The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Approach To The How

Complete the Approach to Aslan's How area.   
Kill the stream of Telmarines the come around the corner and then follow the path until you see an open field with a bunch of archers shooting fire arrows at you. You have to get to the group of soldiers on the other side of the field with the flag bearer in their midst. You must, however, avoid the arrows at all costs. Take cover underneath the wooden lean-tos when the arrows are coming and time your runs between the shelters. Once you get to the soldiers, you’ll be safe from the arrows, so kill all the soldiers, especially the one carrying the flag.

Keep following the path until you find a path blocked by vines. Smash the vines and follow the path, killing Telmarines, until you find a boulder that you can push off of the side of the cliff. Kill the Telmarines that arrive and then go back down the path and into the camp ahead. Continue avoiding arrows, make your way to the group of Telmarines on the right guarding the next flag bearer, and kill them all. Go back the way you came and climb the cliff that was blocked by the flaming arrows earlier to kill the flag bearer there.

Continue down the path until you come to the raging battle in front of a large stone structure. The point is to stop the hail of arrows so you can go through the door at the base of the structure. Approach the wall of the structure to the right of the walkway down to the door and shoot the soldiers guarding the flag bearer. Once they’re all dead, use Peter’s grappling hook to climb up to the walkway and kill the flag bearer himself. Go left along the walkway and move the block that you find to get to the second flag bearer and his guards. Climb back down and go to the left side of the walkway. Repeat the process of shooting the guards, climbing up, and killing the flag bearer. With the rain of arrows stopped, you can access the door at the base of the structure and finish the mission.
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