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Spider-Man 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: colburn
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Police Sergeant30
Complete all Bank Robbery missions.   (5) 

Swing around the Dragon Tail crime area. Eventually a yellow dot will appear on the radar indicating a crime. If Spider-man makes a comment about it then it will be a mission instead of the normal beat-em up. Finish these missions and you will unlock the achievement.

Police Officer30
Complete all Crime Spree missions.   (4) 

Swing around the Apocalypse Gang crime area. Eventually a yellow dot will appear on the radar indicating a crime. If Spider-man makes a comment about it then it will be a mission instead of the normal beat-em up. Finish these missions and you will unlock the achievement.

Police Corporal30
Complete all Petty Theft missions.   

Swing around the Arsenic Candy crime area. Eventually a yellow dot will appear on the radar indicating a crime. If Spider-man makes a comment about it then it will be a mission instead of the normal beat-em up. Finish these missions and you will unlock the achievement.

Cold Blooded Super Master30
Complete all Connors missions.   

About 3/4 of the way through the game, you will meet back up with Doctor Conner and he will ask you to complete a couple tasks for him. Complete these 2 missions to unlock the achievement.

Complete all DeWolfe missions.   

In order to unlock this achievement, you must complete all three parts of the Dewolfe storyline. (This achievement may only be unlocked when using the Red and Blue Spidey.) *Thanks to Cold Rival for this description*

Frequent Flyer10
Collect all Skyscraper tokens.    (2) 

Find all 25 tokens.

Splat Master 200720
Splat into the ground 25 times.   (2) 

To do this, just climb up a tall building and jump off. If high enough you will splat flat onto the ground. Do this 25 times, but be careful, every "splat" takes away health.

Police Detective30
Complete 25 random city missions.   

Just swing around until a yellow dot appears on the mini map. These dots are a crime taking place. Stop 25 of those random crimes and the achievement is yours.

Police Chief30
Complete all combat tours.   

I don't think this can be done with Spiderman, but if you can beat them with them congrats. Venom is your best bet. The best way I have found to do it is to jump high up and use you web to pull enemies up in the air. Attack them, and repeat til you fill up you meter. Unleash your rage on either the guy with the weapon, or press  and  to take out a bunch at a time.

Punk Rocker10
Collect all Apocalypse Gang tokens.    

Find all the 25 Apocalypse Gang tokens.

Sweet Tooth10
Collect all Arsenic Candy tokens.    

Find all the 25 Arsenic Candy tokens.

Fire Breather10
Collect all Order of the Dragon Tail tokens.    

Find all the 25 Dragon Tail tokens.

Collect all Secret tokens.    

Find all the 25 secret tokens.

Pied Piper10
Collect all Subway tokens.    

Find all the 30 subway tokens.

Hitch Hiker20
Ride a car or truck for 5 miles.    (1) 

Ride around on a car or truck up to five miles.

Eddie Brock40
Defeat this nemesis.    (3) 

Kind of a 3 part battle. The first and third part of the fight you fight Eddie Brock (Venom). To beat him you just hit the piles of pipes to stun him, then attack. You can do about 4-6 combo before you will have to do it again.

Flint Marko30
Defeat this nemesis.    

When you get to thew Sandman you'll have to do a lot of tricks. Once you've gotten him on the tracks of the trains then this is where you will finish him get him beat all the way down then do the tricks when you web sling him on the pipes.

Harry Osborn30
Defeat this nemesis.    

basically your defeating your best friend up. Okay to do so first you start on his air-board, while you're flying it will ask you to do tricks, do this for a while then you'll be off the board he will fly around just continue to fight until you see only a little bit of health left. This will do tricks again after this you'll take him to the hospital and claim your achievement.

Tip: If you watch and see a yellow dot go above his head thats when to press  and do the ls tricks, also after avoiding his moves when it says ,,, press twice to get punch and kick.

Wilson Fisk30
Defeat this nemesis.    

Avoid him at all cost, keep tapping  to fill up you meter. When full, then you can attack him. Otherwise your attacks will do nothing.

Aleksei Sytsevich30
Defeat this nemesis.    

Rhino will do 3 attacks to Spiderman. One he will charge up and slam on the ground, run far away and avoud his blast Radius. Second he will Grab one of the pillars. At that time you can't do any damage to him, attack him, hold  and avoid getting hit. After about two times of pressing  to avoid him he will throw it at you. Afterwards he will be dissy and you can attack his back. After all the pillars are gone his third attack will be a running chage kind of attack. Avoid it until he is done. Run up and attack his back again til he is defeated.

Macdonald Gargan40
Rescue this adversary.    

You will fight him twice but tricks 5 times I believe. First you fight him in the lab. Once low enough, he throws you outside then you trick then chasing him after the tricks, use your Spidey senses, and chase him. You will follow him and do two tricks then on the bridge is where you fight him the last time. Beat him down untill almost 1/4 left of his health, then it will tell you to press  and tap . Once done this shoot the targes out then tricks and your done.

Sergei Kravinoff30
Defeat this nemesis.    

You're fighting a giant lizard now granted you have no clue what to do web his arms up then press  then  you will have to whip him into 4 circular objects once done his shield comes off, then just show him who's boss.

Curtis Connors30
Defeat this nemesis.    

As easy as it may sound it can be a little tricky when you come to him. you will once you start doing lizard missions (3-5 not sure) when you fight with him first you'll see 3 conveyer belts when you on use your () Spider reflexes when it says to and then let go for a little then hold again and tap repeatedly a do so on the three then you will go in another area, once in there fight with him till he runs away, once that is done you will do those tricks he does (mine was    , then  ls down) then you're done. Achievement unlocked.

Luke Carlyle30
Defeat this nemesis.    

Well once you get to the 5 mad bomber mission this is where you unlock it. You'll get to the place where you take your photos, and have to defuse 3 bombs then chase a helicopter and catch your boss. Once done, continue to chase him and get to a building. You'll know when because go to cut scene, then dodge the misslies and throw back at him untill dead.

Gold Medal Winner30
Get Gold on all trick races.   (6) 

Get gold on all the races and it unlocks.

Silver Finalist20
Get at least Silver on all trick races.   

Get silver on all the races and it unlocks.

Bronze Finalist20
Get at least Bronze on all trick races.   

Get bronze on all the races and it unlocks.

Trick Novice20
Get at least Bronze on all easy trick races.   

Just have bronze or better on all the easy races.

Mary Jane Thriller20
Complete all Mary Jane thrill rides.   

Complete 3 missions and your done.

Bomb Squad20
Get at least Bronze on all bomb tours.   

Simply beat all the bomb tours with bronze or better.

Mega Tourist10
Take a photograph from a great height.   (2) 

Not just any height, but the tallest building. It's next to DeWolfe 1 mission, just climb to the very top of the antenna and just take a picture down.

Master Tourist20
Take a 500-point photograph.   (1) 

Simple way to get this is to when you do the photos of the beauty contest mission. When it starts go to the right but stand back a little and when it says to photo the fight start snapping away.

Complete all Daily Bugle photo missions.   

Once the photo missions are done (I believe 6 total) it unlocks.

Web Slinger20
Web up 25 enemies.   

Press  then  for your web balls do that 25 times it unlocks. Or send them to the poles by Bthen  near a pole, subduing them.

Fast Swinger20
Swing at 200 miles per hour.   

This should only be attempted after aquiring level 6 Swing Speed. Easiest way to do this is start your swing with the  and on the downward to middle part of the swing use  to boost. At the peak of the boost release  and quickly press  again to start another swing immediately followed by . This may take a few swings, but should be aquired fairly easily.

Pole Swinger10
Swing on 50 poles.   

Stand under a street lamp or traffic light and jump and press B to swing on it. Repeat 49 more times to unlock.

Complete all missions.    

Beat the game. (also unlocks secret reward, and Eddie Brock) three achievements in one battle at the end.

Collateral Damage10
Destroy 25 objects.   

Simply destroy 25 objects such as boxes, benches, pots, ect. Alleyways are a good spot to finds stacks of boxes.

A Dark Reward20
Secret Achievement    (1) 

Unlock black suit.

Web Swinger20
Swing a total of 10 miles.   

10 miles. See "Mega Web Swinger".

Master Web Swinger20
Swing a total of 50 miles.   

10 miles. See "Mega Web Swinger".

Mega Web Swinger30
Swing a total of 200 miles.   (2) 

Swing around the city for a total of 200 miles. Anything you are doing (missions, races, ect.) counts toward the total.

Intermediate Racer20
Get at least Bronze on all easy and medium trick races.   

Simply get a bronze in all the easy and medium races. 30 in total.

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