Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Online: 0
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Approximate time to 100030-35 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (3 recommended).
- Missable achievements: Yes ("No Stone Unturned," "Safe and Sound," "Powerhouse").
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/Glitched achievements: No
- Glitchy Achievements: Yes (See Roadmap).
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Ori and the Blind Forest is a metroidvania platformer with very light RPG elements. If you played Shadow Complex or Dust: An Elysian Tail on Xbox 360, it is very similar to those. There is a large map with multiple locations, and as you acquire new abilities, returning to earlier locations will open new areas to explore and things to collect. It has an incredibly beautiful art style and soundtrack to go with very solid platforming gameplay. A wonderful game and early GOTY contender.

Glitchy Achievements: 
There have been reports of some glitchy achievements, though this is par for the course on Xbox One by now. Most of the concern has been for the first secret and first map stone achievements, as well as finding all the secret areas. Luckily, there is an easy way to fix/glitch it. See "No stone unturned" for more info on that. There is also an issue with the "Elite" achievement not unlocking properly, more on that in the warning before Step 2.

Step 1 - 100% Run:
The first playthrough will be your main run. Don't worry about deaths or time, instead taking in the game and working on uncovering the entire map, collecting everything, maxing out all your abilities, and doing the miscellaneous combat-related achievements.

There are four locations that can not be returned to, and therefor contain missable collectibles. These are the Ginso Tree, Misty Woods, Forlorn Ruins, and Mount Horu (the point of no return). Take it slow in these locations and make sure you collect everything as soon as possible so you do not miss out. I would also suggest copying your save file to a new slot before these locations in case a mistake is made. If you want to follow a complete video walktrhough for all the collectibles, this one has everything together. This image of the map has all the different types of collectibles marked as well. Otherwise, I have individual videos for each specific collectible type attached to their specific achievements.

You should also use the save copy feature just before the point of no return I mentioned before if you need to continue working on collectibles, as each save file is locked upon completion.

WARNING: Before moving to Step 2, make sure you delete ALL save files and only have one active playthrough going. You can also delete your save from the game hub, which will delete it from the cloud as well. The achievement for purchasing no abilities appears to be glitchy, in that it seems to search all your save files, and if you have any save file where you have purchased an ability, the achievement will not unlock for the save file where you didn't. Having only one active playthrough will avoid this.

Step 2 - No Abilities:
Doing this by itself is helpful because you will want the extra help staying alive and saving more during your no death speed run that the abilities in the Efficiency tree provides, as well as extra combat skills to quickly take out enemies you can not avoid. For this run, all you need to do is avoid buying any extra abilities and complete the game. You can attempt to combine this with Step 3, but it is no easy task.

Step 3 - Speed Run + No Deaths:
You will need to abuse the save system during this playthrough. If you exit the game before respawning, generally the death will not be recorded. However, make sure you create copies of your save often, this way if you're not fast enough and a death is recorded you will not lose much progress. I would suggest taking the game one objective at a time, and trying to keep each section to 15-20 minutes. Most people will be able to do this in around two hours, so that is plenty of extra time to play with if you need to take a certain section (such as the Forlorn Ruins for myself) a little more slowly.

Step 4 - Mop Up:
You shouldn't have any achievements left at this point, but if for some reason you need more kills or never did a specific combat-related achievement, refer to those now to finish up your 1000.

Huge thanks to the follow for their help with this guide:

  • Maka
  • Ravenous IE
  • xDante1986
  • Erutaerc
  • lifeexpectancy

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

The Journey Begins20
Complete the Prologue    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

The Ancient Being20
Meet the Ancient Being    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Get back here!20
Discover the character in the shadows    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Lets be Friends40
Make an unexpected friend    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Rotten Inside20
Enter the Ginso Tree    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Run for your Life60
Cleanse the Ginso Tree's Heart    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Close call20
Escape a dangerous situation    (1) 

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Obtaining Clarity30
Clear the haze from the Misty Woods    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Solid Ground60
Restore the winds of Nibel    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Fight to live another day20
Have a close encounter    (1) 

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Top of the World40
Climb to the top of Nibel    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Into the Fire20
Enter Mt. Horu    (1) 

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

Fan the flames    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

A beloved bond    

See "The Journey Ends" for more info.

The Journey Ends100
Complete the game    

This and all of the preceding achievements are acquired through normal story progression.

Life Saver10
Create 50 Soul Links   

A soul link doubles as the game's save and upgrade systems. To create one, you will need to collect a small amount of spirit energy (which fill the blue orbs on the bottom of the screen), then hold  in any safe location to spend one orb and create a link. You will be making a lot of these throughout the game so it will come easily as you play.

Deadly Detonation10
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously using Charge Flame.   (2) 

See "Flying Fury" for more info and a video.

Deadly Deflection10
Kill 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles   

The Bash ability is unlocked in the Ginso Tree. You can hold  near enemies, projectiles, or hanging lights to shoot yourself in any direction by aiming the arrow in the direction YOU want to go, so to aim a projectile using Bash you want to aim yourself AWAY from whatever you're targeting. If you're Bashing off a pink fireball, for instance, and the enemy you want to kill is below you, you want to aim yourself up. There are plenty of opportunities for this, and since enemies respawn, you can do it on the same enemy until it unlocks if you'd like.

A New Path10
Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame   

Once you have unlocked the ability to charge your flame and create a small explosion (by holding ), you will be able to finally get past the large pillars with blue light running through the cracks that are found in the game world. They look like this:

Choices Choices10
Use your first ability point   

Ability points are awarded after collecting enough of the yellow spirit (experience) to fill the large yellow circle at the bottom of the screen. Once you have earned an ability point, you can access the upgrade menu by creating a soul link and entering it by tapping . Choose any ability from the three upgrade paths to unlock this achievement.

Deadly Dash10
Kill 5 enemies with Charge Jump   

Charge Jump is unlocked in Sorrow Pass, and performed by holding  and then jumping with  like normal. You will shoot straight up and leave a small nova behind that will damage any nearby enemies. This must be five enemies at once, so your best bet is to break apart the pink blob enemies until there are five smaller ones, hold  and let them gather around you, then hit  to jump and kill them all.

So many secrets5
Find your first secret    

See "No stone unturned" for more info.

Seasoned Explorer10
Find 50% of all secrets    

See "No stone unturned" for more info.

No stone unturned25
Find all secrets     (3) 

To unlock this achievement, you must find all of the areas that are hidden behind fake walls/obscured by the foreground art. These areas can simply be jumped into, but you don't really know they are there at first. There is an ability upgrade later in the game that will make these areas semi-transparent to be able to find them easier. There are 43 total to find.

There are four missable areas (Ginso Tree, Forlorn Ruins, Misty Woods, Mount Horu) that can not be returned to, so be extra careful during these sections. Before entering Mount Horu, you want to have 90% on your achievement tracker, as there are five areas there. Keep a save outside of this location in case the achievement glitches though. See the Warning below for more about that.

For a full list of secrets with accompanying screenshots, see this thread. This image has all of them circled on the big map as well.

Or you can use this video:

WARNING: This achievement is very glitchy. If you are having any problems with this achievement, the following helpful glitch can be used to unlock the achievement using the same secret area over and over. My tracker was stuck at 97% and this worked for me.

Marking the way5
Restore your first Map Stone    

See "World at your feet" for more info.

Halfway There10
Restore 50% of all Map Stones    

See "World at your feet" for more info.

World at your feet25
Restore all Map Stones    (2) 

Map stones are broken grey structures, and require a corresponding broken fragment (a smaller grey stone with yellow light running through it) to restore them. There are eight total to find. The fragments look like this:

Once you find a fragment, you will need to then locate a deactivated stone to place it in, which will restore its power and update the map of the corresponding area. Inserting a stone will look like this:

Fragment #1: Sunken Glades (0:00); Stone #1: Sunken Glades (0:09)
Fragment #2: Hollow Grove (0:25); Stone #2: Hollow Grove (0:38)
Fragment #3: Moon Grotto (1:20); Stone #3: Moon Grotto (1:36)
Fragment #4: Thornfelt Swamp (2:08); Stone #4: Thornfelt Swamp (2:34)
Fragment #5: Valley of the Wind (2:58); Stone #5: Valley of the Wind(3:22)
Fragment #6: Valley of the Wind (3:10); Stone #6: Forlorn Ruins (3:43)
Fragment #7: Sorrow Pass (4:18); Stone #7: Sorrow Pass (4:55)
Fragment #8: Mount Horu (5:14); Stone #8: Mount Horu (5:23)

Good Eye10
Find the lost corridor in the Misty Woods    (2) 

This is a secret area that is accessible after restoring the wind in the Forest, or using Triple Jump if you have that unlocked already. It requires the climb ability which should be unlocked by this point.

Once inside the Misty Woods, travel all the way to the left of the area. Use your new climb ability to progress up a tree, and then you'll use the feather on an updraft of wind in order to reach a tree branch (Triple Jump will get you there as well). Continue to the left until the achievement unlocks when you reach the ability cell.

Safe and Sound20
Save at every Spirit Portal    

Spirit Portals (Spirit Wells, actually) are pre-existing save points on the map that you can use outside of the Soul Link system. There are eight to find. The image below shows what they look like, the video shows where they are, and the text below that references the times in the video.

#1: Sunken Glades (0:00)
#2: Hollow Grove (0:23)
#3: Thornfelt Swamp (0:37)
#4: Moon Grotto (1:03)
#5: Ginso Tree (1:15)
#6: Fornlorn Ruins (1:29)
#7: Valley of the Wind (1:47)
#8: Sorrow Pass (1:58)

Master of the Forest10
Visit 100% of the map    (3) 

When at the map screen, the total % under each area's name is how much of the map you have uncovered. Secret areas (for "No stone unturned") and any collectibles do not count toward this percentage, so don't get confused and not return to an area that shows 100% if you're still missing some secrets or collectibles later in the game. Make sure you have 100% in every area before entering Mount Horu, as you will not be able to return. Again, be careful in the Ginso Tree, Misty Woods, Forlorn Ruins, and Mount Horu - all these locations are only available once.

Power Player15
Collect 200 Energy Shards   

Energy Shards are small blue crystals that will fill the blue orbs at the bottom of the screen. You will collect plenty of these throughout the game and this should come along the way.

Soul Master15
Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree   

See "Phenom" for more info. Efficiency skills are in the top, green row.

Utility Master15
Earn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree   

See "Phenom" for more info. Utility skills are in the middle, purple row.

Combat Master15
Earn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree   

See "Phenom" for more info. Combat skills are in the bottom, red row.

Earn all skills in the Ability Tree   

There are a total of 28 abilities to unlock to earn this achievement. See "Choices Choices" for a picture of the upgrade screen. You should get enough experience playing through the game in your 100% run, though you'll need to collect all the spirit containers and kill enemies instead of bashing past them later on.

Collect all Energy Cells     (1) 

Energy Cells are large blue orbs that will increase the amount of blue spirit energy you can carry. Finding these will help you progress past certain spirit doors that require multiple orbs to fill them before they unlock. There are 15 total to find. The image below shows what they look like, the video has all their locations, and the text guide below that references the times in the video.

#1: Sunken Glades (0:00)
#2: Sunken Glades (0:09)
#3: Hollow Grove (0:23)
#4: Moon Grotto (0:46)
#5: Ginso Tree (1:00)
#6: Moon Grotto (1:18)
#7: Misty Woods (1:37)
#8: Sorrow Pass (1:51)
#9: Valley of the Wind (2:12)
#10: Sunken Glades (3:04)
#11: Moon Grotto (3:31)
#12: Thornfelt Swamp (4:44)
#13: Hollow Grove (5:00)
#14: Hollow Grove (5:28)
#15: Mount Horu (5:50)


Master Guardian20
Collect all Health Cells    (4) 

Health Cells (actually called Life Cells) are large green orbs that will increase the amount of health you have. There are 12 total to find. The image below shows what they look like, the video below that has all their locations, and the text guide below that references the times in the video.

#1: Hollow Grove (0:00)
#2: Moon Grotto (0:27)
#3: Thornfelt Swamp (0:43)
#4: Hollow Grove (1:04)
#5: Fornlorn Ruins (2:05)
#6: Sorrow Pass (2:28)
#7: Sunken Glades (2:43)
#8: Sunken Glades (2:54)
#9: Moon Grotto (3:20)
#10: Moon Grotto (3:29)
#11: Hollow Grove (3:47)
#12: Hollow Grove (4:02)

Juggle Master5
Juggle a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground   (3) 

Rocks are only found late in the game in Sorrow's Pass or in one of the areas once inside Mount Horu. They are used in puzzles that require players to block an elemental hazard. When you come across a rock you'll have to use your bash and aim down which throws the rock straight up. After the bash, you'll land on the ground, quickly jump and repeat the bash another 4 times making sure the rock doesn't touch the ground between throws.

Bash Master5
Bash off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground   (4) 

Using your Bash ability (hold when near an enemy), you'll want to find an enemy with a fair amount of health, or possibly use the pink blobs that keep splitting into more smaller enemies. The rhino enemies (seen in the achievement picture) are the easiest way to get this though. Aim yourself away at a 45-degree angle and then fall back toward them to continue bashing off of them at least ten times.

Deadly Dodge5
Trick 5 enemies into killing another enemy   (1) 

Early in the game you will come across pink plants that spit a spiked ball at you. They will stay hidden in the ground if you step on them, but will emerge and spit at you when you move away. Find two plants close together and step on one while the other takes aim at you. Jump off your plant as soon as the projectile from the other is on its way and the plant should emerge just in time to get killed.

There are plenty of other situations and enemies to use, but this is one of the easiest.

Flying Fury5
Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground   (3) 

This and "Deadly Detonation" are easy to obtain at the same time. Simply find one of the giant pink blob monsters that split apart when killed. When it has split into four or more pieces, charge your spirit flame and jump in the air, exploding it while you're airborn. The detonation will kill all of the pieces and unlock both achievements. You can upgrade the spirit charge and try later in the game if necessary.

Self Destruction5
Cause an enemy to destroy itself   (1) 

See "Crushing Blow" for more info.

Crushing Blow5
Crush a Ram with a Stomper   (3) 

This and "Self Destruction" can be obtained at the same time. 

Stomp Master10
Kill 50 enemies with Stomp   

Stomp is Ori's ground pound maneuver, performed by jumping in the air and then pressing . This move is the only way to break the rhino enemy's outer layer to hurt them, and will do significant damage to the more common enemies. I'd suggest using it exclusively for a bit after learning it to get it out of the way, as your normal spirit flame is much easier to use and lets you keep your distance.

Blast Master10
Kill 100 enemies with Charge Flame   

Charge Flame is an upgraded version of your normal Spirit Flame attack, executed by holding  and releasing it to create a small explosion. This is very useful against the giant, pink blobs that split when killed, as you can knock out nearly ten kills at a time.

Flame Master10
Kill 500 enemies with Spirit Flame   

Spirit Flame is your basic  attack that you will use the majority of the game. Kill anything and everything you can and you should unlock this without issue during your 100% run.

Finish the game in under 3 hours    

See "Immortal" for more info.

Double Jump 5 times consecutively without touching the ground   (2) 

There are a variety of ways to get this achievement, but the earliest opportunity will be while making your way up the Ginso Tree. You will come to a room with six teleports and two keystones that are necessary for progression on the right of the screen. Now all you'll need to do is go between the two connecting portals on the right of the screen and make sure to double jump each time. After double jumping five times, safely land on the middle platform in order to unlock the achievement.

Later on in the game, this achievement can also be attained by using bash on airborne enemies, and double jumping after every bash. A reliable method is to use the four owls near the top of Sorrow's Pass. You can bash and double jump between them without much issue, and there are also hanging lights that you can use if necessary. Again, the achievement should unlock upon landing safely.

Complete whole game without dying    (13) 

For the death part of this playthrough, you can't simply revert to a previous save after a death if you have respawned, because somehow the game still tracks it. However, if you quit quickly enough that will work. You can check your deaths in the pause menu (the upper/right-most icon) if you're ever uncertain. For the time aspect, you'll want to make each objective of the game take no longer than 15-20 minutes. If you find that you're spending too much time perfecting a certain section (for me, I always had trouble in the Forlorn Ruins), make a backup save and practice it for a bit before doing it on your main save file.

Most people will take around two hours for the speed run, so there is still plenty of room if you ever get lost for a bit. There are plenty of speed run videos on Youtube if you want to follow one for time markers.

Complete the whole game without using an Ability Point    (6) 

WARNING: Before attempting this achievement, make sure you do not have any other save files active. The achievement for purchasing no abilities appears to be glitchy, in that it seems to search all your save files, and if you have any save file where you have purchased an ability, the achievement will not unlock for the save file where you didn't. Having only one active playthrough will avoid this.

To unlock this achievement, all you need to do is avoid purchasing an ability at the upgrade menu inside of a spirit link. Once you complete the game without any extra abilities, the achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Moon Studios


US March 11, 2015

HDD Space Required : 7.68 GB
Price: $19.99USD
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