Rigid Force Redux

Rigid Force Redux Achievements

There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Outpost Alpha: Clear!10
Complete the first stage! 
Vermis Station: Clear!10
Complete the second stage! 
Caverns of Vurgos: Clear!15
Complete the third stage! 
Creeo Base: Clear!15
Complete the fourth stage! 
Aestus Facilities: Clear!20
Complete the fifth stage! 
The Hive: Clear!20
Complete the sixth stage! 
Serious Threat15
Destroy more than 800 enemies. For warming up! 
Finish a complete stage without shooting at all. 
Fleet Destroyer15
Destroy the complete Armed Transport Fleet in Outpost Alpha. 
Shoot the CORE!25
Destroy the CORE Plasmoid inside Vermis Station in under 17 seconds. 
Pest Controller15
Defeat the giant Vurgosian Crawler. 
Silence at Last!25
Destroy all Screechbats in Creeo Base. 
Crash Test15
Destroy all Crashers in Aestus Facilities before they collide. 
Ready for Scrapyard25
Don't let a single Mech escape from The Hive! 
Bullet Eater25
Block more than 300 bullets using the Bullet Blade. 
Welcome Aboard!10
Finish the introduction. 
Not a Single Scratch!25
Clear a complete stage and its boss without taking any damage. 
Destroy more than 4,000 enemies. For advanced pilots only! 
Master of Destruction25
Destroy more than 10,000 enemies. A challenge for veterans! 
Boss Rush Master50
Survive Boss Rush without getting hit. 
No Time to Lose!25
Finish Boss Rush in less than 6 minutes. 
Arcade Master25
Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with an A rating. 
Arcade Enthusiast25
Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with a B rating or better. 
Arcade Novice25
Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with a C rating or better. 
Mr. Perfect50
Complete the entire Main Mission without taking any hit! 
Gotta catch 'em all!25
Save all of the missing comrades in any Arcade Mode Stage. 
Good at Breaking Things25
Destroy all Orb Bombs in any Arcade Mode Stage! 
Mission Complete!40
Complete the entire Main Mission on 'Hard'! 
You ain't going nowhere!25
Don't let more than 3 enemies escape during a stage! 
Maximum Danger, Minimum Fear25
Stay in the front part of the screen for 10 seconds without damage during a stage. 
Defeat a boss enemy without any ship upgrades. 
To the Limit!25
Reach the highest multiplier in Arcade Mode. 
Rigid Force Redux Master!100
Unlock everything else! 
What's that Energy Bar for?30
Complete the Main Mission without using the Energy Bar at all. 
I can do without!20
Defeat a boss enemy while having a fully charged Energy Bar - without using it! 
Score Hunter25
Achieve a score of 500,000 or higher during the Main Mission. 
Seen It All25
Complete all six stages in Arcade Mode. 
Complete Boss Rush. 
Energy Collector15
Collect at least 20,000 Energy Orbs throughout the game. 
Item Collector25
Pick up at least 300 items throughout the game. 

Game Info
Headup Games


US June 05, 2020

HDD Space Required : 1.83 GB
Price: $19.99USD
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