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On a Roll

Win 5 consecutive, competitive puzzles in a game of Explorer.   

For this, you will need at least one controller, but with more controllers, the easier this will be, since you will have more territories to choose from. The reason for this is because this cannot be obtained during a ‘Hot-Seat’ game.

When you move onto a territory controlled by someone else, or they move onto yours, it will start a challenge. It might be a puzzle challenge or a quiz challenge. You will have to win five consecutive puzzle challenges. The puzzle challenges you have to win are, when you are putting the pieces of a photo back together. Its very unlikely that you will get 5 consecutive competitive puzzles. You only need to win 5 competitive puzzles without losing one. You do not have to win the quiz ones (actually, it’s preferable if you don’t since you can double back and try to retake the same territory). Losing quiz challenges does not reset your progress on the puzzle challenges.

Now what you would want to do is capture 2 or 3 territories adjacent/next to each other and just bonce back and forth from them. Have the other player try to take over your territories triggering either a puzzle challenge or a quiz challenge. Make sure that if its a puzzle challenge that Player 1 wins. Rinse and repeat until you have won 5 competitive puzzles.

The achievement unlocks upon winning the fifth puzzle challenge in a row. Make sure that while going for this achievement, a player does not reach 1,700 points, as that will end the game.

GLITCH: This Achievement seems to be glitched for the EU version but not for the North American version. To date, this achievement is sill unachievable for the EU version.

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Game Info
Gusto Games
UTV Ignition


US November 22, 2011

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