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Guide By: pvt hushburn, The 360 Dragon, Crash
There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 23 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : <5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Welcome to TMNT. This game has a total of 23 achievements worth 1000. It should not take you long to get the achievements because all you have to do is play through the game once and you'll have almost all of them.

Part 1- Play Through
To get the majority of the achievements, all you have to do is play through the game once. One play through will get you all of the achievements for completing the levels and for using each character’s special move. Part way through the game you will learn how to do a co-op attack with one of the brothers. You will have to use the attack to defeat enemies and also get you an achievement.

Part 2- Replay an Easy Level
If you don’t get the achievement for not taking damage during a level while you play through the game, all you have to do is go to missions select and then pick an easy level. The easiest is level 1 and then all you have to do is not take damage.

Part 3- Replay a Level
To get the final achievement, all you have to do is beat a level with an A rating and then go to mission select and play through the level you just got an A rating for. You don’t have to wait until you finish the game to replay the level but it is easiest just to finish the game first.

This game is a very easy 1000 and you can get the full amount of gamerscore extremely fast. You don’t have to worry about any glitches or missable achievements either.

[XBA would like to thank Pashos for this roadmap]

Mystical Jungle20
Complete Level 1    (3) 

Simply beat the first level in the game as Leo. You can also get "Clean Sweep" here.

Complete Level 2    

Beat the second level in the game.

*NOTE* Your playing as “Nightstalker” not “Raph”. So when you do the “Sai Climbing of the wall, don’t expect to get that achievement”.

Techno Ninjutsu28
Complete Level 3    

Beat the 3rd level in the game, You play as “Don” and you will use his “Special Bo Vault” move, which will unlock the “Used Dons Special Move achievement” as soon as you do it. To do the special move, press the  at the correct time, a character will tell you to.

Cowabunga Carl Getaway32
Complete Level 4    

Beat the 4th level in the game, you play as “Mike” and will get “Used Mikes Special Move” achievement when he uses his “Nunchucks” as wings.

Spirit of the Forest36
Complete Level 5    

Beat the fifth level of the game, you play as “Leonardo” and the first thing you do in the level is “levitate through the bars” which is Leo’s special move, so you will get the achievement for that right away.

Ninja Tag Time40
Complete Level 6    

Beat the 6th level in the game, you start off as Leo and will quickly unlock “Mike”. In this level you will also unlock “Family Unit”. You will be prompted to double jump in a gap that is too long for you to jump, and will tell you to jump and then click  which will make a brother of yours throw you further to where you want to be, you can also when fighting, hold  with any character and will do a “CO-OP move, which would also unlock the achievement.

The Game is the Foot44
Complete Level 7    

Beat the 7th level in the game, you start off as Leo, and will soon unlock all the other characters. In the first bit of the level, there are “electric bolt” traps so be sure to jump over those. No other achievements are unlocked in this mission, besides the level completion one.

Foot trail48
Complete Level 8    

Beat the 8th level of the game, in this level you play as Nightstalker (who is really Raph) but when he does the special move, it won’t count for the achievement. Because you’re playing as “Nightstalker” and not “Raph”.

Tower Power52
Complete Level 9    (1) 

Beat the 9th level of the game, you play as Nightstalker, once again, though he is wearing gold armor this time, as soon as the level starts, baddies appear use the “charge  attack”.

When the slime comes56
Complete Level 10    

Beat the 10th level in the game, you play as Leo and will unlock the other characters shortly, watch out for the slime! If you fall in you will have to rapidly push  to get out of it.

O brother where art thou60
Complete Level 11    

Beat the 11th level in the game, in this level you will FINALLY receive “Raph's special move” achievement in this level.

Bite me!64
Complete Level 12    

Beat the 12th level in the game, in this level you play as Nightstalker. Very straight forward.

All is Forgiven68
Complete Level 13    

Beat the 13th level in the game, you play as Leo, and find out that Raph is really Nightstalker.

Ninjas in the crypt72
Complete Level 14    

Beat the 14th level in the game, you play as Carl with 2 other turtles. You must rescue Leo in this mission.

The Mysterious Leader76
Complete Level 15    

Beat the 15th level in the game, very easy and straight forward.

Winter's Secret80
Complete Level 16    (5) 

You play as all the characters. Here are some tips to beating the last 3 bosses.

1. General Mono (Gorilla)

When he bangs his hammer, jump over (toward, but over) the vibration waves, then jump back. He does this 4-5 times, then tries to jump on top of you. When he goes into this phase, keep running and watch for the little circular black shadow, he won’t hit you when he lands go and whack the crap out of him. (Carl is the best). When you lower his health he falls, then gets up and does a super hammer slam. Do a co-op move with Carl (Swing with Don) and walk towards him. You will not fall of, or go flying. By the time hes done, the co-op partner move with be done. Then, repeat the following steps until he dies.

2. Acid Spitting Woman

One of the easier ones, when she shoots the acid, double jump over her and then do a “grand slam to the ground”. She will then be paralyzed and then whack her with Carl. Repeat these steps and she will be gone in no time.

3. Final Boss

Don’t be worried, he is actually REALLY, REALLY easy. You must use all 4 turtles as a team to defeat him. You will notice that each of his attacks have a "color" to them. Use these colors to determine which turtle to use the special team attack with. He has 4 main attacks and they are countered using the following turtles:

1. When he throws little Orange bolts at you, use Michaelangelo's combo special. Now just try to avoid the Meteor shower.

2. He will shoot Purple laser beams. Use Donatello's special team move. Once again avoid the Meteors.

3. Next he will send flying Red ghosts. Use Raphael's special team move one them.

4. Now you just need to finish him off with Leonardo's special team move.

Get your first coin15
Get your first coin    (4) 

The “Silver Coins” aren’t the ones needed for your first coin. You must beat a level with “A” rating to unlock the challenge map (easiest to do on level 1). Do the challenge level, and repeat the “story level”. The gold coins will appear very often, get one, and you got the achievement.

Family Unit15
Do a co-op move combination attack    (2) 

Do a co-op move combination attack: Do a co-op move combination attack: Simply press  while in the air when you have at least one other turtle in the upper right on the game.

Used Mikes special move30
Used Mikes special move    

You will get this achievement while completing level 4: "Cowabunga Carl Getaway". Just jump and press and hold  to do the special move.

Used Raphs special move30
Used Raphs special move    (2) 

You will get this achievement in level 11: "O brother where art thou". Yes you actually do Raph's special move in Vigilantism but because you are nightwatcher you wont get the achievement. Just jump and press and hold  to do the special move.

Used Leos special move30
Used Leos special move    (1) 

You will get this achievement in level 5: "Spirit of the Forest". You will get in right after the level start to get out of the cage. Just press and hold  to do the special move.

Used Dons special move30
Used Dons special move    

You will get this achievement in level 3: "Techno Ninjutsu". Dons special move is tricky because you have to aim just right or else you will fall into the pits. Just press and hold  to do the special move.

Clean Sweep50
Complete a level without taking damage   (7) 

Complete a level without taking damage: Complete a level without taking damage: Do this on the first level, you will have only two enemy battles and they are relatively few in number, so simply do the jump slam and then hit  when they are on the ground for easy kills. You can even fall into holes (automatic death) and still get this achievement, but you CAN'T fall off a ledge, as it will deal minor damage, so be careful on the wall climbs.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US March 13, 2006

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
ESRB: Everyone 10
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