The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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Rescue Cornelius from the dungeons of Miraz's Castle.   
After you’ve eliminated the sentries, you’ll break into Miraz’s chamber. To get to the dungeon you must complete a couple of puzzles. The first is in the middle of the first room and consists of using the directional pressure plates to move two marbles through a maze and out the bottom. Once you’ve done that, go down the steps and to the left to find the piece to turn wheel. Fix the wheel and use it to open the cage around the pedestal in the middle of the lower area, revealing a third marble. Shoot the marble off of the pedestal to recover it. Take all three marbles and place them on the appropriate part of the planet structure in the room through the doorway on the right. Once all of them are in place, a doorway on the far side of the room will be opened.

Turn right out of this doorway and find a closed door that you have to use a grappling hook to open. Firing an arrow at the target above the door will trigger the entrance of a huge guard. Stand in front on the cage and dodge out of his way when he charges you. As soon as he goes into the cage, it will lock him in, ending the fight. Go through the doorway that he came out of and repeat this strategy with the two guards you find there. This is even easier because the cages are smaller, so you can just stand on one side and the guard will try to charge through the cage to get you, trapping them in the process.

In the lower right hand part of the room, you will find a door that can be opened by shooting at the target above it with an arrow. Pull the lever inside to drop the chandelier, revealing a crank piece. Fix the crank on the left side of the room and turn it to open a gate to the right, allowing you to get the missing lever piece. Fix the lever by the doors opposite the ones you came in and pull it to move one of the guard cages onto a pressure plate. Go to the left side of the doors and pull the lever there to move the other guard cage, opening the door to the next area.

Inside, you will see Cornelius in a cage supported by four wooden pillars being guarded by two more of the huge guards. Simply get the guards to charge into the pillars to break them. Each pillar will take two hits. As soon as all four have been destroyed, the cage will collapse, ending the mission.
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