The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Cair Paravel Custodian

Rescue Queen Susan's Horn from the throne room.   
This is one of the four initial objectives in the first level, Cair Paravel. To initiate the objective, go to the south end of the courtyard and stand on the pressure plate on top of the small set of stairs on the left. This will open a gate immediately to your right. Walk through the gate to begin the mission. Walk down the hall, go up the stairs, and around to the right, killing soldiers as you go. You’ll emerge on a balcony overlooking the throne room. Kill the guards on your side of the balcony, then use the Satyr to shoot down the four ropes holding up the chandelier by targeting them with and firing your bow with .

After the chandelier falls, you’ll be on the lower floor of the throne room. You have to kill all of the Telmarine soldiers before they can open the chest. There’s a timer at the top of your screen with the icon of a chest on it, so you’ll know approximately how much time you have left. Once the soldiers are dead, go behind the thrones and grab the wooden object there, placing it in the holder to the left. Then grab the weight behind the thrones and place it on the pressure plate to the right. This allows you to go to the chest in front of the thrones and open it. Once you do, the objective will be complete.
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US May 15, 2008

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