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Executed 2 titans in a single match on Haven  

For executions, you must be in a Titan and melee an enemy Titan after it has been doomed but before the enemy Pilot ejects or detonates their Titan. Frontier Defense as well as both the Campaign and Attrition playlists are good opportunities to attempt this, along with Last Titan Standing which is an easy way to boost it. The only sticking point is waiting for Haven to show up in the playlist, unless you play a custom Frontier Defense game.

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Comment #1 by Chaoslightning
Friday, August 01, 2014 @ 02:18:39 AM

Massive Payload should work for this

Comment #2 by toddfn007
Friday, August 01, 2014 @ 06:16:39 AM

Execution is when you rip the other pilot out of his Titan. You have to punch the other Titan once it is doomed.

Comment #3 by G4MB1T NI
Friday, August 01, 2014 @ 11:05:38 PM

I done it 4 now and still nothing

Comment #4 by Vividier
Saturday, August 02, 2014 @ 08:59:07 AM

This achievement seems to pop late for people, it popped for me an hour or so after I fulfilled the requirements. Also you can execute auto-titans and it still counts for this one.

Comment #5 by Koldomordor
Saturday, August 02, 2014 @ 10:45:52 AM


Are you sure autotitans do count for the achievements? Guide says the pilot must be in the Titan.

Comment #6 by OldTymer72
Sunday, August 03, 2014 @ 12:29:25 PM

Ive done it twice and still nothing. Does it have to be in the same Titan or is it just in one game.

Comment #7 by Migs
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 @ 07:32:18 AM

I've lost count of how many times I've done this, it's in double figures definitely. I've done it in all 3 titan chassis with every method online so if it doesn't pop we're just going to have to wait for Respawn :(

Comment #8 by s1c1m
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 @ 05:33:22 PM

@7 majority of achievements across the xbox right now are a little behind, give it a few hours if not days before it actually pops. think something is going on on MS side

Comment #9 by ComptonAss Ted
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 @ 09:36:38 PM

This popped straight away for me playing LTS, Dig Site Victor won't pop but all others have.

Comment #10 by jholste1
Thursday, August 07, 2014 @ 04:51:38 PM

@8 I've had an achievement glitches at 100% for well over a week. In all likelihood all progress has been lost on any achievements that are glitched.

Comment #11 by s1c1m
Friday, August 08, 2014 @ 01:20:54 AM

@10 same here, just played dig site and once i went into the main menu this achievement popped up.

Comment #12 by REN3GADE
Sunday, August 10, 2014 @ 08:38:28 PM

Anybody had this one not unlock and not update progress? Most of my cheevos that have popped late say 100% until they finally show up. Have executed 3 Titans in 2 diff games on Haven, and it still says locked and 0%. Hoping it will still show up late...

Comment #13 by p0lar cowboy
Monday, August 11, 2014 @ 07:42:49 PM

REN3GADE I had the same thing happen to me. I've been waiting over a week so far.

Comment #14 by jacob1487
Sunday, August 17, 2014 @ 11:38:02 PM

This achievement will say 0% if glitched, compare your titanfall with a friend for proper % ratio

Comment #15 by sammydy
Monday, March 09, 2015 @ 01:49:44 AM

Need this one and all the other Achievements.
Just add me


Comment #16 by al pritchard
Thursday, April 02, 2015 @ 12:37:59 AM

Does this have to be done on a specific game mode? I have done this on attrition, hardpoint and last titan standing and still not popped

Comment #17 by nicksk8er
Wednesday, June 03, 2015 @ 09:56:17 PM

Can I unlock it by creating a custom match (not private) on haven, on frontier defense, and execute 2 of the bot titans? Plz answer?

Comment #18 by Fragarach Luin
Thursday, October 01, 2015 @ 07:25:19 PM

I don't know what the other people in this thread have experienced, but I just executed more than 20 AI titans on Haven in Frontier Defense, and didn't receive the achievement.

Comment #19 by LuckGod84
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 @ 05:38:17 PM

They have to have pilots inside, try it on last titan standing

Comment #20 by DARTHMARC0720
Saturday, February 06, 2016 @ 08:02:06 AM

If anybody still plays this, I'm looking to boost this and a few other achievements.


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