Burst Attack in a mob battle.   (3) 

During a mob battle you will have a bar filling up as you fight, once the bar is full you will get a prompt saying you can use a burst attack. Hit ++ to trigger the burst attack, this starts a series of on screen prompts to attack surrounding enemies. Once the burst has ended the achievement will unlock.

Ninja World Traveler10
Visited all villages.   

I did this after the main story was over and was in free roam mode. You can also pay teleporter ninja 1000 ryo to teleport you to different locations including the other villages. You do have to walk the paths anyways though to get all the timeline pages.

Villages to visit:

  • Village Hidden in the Leaves
    -Starting village.


  • Village Hidden in the Clouds
    -Go right, out of the front gate of The village hidden in the leaves.
    -Through the training grounds
    -Get to the Docks, tell the man to take you to the western land of lightning.
    -Go up the stairs.
    -At the intersection turn north and take the right path.
    -Follow the path until you see a fork in the road next to a waterfall.
    -Take the Northern route and then cross the bridge.


  • Village Hidden in the Sand
    -Go left, out of the front gate of The village hidden in the leaves.
    -Into the desert
    -Keep following the path until you see the entrance gate.
    -Head through the entrance gate.
First Championship20
You won your first tournament.   (4) 

This one is really simple; just go to free battle on the main menu, select tournament, free tournament, single match (or team if you want support characters), number of players 4, difficulty on super easy, then pick the character you would like to use and then pick your 3 opponents (or use the random select). All you need to do is win both fights and the achievement will unlock.

Completed the Ninja World Timeline.    (23) 

First you need to collect all the pages of the timeline while in free roam mode and ultimate adventure.
First chance you get talk to Shikaku (Shikamaru's Dad) in the large square area of the hidden leave village. He gives you a quest to finish your timeline. Activating this quest allows you to see the golden scrolls (timeline pages) The locations of the scrolls are largely relevant to the fight they unlock.

Please refer to this post on how to get the timeline pages:

Consummate Storm Master0
You released all achievements.    (11) 

Just unlock all the other achievements in the game and this one will unlock along side the last one you unlocked.

DLC: Full Burst
Price: TBD Achievements: 5 Points: 250
Wondrous Vision30
Got A rank in Brothers, United.   (1) 

See "The Dragon-Slayer Brothers."

The Dragon-Slayer Brothers50
Got S rank in Brothers, United.   (4) 

This fight is long and annoying, but can be made easier with some planning. First go get a Brawny Lunch Bento Box, which if you don't have one can be bought from the Amguriama shop. Also having healing items is a must, generally 2/4 slots filled with healing items is a good idea. I had two slots with healing items, one with soldier pills and one with chakra items when I beat Kabuto. If you need more healing items then feel free to stock up on more of them. You can also restart the Itachi part as many times as you need, you can still get the S rank by restarting from that point. No need to do the Sasuke part over again.

The location of the Amguriama shop is circled in red. Other bentos are available here as well.

The fight is split into two parts, one where you are fighting as Sasuke and the other as Itachi. If you're doing the Sasuke part, Itachi can be used as support and vice-versa. The Sasuke part isn't hard and is relatively quick. The Itachi part is long, drawn out and kind of annoying.


Sasuke Part:
This part is pretty much a par for the course fight in this game. Except for the fact that Kabuto has 3 health bars. Try and keep your health bar as high as possible during this part as your health bar will carry over into the Itachi part. This part is pretty easy and simple, so it shouldn't pose too many issues.

Itachi Part:
For the first health bar he is a normal opponent that is just hard to fight. Very good with dodging. Once you have taken off his first health bar he will jump on top of the giant rock off to one side and will the abilities of a long dead enemy from the first series. He will use this ability like a lance and will dash around the arena trying to stab you with it. Luckily Itachi is one the faster characters, so once you have the basic rhythm down you can dodge him pretty easily. During this part spam the Fireball jutsu  +  when you are at range to knock him back and hurt him.

Once you take off some more of his health, he will jump back up to the rock and switch abilities to that of another dead character. This one will have giant rock walls coming at you. Each wave has a safe passage you have to dash to. after you dodge the walls, get ready to substitute or dodge again because another lance attack is coming in right away.

Once he loses his second health bar he will jump on the rock again and start using a 3rd ability from another long dead character. In which he spits out spider webs in an attempt trap you and then stab you with the webs. Avoid these by dashing around and paying attention to the land zones. Once dodge this he will either come in with the lance again or summon an attack snake from his stomach. dodge this and hit with more fireballs. The secret action will eventually become available. Now dash towards (forward on the  + ) To trigger quick times events to prevent him from healing and also heal yourself through correct quick time event prompts.

Take off more health and he will summon a 4th ability with the flute girls power. As soon as he triggers this power run all the way to the left or right. This will allow you to dodge all but one of the attacks without changing direction. If he hits you, you will also be hit with spikes from the ground.

Once you get him down to 1.5 health bars left he will jump back on the rock and go into a bit of a panic mode; combining the tactics of each dead characters move in rapid secession. First Rock Walls, then Ghost Flute, then Lance and then normal fighting starts again. Once you get his health down to half of his last bar, he will go onto the rock for another panic mode. Spider web, ghost flute, rock walls and then he will come at you again for spikes from below attack. Once his health is down to a quarter of the last bar the final set of qtes will kick in. Do them correctly the first time to increase your health to ensure your S rank.

Proof of Growth20
Collected 10 Image Pieces.   (1) 

Each mission gives you an image piece, so complete the first 10 missions to get this achievement.

The Hero's Long March50
Completed 50 Mission Battles.   (3) 

See "Enlightenment."

Completed all Mission Battles.   (8) 

To access these:
Main Menu -> Free Battle -> Challenge Missions (Bottom Option) -> Mission List

This won't cover all the missions, just the ones that are harder than the rest or can be made simple with some quick tips. Also the optional objectives for each mission are not required for this achievement. For quick summary of all the tips below; Rasengan users are really good, use healing items, use chakra regeneration items and dodge a lot.

Mission 3. Both fighters are at 1%, so just be the first one to deal a damaging blow. I would recommend using an attack based support character like Sakura. As soon as the fight starts start running away and then use Sakura's support attack; this should end the fight. You can heal right away with some equipped healing items to make this a breeze.

Mission 15, 19, 21, 64, 69, 70, 76, 79. Like Mission 3, except that you have to just not die for 10 counts with your starting health at 1%. You can make this super simple the same way; just have a few healing items equipped and use one right away. Then play evasive for 10 counts. 69 and 76 are the same way but for twice as long. Having healing items equipped make missions 19, 21, 64, 70 and 95 easier as well.

Mission 5, 14, 20, 26, 31, 49, 58, 74, 81. Enemy attacks poison you with each hit. Play evasive by dashing around  in the relevant direction and pressing 

Mission 30, 44, 56. Charging chakra will reduce health, so equip health and chakra regeneration items to alleviate this issue.

Mission 50, 68. You have to beat Itachi with Danzo as support is annoying. You have to defeat Danzo (Support) before defeating Itachi. You can do this one of 2 ways, but I am only going to go over the easier way. What you need to do is attempt to ring out Itachi, as Danzo will always save him. Do this twice and Danzo will be out your hair. I personally used Minato as my main for this fight as the Rasengan is really good for ringing people out. For your supports I would go with any version of Naruto that uses rasengan as his + combo and Jiraiya.

This method for taking out support character is also relevant in mission 68 and 77 (which I cover more in depth later).

Mission 77. You have to fight Danzo with with his 2 lackeys. If your chakra is below 50% you continue to lose health and each justu expends more chakra than normal. I recommend using (The 1st Hokage) as his awakened mode constantly regenerates chakra. I used (the 2nd Hokage) and (the 3rd hokage) for my supports, but you can use whoever you want for supports. The key thing here is taking advantae of the insane chakra regen from the 1st's awakened mode. Tap + to use this mode effectively instead of spamming unless the situation calls for it. This will prevent loss of health from using chakra too much.

Missions 85, 91. Set a bunch of healing items on your Hero set up and start using them as soon as the fight starts. Not much else I can say except have a lot of healing items and try to evade the attacks.

Mission 73, 84, and 96. any knockout mission is made a lot easier by using any Rasengan user as that move has a lot of push back; is good for shattering the arena boundaries and pushing out your opponent.

Mission 85, 91. This mission combines the evade for x amount of time at 1% and your health draining when your chakra dips below 50%. So start off by equipping healing and chakra regeneration items. As soon as the fight starts heal yourself. This is the main thing you need to do for this fight, but also having those chakra regeneration items equipped will help. I used Minato for this fight as he is exceptionally good for dodging and running away.

Mission 91 uses these same 2 constraints and adds in chakra consumption is doubled. Sersiously just heal and run for 50 counts. You will likely need several healing items for this.

Mission 57, 83, and 97. Your health drains if your chakra dips below 50%. Mission 97 is like this as well but your chakra is constantly running out as well. Equip several high quality chakra regeneration items and try to finish the fight quickly.

Game Info
Namco Bandai


US March 05, 2013
Europe March 08, 2013

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