The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Small Is Big

Reach the control room to let the Narnian army in.   
You will begin in the middle of a large courtyard. Use the grapple point on the right side of the courtyard to pull open the door at the top of the stairs and then go up the stairs and through the door to start the mission. Pull the first lever you find to lower the stairs and travel down the path until you have to extend a bridge by using the grappling hook. When you get to the gate, you have to use Reepicheep to climb it. Simply stand in front of it and follow the button prompts that appear on the screen until the gate opens. Fight your way down the path until you get to a hole in the wall that you can roll into. You’ll once again have to use the grappling hook to extend a bridge and then cross it to stand on the pressure plate.

Return to the main pathway via the hole that you rolled down and use Reepicheep to bring down the next gate. Kill all the Telmarine soldiers in the room and stand on the compass at the base of the platform. The other character will go stand on a pressure plate, lifting you up to the platform with the four levers on it. You need to pull the levers in the proper sequence to bring them all down. From left to right, pull the first, second, first one again, and then the third one. This will open the gate and allow you to access some other areas of the level. Exit the room and retrace your steps to the hole from which you started the mission. It is now closed, but there’s a new hole nearby that’s now open.

Go through the new hole to move down to a lower area until you have to use the grappling hook to make another bridge. After you cross the bridge, immediately go through the doorway on the left and kill the Telmarines in the next room. Grab the cog from the right side of the room and put in the mechanism at the front of the room. Break the barrels and boxes to find a pressure pad on the right side of the room. Step on it to extend a block from the wall. There’s another pressure pad across the room that you can step on to extend a second block from the wall. Use Reepicheep to jump up the blocks to the cage hanging from the ceiling. Just approach the base of the wall and follow the prompts on the screen like you did when you were climbing the gates. He will release the cage from the ceiling, revealing another cog. Add this cog to the mechanism at the front of the room and turn the crank, killing the Telmarines that will appear, to end the mission.
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