The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Smash The Pane

Defeat the White Witch.   
From the central junction, go straight ahead into the next room. Turn the crank and then pull the lever to maneuver the bridge into position and lower it. Once other side, break the vines to reveal the crank piece, pick it up, place it in the mechanism, and then turn it to activate the pressure plates on your right. Use Caspian to stand on each plate and shoot an arrow into the opening that the plate reveals. This opens a door in front of you, giving you access to the missing lever piece. Place it in the appropriate spot and lower the bridge. Cross the bridge, turn right, and pull on the chains by the door, opening the door and giving you access to another lever piece. Place this lever and then go to your left, smash the objects there, and recover the missing crank piece. Assemble the crank and turn it. Then pull the lever to lower the next bridge.

On the other side of the bridge you’ll find two levers in front of three pillars with sections that can be rotated. Each pillar has a picture of one of the children that you have to complete by turning the sections. Once you’ve completed a single picture, the pillar will drop, so you only have to focus on one at a time. After all four have dropped, you can go down the stairs in front of you.

You will now face off against the White Witch. Initially, a werewolf will attack you and you’ll have to hit several times to make it run away behind the mirror again. After running away, he’ll howl, causing a bunch of rocks to fall from the ceiling. One of those rocks will remain and you’ll be able to pick it up – use Peter for this – and target the old woman with , so you can throw the rock with . Do this quickly because a dwarf will be coming to attack you and his blows will make you drop the rock. After you throw the rock, hit the dwarf to make him retreat. You’ll have to repeat this cycle of werewolf, rock, and dwarf three times before you get a cutscene.

After the cutscene, the werewolf will attack again, but this time you’ll kill him. Once he’s dead, the dwarf will attack and you’ll have to kill him as well. Now rocks will be falling from the ceiling constantly, so you have to dodge them along with the fire that the old woman is throwing. As you get openings, keep throwing rocks at her until you trigger the final cutscene.
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