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Shadow Complex Remastered Achievement Guide

Guide By: mizamori
There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 39 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4+
- Missable achievements: 2, "This Side To Enemy" & "Completionist"
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, "ChAIRness"
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 1, "From Alpha to Omega"

Welcome to Shadow Complex Remastered. This game was great on the 360 and one of my all time favorites. It is nice to see it running better than ever on the Xbox One, and hopefully a sequel will be in the works.

First, you will need at least four playthroughs due to needing high item collection for some achievements and low collection for others. There are also two achievements that have time limits and should each be tackled separately.

Finding all of the items can seem daunting. The map is huge and just getting from A to B can take a while. Each full run of the game can range from 1-8 hours depending on completion.

The Proving Grounds challenge maps can also be formidable depending on your skill level but you only need to complete them for the achievement not score well.

The game features a leveling system. You are rewarded XP for kills, exploring the map, and picking up items. Every 10 levels you get a bonus:

  • Level 10: +100 hp Permanently
  • Level 20: Map Revealed Permanently
  • Level 30: Infinite Foam
  • Level 40: Infinite Grenades
  • Level 50: Infinite Missiles

There is also a permanent reward for collecting all of the gold bars. You are given access to golden versions of all of the weapons and the Omega Armor (in appearance only you still need to collect it) very early in the game.

Step 1: First run:
If you are new to Shadow Complex, it might be worth it to just play through the game just following the story your first run. If you want to dive right in then I recommend going for "Gets Better With Age". Difficulty does not affect any achievements during this run so feel free to play on Casual. Difficulty does affect how much XP you are rewarded so you can turn it up to level faster. During this run you want to make sure you grab the specific missable items (one gun and one Grenade Pack). After you finish the final boss you can reload the save to go back and continue collecting items. Then once you have everything you can finish the boss again for the "Completionist" achievement.

Step 2: Proven Grounds:
Once you have one story completion and are familiar with the controls you can tackle the Proving Grounds. I don't recommend starting here for new players but it might not be a bad place to start for returning players.

Step 3: "The Insurgent":
(QUICK NOTE: use a different save slot) There are two achievements that require minimal item collection. "Minimalist" requires less than 14% (only the items you are required to pick up in the story) and "The Insurgent" requires 4% (only the Flashlight, Backpack, Grenade, Foam, and Missile). These can be done separately but an insurgent run will reward both. It is required you be at least level 30 before attempting these because you will need the infinite foam reward. It is also a good idea to have the golden guns unlocked

Step 4: Mop-up:
Now is a good time to finish all the cumulative and miscellaneous achievements. You can load up your 100% save for this.

Step 5: "Jason Bailey":
Once you are at least level 30 you can try tackling this achievement. I personally recommend being level 50. You will need to collect every item and finish the game in under two hours. This will most likely require several attempts to complete. One wrong turn can ruin an entire run. Since difficulty is not a factor in the achievement I recommend playing on Casual.

Step 6: "ChAIRness":
This is just like "Jason Bailey" with the exception that it must be done on Insane difficulty, but you have an extra hour to finish. Both achievements can be done together but you will probably need the extra hour. I would not even consider trying this until you are level 50.

Shadow Complex Remastered took the challenges from the original game and made them into full-fledged achievements. Now when you complete "ChAIRness", you are rewarded with actual gamerscore. The downside is some of the people who got 200/200 in the original might not be able to get 1000/1000 in the remastered version. Hopefully this we will see Shadow Complex 2 soon.

[XBA would like to thank mizamori for this Roadmap]

Let's Get Punchy20
Melee 5 soldiers 

This one is simple; just go up to an enemy soldier and press to melee. The larger soldiers (minigun and rocket enemies) can only be meleed if you have the Omega Armor.

Bomba Punter30
Punt 20 Bombas 

Bombas are the little robots you see crawling around. To punt one, just go up to it and press . If you shoot one off of a wall or ceiling and it lands on the floor you only have a couple seconds to run up to it and punt it.

My Head A-splode30
Get 50 headshots 

You can manually aim your gun with . Just aim at their head and shoot. It is very hard to get headshots using the Inertial Element (the final gun).

Make 'Em Scream30
Get 100 soldiers to scream 

Soldiers scream when they are terrified. This mostly happens when they fall a long way. Some good ways to make them fall are:

  • Explosions: Use Grenades, Missiles, or explosive Barrels to send them flying.
  • Melee: Meleeing solders can be a good way to knock your enemies away, especially if you have the Omega Armor.
  • Foam: One good way to to launch soldiers straight up is to foam their feet and lob a grenade into the foam.
To Kill a Blackbird20
Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president 

Story related and cannot be missed. This is rewarded at the end of the prologue. To kill the helicopter quickly aim at using and press to shoot your secondary weapon.

Look Out!10
Kill a soldier with a Bomba 

There are a couple ways to do this. You can shoot a bomba that is above a soldier and let it fall, or you can punt one at a soldier by pressing .

Early on just after you get the pistol, you enter a room with two soldiers at the bottom middle. There is a bomba above them you can shoot down.

Walkin' on Water10
Make it from one end of the lake to the other in hyperspeed 

Any time after you get the Friction Dampeners and before you trigger the end, you can head to the lake towards the right side of the map. Back up to get some running room then just hold to sprint and if you hit hyperspeed by the end of the dock you will run on the water. Make sure you press to jump over the cabin in the middle

Complete the game on any difficulty setting 

Story related and cannot be missed. To finish the final boss you need to shoot three nuclear missiles at the Airship. Use the button on each platform to ready the nuke then use the turret to launch it. Make sure you don't miss or you will have to ready another nuke. After each successful hit, the airship will launch missiles at whichever launcher was used, destroying it.

Complete the game with 100% of the items 


There are two items that can be missed:

  1. The Inertial Element: The final gun, located after you cross the bridge you lower, look for a vent on the left wall (follow the blue line).
  2. 1 Grenade Pack: In the caves there is a mine cart you use to cross a gap. The pack is located in the hole the mine cart comes out of. If you break the tracks and leave, the mine cart will be blocking your path when you return.

This can be fairly tedious. Once you hit level 20, the entire map will be revealed. If you are playing on any difficulty but Insane, items that you have not collected will be shown as a "?". This can be misleading in rooms where there are multiple items or in save rooms that have items.

Here is a very good map. Note in the light pink area on the right there is an Armor Pack in one save room and a Missile Pack in another. Also there is a Passkey in the room where you get the SCHCA Mask.

Complete the game with less than 13% of items 

To complete this you have to only pick up the items you are required to pick up while following the story. This achievement stacks with "The Insurgent" so I would just do that and get both.

If you would like to do this as its own run you can follow this Minimalist Guide for the original game.

Proven Grounds20
Complete the three challenge packs in the Proving Grounds 

The challenges can be fairly tough. There are 21 total, 7 per pack.

The video below can help anyone stuck on Come On, Let's Jump; Soft Jump; Wall Jumper; Fire in the Hole; Above the Pain; Wind Hook; Speedy Von Speeds Alot; and Such Great Heights.

If you need help a certain challenge use the the I'm Stuck challenge thread from the original game for pointers and tips regarding the challenge you may be stuck on.

Serious Complex30
Level up to experience level 50 

This can be a bit of a grind but because it carries over between runs you are always making progress. I would worry about this last. There are several methods for farming this. One is to play on insane up until you kill the first spider boss then restart. Working towards "Jason Bailey" and "ChAIRness" are also going to give a lot of XP.

Rescue Claire 

Story Related and cannot be missed. This should be rewarded when you meet with Claire after getting the missiles.

Jason Bailey50
Complete the game at 100% in under 2 hours on any difficulty (1) 

Before attempting this you should be level 30 and have the golden guns unlocked. To manage to get every item in under two hours you are going to need a plan. I used this YouTube playlist as a guide. Any major mistake will probably cost you the run. Follow along and compare your time and % with those at the end of each video to know where you stand. If you fall too far behind you can give up and try again or continue for more practice and more XP.

Complete the game at 100% in under 3 hours on Insane 

Using the same strategy as "Jason Bailey" should work. Insane difficulty will probably add about 30 minutes to you run.

The Insurgent50
Complete the game at 4% with only the Flashlight, Backpack, Grenade, Foam, and Missile (1) 

To be able to do this you need to do what is called sequence breaking. You need to deviate from the "correct" path to get items before you were intended to get them in the story.

There are a couple ways to do this:

The correct way: You use a hidden path to make your way from the grenades to the foam, then you pick up some missiles and lower the bridge. Then you trigger the ending and finish the final boss. Here a post by Trips from the forums for the original game with a full walkthough.

The glitch way: Use a glitch called the Z-Slide to go around a panel that requires foam to get foam right after the first spider, then use it again to get around a missile panel in the caves to get the missiles then proceed to trigger the end. This method can be done in 15-30 min. Here is a video on how to do it.

Status Update: Single30
Complete the game by abandoning Claire to her fate 

This is an easter egg ending. Play through normally until you see Claire get taken away in a helicopter. Kill the Soldiers and the Devastator. Instead of continuing to the right, turn around and run left until you go through the save room. Head left and sprint jump and you should just barely catch a ledge. If you miss, STOP! If you don't enter the save room at the bottom, you can reload last save and not have to climb back up. Once across, continue to the left being sure to jump over any gaps (if you fall, reload). Once you reach the Jeep where you started the game press Use () to trigger the "ending". Once you are back at the main menu you can load up the save to continue from the Jeep with your progress intact

Secret Achievements
Let There Be Light10
Turn on your flashlight 

The flashlight is very important in this game. In addition to lighting up dark areas it will highlight breakable items with a color corresponding to what can break it (e.g. orange - guns, green - grenades, etc.) Just press to use your flashlight.

Knock back enemies 1000 meters total with melee attacks 

This is a cumulative achievement just keep meleeing enemies by pressing and you will eventually unlock it.

The Whole 9 Yards20
Kill 200 soldiers with a gun emplacement 

This is a cumulative achievement; just keep shooting enemies. I am not sure if missile or foam turrets count. If you want to farm it you can head to the furthest right save room, run outside, hop on the turret, kill everyone, head back to the save room, load last save, repeat.

Unlock the entire game map 

This will unlock at level 20 because you are rewarded with the map being revealed. I am not sure if there is any other way to unlock it because I hit level 20 before I was anywhere near uncovering the map in my first play through.

Mutually Deterrent20
Collect all the missile packs 

Please refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Unlocks unlimited Missiles. Does not carry over to new game.

Unrestricted Access20
Collect all passkeys 

Please refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Unlocks access to the Omega Helmet at the very bottom of the map. The Omega Helmet makes you nearly invincible while you are standing or walking slowly.

This Side To Enemy20
Collect all the grenade packs 


In the caves there is a mine cart you use to cross a gap. The pack is located in the hole the mine cart comes out of. If you break the tracks and leave, the mine cart will be blocking your path when you return. Please refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Unlocks unlimited Grenades. Does not carry over to new game.

Fort Knox20
Collect all the gold bars 

Please refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Unlocks secret room to the left of where you got the pistol. It contains gold versions of every weapon and a Golden Omega Armor (allows ground pound; must collect real Omega Armor for other benefits).

Surface Tension20
Collect all the foam canisters 

Please refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Unlocks unlimited Foam. Does not carry over to new game.

From Alpha to Omega10
Complete the Omega Armor (3) 

This achievement is currently glitched. I assume it is supposed to be rewarded when you gather all the pieces of the Omega Armor, but even at 100% it does not unlock.

When it is fixed you can refer to "Completionist" for more details.

Itsy Bitsy Spider10
Defeat a Spidertank by drowning it 

Story related and cannot be missed. After crawling through some office vents you will be attacked by another Spidertank. Shoot each of the water valves to raise the water level. Eventually a cutscene will play and you will be rewarded the achievement.

The Bigger They Are20
Defeat a Devastator with a foam grenade 

Devastators are the small two legged robots that appear as mini bosses. Head to the left side lake, in the middle is an empty square. There will be a Devastator just to the right of it. Just use foam then use a grenade. Repeat until it dies. If it doesn't work head to the save room to the right then load last save and it will respawn.

Spam in a Can20
Defeat an XOS-1 Soldier with the Inertial Element 

XOS-1 Soldiers are mini-bosses in the slightly bulky armor. As far as I can tell you face XOS-1 Soldiers three or four times but I think you can't get the Inertial Element until after all the fights. The easy way to do this is to use the golden Inertial Element from the start (get all gold bars to unlock it). Just play through the game and you will be killing everything with it.

Run, Forest!30
Run 10 kilometers total in hyperspeed 

This is a cumulative achievement. Once you acquire the Friction Dampers you can achieve Hyperspeed by holding to sprint while running for about five seconds. To get it done quickly you can head to the room where you fought the rolling tank thing (bottom yellow section near mine cart shortcut). Start sprinting in the save room to the left and try to jump up to the middle thing. Once you are on the middle platform you will continue to run around it. Just hold and wait. The achievement doesn't unlock until you stop so after like a minute of running stop to check then repeat until it unlocks.

Roller Coaster10
Take 20 rides on the mine cart 

This is a cumulative achievement. There are two sets of minecart tracks. One is located in the cave where you use the mine cart to cross a gap and the other one is located at the very bottom of the map and is used as a shortcut. Both mine carts should count towards the achievement so you can just ride back and forth until it unlocks.

10.0 From the Judges20
Do a triple jump 

There are two items that give you an extra boost in mid air, the CLD Thrust Pack and the Thrust Boots. Once you have both just jump three times (press three times) and it will unlock.

Complexity Theory10
Level up to experience level 10 

Gain experience by exploring, collecting, and killing. This should unlock fairly early in your first playthrough.

5 Shots, 5 Kills20
Do 5 consecutive headshots without reloading or taking damage (1) 

This one can be tricky. I recommend having the golden guns unlocked. Get the golden pistol and head to the factory (light blue area). Find the room with a camera (it is a 3 wide, 2 high room just above the 5 wide, 3 high room). Kill everyone in the room but leave the camera. Also shoot the barrels. Now stand just to the right of the box in the foreground and aim just above the pipe on the right. Now the soldiers will keep coming as long as the camera is intact. Pull the trigger just as Jason aims at them and you should get a headshot. Do this five times without reloading or being hit and it should unlock. I think the achievement does not factor in the Omega Helmet so getting hit still resets the counter.

Old Dog, New Tricks10
Perform each type of melee attack: Dropkick, Hanging Takedown, Drop-down Takedown, Double Takedown (4) 

You need to do a takedown while running, while hanging below a soldier, while landing directly on a solder (not ground pound), and while near two solders. Just press to melee whenever the prompt appears and it will unlock eventually.

Hook, Line and Sinker20
Kill an enemy with the Hookshot. 

The Hookshot is the last secondary item you will get. Just select it and shoot a soldier like 3-4 times and they will die. This can be done easily during the prologue.

Speedy Delivery30
Complete the final fight in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. 

You can load up any completed save to take a crack at this. I recommend you ready the left nuke, then ready the center nuke, then fire the left, then center then finally ready and fire the right nuke.

Gets Better With Age50
Complete the game with 8 Health Packs, 19 Grenade Packs, 20 Foam Packs and 9 Missile Packs 

(8/19/2009, the release date of the original Shadow Complex). Just as it says, you have to have the specified number of each item when you finish the final boss. All of the items not listed do not matter. After finishing the game and unlocking this achievement you can load the game back up and go gather up the rest of the collectibles and finish again for "Completionist". If you are going to do this you need to make sure you grab the Inertial Element (final gun, just after you cross the bridge you lower, look for a vent on the left wall) and one grenade canister (in the caves there is a mine cart you can ride to cross a gap; crawl in the hole the mine cart comes out; if you drop the crane and break the tracks, a mine cart will block your path next time you visit).

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