One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Achievements

There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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The Fifth Emperor of the Sea125
Unlock all achievements 
Achieve Battle Grade S in any episode 
A Great and Priceless Treasure10
Unlock at least 25% of the Gallery 
The Tree of Knowledge85
Unlock at least 75% of the Gallery 
Rich Pirates30
Collect 100 million or more berries in total 
Bounty Hunter30
Collect 50 types of coin or more 
I Want Ten People10
Unlock 10 or more playable characters 
Grand Fleet30
Unlock 30 or more playable characters 
MAX out one character's Crew Level 
MAX out 20 or more characters’ Crew Levels 
Fantastic Hardship10
Acquired 1 or more skills 
Asura’s Path30
Acquired 20 or more skills 
Push On Through!10
MAX out one of your skill levels 
Pirate Ranking30
MAX out one character's Action Growth Level 
A King’s Qualities30
MAX out all of one character's special moves (2) 
One Step Towards The Dream30
Acquire all the islands from "The Beginning Map" 
Heedless Rush10
Win a battle with a Power type character for the first time 
Lightning Speed10
Win a battle with a Speed type character for the first time 
Win a battle with a Technique type character for the first time 
Harsh Winds and Strong Waves10
Win a battle with a Sky type character for the first time 
I'm Getting Fired Up...!10
Use a special skill for the first time 
Willing to Die For the Cause10
Defeat your first enemy using Full-Force Burst 
Gear Four10
Defeat your first enemy while in Form Change 
Sky Walk10
Stay airborne for at least 10 seconds 
Certifiably Powerful Enemy10
Use a special skill at least 10 times in one battle 
One in a Thousand10
Defeat 1000 or more enemies in a single battle 
Cola Energy30
Use Power Dash 1000 times or more in total 
The Power to Destroy the World30
Topple 10,000 enemies in total during a Full-Force Burst 
The Strongest Creature30
Topple a total of 100,000 foes 
The King of Destruction30
Destroy a total of 1000 Stage Objects 
Secret Achievements
Two of the Four Emperors stand in the way10
Clear Dramatic Log “Introduction” 
My Friends’ Seal10
Clear Dramatic Log “Introduction” 
Declaration of War10
Clear Dramatic Log “Enies Lobby Arc” 
The Times are Changing10
Clear Dramatic Log “Summit War Arc” 
Followers' Sake Cups10
Clear Dramatic Log “Entry to the New World Arc” 
Onward to Wano!10
Clear Dramatic Log “Whole Cake Island Arc” 
A New Dawn85
Clear Dramatic Log “Land of Wano Arc (Game Original)” 
Adventures at Daybreak10
Clear at least 1 “East Blue” battle from the Treasure Log 
Level G.L30
Be promoted to Treasure Log “Grand Line” 
The Name of that Sea is...85
Clear the Deciding Battle Episode from the Treasure Log “New World” 

Game Info
Omega Force
Bandai Namco


US March 27, 2020

HDD Space Required : 32.15 GB
Price: $59.99USD
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