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Two's Good, but I Want Three

Earn at least 2 stars on 15 different maps in Frontier Defense  

There are 24 maps available, and this achievement requires that you earn at least 2 stars on any 15 of them in the Frontier Defense game mode. They are all possible to get three stars on, although that does take exceptional teamwork, communication, and skill. Two stars is quite achievable for anyone as three solid players can carry a fourth player who is perhaps not so good.

Frontier Defense is a horde-type game mode where up to four players work together to defend a central point (called a Harvester) from multiple waves of AI-controlled enemies. You have infinite respawns for your Pilot, but the Harvester has only three lives and the game will be lost if it is destroyed a third time.

Stars are awarded based on total points earned, which are awarded primarily on Harvester health at the end of each round, modified by the number of respawns you have left. To get two stars, you definitely need to survive all of the waves and usually need to have at least one Harvester respawn left, although if your Harvester health is 90% or above you may be able to get two stars with no respawns left.

The game mode can be played solo, but it is essentially impossible to win without 3-4 good players. If you don't have a solid team, you can open the game to random players and hope for the best.

Initially you do not have access to create custom games, but after you have played 3-4 random games you can - and should - create custom games so that you can focus only on maps where you don't yet have two stars. Choose Frontier Defense -> Custom Game and choose the map option at the top of the screen (it defaults to Fracture). The number of stars obtained will show in the map image on the right half of the screen. Scroll down until you find a map where you do not yet have two stars, and set the "Open to Public" option to "Yes" (which is the default), then press Launch.

You can invite in friends if you have a good team to work with. It is highly recommended that you use a mic and coordinate with the other players to have the best chance of winning. Especially on waves where there are mortars hanging back in the outskirts as well as forces charging the Harvester, you will absolutely need to split up duties and stay in communication.

The achievement will unlock at the score screen after your fifteenth map has 2 stars or more.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Perf3ct Chaoz
Thursday, November 20, 2014 @ 05:59:23 PM

Message me on xbox one if you want to do this achievement. I keep getting teamed up with people who dont do so well.
GT: Perf3ct Chaoz

Comment #2 by SloMoo
Saturday, November 29, 2014 @ 06:30:18 PM

Looking for a team to get this achievement.
GT: SloMoo

Comment #3 by Metal DJ
Monday, December 01, 2014 @ 06:54:57 PM

I can help wih this. I already have it and am usually always in first place. Hit me up.

Comment #4 by BloodlessKYLER
Thursday, January 08, 2015 @ 03:49:25 PM

I need a team to go for this with gt z MrGoodKat z send me a message

Comment #5 by TMB027
Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 09:27:46 PM

Message me if you want help for this gt, TMB027

Comment #6 by nicksk8er
Thursday, June 11, 2015 @ 06:30:07 PM

I want to find a good team on Xbox 360 (NOT XBOX ONE)to do this, I am gen 8 and I'm really skilled at this game and at this gamemode. So plz msg me if you want to hit it up :D

Comment #7 by Crazydiagram294
Friday, December 25, 2015 @ 08:37:04 AM

Message me at crazydiagram294 if anyone is interested in getting this achievement I'm super skilled at this game and I need it on both xbox one and Xbox 360

Comment #8 by scottland99
Sunday, June 19, 2016 @ 02:56:20 PM

If anyone can give me a hand with this it would be appreciated... I keep ending up on shitty teams. Hit me up GT: sc0ttland99

Comment #9 by WilfulAlmond57
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 02:47:29 PM

Looking to boost on Xbox One and get Titanfall 1 finished so I can move onto Titanfall 2.

GT: WilfulAlmond57

Message me, please.

Comment #10 by Chris Hoke
Thursday, December 15, 2016 @ 01:42:13 AM

Add me

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