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Militia Pilot

Completed the Militia campaign  

The Campaign playlist consists of nine maps with either Attrition or Hardpoint Domination as the game mode. The maps cycle in a fixed order, and what makes this a campaign instead of just a mixed mode playlist is that there are a few cut scenes thrown in and you sometimes start with an AI Titan on your side. You will play as either IMC or Militia each time you start a map, and you have exactly zero control over which side you are placed on. A consequence of this is that it may take as little as 9 games to unlock this achievement, or over 100.

The playlist order is below:

  • The Refueling Raid (Hardpoint) on Fracture
  • The Colony (Attrition) on Colony
  • The Odyssey (Attrition) on Relic
  • Get Barker (Attrition) on Angel City
  • Assault on the Sentinel (Attrition) on Outpost 207
  • Here Be Dragons (Hardpoint) on Boneyard
  • The Three Towers (Attrition) on Airbase
  • The Battle of Demeter (Hardpoint) on Demeter
  • Made Men (Hardpoint) on Corporate

The tracking for this achievement can be challenging as it is mixed in with Hardpoint and Attrition tracking. If you stick with the Campaign playlist and avoid the Hardpoint and Attrition playlists until all of your campaign-related achievements are unlocked, then you can select Personal Stats -> Levels and the first column will indicate if you have played on a particular map in the appropriate game mode. Note that there are achievements for winning instead of just playing on each of these maps in the Campaign playlist, and tracking for that is clearly provided, so there is no particular need to track this achievement separately.

This achievement unlocks after you have played all nine maps as the Militia. Winning is not necessary for this achievement.

Boosting Method:
Campaign matches can be started with as few as four players, but they are very popular playlists as of April 2016, so if you are going to boost, you will need twelve players to lock random players out of the room. Use one of the Asian servers, form two parties of six, and search until you are placed in a lobby together. At that point, all twelve players will stick together and cycle through all of the maps in order, randomly switching sides.

Non-Boosting Method:
Jump in and play! This is the recommended approach for all of the campaign achievements. Roughly 75% of all the players in the game are in either the Attrition or Campaign playlists, so finding an active lobby is very easy, while boosting is very challenging as there are no servers where those two playlists are inactive. The longer you stay in one lobby with the same group, the more maps you will play on. If you are down to needing only one or two maps, pay attention to the order of the playlist as shown above. If the map you need is 7 games away, try switching to a different server to land at a different spot in the playlist order.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by MisterBlasty
Sunday, March 23, 2014 @ 06:24:11 PM

Same thing on this one as the IMC campaign. Still needed to win two levels to get this achievement. I logged onto play and this achievement popped. Don't understand why. Possibly glitched?

Comment #2 by KillapleX
Sunday, May 18, 2014 @ 02:03:46 PM

Its annoying as...

you can tell which teams and maps you have completed on the Campaign menu.. there will be a little gold trophy icon next to the team you have completed with.

As far as i can tell there is no way to switch sides in the lobby so quitting and rejoining until getting your desired side is the only way i guess?

Comment #3 by Dinin
Friday, May 29, 2015 @ 10:55:36 PM

Just need to complete Made Men as the Militia. Been on the Militia side 4 times in the lobby, then somewhere during the loading screen I get switched to IMC. This 'campaign' nonsense is tacked on at best and detrimental at worst.

Comment #4 by ExG x JoSh
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 08:25:02 PM

annoying but easy really

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