Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: JaxTH
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline: 46 (940)
  • Online: 4 (60)
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 through 40(Arcade Mode) 1(Fight Lab)
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched/unobtainable achievements: None
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
  • Extra equipment needed: 800 Microsoft Points for Online Pass if bought used

Welcome to Tekken Tag Tournament 2! This game has 50 achievements for 1000 and is the newest Tekken game to hit the Xbox 360. It is also the sequel to the fan loved Playstation 2 original. As in the original Tekken Tag Tournament, matches involve each player selecting two fighters to fight with. You're are able to switch your fighters out at any time, allowing the inactive character to gradually recover some life they might have lost. At certain points, an inactive character's life bar may flash, giving them a temporary boost in strength if they are tagged in. If the life bar of either player's fighters runs out, that player loses the round. If time runs out, the player who has the most cumulative life remaining amongst their fighters wins the round. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features various modes, allowing players to choose between 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 1 battles, options for four players to play in a single match, and various online modes.

Step 1: Fight Lab
The first thing you may want to do is play "Fight Lab" since it teaches you the basics of Tekken. It covers everything from attacks, defensive mechanics, and other special moves. There are five Stages in all and should easily be completable as long as you pay attention and will net you the Combot, Annihilate!, Combot, Engage!, Combot, Move Out!, Combot, On Standby!, and Combot, Return to Base! achievements. After you have done all the challenges in Fight Lab keep doing the Stage 5 Boss until you have enough points to fully upgrade Combot and you will get the Super Combot DX Complete achievement.

In the Stage 5 boss battle you also have the chance to get the Insane Juggler achievement by doing a mid-air combo that does 62 or more damage.

Step 2: Offline Modes 
There are several Offline Modes that have achievements tied to them such as Arcade Battle, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, and Ghost Battle in the "Offline Mode". Arcade Battle may be the place you spend quite a lot of time at. You are going to have to complete it with 40 different characters to unlock some of the Ending Movies unless you are doing Ghost Battle. Time Attack should be easy with the right team and Survival may be quite tough but if you use Angel it should be easier. Ghost Battle should also prove to be easy.

In "Arcade Battle" pick a tag team and complete the final stage for Preeminent Partner then go through Arcade again in solo to get Solo Warrior. Next, go to "Time Attack" and do what you did with your tag team in Arcade but make sure you finish in under 20 minutes to get Super-Speed Fists. From here go to "Survival" and survive ten rounds to get Proof of Your Existence once you lose after the 10th win. Next, do "Team Battle" with one person on each team and win three times for Tenacious Fighter. Hopefully by now you should have defeated 30 CPU opponents for the Who You Gonna Call? achievement.

Step 3: Online Mode
Time to take Tekken Online where there are quite a few easy achievements as well as ones that are Rank based. The competition online is not very beginner friendly so you may want to practice and find the team you're most comfortable with. Regardless, go into "Online Mode", "Player Match", and do a "Quick Search" until you find a match. Beat that opponent for Tug at My Iron Heart Strings. From here go to "Ranked Match" and change your "Rank Limits" to either a yellow or green 3. Fight your way up to the rank of 1st dan and win another ranked match if it hasn't yet popped for the Be Still My Iron Heart, Tekken Black Belt and Iron Heartacheachievements. While going through your online battles make sure you get enough Luck Boxes for Fortunate Fighter to unlock. You have to do these Lucky Boxes in one sitting.

Step 4: Practice Mode & Miscellaneous Achievements
Most of the achievements for the game cover random things such as breaking background objects, doing Tag Crashes, reversals, parries, dealing damage in Practice, or even customizing a character. There are also Offline Ranks you will get as you play more. You will likely get most of these naturally as you work towards other achievements. A fun tip is that most of them can be easily unlocked in Practice Mode or 2-Player Versus. However if you only have one controller then you can still get most of these things in practice by yourself.

By now you should have the Bazillionaire achievement. If not, do the Stage 5 Boss Battle in Fight Lab until you do. Next up, go to "Tekken Tunes" and press  on the first thing that comes up. Scroll down once and then press  again to change the music then back out to the main menu for Dance to Your Own Beat.

Next go to "Customize" and choose the character you have been playing with the most. Go to "Equip Item" and make your way to the "Upper Body (Other)" or "Lower Body (Other)" items. The items here will have input commands by them. Equip one of them and then back out and there will be a blue box around your character. Choose your desired angle and press  and you will be asked if you want to save the picture. It is on "No" by default so move it to and press "Yes" and you will get Touch-Up Artist.

Next go into "Practice Mode" and pick a default Combot and the character who you previously customized a little while ago by pressing  once they are highlighted. From there pick the slot with your customized character. Next, pick Alisa and a defualt Combot and on the stage selection screen press  to be taken to the "Strategic Space" stage. Now with your default Combot put your opponent up against the wall that says "Danger" on it and press  +  to hit them through the wall. Press  +  to reset your position. Now put them behind the railing next to the "Danger" wall and press  +  to knock them off of the balcony. Reset your position again and move onto the grey/black floor in the yellow square. Once on this, press  +  to launch the opponent in the air followed by  +  while they are still airborne to bound them into the floor thus breaking it. Doing these will get you the Renovation Time, Geronimooo!, and Watch Your Step! achievements if you did not already have them. Now with your Combot press  +  and he will do a homing attack on the opponent. Do this ten times to unlock Stick It to ‘Em. Next, launch your opponent in the air and bound them again like you did with the floor but follow it up with back/down +  to make a bound combo. This works best against a solid wall. Do this ten times to get The Original Bouncer.

With those out of the way launch your opponent in the air once again but immediately hit  and you will tag out to your next character. Hit the opponent with the character that comes out and you've just done a "Tag Combo". Switch back to Combot and keep doing this until Master of the Tag Combo unlocks. Next do a launcher to your opponent followed by a bound and immediately hitting the tag button. This is literally the same as doing a regular Tag Combo, there is just a bound in it now. This is called a "Tag Assault" and if you keep doing it Master of the Tag Assault will soon unlock. Next up is the "Direct Tag Assault", and all you have to do for this is to press  +  +  and you will automatically do a bound move followed by your partner coming out to continue the combo. Do this three times for Master of the Direct Tag Assault. Finally, go up to your opponent and press  +  and you will grab your opponent and your partner will damage them while switching places with you. This is called a "Tag Throw". Repeat ten times for the Master of the Tag Throw achievement.

From here switch out to your other character and if you have remembered the command prompt for the item you gave them do this now and Secret Weapon will unlock after hitting the opponent.

Now press start to pause the game and go to the top of the practice selection categories. It should say "Freestyle" if you haven't changed anything. Press  and scroll down once to select "Defensive Training" and all "Action Settings" changes to "CPU Settings". With this we can actually control the computer and make it do moves for us that we can cancel, parry, etc. for achievements. Select "CPU Setting 1" and hit "Command List" from there. Once in the command list select command 116 from the list. This is her "Spam Bomb" move. Once the move is selected you will see three blue bars on CPU Setting 1; press right to up it to five bars. Press start to get out of the menu and then press  +  to have her do the move continually. Once she takes off her head press  +  and if done right you will put it back on and Avoid Flying Heads will unlock. Next, go back to Alisa's command list and pick command 29. With this move she will do three low kicks. You need to hold down/forward and she will kick you twice but you will always parry her third kick. Once you parry for the third time Below the Belt will unlock (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip)

Now take control of Alisa again and tag her out with Combot. With Combot, start recording and press  +  to grab your Combot. Afterwards stop recording and make the other Combot grab you once you are back in control of your Combot. When the other Combot tries to grab you press  +  and your Combot will do a throw escape by jumping over the other one. Repeat until Escape Artist unlocks. Now take control of the other Combot again and do  +  then go back into control of yours. Make the rival Combat start doing it's launcher and keep holding forward to make sure it hits you. Once you are launched press and hold either  to do a roll away from your opponent or  to do a jumping kick to be back on your feet. Once done three times Oodles of Ukemi will unlock.

Next you are going to want to change the mode selection once again, this time to "VS CPU Training" and then the difficulty to "Ultra Hard". After that go to "Advanced Settings", then "Rage" and turn it on for you and your partner. In a regular match, if you are getting beat down, your partner's health gauge will flash red and they will go into Rage mode. By pressing  +  they will charge out to replace you if you are on the ground. However all the red health your previous character had before the switch will instantly deplete. Since you'll be in training this won't happen. Now while the computer is on Ultra Hard keep pressing  +  until True Friendship unlocks (Thanks to MM2313 for the tip). After all this press start, scroll down to "Character Selection", and go to the character selection screen.

Next, pick Asuka and Yoshimitsu. The two CPU don't matter. Pick the "Fallen Garden" stage from the stage select. If you haven't changed anything before quitting out last time the CPU will still be on VS Training. With Asuka press either  +  +  or  +  +  and she will go into a defensive stance for a bit. When hit she will more likely than not pull off a reversal by throwing the opponent to the side. Doing this three times gets you Dish Best Served Cold (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip). After that let the computer wail on you for a bit while making sure to roll around in the purple goo/water until Doused But Not Out is unlocked. Now switch the CPU to either "Defensive Training" or "Freestyle" and bring Yoshimitsu out. 

With Yoshimitsu use either command 150 (,,,,,,,,) or command 153 (,,,,,,,,) and make sure to watch it's video from the command list so you know what it looks like. Do either three times and Flying Butt-Kicker will unlock.

Head back to character select and this time choose Marshall Law and Paul. The CPU once again does not matter. Pick the "Eternal Paradise" stage in the stage selection menu. With Law use  + , (Law will make a small punching motion with his fist and the attack will hit for mid) and Paul will come rushing out with blue sparkles on him. When he comes out use  and Law will automatically come out afterwards with his hands glowing yellow as the opponent is still airborne. Time it right and hit them with  and it will show the attack from Law's back while the announcer yells "GREAT!". If successful you will get Impressive Moves. If you haven't hit a lady in the background into the pool yet with these antics do so for Bad Date to pop.

Back to character select, this time to pick Devil Jin and Kazuya. CPU and stage doesn't matter. When the match starts use  +  +  and Devil Jin should grab the opponent followed by haedbutting them then Kuzuya coming up from behind and then headbutting them. Do this three times for The Best of Friends to pop.

After all this you will have Lead Coach as well.

Step 5: Offline Versus Mode and the Road to Tekken Lord
Plug in a second controller (If you don't have one you can do these online with a partner instead) and select "VS Battle" from Offline Mode. Select your characters for both controllers and once in a match win without losing any health and PERFECT Player will unlock. Start another match and have your second controller hit you (preferably with ) until you have very little health then beat the second player. You will know you have done this right when the announcer yells out "GREAT!". GREAT Gladiator will unlock from this.

From here go to "Ghost Battle" from the Offline Mode menu to start on your path to becoming Tekken Lord. When battling ghosts you will also rank up so try not to lose as losing will only make the grind longer (you can also be demoted). After each win you will pick your next opponent using , and  as  is to quit out of this mode. Along the way you get Lucky Boxes that give various awards (mostly money). Also along the way are ghost battles that are gold on the bar where it shows your next opponents. Winning these matches will grant you customization items and, if it is your first time winning against that golden pair, you will also get a random ending movie that you didn't have yet. Win enough of these golden battles and Movie Buff will unlock along the way.

Keep fighting and sooner or later you will get up to Vanquisher (16th dan) rank and Enter the Vanquisher! will unlock. Keep the long grind going and you will eventually reach Tekken Lord (30th dan) rank and Behold the Tekken Lord! will unlock. During everything you've done so far you will have also gotten Fickle Friend for changing places with your partner 765 times.

Do note that if you go into Arcade Battle to get any remaining ending movies you might have left that if you use your Tekken Lord character that all the CPUs you fight against will be around the same rank as you.

If you followed this Roadmap you should have unlocked All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! with hopefully not too many problems. This is an overall easy game to obtain all the achievements for. Getting to 1st Dan online is not so bad and the offline ranks can be achieved while doing Arcade runs and beating up Ghosts. The game should not give too many people problems for those who go for the full 1000. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a fine sequel and also a pretty easy game to complete. It has some time consuming bits to it but it shouldn't be too taxing if you enjoy the game.

x360a would like to thank JaxTH for this Roadmap

All Hail, Tekken Incarnate!10
You earned everything.      (11) 

This achievement is simply for getting the other 49 achievements in the game. This will always be the last achievement you will get in the game.

Behold the Tekken Lord!45
You became Tekken Lord in Offline Mode.   (42) 

To become a Tekken Lord you have to fight ghosts, which to the game, means any CPU in Arcade or Ghost Battle. The Tekken Lord title is the fourth from last title you can achieve (The highest being "True Tekken God"). Along the way you will also get the Vanquisher title which means you are halfway done on your way to the Tekken Lord title.

Personally, It took me 377 W / 79 L to become a Tekken Lord.

If you are curious as to all the ranks you can attain, look no further:

9th ~ 1st Kyu
1st ~ 3rd Dan
4th Dan: Disciple
5th Dan: Mentor
6th Dan: Master
7th Dan: Grand Master
8th Dan: Brawler
9th Dan: Marauder
10th Dan: Fighter
11th Dan: Berserker
12th Dan: Warrior
13th Dan: Avenger
14th Dan: Duelist
15th Dan: Pugilist
16th Dan: Vanquisher
17th Dan: Destroyer
18th Dan: Conqueror
19th Dan: Savior
20th Dan: Genbu
21th Dan: Byakko
22th Dan: Seiryu
23th Dan: Suzaku
24th Dan: Fujin
25th Dan: Raijin
26th Dan: Yaksa
27th Dan: Majin
28th Dan: Toshin
29th Dan: Emperor
30th Dan: Tekken Lord
31th Dan: Tekken Emperor
32th Dan: Tekken God
100th Dan: True Tekken God

Preeminent Partner15
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle with a partner.   (6) 

For this achievement you need to complete Arcade Mode with a tag team. After you beat Stage 9 the achievement will pop.

Solo Warrior15
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle solo.   

For this achievement you have beat Arcade Mode while using the solo option. While fighting solo there will be tag teams thrown at you to mix things up.

Tenacious Fighter15
You won 3 team battles in Offline Mode.   (5) 

In Team Battle Mode teams of up to 8 each fight against each other. Simply pick one person to be on your side and one to also be on the CPU side. Win three matches. This is also easily done with a second controller.

Super-Speed Fists15
You cleared Offline Mode Time Attack within 20 minutes.   (5) 

For this achievement you need to clear Time Attack in under 20 minutes.  Angel is your best bet because of her lazer. To perform it hold  +  and it will shoot out of the jewel on her forehead (Or you can just map LP+RP to your  button for a one button lazer). I personally did it in under 10 minutes with the help of Angel.

My method with Angel: She's basically there to make space. With your other character do a small combo to knock the CPU back and then tag in Angel. Hit them with a lazer and back up. When they get back up off the ground they are likely to crouch for a second or two before getting back into standing position and trying to rush you again (only to get hit with a lazer again). If there is enough space you can shoot the lazer and they'll duck under to try to rush you but you'll have enough time to do a second one that will hit them.

Some characters such as Xiaoyu, Wang, and Ganryu crouch a little when they walk making Angel's lazer just barely miss them if they are a certain distance from you. Try comboing these characters with your other character to make them (hopefully) switch out with another character that doesn't do this so you can switch back to Angel.

Mei Ninja suggests using Jun and Asuka and using + ,,, to beat the CPU quickly if Angel doesn't work out for you.

Proof of Your Existence30
You won 10 consecutive battles in Survival in Offline Mode.   (14) 

For this achievement you must win 10 battles in a row in Survival Mode. Once again Angel is the way to go, but if you don't use Jun and Asuka instead. The achievement will not pop until you finally lose your streak in Survival Mode, so lose on your 11th match if you so wish.

Lead Coach20
You dealt a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode.   (1) 

Easy. Just go into Practice Mode and wail on the CPU dummy until it pops.

Touch-Up Artist15
You customized a character.   (1) 

To customize a character, go to "Customize" from the main menu and choose a character. Once you have chosen a character, buy something for them and equip it. Try to back out and you will be greeted to a blue box hovering over your character. This serves as to take a screenshot of your character for the costume select when using Arcade, Versus, etc. Take the snapshot, select yes to keep it and the achievement will pop.

Dance to Your Own Beat15
You changed the background music using TEKKEN TUNES.   

Select Tekken Tunes from the main menu and you will be greeted by pictures of stages and other things. Press on whatever you want and just scroll down to whatever you want to change that piece of music to as long as it is not the default. Press  again to change the music and then back out of Tekken Tunes. The achievement will pop once you are on the main menu. Change the music back to default if you want.

Movie Buff30
You unlocked 40 characters' ending movies.    (8) 

You have two options here. There are 59 characters in the game and 58 of them have movies (Why Tiger Jackson doesn't have a movie is a mystery). You can either play through Arcade Mode 40 times with different characters or you can do Ghost Battle which will also help you towards your Tekken Lord achievement.

While in Ghost Battle you will sometimes find the next opponents in a gold bar. A gold bar guarantees customization rewards should you beat these teams. The first time you beat whatever pair was in gold you will also get a random ending movie that you didn't have before. You can actually get this achievement while doing Ghost Battle mode while going for your Tekken Lord title.

Combot, On Standby!15
You cleared Stage 1 in Fight Lab.   

See "Combot, Return to Base!"

Combot, Move Out!15
You cleared Stage 2 in Fight Lab.   

See "Combot, Return to Base!"

Combot, Engage!15
You cleared Stage 3 in Fight Lab.   

See "Combot, Return to Base!"

Combot, Annihilate!15
You cleared Stage 4 in Fight Lab.   

See "Combot, Return to Base!"

Combot, Return to Base!30
You cleared Stage 5 in Fight Lab.   (5) 

Fight Lab is a sort of tutorial or intro if you will intro the mechanics of Tekken. You take control of Combot and learn various things about the controls and moves of the Tekken universe wrapped around an amusing story. There are five stages to Fight Lab and each of them has three chapters: An introduction into what you are about to do, a phase of doing it, and then a boss battle. While doing these you earn points to upgrade Combot for the Super Combot DX Complete achievement. You also gain fight money along the way which helps towards theBazillionaire achievement.

The various achievements relating to Fight Lab will pop up at the end of their respective chapters.

Super Combot DX Complete45
You unlocked all the content in Fight Lab.   (14) 

The "content" that is referred to by the achievement is actually all the moves you can purchase for Combot using the points you gain in Fight Lab. From the Fight Lab menu select "Combot Tuning" and you should see eight bars with percentages on them. When you unlock a move for Combot the moves end up here waiting to be purchased with your points. Once each of them is at 100% the achievement will pop. It will however take around 3 million in points to make this happen. If you are good at the Stage 5 boss you can get 100,000 points every two tries.

The percentage bars that say "Stage #" at the bottom of the eight bars you need to fill for the achievement have no bearing on this achievement so ignore them if you want.

DarkSephiroth has a rather interesting way of gathering points and money here.

PERFECT Player20
You won a PERFECT battle.    

Get a perfect, which means winning a battle with no health lost whatsoever. Up against the CPU this may be a problem but still doable with some cheap tactics. However it is most easily done with a second controller or online with someone helping you.

GREAT Gladiator30
You won a GREAT battle.   (3) 

To win a great battle you must have your health below 5% and still beat your opponent. You might get this out of sheer luck while against the CPU but a second controller or help online is a surefire way to get this achievement. In Versus use for this so you can get your health down to as low as possible without losing before beating your opponent.

Secret Weapon15
You used an item move.    (3) 

To use an item move you must customize a character with one first. So go to Customize and look for "Upper Body (Other)" or "Lower Body (Other)" things for your character that have a command list icon on them like they would on a character's command list. Equip it and use it's command in battle after you have selected your customized character by pressing  on the character select screen. Once it hits the opponent the achievement will pop up.

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Who You Gonna Call?20
You defeated 30 ghosts.   (7) 

Contrary to what you might think, this does not have to be done in Ghost Battle at all. The game counts all CPUs as ghosts so just defeat 30 CPU opponents whether they be in Arcade Mode, Time Attack, Survival, or Ghost Battle itself.

You earned over 10,000,000G total.    (7) 

While this number may seem intimidating the game throws fight money at you any chance it gets. You'll even get 2,000,000 in three modes once you do them for the first time. The best place to grind money however is the Stage 5 boss in Fight Lab. Do good enough and you get 200,000+ every time you beat the stage.

Fortunate Fighter30
You earned 3 Lucky Boxes.    (11) 

Anytime you play against the CPU (as well as online) you have a chance to get Lucky Boxes after the match. They appear randomly and give you various stuff, but mostly money. Playing in Ghost Battle with net you tons of these.

According to various reports you need to be online to get this achievement. You also need to get them in one sitting so just keep fighting in online battles until the achievement unlocks.

Escape Artist15
You successfully completed 10 throw escapes.    (6) 

The easiest way to do this is in Versus Mode with a second controller. On your second controller press  + and as soon as the grab is initiated press  +  on your controller. If successful the grab is canceled and both players step away from each other. Continue until the achievement is unlocked.

According to Jin Akuma90, fulfilling the requirement for Avoid Flying Heads ten times is another way to get this achievement. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Dish Best Served Cold15
You pulled off 3 reversals.    

I used King for this since he does a roll with the opponent once he has reversed a move. It is also best to go into Practice Mode to do this as well. So pick King and a random person and press start to open up the training menu. Press Mode Select and go to the bottom and press "VS CPU TRAINING" so that the computer will start to attack you.

As the computer is attacking you keep pressing  (or  if you are on the right side of the screen) +  + until King reverses his opponent. Repeat two more times.

Alternately, you can select Asuka and use  +  +  or  +  +  and she will go into a defensive stance. When the CPU hits her she will more than likely reverse it (Thanks to SUBJECT BK201 for the tip).

Stick It to 'Em15
You pulled off 10 homing attacks.    (1) 

A homing attack is an attack that will hit no matter what if your opponent tries to sidestep around you, if they are close enough they will get hit. You can actually get this achievement in Fight Lab in the tutorial that teaches you about homing attacks. An example of a homing attack would be  +  for a default Combot. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Below the Belt15
You pulled off 3 low parries.    (3) 

A low parry is a move that counters low attacks by pushing them aside when they make contact. This is best done in Versus Mode with a second controller. With your second controller preform a low kick ( + ) close to the first player. As this is making contact the first player needs to press down/forward to brush it aside. Repeat until the achievement is unlocked. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Oodles of Ukemi15
You pulled off 3 ukemi.    (4) 

To do a ukemi you simply have to press and hold  or  immediately after hitting the ground from a launcher to either roll towards or away from your opponent. Do this three times and the achievement is yours. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Insane Juggler30
You dealt more than 62 damage in a midair combo.    (4) 

The Stage 5 boss of Fight Lab has various times where you must bound your opponent to proceed. With your two Combots pull off a bound followed by various hits from the both of you and it will pop once you have done 62 or more damage (Thanks to icurnvss for the tip). 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Flying Butt-Kicker15
You pulled off 3 10 hit combos.    (8) 

The easiest person I found to do this with is Yoshimitsu. His command 153 (,,,,,,,,) is very easy to remember and if you go into training and watch it first it's really easy to do once you have the timing of the button presses down. People also like to use his command 150 (,,,,,,,,) to get this done. Yet another is Baek's command 83 (,,,,,,,,). 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

The Original Bouncer15
You pulled off 10 bound combos.    

A bound combo is a combo that involves you doing a midair combo to your opponent.

An example of a bound would be the default Combot's simple bound combo. Start off with a launcher ( + ) followed by  (or  depending on what side you are on) +  followed by some other attacks to make it an actual combo (Like simply hitting  to kick the opponent after the bound). Do this ten times.

Different characters have different ways to do launchers and bounds so experiment and see what works for you.

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Master of the Tag Combo20
You pulled off 10 Tag Combos.    (1) 

To do a Tag Combo you need to hit your opponent with a launcher followed by hitting the tag button so that your partner will come out and take your place on the field. Follow up with some hits from the person coming in and it will be counted as a Tag Combo. Repeat ten times. This can also be done it Fight Lab at the part where you are taught about Tag Combos. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Master of the Tag Assault20
You pulled off 10 Tag Assaults.    (1) 

To do a Tag Assault you need to press the tag button right before hitting the opponent with a bound attack. This will cause your partner to come to your side for a brief period with a white outline around them. During this period the both of you can attack the opponent until your partner goes back. Repeat this ten times for this to unlock.

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Master of the Direct Tag Assault20
You pulled off 3 Direct Tag Assaults.    (2) 

A Direct Tag Assault is a combo that involves you and your partner being on screen together to deal greater damage after a midair attack is done to the opponent. To initiate this, press  +  together with . Do this three times. You might also get this in Fight Lab. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice.

Master of the Tag Throw15
You pulled off 10 Tag Throws.    

A Tag Throw is a tag where you and your partner attack one opponent while simultaneously switching out at the same time. To perform a Tag Throw push  +  and your character will grab your opponent while your second character will damage them. Do this ten times and it will unlock. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

True Friendship15
You pulled off 3 Tag Crashes.    (9) 

A Tag Crash is a move that can only been done if:

  • Your partner is in rage mode
  • Your current character is down on the ground or can do a ukemi

If these conditions are met then you can press  +  to do a Tag Crash. Repeat this three times. Beware though, once a Tag Crash has been done the character you saved will have all their available red health drained.NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.


The Best of Friends30
You pulled off 3 partner-specific Tag Throws.    (8) 

For this achievement you need to do a character specific Tag Throw. For this I picked Devil Jin and Kazuya. Their special Tag Throw are the Mishima headbutts. You'll know you've did it right when after your first character headbutts the opponent your second will then grab the opponent and then headbutt them again.

The Tag Throw will go like this:  +  + , (Or  +  + , depending on what side you are on). If you were successful do it two more times.

Another Tag Throw is with Baek and Hwoarang. Press  + , and both of them will come on screen and do a flurry of kicks to their opponent (Thanks to demonocracy for the tip). 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Impressive Moves30
You pulled off a GREAT combo.    (10) 

A GREAT combo seems to be a damage heavy combo done between special tag teams. So far the easiest seems to be for Marshall Law/Paul for most people. The input for that is:

 + , quickly tap , then quickly tap  and Paul will come rushing out very quickly with blue sparkles around him. With Paul press , and Law will automatically switch places with Paul with a yellow aura on his hands while the opponent is mid-air. You have to time it right, but press  and it should zoom in on Law from his back punching your opponent followed by the announcer yelling out "GREAT!" plus your achievement poping up. NOTE:This can be done in Practice Mode.

Here is a video of this happening (Around 8 seconds):

Fickle Friend30
You switched places with your partner 765 times.    (8) 

This will come to you naturally over the course of the game while getting other achievements. To Tag is either  or   by default. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Watch Your Step!15
You broke a floor.    

To break a floor you first need to be on a stage with a breakable floor (Like Hall of Judgement), then you need to damage it enough by bounding your opponent into it and comboing them until it breaks. If you are playing through Fight Lab then this achievement is impossible to miss as you cannot continue further through it without doing this achievement. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Renovation Time15
You broke a wall.    

To break a wall you first need to be on a stage with a breakable wall (Like Moonlit Wilderness), then you must use a heavy attack such as  +  while your opponent is in front of a wall and it will crumble once this happens. If you are playing through Fight Lab then this achievement is impossible to miss as you cannot continue further without doing this achievement. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

You broke a balcony.    (2) 

To break a balcony you first need to be on a stage with a balcony (Like Dusk after the Rain), then you must use a heavy attack such as  +  when your opponent is next to it near the railing. Once you hit them they will come flying down and your partner will be there to greet them to finish whatever combo you may have been doing. If you are playing through Fight Lab then this achievement is impossible to miss as you cannot continue further without doing this achievement. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Avoid Flying Heads15
You escaped from Alisa's Spam Bomb move.    (2) 

I found this pretty impossible for myself to do in Versus so head to Practice Mode instead. Pick solo and choose whoever you want. For the CPU pick solo also but pick Alisa. As soon as it loads up press start to bring up the practice menu.

At the top should be "Mode Select" and it should say "Freestyle". Press it and go down one to change it to "Defensive Training". Now click on "CPU Setting 1" and hit "Record". You will now be in control of Alisa! Now press  and it will start to record. With Alisa press Up/Forward and  + at the same time to make her hand her head over to you and let it explode and watch yourself get up.

After that press the start button and "CPU Setting 1" should have three blue bars on it. Press right twice to extend it to five. Press start to go back to training. Press  +  to make her start taking off her head and handing it to you. As she hands you her head you need to press  +  to hand it back to her. Do not press start while doing this or you will have to record again. The computer will keep doing this same attack until you press the start button.

Keep going until you have successfully put her head back on her body and then the achievement will pop.

Here is a video of this exact same thing, except they made her do the attack from her command menu:

Doused But Not Out15
Your upper body got wet in the Fallen Garden stage.    (3) 

For this achievement you basically just have to get beat up a little by Unknown to land in the purple water and then roll around in it a bit. If you did not get this in the Unknown fight then start up Versus Mode and choose the Fallen Garden stage. Have your second controller launch you and then hit the ground. Once you do start rolling around in the water until the achievement unlocks. 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Bad Date15
You dropped a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage.    (5) 

To get this go to the Eternal Paradise stage and make your way to the side of the stage where the ladies are by the pool. Brush up against them to have them fall in the pool. Alternatively, hit an opponent into one of them to make them fall in (Thanks to cheevo360 for the tip). 

NOTE: This can be done in Practice Mode.

Be Still My Iron Heart15
You won a ranked match in Online Mode.   (1) 

See "Tekken Black Belt"

Tug at My Iron Heart Strings15
You won a player match in Online Mode.   (1) 

Win an online player match and this achievement will pop. You can join a lobby, do quick matches, or create your own private session with someone else to get the achievement that way.

Iron Heartache15
You fought 3 times in Online Mode.   

Simply fight three times online be it ranked, player, or private and the achievement will pop up after your third online match has finished.

Tekken Black Belt15
You earned 1st dan in Online Mode.   (40) 

To get to 1st dan in online mode you must be doing ranked matches. If you get to 1st dan from battle points, meaning you lost a couple of times along the way or you lost on your promotion match you will still have the title of 1st dan but not the achievement itself. For the achievement to unlock if you are 1st dan or beyond requires you to simply win a match.

Another thing to note is that in your ranked match options you typically only want to face people three ranks above or below you. When you click on Ranked Match change your rank limits to either a yellow or green 3 to be safe.

Personally, I had 9 W / 11 L when I got to 1st dan in online mode.

Enter the Vanquisher!30
You earned Vanquisher in Offline Mode.   (3) 

See "Behold the Tekken Lord!"

Game Info
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


US September 11, 2012
Europe September 14, 2012
Japan September 10, 2012

HDD Space Required : 7.8 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $19.99USD
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