Snipers Achievement Guide

Guide By: Gleylancer
There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 2/36 (30/1000)
Online: 34/36 (970/1000)
Approximate amount of time to 100020 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiplayer only--many games.
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty.
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: Boosting partners will help.

Snipers is a very simple, somewhat glitchy multiplayer shooting game. The retail version is available in a few countries: Germany, France, Italy, Australia. Maybe more. Other countries can get this on XBOX Live Arcade.

Playing the game:
It's obvious that no one plays this game, ever. It was released in 2012 and immediately known that it is very, VERY bad. Thankfully, you can unlock all the achievements in private matches, but you need at least three players. Most achievements can be done with just two. Since I've got enough consoles, I purchased this game thrice and used a bunch of 48h gold codes to unlock most of the achievements.

Step 1 - Play the tutorial:
The tutorial is easy and will get you two achievements.

Step 2 - Do all the challenges in multiplayer mode:
Doing all the tedious challenges will get you all the other achievements as well.

Thanks to Womi for finding a great place to grind.

[XBA would like to thank Gleylancer for this RoadMap]

Who dares challenge me?80
Succeed at all the challenges from level 3.   (5) 

The game has 42 challenges with three levels each automaticly activated. Sadly, none of the displayed numbers seem to be correct - and there is no way to track what challenges you've completed. Take notes on what you've already done!

Womi has found a great spot to finish all the kill-related challenges. For this, play "Where's the Flag" on "Business District" and have all the other players switch to the team that has the tail-like logo and leave yourself on the team with the triangle logo. Now walk into the enemy base and grapple up. From here, all the enemy spawn locations are in direct line of sight. 

  • G7HV (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • G7HV (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Razunov (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • Razunov (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Redmonton R92 (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • Redmonton R92 (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Black Mantis M1 (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • Black Mantis M1 (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Chupchester DD (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • Chupchester DD (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Wilfher WI2000 (sharpshooter) 25/75/150 Kills
  • Wilfher WI2000 (expert) 25/75/150 Headshots
  • Veteran 500/1000/2500 kills
  • Master 250/500/1000 Headshots
  • Knife specialist 1/5/15 kills
  • Explosive Grenade specialist 1/5/15 kills
  • Claymore specialist 1/5/15 kills
  • C4 Specialist 1/5/15 kills
  • Proximity mine specialist 1/5/15 kills
  • Stun grenade 1/5/15 stuns
  • I can see you... 1/5/15 Drone Requests
  • Free for all (champion) 1/5/15 finishes in top 3
  • Team player 1/5/15 wins
  • Team Deathmatch 1/5/10 best scores
  • Where's The Flag (champion) 1/5/15 wins
  • Where's The Flag (MVP) 1/5/10 best scores
  • Where's the Flag (eliter player) 1/5/10 flag captures
  • Last Team Standing (champion) 1/5/15 wins
  • Last man standing 1/5/10 only survivor in team
  • Contract (champion) 1/5/15 wins
  • Can't touch this 1/5/10 rounds without being killed
  • Hot potato 1/5/10 throw a grenade back and kill the sender
  • Kamikaze 1/5/10 kamikaze kills
  • through-wall vision 1/10/25 kills through surface
  • Backfire 1/10/25 destroy enemy explosives
  • Stealthy 5/25/50 kills with silencer
  • Multi kill 1/5/10 multi explosive kills
  • Skeet shooting 1/2/5 kills in mid air
  • Nice guy 10/25/50 assists
  • Marathon 10/20/30 kilometers walked
  • Service duty 6/12/24 hours played

It's known that this achievement is glitched. If it does for you, it's rumored that you can fix it by calling drones 80-100 times after finishing all other challenges.

No one in sight…80
Win a match on each map for each game mode.   

There are 10 maps and five game modes. You will have to play all game modes on all maps. The game does not track this for you, so take notes.

Money walks80
Purchase all equipment.   

Killing other players and completing challenges earns money. You'll be able to purchase everything on your way to Commander Rank. I got it all around level 25.

Reach the highest rank (Commander).   (1) 

Unlocks once you reach level 50.

Gun running80
Purchase all weapons.   

See "Money walks."

Never two without three30
Succeed a Level III challenge.   

See "Who dares challenge me?"

Stunningly class30
Succeed all Level I challenges.   

See "Who dares challenge me?"

Grand Slam30
Win a game in each game mode.   

There are five game modes. Win a game in each of them to unlock this achievement.

On familiar ground30
Win a game on each map.   

There are 10 maps. Win a game on all of them to unlock the achievement.

Scope dope30
Purchase all Scope equipment.   

See "Money walks."

Pineapple express30
Purchase all Projectiles equipment.   

See "Money walks."

A booming success30
Purchase all Booby traps equipment.   

See "Money walks."

Able to work30
Purchase all Abilities equipment.   

See "Money walks."

Earning your stripes30
Be promoted to Lieutenant I.   

Get to level 28 to unlock this.

Not for the faint of heart15
Stab an enemy in the back.   

Melee an enemy from the back by pressing .

Out of it15
Finish off an enemy who has been stunned by a stun grenade.   

For a stun grenade to have any effect, it needs to be in the line of sight (on screen) of the enemy. Shoot the enemy after a successful stun to unlock the achievement.

You've lost your head!15
Kill an enemy with a headshot.   

It's one of the requirements for "Who dares challenge me?" so you can't really miss it.

Stab an enemy to death.   

Kill an enemy with the knife to unlock this.

What a blast! 15
Kill an enemy with an explosive.   

Use grenades, mines, or C4 for this achievement.

Return to sender15
Kill an enemy by sending his own grenade back to him.   

You can throw a grenade back with . This is also in the list of challenges, so you can't miss it.

Hot head15
Kill an enemy and yourself with a grenade.   

While having grenades equipped, when holding  too long, you will blow up. Do this next to an enemy for the achievement.

Piercing eyes15
Kill an enemy through a wall.   

You can shoot through thin walls and kill other players. Do this once for the achievement. This is also on the list of challenges, so you can't miss it.

Mine sweeping underway15
Destroy an enemy explosive.   

Have an enemy plant C4 or a mine on the floor, then destroy it with your gun.

Very discretely15
Kill an enemy with a silencer.   

You need to purchase Silent Assassin, equip and successfully use it to unlock this.

Kill multiple enemies with an explosive.   

This achievement requires three players. Have two stand near each other (have them change team if necessary) and plant C4 next to them with . Use the same button to detonate.

Catch me if you can...15
Kill an enemy caught up in his grappling gear.   

You have to kill an enemy player while he/she is using their grappling gear to move around. Have another player stand next to a wall and move up on it, then try to kill him/her on the way up.

No quarter15
Win a Free For All game.   

Unlocks once you've won a game in "Free For All".

A sense of sharing15
Win a Team Deathmatch.   

Unlocks once you've won a game in Team Deathmatch.

The One15
Win a Last Team Standing game.   

Unlocks once you've won a game in Last Team Standing.

Win a Capture the Flag game.   

Unlocks once you've won a game in Capture the Flag.

Contract signed15
Win a Contract match.   

Unlocks once you've won a game in Contract.

On the radar15
First use of a Drone.   

You can unlock this solo in the tutorial. Simply press  to call a drone when asked to do so.

Finish the tutorial.   

Unlocks once you've completed the tutorial.

First equipment purchase.   

See "Money walks."

Trigger happy15
Be promoted to Sergeant.   

Unlocks once you've reached level eight.

Arms in the air15
First weapons purchase.   

See "Money walks."

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