Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Achievements

Stone Cold

Defeat Shriek

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Shriek is the final boss of the game. Since she is a flying enemy the Spirit Shard Wingclip can give Ori an edge. Engaging Shriek from a distance is recommended, but melee attacks also works. The fight can be separated into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Shriek's major attacks include scratching the ground with her claw once, slamming the ground with her feet once, emitting a shriek as an AoE attack, and flying straight at Ori horizontally or diagonally (the direction is hinted by where black smoke is coming from). Though less used frequently, she may also emit an energy beam from above which covers a wide area, and spit out small white projectiles which can be Bashed back at her.

Phase 2: A chase sequence occurs when Shriek is at about 75% health. The ground will be destroyed and Ori must flee to the right to the next area. Triple Jump, Launch, Dash and Glide are extremely useful for this phase.

Phase 3: Shriek has new moves, including scorching the ground (Launch to evade), and flying from the background to the screen (Launch to evade). Its feet slam in phase 1 is now performed three times in a row, but its beam attack now always goes from left to right. Sometimes, Shriek may fly to the background and call down a meteor shower of projectiles.

Phase 4: Shriek will fly to the background and call down a meteor shower of projectiles when she is at about 20% health. At this point, if Ori is at low health, use the ability Regenerate to heal as much life as possible, because Shriek will soon destroy the entire ground, forcing Ori to stay airborne without any means to heal for the rest of the fight. Shriek's attack pattern is flying 2 to 4 times from different directions, and finally always appearing to the right and spitting slow-traveling projectiles at Ori. Bash the projectiles or Launch to stay airborne, and use any offensive means, including Bashing the projectiles back at her, to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

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US March 11, 2020

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