Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em Achievements

Poker King

Successfully complete all of the scenarios in Single Player Scenario mode.  
This achievement can be earned in Scenario mode only. There is a total of seven scenarios you must complete. Here are the seven and tips on how to win them all:

1. Final Table Chip Leader
This one is very easy to win. You start with $2,365,000 and nobody else has anything close to that. Just using common sense will earn you a victory, bet on good hands, fold on bad hands. This is a good scenario to try out first, just to get the feel for it.

2. Final Table Short-Stacked
This is a challenging one. You will start with only $415,000 while a few of the AI start with over one million. My advice here would be to go all-in on the first hand. If you lose start the scenario up again. If you win then you have already doubled up and will have a better chance of winning. If you feel this is really hard go all-in the first two or three hands to try and get an even bigger lead.

3. Final Table Random
In this scenario you will start out with a random amount of chips. My suggestion would be to quit out and restart it until you are the leading chip count. This way you will have very little difficulty wining due to the lead.

4. Heads-Up Even
This scenario is a one on one, also know as 'Heads-up'. You and your opponent will both start with $4,000,000. I suggest going all in until your opponent calls. If you lose start it back up and try again. If you win then the scenario took you all of 2 minutes to beat.

5. Heads-Up Random
This scenario will have you in a one on one match with random starting amounts. I suggest restarting the game until you are the chip leader. Then go all-in until your opponent calls. If you lose start it back up and try again. If you win then the scenario took you all of 2 minutes to beat.

6. Conservative Sit & Go
This scenario is more boring than difficult. You will be at a table of 8 players all starting with $1,500 in chips. The people you play against are all super conservative, which means they will not bet high and won't take risks often. As you can guess this leads to very long games. If you want to speed it up go all-in until you are called. Hopefully you win, if not restart the scenario. If you win then you will have a large chip lead and room for error. Be patient and play smart, this game will take you a very long time. I suggest taking a break mid game just so you don't make a stupid move out of boredom. It took me about two hours to finish this scenario, it may not be the hardest, but will definitely take you a bit of time.

7. Loose Sit & Go
In this scenario you and eight other players will all start with $1,500. Your opponents will be very unconcerned with their money. They will make large bets and call often. A good strategy for winning this one is to wait for a good hand and go all-in. Most likely you will be called by at least one of the AI. Don't bet on anything except really good hands and you should win soon enough.
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US August 23, 2006

HDD Space Required : 26.4 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $4.99USD
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