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Guide By: l Zleek l
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated 1000 difficulty: 4/10 (With boosting buddy and card giver) 6/10 (By youself)
Offline: 32 [795g]
Online: 9 [205g]
Estimated time to 1000: 10-25 hours (Varies based on boosting, recruiting, dynasty, etc.)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs: Several (RTG, Dynasty, Single Games)
Missable Achievements: None
Do Cheats Disable Achievements?: No Cheats
Does Difficulty Affect Achievements?: Yes, you need to be on Heisman for Unstoppable, and choose your own difficulty for All Too Easy
Glitched Achievements: Hoarder (See roadmap)
Unobtainable Achievements: None* (See roadmap)
Extra Equipment Needed?: Yes, Kinect for Change Your Mind achievement (10g)

Welcome to NCAA Football 14, this years installment of everyone’s favorite sport, College Football. This game should take you as little as 10 hours if you have a friend to give you some Ultimate Team cards and help you win a UT championship online. Check out the achievement trading thread HERE for help with these achievements. If you don’t have any friends to help and kind find anyone on the thread, best of luck to you seeing as it will likely take you much longer to collect enough cards and wins for some of the UT achievements.

I am going to split up this roadmap into sections based on when/where you can earn achievements, and they are as follows:
-In Game/Single Game/Menu Achievements
-Road to Glory
-Dynasty/Head Coaching
-Online/Ultimate Team

You can adjust all difficulties and sliders to maximize your ability to play. The only time this will negate achievements is when you need to play on Heisman, which is only one achievement. You also adjust penalty rules/frequency, game clock, really anything you want to make the game easier.

In Game/Single Game/Menu Achievements:
This is essentially the quick and easy achievements section of this game. In under 60 minutes you can unlock all of these achievements. Start off by going to the options and selecting a camera angle other than default. Then go to Play Now > Exhibition, and load up a game of Alabama vs Akron. Choose Alabama as your team and set the difficulties to Heisman and length to 8-10 minutes. Start the game. Play one play to unlock Get My Good Side. Also, Audible using your Kinect for Change Your Mind. Then finish the play, and when you’re allowed to choose again, hit Sim. Once you’re in the sim menu, hit Y to skip, then select To End Of Game. By the end you should get Unstoppable, All Too Easy, and likely Keep ‘em Honest. Now, go back and set up a game following the acheivement guide for Tire Fire Offense. Once you’ve unlocked these, follow the guides for Pick Up 20 and Go For Broke. Now, go into Ultimate team and set up a team for the Way Too Easy achievement. Lastly, follow the guide to unlock the My Two Cents achievement. You now have 10 achievements for 140g and you’re ready for the next section.

Road To Glory (RTG):
Road To Glory is a mode where you create a high school prospect and try to get recruited to a good school and become an all time great there. You’ll want to start out by following the guide for Face Off, which requires you to go online to and create a game face for your player. Once you have created your player (You’ll most likely want to use a QB or RB) you want to win all of your games in the high school tournament, including the championship. Doing this will unlock High School Champ and Future Star. After the championship is won, elect to go to a school of your choice, preferably a high ranking school. Become a starter, play well, and earn the heisman trophy to get Put Your Helmet On, And the Winner is..., Take What’s Mine, and Earn My Trust. During this time, you can also pick up any achievements from the In Game section. At this point, you should have just earned 7 more achievements for 115g bringing your total to 17 achievements for 255g.

-You can call audibles to change what play you want to do in order to benefit you more. For example if you're playing as a QB but you get a running play, Audible to a pass, PA pass, etc., to give you more chances to score and get yards. You can do this automatically in high school and can unlock the ability once you're in the NCAA.
-During the game, if you are playing offense, hold down Y after each play to use hurry up offense, you will be able to get more plays in and also skip the highlights and graphics between each play, saving time while giving you a chance for more points.
-In the NCAA portion, you earn XP and Coach Trust. Make sure to use XP to buy upgrades (both overall and single game if you need it). This won't negate any coach trust points, and will help make your player better.

Dynasty/Head Coaching:
Note: Best way to do this is set everything to Freshman, and also disable auto save. Disabling auto save allows you to save manually after winning a game, so if you lose you can back out without saving and try again. Just make sure to save often and right after winning/doing something important.

This is where you will spend most of your time, while also earning the most gamerscore. You want to start off by getting My Two Cents if you haven’t already. Form there, create your coach and make sure his Alma Mater is the team you want to play with/for. Once you sign you’ll earn Dream Job. Follow the guides and if you’re using a good team and recruit well, by the beginning of season 2 you will have earned Hometown Hero, Dual Threat Coach, Thief, Last Place Winner, Perfect Match, One to Remember, Pop the Clutch, Halfway There, Go Outside, Living Legend and Best Class Ever. If you signed a 1 year contract, you can also resign and unlock Let’s Do It Again. Continue to play through seasons if you have missed any of these achievements. Now lastly, you’ll want to start a dynasty following the directions of Welcome to the Club. You just unlocked 14 achievements for a whopping 525g bringing your total to 31 achievements for 780g

Drills is probably most frustrating next to recruiting, but they can be done pretty easily with enough practice. Just make sure to follow the tips, and use a good team like Alabama. Beating all the drills with gold medals will net you You’re but the Learner, Now I am the Master, Gold Digger, and End of the Rainbow. Gold medals will also unlock items for Ultimate team, which will help you out. You just earned 4 achievements for 60g bringing your total to 35 achievements with 840g.

Online/Ultimate Team:
All of these achievements are much easier with a boosting partner and with someone you can get cards from to boost your ranking. Start off by building your team with what you’ve got. Try to build your team to as high as you can to earn This One Is Hard 3.0, and it will help you get wins for Top of the Class, Start the Journey, and NCAA Ultimate Team Fanatic. Now go to the auctions menu and bid on or buyout a card, either cheap or something you actually need to build your team. This will unlock Who’s the Big Winner? Now try to complete a collection for Hoarder. This unlocks 6 achievements for 160g bringing your total to 41 achievements for 1000g.

Congratulations! You now have completed another year of EA Sports NCAA Football! Now you just have to wait until September for the fun to really begin...

*ONLINE NOTICE*: EA is notorious for shutting down servers. This game came out in July of 2013, so at time of writing achievements are all available to earn for the foreseeable future, but EA will likely shut down the servers in around 2 years time.

Glitchy Achievement: Some people have reported Hoarder does not immediately unlock after completing a collection. Try going back to the main menu, then back into the collection to force the achievement to pop.
Card Giving: You can't gift cards in this game, but you can coordinate with a buddy and put up cards for real cheap on the auction house and try to have your friend buy them out quickly. Personally I didn't need to do this but it varies on your luck with getting good cards.

[x360a would like to thank l Zleek l for this Roadmap]

Go for Broke15
Complete a pass for 50 or more yards (excludes Co-Op).   (1) 

Really Simple, just choose any team you’re comfortable with, play on freshmen difficulty and keep hucking the ball downfield. Another option if you’re struggling is to call a hail mary and have a second controller/friend help by having the defense just fall on the ground. Shouldn’t be too hard at all.

Unlocks during the game.

Keep 'em Honest10
Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game (excludes Co-Op and Road to Glory).   (1) 

Choose a team you’re comfortable with, or a good team like Alabama or Oregon who can rush and pass. Gain 200 yards in both categories (which you can check in the stats page of the pause menu). Also, watch out as sacks count as negative rush yards. Be safe and get well over 200. Play with 15 minute quarters if you need to.

Unlocks at the end of the game.

Win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty (excludes Co-Op).   (3) 

Easy way is to set up a sim of a team like Alabama, against a team like Akron Zips and sim on heisman. Should easily allow you to get 60+ points sometimes.

Unlocks at the end of the game.

Note: I simmed with 8 minute quarters, won 66-13 and also unlocked Keep ‘em Honest and All Too Easy

Best Class Ever15
Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.   (2) 

This should be easy if you’re using a high ranked team. Try to win the championship in dynasty while having a #1 Ranking in the BCS with a high prestige rating as well. As long as you do this and try to keep recruiting 5 and 4* recruits, you should easily get this after a season or two with a team like Alabama, or another high ranking school.

Also a great way to do this is create 99 overall athletes with the same hometown as your school. Make sure to have them play different positions, and create the max you can have. Namping them things like New Punter, or New QB, will help you keep track on your recruiting board.

If you're really struggling, Sim a season with a good team like Alabama, and make sure cpu assists are set to on. After a few tries you should unlock the achievement.

High School Champ15
Play and win the High School Championship Game in any state.   (3) 

In Road to Glory, just make sure you set difficulty to low and win every game in the tournament, and once you win the Championship game in your state the achievement will unlock. Along the way you should also unlock Future Star if you play well. You can edit your schedule before your first game to make your season as short as 7 games instead of the default 11. As long as you're playing well you should still have no trouble at all getting to be a 5* prospect.

Future Star15
Become a 5-star prospect in Road to Glory Mode.   (2) 

Pretty simple. If you play as a QB, RB, or WR it will be easy to earn as long as you play well. Personally I played as a QB with balanced skills so I could long bomb the ball as well as run it a lot. You should easily have a 5* rating by the time you get to the championship game, if not you will surely get it when you win the last game.

Note: The achievement won't unlock until signing day, so don't freak out if it doesn't pop right after you earn your 5th star.

Put Your Helmet On15
Become a starter in Road to Glory Mode.   (1) 

Easiest way is to get recruited as a back up then practice until you earn it. Once you're signed you'll need to earn the right to challenge the starter, once you do that it will unlock.

And the Winner Is…15
Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy® in single team Dynasty, Road to Glory, or Heisman Challenge Mode.   (1) 

Similar to the high school championship, just make sure to play a position like QB or RB, and try to score and get as many yards as possible. Really easy with the QB, just pass for TD’s and scramble whenever you can. If you’re team wins the championship and you do really well you should destroy the competition. If you want to do this in dynasty, just make sure to heavily favor one player on offense like your QB and make sure to score a lot and get a lot of yards. If you win the championship you should easily win the trophy. You have many years in dynasty to do this so don’t feel too pressured. If you’re really struggling try simming a season with Alabama on freshman and win every game by simming.

Take What's Mine15
Win a position battle in Road To Glory Mode.   (1) 

This should unlock while you’re getting your starting position in Put Your Helmet On. See achievement guide for tips.

Earn My Trust20
Reach the max coach trust in Road to Glory Mode.   (1) 

To do this you must constantly practice and do well in games. As long as you stay consistent you should easily nab this achievement, especially if you’re going for the Heisman.

Hometown Hero50
Lead your alma mater to a National Championship as a head coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).   (1) 

When you create a coach in dynasty, make whatever your favorite team is the alma mater and get signed to that team. If you want to make it easy, try getting signed with Alabama. You can also sign up for one of the teams for the Welcome to the Club achievement (S. Alabama, Georgia State, or Old Dominion.) But I would stay on a higher ranking team to knock out other achievements while you’re at it.

Let's Do It Again20
As a head coach in Dynasty, sign an extension to stay at the same school (Coach Contracts on).   (1) 

Just sign a short contract with your team, and make sure to dominate and complete any career goals you have on there. Once your contract is up your team should want to re-sign you, once they do you will earn this achievement.

Dream Job20
Become the head coach of your alma mater in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).   (1) 

You will get this while going for the Hometown Hero achievement, see description for details.

Dual Threat Coach100
Win the BCS Championship & have the #1 recruiting class in a single season as head coach in Dynasty.  (2) 

You will most likely want to do this while getting the Hometown Hero and Best Class Ever achievement.

Living Legend50
Reach a coach prestige of A+ with a created coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).   (1) 

While going for Dual Threat Coach, Hometown Hero, and Best Class Ever, You should easily reach this achievement as well, especially if you’re at a higher ranking school. Just make sure to win games, recruit well, and stay signed with your school.

My Two Cents15
In Online Dynasty, write a comment on a Dynasty Wire story.   (4) 

Go to Dynasty, then ‘Join Online Dynasty.’ When the search menu comes up, just look for something that isn’t private, and everything else as ‘any.’ Join the dynasty. You don’t have to create a coach. Select any available team. Once you get to the dynasty menu, select ‘recent news’ click on an article, then hit A to post a comment. Once you submit it the achievement will unlock. Feel free to leave the dynasty afterwards by backing out and then selecting RB to retire from the league.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Tire Fire Offense30
Win a game without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than 200 yards (excludes Co-Op).   (4) 

Set up a match with two controllers, set time to 1 minute quarters, no play clock. Have your second controller receive the opening kickoff, and have them run out the back of the endzone. You will get 2 points for a safety. Have your team fair catch the safety punt, then kneel the ball until the game ends.

Pick Up 2015
Break off a 20 yard run (excludes Co-Op).   (2) 

Similar to the 50 yard pass, should eventually unlock while playing Dynasty or RTG. If not, select a good running team like Oregon, and try to use an option play to get the most yards. If you’re struggling, have a second controller/friend choose a Punt Block formation while you do an outside handoff/pitch running play. You should be able to run to the outside and outrun all the defenders for at least 20 yards.

Welcome to the Club70
Win the National Championship in year 1 of Dynasty with S. Alabama, Georgia State, or Old Dominion.   (11) 

This is a tad bit difficult, but not too bad if you set it up this way. First off, become the coach of any of these teams, then use custom scheduling and put as many high ranking teams as you can on your schedule. Set difficulty to Freshman. Then win (or sim and hope) every game until you get to the postseason, and win the championship to get the achievement.

Note: You must actually play the championship for the achievement to pop, but you can use 1 minute quarters.

You’re but the Learner15
First drill completed!   (2) 

See Now I am the Master for more details

Now I am the Master15
Completed all of the drills   (2) 

Just follow all the directions and try your best to finish the drills. The only real advice I can give is use a good team like Alabama to do these the best. The tips are very helpful in letting you know what you need to do in order to pass the drills.

Gold Digger15
First gold medal in a drill   (2) 

See End of the Rainbow for details.

End of the Rainbow15
Earned a gold medal in every drill   (9) 

Every drill has a gold medal for passing it. Just practice the drill over and over until you can get gold. Make sure watch for the tip box as it will help you loads. Again the only real tip for this is use a very good team like Alabama. By working on these it will also help you but unlocking Ultimate Team items.

Break a locked prospect   (1) 

For this you’re going to want to have recruiting set to Freshman, as you should for all the recruiting achievements. The best way to do this you’re going to want to be at a very good school, probably while you’re getting the other Dynasty achievements. Find a prospect locked to a very low ranking school. Try convincing him as much as possible with points, visits, and scholarships. If you dedicate an entire offseason (without saving, if you don’t want to ruin a dynasty year) to 10-15 of these recruits you should have no problem getting one single recruit.

If you're really struggling, Sim a season with a good team like Alabama, and make sure cpu assists are set to on. After a few tries you should unlock the achievement.

Last Place Winner10
Schedule a prospects fifth and final visit   (1) 

Find a prospect who as already has 4 visits scheduled. Schedule his 5th visit if you're allowed by hitting A and choose the latest week possible in order to get his last visit. The achievement will unlock as soon as the visit is scheduled.

Perfect Match10
By the time the prospect visits, have an A+ grade in all of their interests   (1) 

Find a recruit from your state, or a pipeline state. Spend points to scout him 100% and look at his interests. If they are all A+ dump points into him and dominate during the season. Once he is ready to visit, schedule it and boom the achievement is yours once he visits.

One to Remember20
Schedule a visit with only complimentary players   (1) 

This means players that are similar in positions, such as a Defensive End and a Defensive Tackle. As long as you have 2 complimentary players only in one week for visits, you should unlock the achievement.

Pop the Clutch20
Unlock all levels of the Clutch skill   (2) 

This is for your dynasty coach. The quickest way to to use an existing coach and set leveling options to the fastest. Just upgrade your game management skill tree to 20 levels, and you will unlock clutch. Use 3 more upgrades to max out clutch, and the achievement is yours.

If you want to work on this while doing other Dynasty Head Coach stuff, you will likely unlock it.

Halfway There50
Complete Tier 1 and Tier 2 of a Head Coach Skill tree   (2) 

Similar to Pop the Clutch, just perform well as a head coach and use your upgrades to complete both tiers and the achievement is yours. When you create your coach you can assign a level up to 20 to start with, which you can use to unlock this achievement.

Go Outside70
Max out either Recruiting or Game Management skill tree   (1) 

Take your pick on which branch you want to max out with your dynasty coach. I’d personally recommend Recruiting to help with your recruiting achievements, although game management will lead to Pop The Clutch. Make sure to set leveling options to fastest.

Another option is to use a pre-existing coach, at level 20, sim a season and then elect to reset your upgrades, and then reassign them in a way you see fit for this achievement.

Face Off20
Import your GameFace   (5) 

Go to and sign in. Find the option for create a game face and make sure you make it a ‘football’ version. Exit out. Now in NCAA go to RTG and create a player, and it should prompt you to download/use the GameFace. Achievement unlocked.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

All Too Easy10
Play a game with custom difficulties set for Offense and Defense   (1) 

While going for the Unstoppable achievement, you should unlock this. If you don’t plan on that, just set both the Offensive and Defensive difficulties to something besides Varsity, finish a game, and then the achievement will unlock.

Get My Good Side10
Play a game with a new camera angle   (3) 

Go to the pause menu, select options, and select video options. You should find one that says Camera Angle. Select something besides the default. You can also access this from the main menu of the game, either way works. Start a game, once you line up for a play you should unlock the achievement.
Achievement unlocks during the game.

Top of the Class50
Win an NCAA Ultimate Team championship.   (38) 

This can be boosted. Play online when it’s not too busy, such as 11 PM to 6 AM. It should take 11 games from start to finish to earn this for one player. From main menu, go Ultimate Team > Play Game > Head to Head > Play X Season Game > Find Game.

Once you win all 11 games, you will unlock the achievement. Once you do this it will be harder to be matched with your partner, but still fairly easy if you’re playing at odd times.

Note: Make sure you talk with your boosting partner and back out if you see you’re facing a team that your partner is not playing as, this help avoid playing randoms.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Start the Journey10
Win an NCAA Ultimate Team Seasons game.   (2) 

See Top of the Class for details.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

NCAA Ultimate Team Fanatic20
Complete 20 NCAA Ultimate Team Games.   (2) 

See Top of the Class for details.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it. Also, games against the CPU count for this.

This One Is Hard 3.050
Build an NCAA Ultimate Team with a skill rating of at least 85.   (8) 

Easiest way to do this is have a friend who wants to give you his awesome cards. Hard way is to earn unlocks via means such as the Drills. Once your overall team rating is 85+ the achievement should pop.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Way Too Easy10
Build an NCAA Ultimate Team.   (2) 

Very easy, open up your starter deck from the Ultimate Team menu and start your team. Bleep-Bloop.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Complete an NCAA Ultimate Team Collection.   (8) 

In the Ultimate Team Menu you will see Complete Collections and it will lead you to a list of various collections you can try to achieve. Easiest is usually the weekly items as they usually just require low ranking/bronze players. Find the collection you can most easily complete and the achievement will unlock.

Note: Some people seem to have problems unlocking immediately. Once the collection is complete back out to the main menu, then go back in and it should pop.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Who's the Big Winner?10
Win an auction for an NCAA Ultimate Team Item.   (1) 

Once you have earned around 500 coins, look online for a 0-69 rank bronze player. Find one with low time remaining and bid on it and wait, OR just buyout the card, either will unlock the achievement. If you want, save up coins for a high ranking player to help get your team rank to 85 or complete a collection.

You can earn coins by winning games, completing challenges, selling your own cards, etc.

Note: Once a card you bid on ends and says you're still the highest bidder, back out to the main menu, then back into Ultimate Team. There should be a Messages icon on the bottom of the screen. Hit RT to bring up the message that you won and the achievement will pop then.

Online note: EA is notorious for shutting down servers, if you have this game I’d recommend unlocking this achievement ASAP in order to ensure you’re not locked out of it.

Change Your Mind10
Call an audible via Kinect    (14) 

During pre-play, press X for an audible, then talk to the all knowing Kinect saying what type of audible (Play Action Pass, Run, Blitz, etc.) and the achievement will unlock.

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