Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV Achievement Guide

Guide By: GameFreak47, Dennoman
There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
-Offline: 29[620]
-Online: 19[380]
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50-200 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 25
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

After years of waiting, the newest entry in the Street Fighter series has finally come. As with every other Capcom game, this game is an extremely difficult game to max out, as it requires much skill to complete every character's combo trials.

Thankfully, a majority of the single-player achievements are easy enough thanks to Zangief. Zangief has an attack called the Double Lariat, which you can easily spam against the computer without too much trouble. Thanks to this skill, you can easily beat arcade mode on the hardest difficulty, and get gold medals in all of the time attack and survival challenges.

Depending on your skill level, the multiplayer achievements will either be easy, or a nightmare. Veterans will have no problems due to the amount of new players online, but even if you don't have enough skill, you can easily boost them.

Step #1: Arcade

The first thing you are going to want to do start on completing Arcade with everyone. Set the difficulty to Medium, 1 round, 30 seconds, and start going through the list of characters. If you have trouble using a certain character, start Arcade up with Zangief. Proceed through the Arcade until you get to Seth, and lose. From there, you can switch to whichever character you need to complete Arcade with.

Seth is a difficult boss fight, as many of his moves will have a higher priority than yours, and he will constantly teleport around the arena, making it difficult to keep track of him. The key to beating him is wait for a chance to strike, do a few hits, and get away. If you become greedy, Seth will punish you for it.

Step #2: Challenges

Challenge mode consists of Time Attack and Survival, which are both self-explanatory. The best way to go through every challenge and consistently get gold medals, is to use Zangief. Using his Double Lariat, you can easily get though all of these challenges, just be ready to guard. The only thing you have to worry about is Cammy, as the computer will spam her Spiral Arrow attack, which will go right under Zangief's Lariat. You will need to be a lot more defensive against her, hitting her mainly with focus attacks.

On top of Time Attack and Survival, you also have every character's trials. Completing them will automatically give you a gold medal, but the later ones will heavily rely on your skill. There are numerous videos showing how to them, but it is still difficult.

Step #3: Multiplayer

Every multiplayer achievement in this game can be boosted, making them extremely easy to complete. If you need help finding a boosting partner, visit the achievement trading thread, right HERE.

Street Fighter IV is not for the feint of heart, as the character trials will drive you insane, if Seth doesn't do that for you already. If you haven't played an previous incarnations, be ready for a huge shock at the difficulty of the game.


[x360a would like to thank GameFreak47 for the Road Map]

The World Warrior20
Unlock all characters.   (3) 
Unlocking all of the characters in the game requires you to beat the arcade mode with certain characters. For the boss characters however, you must do a few more things. To unlock each character, do the following.

Sakura - Finish arcade mode with Ryu
Cammy - Finish arcade mode with C.Viper
Fei Long- Finish arcade mode with Abel
Dan - Finish arcade mode with Sakura
Rose - Finish arcade mode with M.Bison
Gen - Finish arcade mode with Chun-Li

Akuma - You must first unlock Sakura, Cammy, Fei Long, Dan, Rose, and Gen. Once you do, start up arcade mode with a character you've already finished it with, and set it to the Easiest diffculty, 1-round matches, and time doesn't matter. From there, simply get one perfect round, and finish arcade without losing. Upon beating Seth, Akuma will challenge you. Beat him, and he will unlock.

Gouken - You must first unlock Akuma, and finish arcade mode with him. Once you do, start up arcade mode with it set to the easiest difficulty, 1-round matches, and 99 seconds. During arcade mode, you must get one perfect round, at least 3 ultra combo finishes, and 5 first attacks without losing. Upon beating Seth, Gouken will challenge you. Beat him, and he will unlock.

Seth - Finish arcade mode with every other character in the game
Color Guard10
Unlock all Colors.   
There are a total of ten colors in the game, with two unlocked by default. To unlock the rest of them, finish both Survival and Time Attack challenges 1, 6, 11, and 16.
No Sweat10
Unlock all Personal Actions.   
There are a total of ten personal actions, with one unlocked by default. To unlock the rest of them, complete Time Attack challenges 2, 7, 12, 17, and Survival challenges 2, 7, 12, 17, and 20.
Title Master50
Collect all Titles.     (5) 

For a list of all the titles and icons in the game, click HERE.

Icon Master50
Collect all Icons.     

See Title Master

Special Move Master10
Perform 100 Special Moves.    (1) 
Every character has specials moves unique to them, which can be viewed in the Command List at the pause menu. Simply perform any character's special moves 100 times for the achievement.
EX-cellent Master20
Perform 100 EX Special Moves.    
To perform an EX Special move, you have to more than one Punch/Kick button when performing a special move. As long as you have one bar in your EX gauge, you can perform an EX move. If you are having trouble pulling off EX moves, hit / instead. You will know if you've done an EX move as your character will begin flashing yellow.
Super Combo Master10
Perform 100 Super Combos.    
If you let your EX gauge fill up all the way, which can be done by either attacking or being attacked, you will have the ability to perform a super combo, which is a powerful attack. Simply perform 100 super combos to unlock the achievement.
Ultra Combo Master10
Perform 100 Ultra Combos.    
Whenever you lose half of your health, your revenge meter will fill up, allowing you to perform an Ultra Combo. The input for the ultra combo is the same as the super, except you must hit all three punch/kick buttons at the same time. Simply perform 100 ultra combos to unlock the achievement.
Focus Master10
Perform 100 successful Focus Attacks.    
A focus attack is an attack that allows you to absorb a single hit from your enemy, and immediately counter by simply holding and at the same time . For this achievement, you must land 100 focus attacks on your enemies to unlock.
Crowd Pleasing Master10
Perform 10 Personal Actions.    
A personal action is basically a taunt, which is performed by hitting both and at the same time. Simply taunt ten times to unlock the achievement.
Super Combo Champion10
Perform 50 Super Combo finishes.    
A super combo finish is when you KO your opponent with a super combo. You will know if you do it right if the background begins to flash brightly. Do this 50 times to unlock.
Ultra Combo Champion10
Perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes.    
An ultra combo finish is exactly like a super combo finish, except with an ultra combo. Like a super combo finish, you will know if you do this right if the background begins flashing brightly. If you are having trouble doing this, let you revenge gauge fill up all the way, as that will make you're ultra combo even more powerful, giving you a better chance to do a finish.
Sunny Daze40
Perform 365 flashy background finishes.    
A flashy background finish is a super/ultra combo finish. Simply perform a super/ultra combo finish 365 times for the achievement.
Simply Perfect10
Achieve 10 Perfect victories.    
A perfect is when you win a round without taking any damage. Seeing as how you have the ability to recover damage with it, use focus attacks often, and guard constantly. Win 10 perfect rounds to get this achievement.
Arcade Rat20
Clear Arcade Mode with 1 character on Medium or higher difficulty.    (1) 

See Storied Reputation

Storied Reputation30
Clear Arcade Mode with all characters on Medium or higher difficulty.    (4) 
For this achievement, you must beat arcade with every character in the game, including Seth. The computers, aside from Seth, are not very good at avoiding focus attacks, so spam focus attacks with each character, and follow up with a crouching heavy kick. Using this, you can easily get to Seth without too much trouble. Once you get to Seth though, you are going to have trouble, especially with characters you aren't familiar with. Guard constantly, and whatever you do, don't let him knock you down. You can use as many continues as you would like, as long as you finish arcade mode with that character.
Save Your Quarters30
Clear Arcade Mode without using a single continue on Medium or higher difficulty.    

See Legendary Champion

World Champion30
Clear Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty.    (1) 

See Legendary Champion

Legendary Champion50
Defeat Gouken and clear Arcade Mode in Hardest difficulty.    
For this, you are going to want to use Zangief. Even on the hardest difficulty, the computer still isn't too smart when it comes to Double Lariat spams. So, fulfill the requests to unlock Gouken, and defeat him. Once you do, this achievement will unlock.
Clear a Challenge in Challenge Mode.   

See The Gold Standard

Challenge Expert30
Clear all Challenges in Challenge Mode.   (2) 

No gold medals required.

There are a total of 100 Challenges.

(thanks to chokemaniac & JTL)
Time Attack Normal 1 = Color 3
Time Attack Normal 2 = Personal Action 2
Time Attack Normal 3 = Title
Time Attack Normal 4 = Title
Time Attack Normal 5 = Title
Time Attack Normal 6 = Color 5
Time Attack Normal 7 = Personal Action 4
Time Attack Normal 8 = Title
Time Attack Normal 9 = Title
Time Attack Normal 10 = Title
Time Attack Normal 11 = Color 7
Time Attack Normal 12 = Personal Action 6
Time Attack Normal 13 = Title
Time Attack Normal 14 = Title
Time Attack Normal 15 = Title
Time Attack Normal 16 = Color 9
Time Attack Normal 17 = Personal Action 8
Time Attack Normal 18 = Title
Time Attack Normal 19 = Title
Time Attack Normal 20 = Personal Action 10

Time Attack Hard 1 = Title
Time Attack Hard 2 = Title
Time Attack Hard 3 = Title
Time Attack Hard 4 = Title
Time Attack Hard 5 = Title

Survival Normal 1 = Color 4
Survival Normal 2 = Personal Action 3
Survival Normal 3 = Title
Survival Normal 4 = Title
Survival Normal 5 = Title
Survival Normal 6 = Color 6
Survival Normal 7 = Personal Action 5
Survival Normal 8 = Title
Survival Normal 9 = Title
Survival Normal 10 = Title
Survival Normal 11 = Color 8
Survival Normal 12 = Personal Action 7
Survival Normal 13 = Title
Survival Normal 14 = Title
Survival Normal 15 = Title
Survival Normal 16 = Color 10
Survival Normal 17 = Personal Action 9
Survival Normal 18 = Title
Survival Normal 19 = Title
Survival Normal 20 = Title

Survival Hard 1 = Title
Survival Hard 2 = Title
Survival Hard 3 = Title
Survival Hard 4 = Title
Survival Hard 5 = Title

Trial Normal = Beat it with all 25 characters.
Trial Hard = Beat it with all 25 characters.

(All Trials Will give you Character Specific Titles)
The Trial Challanges can only be completed once you have unlocked all characters.

For links to strategy threads and guides, see The Gold Standard and Technical Fighter.

The Gold Standard50
Earn gold medals in all challenges.   (1) 
The description for this achievement is misleading, you do NOT need to complete any character trials for this achievement. You only need to get gold medals on all of the Normal and Hard Time Attacks and Survival challenges, which is simple thanks to Zangief's Lariat spam.
Rapid Fighter10
Clear NORMAL Time Attack in Challenge Mode.   

No gold medals required.

Time Attacks will take between 6-30 minutes depending on skill and if you're trying to achieve a gold medal.

All Normal Challenges are very easy if you apply the Zangief technique.
Level 14 will not allow Special Moves so:
(thanks to Rewmac)

Choose Dhalsim. Use down heavy kick and heavy punch all the time until you have a super or ultra wait for a chance and unleash it. I beat it in less than 2 minutes this way. This first opponent should be Honda (it was always for me). Keep you distance, guard a lot. The difficult part will be Akuma. When he unleashes his Ultra jump, if you can't avoid that then Pause, Retry. If he hits you your done for. If you get past Akuma you'll get it done. Watch the timer because you'll only get 5 seconds/match. Use Ultra if you have an opening. Just like Super, it will give you bonus seconds.

Speed King20
Clear HARD Time Attack in Challenge Mode.   
Using Zangiefs Double Lariat, you can easily get through the time attacks. If you plan on getting gold, you are going to need to pull off perfects a lot, especially on some of the later time attacks. Also, if you can, use his Super/Ultra combo whenever you get the chance, as it will add valuable time to the clock.
Tough Cookie10
Clear NORMAL Survival in Challenge Mode.   

No gold medals required.

Time Attacks will take between 8-30 minutes depending on skill and if you're trying to achieve Gold Medal.

Level 19 will also not allow you to use any Special Moves.

Last Man Standing20
Clear HARD Survival in Challenge Mode.   
Survival mode sets a certain number of fights needed to be won, but in order to get gold, you must pass the quota. For normal challenges, you have to keep going until there are no more fights, whereas for hard challenges, you need to win at least 40 fights for the gold.
Technical Fighter10
Clear NORMAL Trial in Challenge Mode.   

Trials will take between 5-60 minutes and HEAVILY depend on skill. You receive a medal every time you finish.
Must complete Normal Trials for all characters for ach.

Video guides for all character trials

A comprehensive written guide to all trials

No Challenge Too Hard20
Clear HARD Trial in Challenge Mode.   

For a video reference for every characters' trials, click HERE.

All Dolled Up10
Set your Title and Icon.   
For this achievement, you need to change both your title and icon, which can be done by hitting at either the main menu, or the multiplayer menu. In order to get your first title and icon, you need to play a few matches online. Once you do, go and change your title and icon, and the achievement will unlock.
Medals Get!30
Collect all Medal types.   
For the online aspect of the game, you recieve medals depending on what you do. The entire list of medals is as follows.

Win a round
Win a round with 81-100% vitality
Win a round with 61-80% vitality
Win a round with 41-60% vitality
Win a round with 21-40% vitality
Win a round with 11-20% vitality
Win a round with 0-10% vitality
Win a round with Perfect
Win a round with Chip Damage
Win a round with an Ultra Combo Finish
Win a round with a Super Combo Finish
Win a round with a Regular Move
Win a round by Judgment (Time-out)
Escape a Throw/ Do a Quick Stand Move
Perform a Reversal
Perform a Counter-Hit
Perform a First Attack
Dizzied an opponent
Medal Collector10
Collect 100 Medals.   

See Medal Master

Medal Hunter10
Collect 500 Medals.   

See Medal Master

Medal Master30
Collect 1,000 Medals.   
Depending on your skill, you can get anywhere from 3-10 medals per match played. This one will take some time to get, but will unlock long before Proof of Battle.
Create 10 multiplayer lobbies.   
For this achievement, go to Player Match, Create Match, and start up a room. You don't even need to play a match, so as soon as someone comes, you could just quit. The game doesn't track by how many games you've hosted, but by lobbies.
Taking On All Comers10
Fight 10 opponents via fight requests.   
Fight requests allows you to play Xbox Live matches in the middle of playing arcade mode. For this achievement, hit , and turn arcade requests on. From there, start playing arcade mode, and the game should interrupt you at any point saying there is a new challenger. Just fight 10 different opponents, win or lose, on Live.
The Road to Battle10
Play 100 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   

See Proof of Battle

Hard Fought Battles20
Play 200 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   

See Proof of Battle

Proof of Battle20
Play 500 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   (3) 
For this achievement, you need to play 500 battles, regardless of whether you win or lose. You can check your progress for this achievement from the main menu by selecting Player Data, and then Player Record.
Way of the Fist10
Win 5 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   

See 10 Years Too Late

The Journey Begins20
Win 10 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   

See 10 Years Too Late

10 Years Too Early20
Win 50 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   

See 10 Years Too Late

10 Years Too Late50
Win 100 Xbox LIVE battles. (Ranked match or player match)   (10) 
You can very easily boost wins in this game. Create a match with 1 round, 30 seconds, and set the language priority to any language you and your boosting partner want. With these settings, it should be very easy to find one another, and if for whatever reason someone else joins, you can just kick the player. If need be, you can also boost any medals you are having trouble with as well.
First Victory20
Win 1 ranked match.   

See 10 Years Too Late

The Line Starts Here20
Win 3 ranked matches in a row.   

See 10 Years Too Late

I Got Next!30
Win 5 ranked matches in a row.   (1) 

See 10 Years Too Late

Playing To Win!50
Win 10 ranked matches in a row.   (19) 

These achievements can easily be boosted online if you don't have the l33t skillz needed to get them legit. Get a friend to do it with you or find someone in our Achievement Trading Thread (clickable) to help you out. Now, create a ranked match from the Xbox Live Battle menu. Set round count to 1, time limit to 30 seconds and language preferences to "other". Now, have your friend search with the same preferences and you shouldn't have any trouble finding each other. In case some lost soul wanders into your lobby, just quit out and keep retrying until your boosting buddy joins.

NOTE: Championship matches do not count towards the Ranked achievements!

Unbeatable Fist0
Ruler of All      (2) 

This achievement unlocks automatically after all other achievements (47 for 1000G) have been unlocked.

Game Info


US February 17, 2009
Europe February 20, 2009
Japan February 12, 2009

HDD Space Required : 4.7 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $19.99USD
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