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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 50 [1000]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-70 Hours [Depends on Boosting]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: None!
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheat Codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Welcome to Shadowrun! This game has a total of 50 achievements and has no offline play at all, so all of these achievements are earned in online play. Most of these achievements are earned by getting 100 kills with various weapons, completing tutorials, playing games as specific races and winning games. The reason this game can take so long depends on if you are boosting. If you do not want to boost then this game can take a while because of the amount of games you have to play with each race but there are very easy methods to get around this if you are boosting. Achievements can also be earned in private matches. There are no cheat codes or glitches that can affect achievements in the game so do not sweat that.

Step 1: Training
Here you will go to the training mode which is basically a tutorial with 6 different chapters which you gain an achievement for each one. Shadowrun is a very complex game so if you do not understand everything make sure you have plenty of practice in bot matches and learn about all of the tech and magic in the game.

Step 2: 100 Kills with each Weapon, Magic, Tech, and Race Kills
This is the longest part of the game. Work on getting 100 kills which each corresponding weapon, tech, and magic and also when using the katana work on getting the secret achievement where you make an enemy bleed out by a katana in the back 100 times. Also if your boosting make sure everyone is the race you need the kill for. Make sure to kill 50 players on the opposite platform which can be very hard to do on the Xbox 360.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Achievements
This part work on getting the various achievements for doing various things in the game modes and any achievements that require you killing enemies that you have not already done. Also make sure you Teabag an enemy for Shadowrun Fever.

Step 4: Server Quits
This is the last part where you will be working on playing 100 matches as each race. If you are boosting these achievements it will go a lot faster by doing server quits. You do server quits in private matches where the host will quit the game once it has started which results as a full game played. Repeat this for each race you need.

This is very fun game although it will be boring at times if you are boosting, but it will go faster than you think. This is one of a very few shooters that add magic and technology in to improve the gameplay with tons of different strategies. Remember to have fun!!!

[XBA would like to thank bouncingtigger for this Roadmap]

Chapter 1 Training10
Complete Chapter 1 Training.   

See "Chapter 6 Training".

Chapter 2 Training10
Complete Chapter 2 Training.   

See "Chapter 6 Training".

Chapter 3 Training10
Complete Chapter 3 Training.   

See "Chapter 6 Training".

Chapter 4 Training10
Complete Chapter 4 Training.   

See "Chapter 6 Training".

Chapter 5 Training10
Complete Chapter 5 Training.   

See "Chapter 6 Training".

Chapter 6 Training10
Complete Chapter 6 Training.   

After you select "Start Here" from the load menu, you will see the 6 training chapters. As Shadowrun is a very complex game, I recommend you do these chapters before playing actual matches. For each chapter, simply do what the voice says, and after a while you will play a match against a bunch of bots. You must win a best-of-3 match (The Chapter 1 match is only one round). After you win the match, the achievement will unlock.

That's One Frustrated Sniper.10
Block ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.   (1) 

You learn how to block shots in Chapter 6. You do not have to block 10 shots in one game, rather you must do it over the course of your career. The easiest method, however, is to get a guy on your team to buy a sniper, and you buy a Katana & Wired Reflexes. Get him to shoot at you as you face him so you can deflect the bullets 10 times. You can deflect 3-4 shots before your health fully depletes. If you can, throw a Tree of Life behind you so that you can regenerate your health.

Brother From Another Mother20
Perform a cross-platform Resurrection.   

In Shadowrun, players on a 360 and a PC running Windows Vista can play alongside each other. The only way to tell what platform a player is on is by looking at their Gamercard. The lower right-hand corner will have either the Windows Logo (Vista) or a bunch of concentric circles (360). If you are playing on the 360, resurrect a player who is playing on Windows Vista, or vice-versa.

Mine Is The Superior Platform50
Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.   (6) 

If you are playing on a 360, kill Vista players 100 times and vice-versa. Teamkills do not count towards the achievement.

Save your allies with the Tree of Life.   (2) 

For this achievement you need to heal 50 blocks of health in a single round. The blocks only count if your teammates (not yourself) are healing damage caused by the other team. This is nearly impossible to get without boosting. To boost for this: Get 3 teammates with smoke. Have someone on the other team come over with a Katana and bleedout the 3 teammates. Once the Tree is gone, the teammates should go into Smoke until you can throw another Tree. Keep doing this until the time runs out, and you should get 50 blocks.

Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.   

When playing Raid or Extraction, grab the Artifact from the starting point and carry it all the way to the drop point without dropping it.

Kill ten enemies in a row without being killed.   (4) 

This achievement is slightly buggy. You have to kill at least 10 people in a match without dying at any point. The kills also can't be ressurects, meaning it has to be the first time that player has died that round. It's best to do this in a boosting match. Just keep killing people. If you don't die once, you'll get the achievement.

Play Public Match in a Party with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.   

Just be in a party with players on both platforms, and join and finish a match. if you do not already have it, you will get "Small World" along with this.

Elf Player10
Play as an Elf for one hundred games.   (2) 

See "Human Player".

Dwarf Player10
Play as a Dwarf for one hundred games.   (2) 

See "Human Player".

Troll Player10
Play as a Troll for one hundred games.   

See "Human Player".

Human Player10
Play as a Human for one hundred games.  (1) 

Simply play 100 games as the race to unlock the achievement.

Heavy Smoker10
Ignore a great deal of damage using Smoke.   (1) 

Use Smoke for a total of 60 minutes. This is a very long time, considering you can only use Smoke a few seconds at a time. Just adapt a style of gameplay that uses Smoke (the Elf race is best) and you'll get the hour eventually.

Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.   (1) 

Buy Summon ($3000) and unleash your Minions until they kill 100 enemies. You can't use these against Dwarves as they suck out the magic, and Elves can easily outrun these. Just throw the Minion whenever you see a troll. Try to amke the Minion a Watchdog so that you can get more than one kill for each Summon.

Teleport one hundred times.   

This isn't too hard, simply play as an Elf and do nothing but teleport around the map. You should be able to get this in one match.

Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.   

There are 3 ways to kill people using Gust:

1) Gust someone using Smoke

2) Gust someone off a ledge so that they fall off the map or down far enough to damage them

3) Gust someone who is VERY low on health, as Gust does a slight amount of damage

To boost for this, simply play on a map that a player can fall off of. Have the enemies stand right at the edge, and Gust them off.

For general tips on smoke, CLICK HERE

Bring back one hundred allies from the dead.   

This shouldn't be too hard. Proper Shadowrun etiquette dictates you buy and use Resurrect as early as possible for the good of your team. Try to get as many people as possible Resurrected in one shot, as the same amount of Essence is used whether you Resurrect one person or five people at once.

Target Lock10
Kill one hundred enemies with SmartLink active.   

Buy Smartlink ($2000), activate it, and just kill 100 people with any weapon. SmartLink is basically auto-aim technology. It is best to go for this achievement as a human, as they do not have Essence penalties. SmartLink also stops friendly fire, so you should buy this when using a Mini-Gun regardless.

Kill one hundred enemy Trolls.   

Just kill 100 Trolls. The best ways to kill Trolls are: with a Sniper Rifle (huge head and a one-headshot kill), throwing Anti-Magic Generators to weaken their shields, or to sic Minions on them.

Elf Bane10
Kill one hundred enemy Elves.   

Just kill 100 Elves. A lot of people playing as Elves like to use Smoke, so buy Gust and an SMG. Remember that Elves regenerate health.

Dwarf Scourge10
Kill one hundred enemy Dwarves.   

Just kill 100 Dwarves. They have a lot of health, are immune to bleed-outs, and can survive a sniper headshot. Try to get them alone and they should be easy to kill with any weapon.

Street Samurai20
Kill one hundred enemies with the Katana.   (3) 

Kill 100 enemies with the Katana. The best race to play as is the Elf since they are the fastest and they regenerate health. Trolls can kill in two shots with the Katana, but their slow speed makes it hard to get near people.

Kill one hundred enemies with the Pistol.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Pistol. Best race for this is an Elf since they regenerate health and are the fastest race. Aim for the head and you can bring someone down in 2 clips.

Lead Hose20
Kill one hundred enemies with the Minigun.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Minigun. Play as a Troll, activate SmartLink, and get under a Tree of Life. if you have no enemies nearby, keep the barrel rolling by holding the trigger until just before bullets start to come out, let go, and slowly tap the trigger.

Tatter Tatter20
Kill one hundred enemies with the Rifle.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Rifle. The best way to get a kill with this gun is to buy SmartLink, crouch, and aim for the head. It increase the accuracy if you don't move. The Rifle fires in 3-round bursts.

Kill one hundred enemies with the Sniper Rifle.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Sniper. SmartLink will give away your position, so don't move when firing and always aim for the head. When shooting a Dwarf in the head it takes 2 shots, everyone else is a one-headshot kill.

Kill one hundred enemies with the Shotgun.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Shotgun. The best race to use for this is a Dwarf since they are fast enough and people have trouble shooting a Dwarf at close range. It only takes 2 headshots to kill someone.

Special Delivery20
Kill one hundred enemies with Grenades.   

Kill 100 enemies with the Grenades. If you see enemies under a Tree just throw a Grenade and it will usually kill both the tree and the person. Make sure not to throw two Grenades in a row, as the second one will just fly into the air from the first Grenade's explosion. If boosting, get the enemies to stand in a close group, go in the group, throw a Grenade at your feet, and run.

Master Blaster10
Kill one hundred enemies with the Rocket Launcher.   (1) 

Kill 100 enemies with the Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launcer is a very poor weapon, so this is best done in a boosting match. Just get the enemies to stand in a group and fire a rocket into their midst. Be sure to be on a higher ground than the enemies, as it is very easy to accidentally hit the ground in front of you and kill yourself. To do this legit, use an Elf. Get a Glider and fly in the air whenever you're going to use it.

100 Wins100
Win 100 games during your Shadowrun career.   

Just play enough games to win 100 times.

Win a Public Match game as each race.   

Simply just win a game while playing as each race.

Play a Public Match on each map.   

Even though it says "play," you have to be on the winning team. Several maps are available in different sizes, but you do not need to win on all available sizes, just one will work.

3 for the Price of 125
Kill three enemies with one grenade.   (1) 

Whenever you see a group of people, throw a Grenade and hope it kills them all. Easiest done while boosting, using the method for "Special Delivery."

Zombie Scores!20
Deliver the Artifact while bleeding out.   

Die, get Resurrected and then as soon as you're about to score, have your resurrector die, and score while you bleed out. Katana bleedouts do not count. This is hard to do legit.

Get a 5:1 damage-to-kill ratio.    

For this you'll need to have a lot more damage than kills. The easiest way to do this is to start shooting someone, and just before you kill them, Teleport away. Rinse and repeat for the duration of the match.

That Was Close20
Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point, and win the round.    (1) 

Right before the carrier is about to score, kill him. It is best if you stand in his way and unload on him, grenade him, or shoot a rocket. Gust can work, but he must die within 10 meters. Again, this is far easier to do in boosting. Remember that you must win the round.

Small World20
Play Public Match with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.   

If you are on a 360, play a game online with a Vista player, and vice-versa. The player on the other platform does not need to finish the match.

Master Thief25
Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.   (3) 

Deliver the Artifact when 4 or more enemies are 20 meters from the scoring point without being damaged. This is impossible to do legit, barring extreme luck.

You're Coming With Me25
Avenge your own death!   

When you are dying, throw a grenade at your assailant. You can also slash someone with the Katana and let him kill you as he bleeds out. If he dies from bleeding out after you die, it counts.

Secret Achievements
Master Ninja100
Inflict one hundred mortal wounds with the Katana.   

Buy a Katana. When you are behind someone and you see the "?" above them, slice their back, and they will start to bleed out. Dwarfs are immune to this, so disregard them. It won't say you killed them but it must say "[name] bled out" for the bleedout to count.

On 9-8-07, it was confirmed that killing a person with resurrects will give you bleedouts once the resurrected players bleed out. However, the exact criteria for these types of bleedouts are unknown, so it is best to deal solely with the Katana method.


Triple Rez!10
Resurrect three allies at once.   (1) 

Hit whatever button you have keyed to resurrect, and get 3 dead allies in the "Rezzing circle" before it goes away. This is commonly done in the Lobby map, as most fighting takes place in the Sky Bridge, resulting in a lot of closely-grouped bodies.

Shadowrun Fever25
Catch it!    (8) 

Kill and teabag a person who has this (viral achievement). To teabag someone, stand over their body and toggle between crouching and standing.

Master Gardener25
Kill 5 enemies with Strangle.  

Throw Strangle down on people and while they are trapped in it, keep throwing down Strangle to keep them in. It helps if you shoot them a few times with a pistol to get their health down. You can't use this on a Dwarf because he just sucks it up for Essence. To boost for this, get 5 Human enemies to buy Wired Reflexes and use it until their health is almost fully depleted. Have them stand in a group and get as mcuh Strangle as you can on them.

Winning Streak10
Win ten consecutive rounds.   (3) 

Just win 10 rounds in a row. You can do this on different days, but you just can't lose any rounds in between.

Kill all enemy players while taking no damage yourself.   (11) 

This is every bit as impossible as "Master Thief." You have to kill an entire team of 6 or more with NO help from your team, and without getting hurt at all. Fall damage, Grenade damage, and friendly fire will void the achievement. If you want to get this legit, just find a weapon/magic/tech/race combination you're comfortable with and hope to get lucky.

Side Notes

All the achievements will unlock at the end of the match. If you quit early, disconnect, or are booted out of a match, nothing you did during that match will count. If the server (not you) leaves, and you see the "The Server has disconnected" screen, your stats will count, and you will credited with a win regardless of the score. Remember, teamkills will not count in an way towards any achievement. All totals will only count when the match has at least four human (as in non-CPU, not the Shadowrun race) players on each side.

In order to boost:

1) Start up a private party and invite at least 7 other people.

2) Bring the party into a Private Match.

3) Arrange the teams, and make sure all players hae marked themselves 'ready'.

Make sure all players know exactly what they need to do, and start the match.

Game Info
FASA Studio


US May 29, 2007
Europe June 01, 2007

ESRB: Mature
HDD Space Required : 3.10 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
No videos available
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