The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Coastal Guardian

Fend off the Telmarine ships.   
This is one of the four initial objectives in the first level, Cair Paravel. To initiate the objective, switch to the Dwarf character by facing him and pressing . Then, go up the stairs on the west side of the courtyard and through the small door at the top. You’ll emerge on a platform with a lever. Pull it and open the main door at the top of the stairs. Go through the door, grab the weight in the middle of the courtyard, and place it on the pulley at the north end of the area. Walk south towards the pavilion and activate a cutscene. Go through the gate that you’ve opened and kill Telmarine soldiers until the leader arrives. You’ll be able to recognize him by virtue of his significantly larger size and complete body armor.

Once you kill him, the griffin will land and you can mount him by walking up to him and pressing . The griffin will drop you on a balcony with a ballista. Kill the soldiers on the balcony and then grab the ballista by pressing . Aim it at the closest ship and press when the button appears on the screen to fire a bolt at the ship. Reload the ballista by following the on-screen prompt and rotating the in a clockwise direction. Once it is loaded, aim and fire another bolt. Two hits will be enough to sink the ship.

The griffin will pick you up again and drop you back in the main courtyard after being shot at by archers. You’ll need to work your way around the courtyard killing the five archers there. You can easily recognize them by the red dot above their heads. Once they’re all dead, the griffin will pick you back up and drop you on another balcony with more ballistae. Kill the Telmarine soldiers there and destroy the two remaining ships in the same manner as the first. When all three ships are sunk, the objective will be complete.
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