The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Achievements

Treasure Meister

Open ALL bonus chests in single or co-op play.   

Cair Paravel: 13 chests, 52 keys.

1. At the start of the level, its on the right side of the courtyard. 6 keys.

2. While doing the ‘PROTECT THE BATTLEMENTS’ objective, this chest is on the far left of the battlement, be sure to get this before throwing any barrels at the archers or you’ll have to do the whole area again. 5 keys.

3. When you start the ‘FIND SUSAN’S HORN’ objective, directly after the cutscene, turn around and you’ll see it clear as day. This chest requires 4 keys to open it.

4. Also on ‘FIND SUSAN’S HORN’, when you go up the stairs to the balcony, head left and go up. The chest is here and needs 5 keys to open it.

5. The third and final chest on ‘FIND SUSAN’S HORN’ is after the big fight where you get surrounded by many Telmarines. After defeating them, head south, to the bottom left of the screen. This chest needs 2 keys to open it.

6. When you walk out of the main gate and start the ‘DESTROY THE TELMARINES’ WAR MACHINES’ objective, the first chest is directly to the right of the first war machine. This chest needs 4 keys to open it.

7. After destroying the second War Machine, walk right and around the bush to find this chest. It requires 3 keys to open.

8. Before you destroy the third and final War Machine, run all the way to the western side of it and its clearly visible. This one needs 5 keys.

9. When you start the ‘Sink the Telmarines’ fleet mission, after putting the weight on the platform, DON’T go through the gate as I did or you will miss this and have to come and play the mission again. To the left of the platform you put the weight on, you will see a smashed church looking building (you’ll see stained glass). Move to the right of it and head up towards the fire. Then head to the left and you’ll see it. It needs 5 keys to unlock it.

10. After moving through the gate you opened with the weight, head down the stairs and fight your way through the people and head North. This chest is behind the stairs you came down and needs 2 keys to open.

11. Go back to the stair s and head South. The third chest from this objective is at the very south of this courtyard and also needs 2 keys to open it.

12. Now head up to the middle of the courtyard and head East to find a chest that requires 4 keys to open it.

13. After the second time you kill the large knight ( the second time you use the ballista) head downwards from the second ballista. It needs 5 keys to unlock it.

Ruins of Cair Paravel: 17 total chests. 67 keys.

1. At the start of the level, you will be given the ‘SCALE THE CLIFFS’ objective. Run towards the cliff in front of you to trigger a cutscene. After the short movie move to the left and destroy some braches that are touching the rock face. 3 keys.

2. After the first chest, move all the way to the west side of the beach to find a cave blocked by 5 rocks. Pick up a rock and move south-west. You will see some flashing circles in the water. Get the icon above them to give you a B icon and then drop the rock in. Repeat this 5 times. WARNING: This can and probably will be very frustrating as the game sometimes won’t give you the action icon straight away but it will work if you keep trying. Anyway, after repeating this 5 times. Walk across the rocks to find the chest. 2 keys.

3. When you enter the cave and get the ‘FIND THE GRAPPLING HOOK’ objective, you will be lighting fires along your way. After lighting your first one, you will see a chest to the right of the fire you just lit. 2 keys.

4. Soon after the third chest, you will come to a bit where you have to fix a lever and then pull the lever to close a door. After the door is closed, head straight on down and the chest is very easy to see. 3 keys.

5. After you turn the corner from the fourth chest, you will run past some wind. After the wind, you’ll see some stairs, run up them and press B while in the middle of this platform to pick up the lever, which is difficult to see, and run back down. Fix the lever and pull it. A door will open, revealing the chest. 2 keys.

6. Once outside the cave and given ‘SCALE THE CLIFFS’ again, head east along the beach and use your newly equipped hook to climb into the cave. The chest is right in front of you. 2 keys.

7. Shortly after the sixth chest, you will use your hook to go up the cliff. After a short cutscene you’ll be given the ‘EXPLORE THE RUINS’ objective, head straight to the left and you’ll see the chest flashing behind some brambles.. Destroy them and then open the crate. 5 keys.

8. After the seventh chest, head back to the Ruins and run forward, keep going until you see the second set of stairs with grey pieces leading up them. At the top, head straight to the top left and the chest is behind a tree near some gold armor shards. 5 keys.

9. After getting the eighth chest, head back down those stairs and go to the right of them. You’ll see a broken bit of wall. You have to grapple it… but in a weird way. Stand about 5 meters back from it and then grapple it (the action button will come up) after you’ve grappled, don’t move and tap B until you pull the wall down. The chest is behind it. 5 keys.

10. Shortly after the ninth chest, you enter a door behind a statue. Down here there is a bug pit with two levers in it. Pull the lever on the left to raise a bridge to your right, then find the missing lever piece to the southwest of the pit and then fix the lever. This raises a platform to your left. Then leave the pit and go across the bridge on your right. Go all the way left over the left to find a chest. 5 keys.

11. After the tenth chest, move on up for a cutscene. Go into the cave to the right and shortly after pulling a lever in another bug pit, you will see two target icons. To the left of these, is a chest. 5 keys.

12. As soon as you finish the room, head towards the big pots slightly to the left of you and destroy them. Run forward. This is to ‘FIND LUCY’S CORDIAL’. Anyway, about a minute inside this room you get to another bug pit. As soon as you enter the pit, head all the way right and you’ll see a B icon from behind some rocks. The chest is hidden here. 7 keys.

13. When you reach the ‘RESCUE TRUMPKIN’ objective head backwards and destroy some brambles to reveal a chest. To get to it, you’ll need to pick up the glowing rock and place it in the ditch between you and the chest, so that you can walk across. 3 keys.

14. From the thirteenth chest, head all the way left and you’ll see it in a small alcove. 5 keys.

15. From the fourteenth chest, run towards the water and its on the left in a little alcove. 3 keys.

16. After you make you’re way across the river on the ‘FIND A SAFE WAY THROUGH THE WOODS’ mission, have the bear run into the tree, then the brambles behind it. Finally, run into where the bear broke the brambles and he’ll get caught. Now roll up the hole with Trumpkin and open the chest. 5 keys.

17. A while after the previous one, you get to a bit where you have to hook up to a cave to wake a bear up. Lure this bear to the log on the left and it’ll break. Then have the bear break the thorns on the right of this area and he’ll get caught. The next chest is in an area on the left, directly after the bear is trapped but you need to wake the bear up around the corner and have him break the thorns. 5 keys.

Miraz’s Castle Infiltration. 16 Chests. 62 Keys.

1. At the start of the level, you will create some steps. After doing so, you have a choice of two paths. I chose the one where you shoot both of the targets above a door. Continue on to a breakable door (the game will prompt you) but don’t break it yet. Instead, run off to the right of it and you will head down some steps. Use trumpkin to roll down the flashing hole and stand on the button to the right of where you exit. Pull the lever on the left and then spin the turn-wheel on the right. Now move over to the lever again and pull it. Then turn the wheel and repeat this until the gate at the bottom opens. Enter the gate and there it is. 3 keys.

2. As soon as you get the first chest, pull the lever to the right of it. This opens a door. Run back up one set of stairs and move to the left through the door you just opened. The chest is clearly visible in the northern part of this room. 5 keys.

3. To the left of the second chest you’ll see a black tower (with a fairly invisible rope attached to it). Just run into the tower from the right side until you jump up. Follow the rope to the top and the third chest awaits you. 3 keys.

4. This one is quite far into the ‘DEFEAT THE CASTLE GUARDS’ objective that you get by going through the breakable door earlier. You will enter an area with one bell below. This is the second area with a bell. The first area has two. After defeating all the enemies below, stand with the bell to the right and the chest is in the top right hand room. Run back up the stairs you came down and enter the room and there is the chest. 2 keys.

5. In the third room with a bell in, it is on the top level, opposite to the side you came in. Defeat the enemies, then run back up the stairs and to the right to find it. 3 keys.

6. After completing the previous objective, you’ll be booted back to the room you started in. Go up the stairs and all the way to the right. Pull the lever and go through the door that it opens. You will have to complete a puzzle on the floor. This chest is on the right of the puzzle. 2 keys.

7. Shortly after the sixth chest, you’ll start the ‘DEFEAT THE SENTRIES ON THE TURRETS’ objective and get a cutscene with some gryphons in it. After this, you will be on a birds back. Press B to land immediately and open the chest directly in front of you. 10 keys.

8. After you fly up to the next tower, defeat all the guards and use the dwarf to rope up to the tower behind the bell. Climb the rope and at the top is a chest. 5 keys.

9. This one is directly opposite the eighth chest on the same platform. 5 keys.

10. After you finish the ‘DEFEAT THE SENTRIES IN THE TURRETS’ objective, you’ll again get booted back to the room you started in. Go up the stairs, head left, and through the door here. You will get a cutscene and get the ‘BREAK INTO MIRAZ’S CHAMBER’ objective. You’ll solve a puzzle with a red and green ball. After this room you get a cutscene after walking towards a door. After this cutscene, the chest is in clear view. 4 keys.

11. Shortly after the tenth chest, you will complete a puzzle that looks likes planets orbiting. This will open a door. Go through this door and head left. You’ll come to a painting on your right. Destroy it and there is a chest behind it. 3 keys.

12. You’ll hook a door and go through to get the ‘RESCUE CORNELIUS FROM THE DUNGEONS’ objective, When you go through the door, head down the left stair case and with your back turned to the stairs, go all the way left. 3 keys.

13. After you trap your first large guard in a metal cage, move on to the next room. Do the same to these two trolls. After they’re trapped, head to the right side of this room. Open the door with the chains (pull one and your partner will pull the other) and fetch the chest from inside. 7 keys.

14. Now move towards the camera, and shoot the target above the gate here. There’s a lever inside. Pull the lever and a chandelier and turnwheel will drop. Pick up the turn wheel and put it in its rightful place. Turn it, and enter the room on the left to find the chest. 2 keys.

15. When you get the ‘RESCUE EDMUND AND TRUMPKIN’ objective, the chest is on the right side of this room. 3 keys.

16. In the next room, the one with two bells up top, under the right hand bell. 2 keys.

Miraz’s Castle Assault. 11 Chests. 54 keys.

1. At the beginning of this level, head left and switch to the new rat character. Go in the hole and all the way to the right to find your first chest. 6 Keys.

2. On the right side of the starting courtyard you’ll find the chest in the darkness. 4 keys.

3. So from here, you have two options, go right for ‘LOWER THE DRAWBRIDGE’. After a minute or so into this mission, you will have the rat jump across a door and open it. After this, there is a hole for your two, teeny characters to go through. Once down here, make Trumpkin use his hook to make the bridge, continue down and there is another hole. Go in it to find the chest. 5 keys.

4. Once you go back through the hole, head right and use the rat to jump up the stones on the wall. Press the button sequence correctly (from the left: 1-2-1-3) and a door will open. Go through and you’ll see the chest as soon as you enter. Defeat all the soldiers and then open this chest. 2 keys.

5. After the fourth chest, run along the path you came and enter the second small hole on the wall. Once down there, have Trumpkin make a bridge and enter the room. Dispatch the guards and then head to the south of the room. Walkthrough the doorway and there’s another chest. 6 keys.

6. After completing the objective, you’ll get booted to the main courtyard, so go to the left and open the door to enter the ‘RAISE THE PORTCULLIS’ objective. Solve the puzzle here by shooting targets and moving pieces into place and then use the lift to go up top. Now as soon as you get off the lift, the chest is back and to the left. 5 keys.

7. As soon as you start the ‘ASSAULT MIRAZ’S CASTLE’ objective, after pulling the two levers, the chest is directly in front of you. 3 keys.

8. After you defend the gate, a giant will come out of it. After the cutscene you’ll be in a different courtyard. You can see the chest right in front of you if you look closely. There will be a big black doorway and the chest is just to the left of it. 5 keys.

9. Run to your right and head up the stairs and left over the black doorway. The ninth chest is in the corner over the other side of the bridge. 8 keys.

10. From the black doorway, go all the way left. The chest is under some cover of a building with loads of pillars. 7 keys.

11. When you get the mission ‘SAVE CORNELIUS FROM THE STABLES’ head forwards and arrow the door. Defeat the heavy guard. You’ll now have control of Cornelius again. You can go left or right. For this chest, go right. (You have to go both ways anyway). As you enter the room, go directly down, and pull the lever to open a stable section. Pull the lever in that section. Now you’ll see the wall in front of the chest open. 3 keys.

 Aslan’s How. 17 Chests. 50 keys.

1. When you start the level, walk forward and turn the corner to the right. You’ll see a door wedge shaped wooden thing with grey pieces under it. To the left of it, there is an alcove. Use Caspian to shoot the target and go and get the chest. 3 keys

2. Now head to the right large wooden door wedge and you’ll see a hookable cliff behind it. Make sure you don’t get caught in a volley of arrows as they kill you VERY quickly. Hook up there with Peter and unlock the chest. 2 keys.

3. After getting the second chest, jump down, run to the left and then forwards. You should see some pikemen in the distance. Hide under the door wedge here until a volley has fired. Then move up about five meters and turn right for a chest. Once you open the chest, move directly up to the tree as you can’t get hit by arrows here. 5 keys.

4. Shortly after getting the third chest and defeating the Pikemen, you go up a hill to some brambles. Destroy them and turn the corner, defeating the soldiers and eventually getting to a section with a large rock to the right and a chest in plain view on the left. 2 keys.

5. After running back down the hill and entering the encampment, head to the right and defeat everyone up here, including the second flag bearer. This one is quite easy to miss if you don’t know its there. Look at targets and move right, until you see the last one. The chest is just below it. 3 keys.

6. Run through the encampment to get to a cliff that you can hook up to. The chest is up here. 2 keys.

7. After the sixth chest, rope back down and enter the battlefield for a couple of cutscenes. The go east about half way down the battlefield for a chest. 4 keys.

**Some people have said that this chest was blocked off until the end of the battle. If this is the case, then kill both the flag bearer’s up on the building in front of you. Then go to the east. **

8. When you get to the ‘EXPLORE ASLAN’S HOW’ objective, keep a track of the bridges you pass over. On the third one you walk over, the chest is to the left. 2 keys.

9. After the eighth chest, continue forward into the circular room. This chest is in the southwest corner, to your left as you enter. 3 keys.

10. After you finish the puzzle in the circular room, you will reach a boss fight with the White Witch. A wolf will come at you, but run forward and open the chest. 2 keys.

11. After defeating the White Witch, you will be booted back to the beginning. Go right through a newly opened passageway. Make the bridge and once you’re over it, break the vases and use Trumpkin to go through the hole. 5 keys.

12. Now role back down and go to the other side of the cavern. There is another hole for Trumpkin to role down. The chest is by the waters edge. 2 keys.

13. Soon after the twelfth chest, you’ll reveal a set of stairs. Go down and begin the ‘HELP LUCY FIND ASLAN’ objective. Open the door using the two levers (you have to fix one) and head outside. Go right as soon as you’re outside and you should see the chest shimmering from the undergrowth to the northeast. 2 keys.

14. **CAUTION!!!! I’ve been told that if you miss this, you have to backtrack through the whole level**

After the thirteenth chest, you’ll agitate some archers, kill them and then steal their horses. Before you jump over any barriers/rivers etc, look out for battlements ahead of you. They are brown and have tree looking white shapes on them. When you see them, jump off your horse and head to the top left corner of this section to find the chest. 2 keys.

15. Shortly after the battlements, you’ll cross a bridge and defeat a heavy guard. After beating him, fix the lever and open the gate. Move through the gate and you’ll get a cutscene. After the video, climb up the rope on your left, up into a guard tower to find the chest. 3 keys.

16. When you complete ‘HELP LUCY FIND ASLAN’, you’ll be transported back to ‘EXPLORE ASLAN’S HOW’. Move left, use the turn-wheel to move the platform you’re on across the gap and before you go into the tower, head left around it. The chest is up there. 3 keys.

17. In the last section of this level ‘DEFEAT MIRAZ’, as soon as you get the objective on screen, after walking through the door that you shoot the light spectrum at, head to the bottom right side of the fighting arena (the white stone) and try and open the box before Miraz attacks you. 5 keys.

Battle of Beruna. 6 Chests. 50 keys.

1. When you get the ‘FIND A WAY TO THE CISTERN’ objective, go all the way to the right and up a ramp to find a lever. Pull it. Move back down the ramp and go to the right, onto the bridge you just raised. Shoot the lion’s head on the wall in front of you. This will raise the other half of the bridge. Now move over the bridge and move left and then left again, on a path parallel to the bridge. In the top left corner of this little ridge, there is a rope down to a chest. 5 keys.

2. Shortly after the first chest, you come to some big doors with a ridge either side of them. This chest is on the left side. The rope is very difficult to see, so just run up and down the black wall on the left until you latch onto a rope. 10 keys.

3. When you get two statues up from the ground, head to the right of them and destroy the pots. Beneath is a switch that opens a door back on the other side of the bridge. Step on it and backtrack over the bridge. It is just passed the ramp you first used in this area, behind a patch of brambles. If you head upwards after you’re over the bridge, you’ll see the chest sparkling. 5 keys.

4. Once you make the statues face each other, the door in front will open. Walk through. After you destroy two sets of six pillars, there will be some large brambles on your right. Destroy them and open the chest. 5 keys.

5. When you get the ‘RESCUE CASPIAN AND GLENSTORM’ objective, head all the way to the left. |There is a huge amount of boxes in an alcove, destroy them all and pick up the penultimate chest. 10 keys.

6. Move just to the left around the rock formation to find the final chest. 15 keys.

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Comment #1 by Blue Thunder28
Monday, May 09, 2011 @ 06:05:30 PM

This guide is incredibly confusing if you go back after you beat the game..
Aslan's Howe for instance is in a completely different order it seems than the guide.. Ugh lol

Comment #2 by visviool123
Saturday, July 09, 2011 @ 08:10:05 AM

thx for the guide it helped alot I had that game here for ages but finnaly
thought you know lets just play it now only the co-op achievements which i am
doing with my cousin tonight.

Comment #3 by ZephyrzInferno
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 @ 02:28:40 PM

It's true that this guide is a little confusing, but it DID make cleaning up this cheevo MUCH easier. Thanks for putting it together.

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