Ride to Hell: Retribution

Ride to Hell: Retribution Achievement Guide

Guide By: Slaughter.
There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 38 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-30 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 + mission select if needed
- Missable achievements: No (mission select)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Some report that “To Hell and Back” won’t unlock after completing every other achievement. Luckily, there is an easy fix.
- Extra equipment needed: No

First off, this game is just as bad as you’ve heard. This is one of the worst games ever released on any system, which is honestly a shame as the idea for the story is actually somewhat interesting, but nearly everything in the game is executed so poorly that you won’t care at all by the end of it. You play as Jake Conway, a motorcycle gang member and U.S. soldier returning from Vietnam to his uncle Mack and his little brother Mikey. Shortly after, rival members of the Devil’s Hand gang show up to murder you both. Having successfully killed your little brother Mikey, you wake up and set out for your revenge (yes, that’s the whole story).

Step 1: Easy Rider
On this playthrough, you’ll want to choose the Easy Rider difficulty setting. This is because the “One Percenter” (hard mode) is unlocked after beating the game once on any difficulty. Over the course of this play through you will unlock:

  • Unfinished Business
  • The Bigger They Are...
  • Killing Cowboys
  • Right Hook For Meathook
  • Explosive Endings
  • Carpenter
  • Holy Ghost
  • Pretty No More
  • Bloody Retribution
  • Easy Rider
  • Gang Wars
  • Master of Massacre
  • Anger Management

Step 2: One Percenter
Upon completing the game for the first time on any difficulty, the One Percenter difficulty option will be unlocked. Beating the game on this difficulty will unlock the “One Percenter” achievement.

Step 3: Collectibles + Mop Up/Misc. Achievments
Here, you can turn the difficulty backdown to Easy Rider, just to make it easier. You’ll be focusing on collecting every collectible in the game. In this step you’ll earn the following achievements:

  • Road Rage
  • Hands On
  • Target Practice
  • Lead Heads
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Wheelie Good
  • Get Some Air
  • Slide it In
  • Wheelie God
  • Flying High
  • Slip and Slide
  • Lock & Load
  • Mr. Nice Guy
  • Ladies Man
  • Bookworm
  • My Prescription
  • Card Shark
  • Card Collector RED
  • Card Collector BLUE
  • Painting the Town
  • Art Appreciation
  • Sweet Ride
  • To Hell and Back

Like stated earlier, this is one of the worst games ever made, and it is every bit as bad as you’ve heard. But if you have the patience to complete this game, then hats off to you. Congrats on your 1000.

[XBA would like to thank Slaughter. for this Roadmap]

To Hell and Back100
Complete all other achievements.      (11) 

Self explanatory. You will unlock this achievement after completing all 37 of the other achievements in this game.

NOTE: Some report that this achievement won’t unlock after completing every achievement (this happened to me as well). If this happens, simply load up any chapter and kill an enemy (I recommend the brewery level in Anvil’s chapter of the last mission as there are lots of enemies early on) and the achievement will unlock.

Gang Wars10
Defeat 10 Devil's Hand enemies.   

See “Master of Massacre” for more information.

Master of Massacre20
Defeat 500 Devil's Hand enemies.   (1) 

Unlocked through natural progression. Simply kill 500 enemies throughout the campaign to unlock this.

Anger Management10
Perform a Rage Attack on foot.   

During the melee combat, you will seemingly randomly be prompted to complete a “Rage Attack” with . This will start an overly long cutscene with QTEs where you beat the enemy to death. You will surely unlock this naturally.

Road Rage10
Perform 10 Rage Attacks on bike.   (2) 

You probably didn’t know this mechanic even existed, but it only occurs while you are put into the slo-mo driving + shooting sequences. In order for this mechanic to even appear, you must shoot an enemy enough with your gun and eventually a large will appear above. Press and follow the QTE.

A good place to farm this achievement is the fourth mission on Pretty Boy’s chapter (turn the difficulty up to One Percenter, as it seems more spawn on this difficulty). There are three enemies during a shooting + driving sequence at the beginning. You can get at least one per attempt.

NOTE: Do NOT immediately load last checkpoint when you get the kill. Rather, continue through the level until you are forced offload a second time (there is checkpoint here, you’ll see the icon in the bottom left of the screen). When you see this icon, it’ll register the kill. From here, restart the mission to farm the kills.

Hands On10
Perform a kill with every type of melee weapon.   (6) 

This achievement is unlocked seemingly randomly. There are 8 melee weapons in the game and you will likely use all of them naturally, so just keep picking up weapons and killing enemies and the achievement will unlock.

Target Practice10
Get 3 A Grades at the gun range.   (3) 

First off, turn your sensitivity down all the way (no dots). This is one of the more irritating achievements in the game. This achievement is earned in the fourth section of the Anvil chapter (the one before the brewery). You'll be in Tyrell's army base. After fighting two of his soldiers, you'll follow him to a shooting range for target practice. You have to get three A grades on each of the stations IN A ROW. It's not that hard except for the machine gun one, as the aiming is horrible and the targets move.

Don't bother aiming for the heads, just aim for the torso (you'll hear a buzzard sound if you get it right) and pull the trigger one shot at a time; if you have to reload, you won't get the A rank. If you miss it on the machine gun one, reload checkpoint and try again.

Lead Heads10
Kill 50 enemies with Headshots.   

Also pretty self explanatory. Simply aim for the head and pull the trigger. The game will enter slo-mo for a half a second or so if you get it. This is a good strategy to complete the game as the enemies are basically bullet sponges unless you go for the head.

Taking the Initiative10
Perform a Dirty Fighting Technique attack.   (1) 

During the melee combat in the game, you’ll see blue bottle icons around. Run over to one of these icons and press when prompted. This will result in Jake instantly killing the enemy and thus the achievement.

Wheelie Good10
Perform an S Grade Wheelie.   (1) 

See “Wheelie God.”

Get Some Air10
Perform an S Grade Jump.   

See “Flying High.”

Slide It In10
Perform an S Grade Powerslide.   

See “Slip and Slide.”

Wheelie God20
Perform 10 S Grade Wheelies.   (1) 

The best place to farm this is on the first section of Anvil's chapter on the Airplane Cemetery mission. To perform a wheelie, pull back on the and hold it. The stunts are graded solely on distance, so just keep holding it until you get to about 1540 feet (20-25 seconds) and that will get you to an S grade. Get to the end of the mission for it to count and then return to Dead End and keep replaying the mission until you have 10.

Flying High20
Jump a total of 1000 feet.   

This is a very easy achievement. Any jump you do is added to this, so you will surely unlock this without even trying.

Slip and Slide20
Perform 10 S Grade Powerslides.   (2) 

Same strategy as the S grade wheelies. The Airplane Cemetery mission in Anvil's chapter is the best place to go for this as there are multiple section with long straights. To perform a powerslide, hold . You have to maintain it for quite a while, so just keep going until you stop and you will surely get the S grade.

NOTE: When you get the S grade powerslide, make sure you hit the checkpoint at the end of the mission for it to register. Once you hit 10, the achievement will unlock.

Lock & Load20
Purchase 5 Weapons.   

At the army truck in Dead End, you can use your money to buy weapons ranging from pistols, assault rifles, shotguns (don’t waste your money on these), submachine guns, and more. Simply buy any 5 weapons and hit to confirm, unlocking the achievement.

Mr. Nice Guy10
Save a girl.    

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Ladies Man30
Save every girl being harassed.    

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Purchase all the Manuals.   

At the army truck in Dead End, use to scroll over to the last two tabs. These are your manuals which unlock new melee combos, increase damage, etc. Simply buy all of them for the achievement and remember to confirm the transaction with for the achievement.

If you need to farm cash, you can replay the brewery mission in the Anvil chapter by heading to your bike and selecting that mission.

My Prescription30
Sell one of every drug type.   

Self explanatory. Enemies drop drugs upon killing them, just run over the floating white bag to make sure you collect it. There’s no way to tell what drug is what since they are all essentially the same just with different names. Regardless, after completing a mission and you are in Dead End, head to the drug dealer and sell all of your drugs. Again, remember to hit to confirm.

You’ll likely get this through natural progression, but if you need to farm it then replay the Brewery level in Anvil’s chapter.

Card Shark10
Collect a Playing Card.    

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Card Collector RED20
Collect all the cards in the red deck.    (2) 

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Card Collector BLUE20
Collect all the cards in the blue deck.    (1) 

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Painting the Town20
Unlock all Bike Paints.    

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Art Appreciation20
Unlock all Bike Artwork.      (1) 

IMPORTANT: Don't bother doing this achievement until you've completed your playthrough on One Percenter. This is because some items are unlocked by completing the game on this difficulty. To reiterate, complete the game on One Percenter, then worry about replaying the missions. You can replay the missions on Easy Rider difficulty while going for collectibles.

ALSO IMPORTANT: When you get a collectible, keep playing until you get a checkpoint, that's how the game registers. If you die after getting a collectible and before a checkpoint, you will have to re-collect that collectible. Once you hit a checkpoint, you're safe.

You can track your progress for collectibles by highlighting the mission at your bike and pressing to view statistics. This will save you a lot of wasted time.

There are three types of collectibles in the game:

  • Girls - Save a girl being harassed.
  • Cards - Red Deck and Blue Deck. Run over them on foot or on bike to collect them.
  • Paint Cans - Same as cards, just run over them to collect them.

Videos pertaining to the location of each card can be found below. Full credit goes to ballasnoop.

Sweet Ride20
Unlock all Bike Parts.    

See “Art Appreciation” for more information regarding collectibles.

Unfinished Business10
Complete the opening sequence.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

The Bigger They Are...30
Defeat Anvil.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Killing Cowboys30
Defeat Colt.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Right Hook For Meathook30
Defeat Meathook.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Explosive Endings30
Defeat Greasy Steve.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Defeat Triple 6.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Holy Ghost30
Defeat King Dick.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Pretty No More30
Defeat Pretty Boy.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Bloody Retribution30
Defeat Caesar.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Easy Rider80
Complete the game on the Easy Rider difficulty setting.     

See “One Percenter” for more information.

Badass Biker80
Complete the game on the Badass Biker difficulty setting.      

See “One Percenter” for more information.

One Percenter80
Complete the game on the One Percenter difficulty setting.     (1) 

*Difficulty achievements stack*

This is the hardest difficulty in the game, unlocked by completing the game on any difficulty. Here are some general tips to make the game a bit easier as there are some admittedly difficult sections.

  • Don’t bother taking cover. Instead, just stand behind something and abuse the shoulder cam.
  • Go for headshots
  • When dealing with the enemies in hockey masks, look for red propane tanks or explosives to shoot, which will kill them instantly. If there are none around, don’t bother going for headshots, unload into their torsos or engage in melee combat with them.
  • Turn your sensitivity all the way down. The aiming is very stiff in this game, so the low sensitivity makes headshots a little easier.
  • Buy the most expensive handgun and assault rifle as soon as you can from the army truck in Dead End. These guns do more damage and are a little easier to aim.

Now, with these tips in mind, there are still some really irritating sections, which is in part due to the game’s REALLY bad checkpoint system. One mistake sends you back pretty far. Here’s a list of the sections I found really annoying (and some tips on how to get past it).

  • The last section of the Anvil Chapter, where you are on the bike with Mack chasing after Anvil. This section is incredibly annoying because there is no way to duck for cover. The two best things to do are to turn down the sensitivity all the way and to memorize where the enemies spawn from. After a little bit you will stop and a tanker truck will crash next to a turret enemy. Don’t bother trying to aim for the turret, just shoot the truck. After that it’s relatively easy and you get a checkpoint after going across the long straight, just remember to keep shooting him even when there’s no other enemies.
  • The section with the lift. This part in particular has a long checkpoint, so if you mess up towards the end you spawn pretty far back. What helped me was to go to the opposite end of the lift and abuse the shoulder cam. There are a couple enemies with hockey masks, but just unload into them and you’ll be fine. Another tip is to not be afraid to run off of the platform to deal with all of the enemies, that way you won’t have to get randomly killed by them later. On the way up, keep abusing the shoulder cam and aim for the guys that randomly run onto the platform. You will probably run really low on ammo but just keep an eye on it and you should be fine.
  • Towards the end of the game, there is a section where there are multiple enemies overlooking the section using RPGs. Rather than face them and the enemies that spawn from the bottom, run forward enough for them to spawn (you’ll know by the music). Once it starts, turn around and run back up the little hill. From here you can abuse the shoulder shoulder cam to get easy headshots on all of the enemies. Just make sure that they don’t flank you from the bottom.

Once the last cutscene ends, the achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Deep Silver


US June 25, 2013
Europe June 28, 2013

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