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Guide By: Maka
There are 16 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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+Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+Offline: 15 Achievements - 380 
+Online: 1 Achievements - 20 
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6-15+ hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (To do only 1 plathrough, make sure to start with Rodney Mullen)
+Number of missable achievements: Many (You can miss achievement opportunities, but always revisit levels later)
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? Cheats will disable achievements
+Does difficulty affect achievements? No
+Glitchy achievements? No
+Unobtainable achievements? No
+Additional Notes: None

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Released on July 18th, 2012 for 1,200 Microsoft Points

Single Player:

  1. Career Mode: You'll need to progress through this game mode and complete all 10 goals on all 7 maps. This will unlock, at bare minimum, 7 achievements worth 65 as well as unlock the Projectives game mode, and you are looking at anywhere between 2-4 hours.
  2. Projectives: Once unlocking this game mode, your objective is to complete all 5 goals on all 7 maps. This will unlock the Completist achievement worth 100. Get ready for some frustration, and about 2-5+ hours for this game mode.
  3. Miscellaneous & Mop-up: Once you complete both modes, chances are that you'll have a few achievements left over. Make sure to grab Old School, Manual Master, Aint 'fraid of no ghosts, Race to the finish lines The Best, Around & I dont want no 2 minute man if you haven't been able to get them yet. Together these achievement will earn you 215, and the time to get them really depends on the individual.

There is 1 multiplayer achievement in this game, which is easily boosted with a friend, worth 20. Just win a private or public match online!

Veterans that get used to the controls quickly, and use objective guides when they are stuck can probably get through this game from start to finish, with all achievements, in 5-6 hours. Most previous Tony Hawk's players will take close to 8-10 hours, and new players to the franchise could take somewhere around 12-15+ hours to complete this game. With enough practice and skills, this game can be completed by almost anyone with time, and is a solid skateboarding experience. However, there is little replay value once you get all the achievements, and you might find yourself waiting for some DLC.

x360a would like to thank Maka for this Roadmap

Completed all Projectives with one character    (14) 

First off you will need to complete all goals on all 7 maps in Career Mode to unlock "Projectives" mode. Each level in Career mode has 10 goals/objectives to complete. Each level in Projectives mode will only have 5 challenges, consisting of a Sickest Score, Land a High Combo, Collect C-O-M-B-O, Collect 8 Skateboards & Boneless the Magic Bum. Also, each run is only 1:00. 

Please view the below videos for a walkthrough of each level in both modes. Click the level to open the video, and see a timelink to each objective in the video description. Also note that most scores are set after the character has been given stat upgrades.

View the complete collection of videos HERE. For an alternate set of videos, please view the following thread by bs000 on our forums HERE.

Video Walkthroughs:
Career Mode:
School II
The Hangar
Venice Beach
Downhill Jam

School II
The Hangar
Venice Beach
Downhill Jam

Upon completing all goals, in all 7 levels, in both modes, you will unlock this achievement, which is arguably the hardest and most involved achievement in the game.

Race to the finish lines35
Reached the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival run   (14) 

To get this achievement, it is recommended that you use a character that you have almost max stats on, to increase your chances. Also, make sure to select "The Mall" on "Big Head Survival" mode. The goal is to reach the bottom a total of 3 times.

Run 1 - Speed! Try to do this run in under 40 seconds, using minimal unique tricks.
Run 2 - Try doing this run fast as well, but take your time to do an extra grind, grab or gap/transfer.
Run 3 - Points, Points & Speed. You need to try and do a few combos containing manuals, flip tricks and grabs, racking up a quick 5,000 points or more at a time. If you reach 40%-50% during this run, you want to start a combo and look for a jump.

Make sure to grind the last staircase before you reset to the top so that you reset with a low percentage, and don't get caught outside without having just finished a combo.

View my video for more reference:

I don’t want no 2 minute Man35
Held a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in Marseille    (7) 

For this achievement, you'll need to be playing in "Marseille" in Career or Projectives Mode. Make sure you have a character with good Grind and Manual Balance. You'll first need to kill the clock down to zero, and once the timer runs out you'll need to start a combo and hold it for at least 30 seconds to unlock this achievement. You do not need to land the combo.

The best place to get this is to start by doing a slow grind around all the bowls, until it becomes very hard to balance, then switch to a flat land manual, and hold that for as long as possible.

The Best, Around35
Got 500,000 points in one run in Venice Beach   (6) 

There are basically 3 ways that you will be getting all your points. Viewing the video works best here, as outlining specific combos can be quite difficult through text.

1. From the start, go forward and beginning grinding on the fence, doing flip trick to increase multiplier. Continue the combo onto the roof, and then manual down and use on the the ramps.
2. After line #1, go the opposite way, using grinds, manuals and flip trick. Special grinds will really help here! Continue all the way down this line and then transfer over onto the small boxes, getting off with a manual and finishing with a big spinning grab trick.
3. You can also use the halfpipe where Line #2 ends to rack up some easy points in between combos.

Using the above combos, with some patience, should grant you a score well over 500,000 points, and will unlock the achievement during gameplay.

Ain't 'fraid of no ghosts35
Collected all pellets in one combo in Hawkman in The Hangar   (11) 

For this achievement, you will need to collect all the pellets in one combo. You will need a well levelled character.

You'll want to start with the manual pellets in front of you from the start, and then grind over the halfpipe. Make sure to manual out of the grind, collecting the ground pellet, and shooting yourself up the quarter pipe high enough to connect with the grind. Continue the grind to the lower level, and jump off to the left side aiming for the manual pellet (2nd room now). You will need a lot of speed here, but if done correctly, hold the manual up the quarter pipe, jumping to connecting with the grind on the higher pipes. Now grind around the corners, jumping off at the red pellet and finishing with the final 4 manual pellets.

View the video for the best idea of what to do.

Gap Skiing35
Completed the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam    (11) 

First, unlock the Downhill Jam course in Career Mode. Now, make sure you've used some of your money to upgrade your character's speed and air, at least a little. Make your way down the course, and keeping in the middle, until you shoot up a ramp onto a rock. Now make your way down the rock, onto the ramp and jump at the top of the ramp. If you make it far enough you will get 4 total gaps including the Ski Jump - 100 Gap. Make sure to press the A button if you get the "Big Air" warning. Once you land it, you will unlock the achievement. If you screw up, restart your run and try again.

Manual Master20
Performed 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen    (16) 
  1. Use Rodney Mullen
  2. Unlock School II
  3. Max his Manual Balance
  4. No Cheats!

Now you'll have to just a 15 manual combo in place to unlock this achievement. You can start off and do the first 5-6 without even checking your balance. However, after that, you will need to start adjusting more and more often, and it'll become harder and harder. Just make sure to always jump into your next manual when the character is completely levelled out, and with a little bit of time and luck you'll get it.

Also, when going from manual 14 to 15, try to make it so that the bar is travelling towards the green side when you jump, so that when you land the 15th manual, it will automatically land the trick for you.


Note: You can get this achievement by using Rodney Mullen in an online match, and therefore not needing to progress in Career Mode.

Bringing home the bacon20
Unlocked Officer Dick   (11) 

To unlock Officer Dick, you must complete all 10 Objectives in Marseille, in Career Mode, using any character expect Tony Hawk. Once you complete all the goals, and complete the final objective on the level, you will unlock the achievement, and gain the ability to use this character. You can use your avatar to unlock this character.

View the video for a walkthrough on how to complete each objective individually, using the times listed beneath to skip ahead or go back:

0:16 - Sick Score
2:25 - Secret DVD
2:50 - Collect S-K-A-T-E
3:41 - 5 Competition Medals
4:25 - Grab Trick Over Lil' 4
4:37 - Nosebluntslide 3 tables
5:10 - Destroy 5 Speakers
5:55 - Cash Locations

Old School20
Scored 200,000 points without performing a single manual in one run in Warehouse    (11) 

It is recommended to use an upgraded character which will make this much easier.

I was able to get this achievement in 1:20 using the halfpipe. Just set yourself up, going back and forth in the halfpipe making sure to do No Comply + Spin & Grab moves. You should get anywhere from 5,000-20,000 for every move you do. If you get to the point where your not earning enough points, just set up a grind combo using the quarter pipe that lines the back wall, jumping as often as possible and doing kickflips to build multiplier. This can help you run the clock past the 2:00 and get an extra 40,000 points.

Won a match online   (76) 

You are allowed to set-up a private match with a friend and boost this very easily. Choose "Big Head Survival" to make the matches go even faster. Find Players HERE.

Alternatively, you can get this legitimately by playing with others online, and winning a match.

Secret Achievements
Uh huh, Oui Oui10
Unlocked Marseille    

Unlocking levels is a part of the Career Mode. You will be asked to complete between 4-6 objectives in a level to unlock the next one, starting on Warehouse and continuing through all the levels ending off by unlocking Marseille.

View the videos in the "Completist" solution if you are having trouble completing enough objectives/goals to proceed on to the next level. 

The required amount of goals for every level can be found on the level select screen printed near the bottom of the picture preview for each level.

Da Jam10
Unlocked Downhill Jam    

See "Uh huh, Oui Oui"

Going Back to Cali10
Unlocked Venice Beach    

See "Uh huh, Oui Oui"

A Mall Rat5
Unlocked Mall    

See "Uh huh, Oui Oui"

Danger Zone5
Unlocked The Hangar    

See "Uh huh, Oui Oui"

School's Out5
Unlocked School II    

See "Uh huh, Oui Oui"

Game Info


US July 18, 2012
Europe July 18, 2012

HDD Space Required : 460.32 MB
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