Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Achievements

Shard Hunter

Unlock all Shards

Spirit Shards are items which Ori can equip to enhance his/her platforming and combat capabilities. There are 31 Spirit Shards, and 14 of them can be upgraded, marked by the + sign in the game:

  1. Splinter+ (Kwolok's Hollow; Spirit Arc shots split into 3/4/5 short-range shots, dealing 50% damage each)
  2. Quickshot (Kwolok's Hollow; Spirit Arc fires 25% faster)
  3. Arcing (bought from Twillen; Spirit Arc shots also hits nearby enemies)
  4. Vitality+ (bought from Twillen; Gain 1/2/3 additional Life cells)
  5. Energy+ (bought from Twillen; Gain 1/2/3 additional Energy cells)
  6. Life Harvest (The Wellspring; Enemies drop more Life orbs)
  7. Light Harvest+ (bought from Twillen; Enemies drop 2/3/4 extra Spirit Light orbs)
  8. Energy Harvest (Luma Pools; Enemies drop more Energy orbs)
  9. Lifeforce+ (Baur's Reach; 10/20/30% bonus damage when above half life)
  10. Last Stand (Windswept Wastes; Deal 20% more damage when below 15% Life)
  11. Reckless+ (Inkwater Marsh; Increase damage dealt and taken by 15/25/35%)
  12. Life Pact (Spend Life to cast spells when out of Energy)
  13. Overcharge (bought from Twillen; Reduce Energy costs by 50% and increase damage taken by 100%)
  14. Swap (bought from Twillen; Swap maximum Life and Energy)
  15. Magnet+ (Inkwater Marsh; Orbs float to Ori from further / a great distance away)
  16. Overflow (Silent Woods; Convert excess Energy to Life and excess Life to Energy)
  17. Fineness+ (bought from Twillen; 10/20% chance to deal 50% bonus damage)
  18. Spirit Surge+ (Mouldwood Depths; Spirit Light grants bonus damage. Caps at 3000/6000 Spirit Light)
  19. Thorn+ (Deal 25/50% damage of melee damage taken back to enemies)
  20. Resilience+ (Inkwater Marsh; Take 15/20/25/30% less damage)
  21. Deflector (Midnight Burrows; Melee attacks deflect projectiles)
  22. Turmoil (Windswept Wastes; Enemies respawn faster)
  23. Bounty (Wellspring Glades; Enemies have 70% more Life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light)
  24. Catalyst+ (Baur's Reach; Replenish some / even more Energy when dealing melee damage)
  25. Fracture (Baur's Reach; Detonate to split Light Burst into three smaller bursts)
  26. Ultra Bash+ (Luma Pools; Bash deals damage / more damage and pushes further)
  27. Wingclip (bought from Twillen; Deal bonus damage to flying enemies)
  28. Ultra Grapple+ (The Wellspring; Grapple 1 enemy per jump / 2 enemies per jump and deal damage)
  29. Triple Jump (bought from Twillen; Jump twice midair before landing)
  30. Sticky (Inkwater Marsh; Stick and climb on walls)
  31. Secret (completing the A Diamond in the Rough quest)

Twillen is a traveling merchant that Ori meets for the first time in Inkwater Marsh and then resides in Wellspring Glades. Some of the shards he sells can be upgraded by spending Spirit Light, and upgrading all of them will unlock "Shard Specialist".

Please refer to the Hand to Hand quest in "Completionist" for the locations of all Shards in the world.

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