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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Achievement Guide

Guide By: MeonOner
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 3-4/10 (7/10 online, highly depending on skills)
  • Offline: 36 (705)
  • Online: 14 (295
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (See 'All Hail You!' achievement for more info.)
  • Number of missable achievements: None.
  • Glitched achievements? None.
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats.
  • Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes. ("All Hail You!", "More Than Meets The Eye", "The Battle Is Far From Over") Difficulty achievements stack.
  • Avatar Awards: 4 (Optimus Prime Helmet, Megatron Helmet, High Moon T-Shirt for Male & Female)

Step 1: Story Easy/Normal/Hard & Collectibles.

Its recommended that you start the the game on Hard, but if you want to enjoy the game a little more, then Easy or Normal is fine. All the difficulty achievements stack. During any difficult playthrough you will want to focus in collecting all the collectibles. As some of the collectibles unlock new weapons and TECH items. Which will benefit you a lot. There is also plenty of chapter related achievements to get. If you do miss some collectibles or chapter related achievements. Don't worry you can replay any chapter.

Easier playthrough on Hard: Quit on the last checkpoint of the chapter > change the difficulty to Hard (for that specific chapter) from the Main Menu, by pressing  > then select Continue from last checkpoint. This way the game will recognize the chapter as having been completed on Hard. "See All Hail You!" for checkpoint descriptions and more information.


Step 2: Multiplayer 

The FUN! part. You will be spending a lot of your time on here, a lot of time.. The multiplayer is very aggressive, but fun to play at the same time. 

There are a total of nine multiplayer achievements. Four of them are tied into the different game modes "Heavy Metal War", "Ballistic Energon Goodie", "Moonbase One 15", and "Ultimate Menasor". One is to be the MVP (1st) for that match "Full Throttle Scramble Power!". Another two for fully leveling one class, "Headmaster", and then fully leveling all 4 classes, "King of the Scrap Heap". One for entering Prime Mode (prestige), "What Prime Directives?". And the last one to create a custom character "Reconfiguration Matrix". To see more information on how to obtain these achievements, see the descriptions below. Quickest way of leveling your characters will be to play Conquest. 

These achievements can not be done in a private match.

Click HERE to find partners to play with online or to create boosting sessions. 

Step 3: Escalation

Escalation mode can relate to a Horde mode. In this mode you would like to have a team of 3 players. There are 4 different classes to pick from. Each one with its very own signature move that will benefit your entire team. You will have to survive 15 waves of bots. Remember that communication is key. There are a total of five achievements tied into this game mode. Four of them will unlock once you have completed all 15 waves in each map "Rust Marks", "Space Pirates!", "Maccadms Old Oil House", "Robotpossum". And then one for spending a certain amount of credits in Escalation "Ultra Power Master". To see more information on how to obtain these achievements, see the descriptions below

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Step 4: Mop Up

At this point you will probably be missing a few campaign achievement like "Monacus Spender", "Chop Shop", and "Teletraan 1 Regular", see achievements below for more info. Also if you missed some of the chapter related achievements and/or a few collectibles this will be a perfect time to get them. You may replay levels at anytime.

Ultra Power Master25
Spend 100,000 credits in Escalation   (7) 

This will come over time. You get credits the same way you get them in the campaign; by killing the enemies. As you progress through the different Escalation maps you will be able to purchase new weapons, TECH items, health and ammo. There are also stations that will ask you to deposit a certain amount of credits, these can open doors to new areas, provide extra defense and also upgrade the entire teams weapons. This might require some grinding, but shouldn't take too long to get. There is also an achievement tracker letting you where you currently stand.

NOTE: Before you finish your 15th wave on every map, spend all the remaining credits you have available on the weapon upgrade station, before completing the final wave.

Rust Marks15
Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ancients)   (16) 

Escalation works a lot better if you have 3 other players with you. As each of the 4 characters you choose from have very useful abilities that help out everyone. (YOU CAN NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE OF THE SAME CHARACTER IN A ROUND. EVERYONE WILL BE A UNIQUE CHARACTER). You will have to complete all 15 waves for all the maps: Ancients,Oblivion, DownFall, Ignition. You can choose to play in a private match, and set the difficulty to easy. Or you can play a public match, also choosing easy, with other people. This game mode also works better if everyone works as a team and doesn't go around getting killed. The better the communication the more successful you and your team will be. Also you have three lives. So if you fail a wave or die during a wave, you will loose a life. Unfortunately there is no way to choose what map you want to play. So it is recommended to do all 4 maps in one go.

NOTE: You will still get the achievement even if you join mid-way through a wave. So you might get lucky and be put into a game that is already on 14 or 15.

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Space Pirates!15
Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Oblivion)   (2) 

See "Rust Marks" for more information.

Maccadams Old Oil House15
Complete wave 15 in Escalation (DownFall)   (6) 

See "Rust Marks" for more information.

Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ignition)   (2) 

See "Rust Marks" for more information.

Heavy Metal War15
Kill 6 different opposing players in a TDM game during a public Multiplayer match   (12) 

Choose, TDM, Team Death Match, under Quickmatch. This has to be done in one TDM game, but its pretty simple as the teams are divided in a 6v6. You will have to kill 6 unique players in one match. If it's a full game (6 vs. 6), you will have to kill every player on the other team at least once. If a player you have killed drops out of the game, the kill will still count. If another player joins, and you kill them. It will count as a unique kill. Once you have killed 6 different players, the achievement will unlock.

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Ballistic Energon Goodie15
Return five heads at once in a headhunter game during a public Multiplayer match   (28) 

Choose the Quickmatch > Headhunter. Headhunter requires you to collect a number of heads and score them to gain points for your team. To get the heads, you need to kill an enemy so they drop a head (or heads if they are carrying more), rush over an pick them up as quickly as you can or you can snatch them from other players. This is a very aggressive game mode. Best way to do this is play as the Scientist, since his vehicle mode allows him to fly and he is the fastest character. Fly around looking for some enemies that are carry 2 or more heads at once (it will be displayed above their name). Follow them and kill them. Once you have picked up a head, your position will become visible to all players on the map. So be very quick and fast on the trigger.

NOTE: You may use your vehicle mode to capture and carry heads.

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Moonbase One15
Personally capture all 3 nodes in a conquest game during a public Multiplayer match   (7) 

Choose Quickmatch > Conquest. This is probably the easiest of the multiplayer achievements. As soon as the match starts rush over to one of the nodes and capture it. You don't have to capture all 3 nodes alone, you can have your teammates there boosting the speed of capture. You must capture all 3 nodes A, B and C.

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Ultimate Menasor15
Capture three flags in a single CTF game during a public Multiplayer match   (109) 

Choose Quickmatch > CTF, Capture The Flag. This by far is the hardest achievement to gain. There are only 3 flags. So you will have make sure no one else in your team scores a flag. This is better off working in a team. Have a few people playing as the Destroyer and the Titan to protect you. Then have a Scientist to heal you and your team and also a Scout. Remember to hold the  to sprint once you have the flag and to get away from enemies quicker.

NOTE: You may NOT use your vehicle mode. As using vehicle mode will automatically drop the flag.

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Full Throttle Scramble Power!15
Earn MVP in any game mode during a public Multiplayer match   (6) 

Self explanatory really. But best route is to play Conquest and just focus on capturing the nodes. Recommend using the Scientist. Fly from node to node capturing them. Capturing one node is equal to getting one kill.

What Prime Directives?25
Unlock Prime Mode   (5) 

To unlock Prime Mode you will have to get all four classes to level 25. At this point you are given an option to enter Prime Mode (equivilent to prestiges in C.O.D.). Once in Prime Mode, this will reset all previous challenges, and your class levels to 0. Also you will be award with a emblem next to your name.

King of the Scrap Heap100
Reach max level in all four classes   (28) 

Max level for all classes is 25. This will be the most time consuming achievement as it takes roughly 4-6 hours to get a character fully leveled up (highly dependant on skill). Recommend working on one class at a time. Also, playing Conquest seems like it is the more effective mode in leveling up. Since you get 400pts a capture and about 50pts a kill. So you can really just spend the whole game running from position to position capturing the nodes and racking up a few kills here and there. 

Click HERE to find partners to play with online or to create boosting sessions. 

Reach max level in a single class   (2) 

See "King of the Scrap Heap" for more information.

Reconfiguration Matrix10
Create a custom character in Multiplayer   

This should be your first achievement online. First choose a character you want to play as. Then change either the gun, special ability or the appearance of your character to unlock this.

Octopunch Scavenger15
Open fifteen Armory Recreators in Campaign or Escalation   (1) 

These are very common during your playthrough. And the fact that you only need fifteen is a piece of cake. Recommend to start looking for these as early as possible. If not you will come across plenty of them towards the later chapters. They glow with bright blue light, so you really can't miss them. You will usually find these Armory in a group. They cost 250 Energon credits to open. Inside they will hold all sorts of goods from primary & heavy weapons to different kinds of perks and TECH items.

NOTE: You can farm these by restarting last checkpoint or dying.

Cassetticon Audiophile25
Collect all audio logs    (6) 

There are a total of 51 audio logs starting in Chapter II (2) and ending in Chapter XII (12).

Thanks to Tony from VGMMDI for this great video on all the locations of the audio logs & blueprints.

Collect all blueprints    (7) 

There are a total of 15 blueprints stating in Chapter II (2) and ending in Chapter IX (9). Collecting the blueprints unlocks new TECH items and weapons for purchase in the Teletraan 1 Store.

See "Cassetticon Audiophile" for video of locations.

Chop Shop50
Purchase all weapons and perks   (4) 

There is a total of 18 weapons & 10 perks. To purchase these weapons enter the Teletraan 1 store.

NOTE: Achievement does not count the Gamestop Preorder G1 Retro Pack Bonus which includes Sling Shock, Retro Blaster.

Primary Weapons:

Photon Burst Rifle (Blueprint #1 Chapter 2)
Subsonic Repeater (Blueprint #5 Chapter 4)
Nucleon Charge Rifle (Blueprint #8 Chapter 4)
EDK Techvolt (Blueprint #10 Chapter 5)
Riot Cannon (Blueprint #15 Chapter 9)
Neutron Assault Rifle
Path Blaster
Scatter Blaster
Electro Bolter (Unlocks when you finish the campaign - no upgrades)
Retro Blaster (G1 Retro Pack Gamestop Preorder Bonus. Doesn’t count towards the achievement - no upgrades)

Heavy Weapons:

Chaos Rift Combustor (Blueprint #4 Chapter 3)
Corrosive Slime Cannon (Blueprint #6 Chapter 4)
V32.CYBR CORRUPT@R (Blueprint #7 Chapter 4)
Gear Shredder (Blueprint #11 Chapter 5)
Energon Harvester (Blueprint #12 Chapter 6)
X18 Scrapmaker
A-4 Pulsar Cannon (Blueprint #14 Chapter 8) 
Thermo Rocket Cannon
Glass Gas Cannon (Unlocks when you finish the campaign - no upgrades)
Sling Shock (G1 Retro Pack Gamestop Preorder Bonus. Doesn’t count towards the achievement - no upgrades.)


Health Matrix
Ammo Disperser
Armor Supercharger
Scavenger's Special
Ion Ability Dampener
Master Leg Servos
Shield Sparker
Cheap Shot
Energon Buffer

Teletraan 1 Regular10
Rate all weapons, weapon upgrades, and equipment   (20) 

To rate a weapon, weapon upgrade and equipment you must enter a Teletraan 1 store. When you buy a weapon, weapon upgrade or an equipment you will have the chance to rate them by pressing . Once in the store you must do/rate the following: (Weapons & Perks listed in Chop Shop)

-Buy all Primary weapons. (Rate as you buy)
-Buy all Heavy weapons. (Rate as you buy)
-After buying all Primary & Heavy weapons, you must buy and rate all weapon(s) upgrades. (Rate as you purchase new upgrades)
-Buy all perks. (Rate as you buy)
-Buy 1 of each TECH item, list below: (Rate as you purchase each TECH item)

Assault T.E.C.H

•Mark-0 Orbital Beacon (Blueprint #2 Chapter 2)
•Thermo Mine Payload (Blueprint #9 Chapter 5)
•Dimensional Decimator 

Utility T.E.C.H

•Ultra-Power Core (Blueprint #1 Chapter 3)
•Energon Recharger (Blueprint #13 Chapter 7)
•Diffraction Barrier

Master Builder25
Fully upgrade all weapons   (3) 

To upgrade a weapon you will need to enter a Teletraan 1 store located through out the game. You will need to purchase all 18 weapons first, or just purchase one weapon at a time and upgrade them as you go. Each gun requires a different amount of upgrades to complete it. Primary guns requires 4 upgrade each and Heavy weapons require 2 upgrade each. To upgrade your weapon you will press  and buy whatever upgrade you want. 

NOTE: The Electro Bolter and Glass Gas Cannon do not require any upgrades & the Sling Shock and Retro Blaster (from the GameStop preorder bonus) do not count towards this achievement.

Fully upgrade one weapon   

See "Master Builder" for more information.

Monacus Spender25
Spend 250,000 Energon in the Teletraan 1 store   (7) 

This will probably your final achievement in the campaign as it requires you to grind it out a bit. Any progress you have made will carry over if you choose chapter select. Now you can decide to do a full second playthrough and spend Energon as you go, but the suggested route would be the following:

NOTE: You receive 20,000 Energon upon completing the campaign any difficulty. 

  1. Replay Chapter XIII (13, Last Level)
  2. In the beginning, press  to skip the cut-scene.
  3. Go into the first room you see. Smash the Energon creates and collect all the Energon shards. (You should pick up a total of 1200 Energon from smashing the creates.)
  4. Buy something from the Teletraan 1 store. Preferable a consumable since you can buy it over and over again in one go, if your just going for spending 250, 000 Energon.
  5. After, press  and restart last checkpoint.
  6. If you don't have enough Energon to purchase an upgrade, weapon or perk. Continue on forward.
  7. You will go into a room and ride a tow hook. You'll get another cut-scene. Skip it. You will gain control of your character again. At this point the game will save your progress automatically (white squares in the top-right corner). Quit out to the main menu.
  8. Go back and select Chapter XIII (13) again. Rinse and repeat until your achievement pops.

Alternate Energon Farming Method - (Method I chose.)

In the level that you play as Jazz, Chapter V (5) later in the level you will be in an area with a bunch of snipers flying around. This is where you have to move a giant bot to make a bridge to cross over. You will then go through a few rooms, until you have to pull down one door. In this room you will see a Teletran 1 store, and then a door a little after. At that point you will hear Cliffjumper say, "Careful, there's a squad of baddies on the other side of that door" followed by Jazz saying, "Yea, that's probably what they're saying to each other." There are a total of 10 Energon creates in this room, 3 on ground level and 7 more on a ledge just opposite of the door you need to go through. This will net you 1500 Energon shards. After you have collected everything, pull down the door and let the enemies kill you. You will spawn back inside the Energon room you came from. Rinse and repeat. Recommend setting the difficulty to Hard after you die, so that way when go through the door again the enemies can kill you quicker. You can get about 4500 - 6000 every minute.

Thanks to Deus X EXE.

Slap the Grimlock15
Chapter XII: Kill a Leaper in the air with an explosive barrel   (3) 

At a point in Chapter XII (12) you will be walking on a platform. On the edge of the platform there will be a few red explosive barrels. Just pick one up and when you see the Leaper jump in the air, throw the explosive barrel at it and it will die in one hit. If you miss don't worry as the explosive barrels respawn.

Here is a video by NeedToAchieve showing you where and how to obtain this achievement


Internal Affairs!15
Chapter XI: Hack all of the security terminals before the Decepticons can activate them   

In Chapter XI (11) you will get to a point that you will plant a jet pack bomb on a Decepticons face. Pretty funny. After the explosion, kill the few Decepticons in front of you. At this point is where you will start to hack a series of 5 security terminals. Describing this achievement will take some great details. So take a look at the video below:

NOTE: Possible glitch. If you manage to get caught or killed while hacking one of the terminals, you can restart from check point and all progress with carry over.

Here is a great video by NeedToAchieve showing you all 5 security terminal locations. 


The Harder They Die15
Chapter X: Kill five Autobots with a single hover slam attack   (2) 

During Chapter X (10), you'll be playing as Megatron. This could be some what of a challenge getting 5 Autobots together in the same spot. The best spot I found is to wait to you get to the end of the chapter. When Shockwave is hacking a command center. Pick up a Diffraction Barrier behind the command center. Then go to the right side, and hover up to the high beams. Stand and wait till the enemies start to come out from in front of you. Throw down your Diffraction Barrier, so you don't take damage. Wait till a group of 5 Autobots, press  to hover and then  again to preform a hover slam.

Here is a great video by NeedToAchieve showing you a perfect area to obtain this. 



I, Robot Master15
Chapter IX: Destroy all images of Starscream and his Statues   (14) 

In Chapter IX (9) you will come to an area where you will pick up a Riot Cannon. You will have to destroy all the Starscreams images and statues. There are 9 images/statues in total. There will be 2 golden statues in the area where you confront Starscream that for some reason you can not destroy, so don't worry about those. The achievement will unlock after you have completed the arena battle.

NOTE: For some the achievement did not unlock when they died in the arena.

Here is a great video walkthrough by NeedtoAchieve.



Fusilateral Quintrocombiner15
Chapter VIII: Melee an enemy through the goal post   (1) 

Towards the end of Chapter VIII (8) you will be in control of a Decepticon named Bruticus. You will be smashing your way through the level and you will notice some goal post through out this part. Try to line up the Autobots near the goal post and smash them to send them flying in the air. It's easier if you find a group of Autobots standing in front of a goal post, since one smash will have them flying through the goal post. You will be asked to make a choice, after destroying several Autobot cars, to go right or left. If you choose the right path, there will be 2 Autobots standing directly and perfectly alined in front of a goal post.

Club Con!15
Chapter VII: Ram a jet (on the ground or in the air)   (2) 

Later during Chapter VII (7) you will come to an area where you will have to destroy 2 of the back wheels on the transportation vehicle. After that you'll have to take out the 2 front wheels. When close enough to the front wheels, you will see a couple jets flying around. Simply wait for one of them to land on the floor. Then switch into vehicle mode by pressing  and ram into the jet bot by holding down .

Car Wash of Doom15
Chapter VI: Destroy all of the homing mines chasing Blast Off before they self destruct   (4) 

Fairly easy achievement. Very early in Chapter VI (6) you will be following Blast Off. Immediately be on the look out for the homing mines. To unlock the achievement you can not let the homing mines touch Blast Off. The first homing mine you see is the only one you can't destroy. If, somehow, Blast Off gets hit, just reload last checkpoint and try again.

Target Master 2.015
Chapter V: Shoot a Sniper out of the air with a scoped weapon   (2) 

There are many opportunities to obtain this during Chapter V (5). First, you will need a second weapon with a zoom-in scope (Nucleon Charge Rifle). A good opportunity is mid-way through the chapter. You will come to an area where you pull a lever to move a giant bot to make a bridge. After pulling it a handful of Sniper Bots will come out. Good way to do this is to lock onto a Sniper Bot and wait for them to shoot, once they have shot, wait for them to dismount and be in the area. Quickly shoot to kill the Sniper Bot and unlock the achievement.

Invisibility Spray15
Chapter IV: Sneak through the Trash Compactor Facility undetected   (4) 

This starts very early in Chapter IV (4). You will get to a part where you will learn how to cloak using  and have to assassinate a Decepticon by pressing . This isn't too tough to do, as there are very few Decepticons. The achievement unlocks once you make it to the crane lever. Always check your surroundings, do not rush into an area. If you do manage to get caught, simply reload check point and try it again.

Carnage in C-Major15
Chapter III: Take out a cluster of five Decepticons using Metroplex's Air Strike   (2) 

During Chapter III (3) you will get to control Metroplex's Air Strike by tapping  to aim and then  to use it. This isn't too bad since mid-way through the level you will be defending yourself against an army of Decepticons. Chances are you will get this without even trying. If you do miss it, just reload check point and try again.

The Last Stand15
Chapter II: Save two Autobots when Optimus is downed by the first Leaper   (2) 

This is in Chapter II (2) towards the end of the level. This scene will occur after you learn about the Leapers and are told that they are in your area. You will have to kill the one Leaper that attacks you and your fellow Autobots. The Leapers weak spot is on its back. Suggest you have a high fire rate weapon.


All Hail You!100
Complete Campaign - Hard      (25) 

It is recommend that you start your playthrough on Hard, since it's unlocked right away and the difficulty achievements are stackable. This difficulty isn't much different than playing the game on easy. When you have enough Energon focus on upgrading your health, your vehicle shield, your shield regeneration and anything else that will protect you from damage. Also upgrading your primary weapon will help out a lot. I personally like the Neutron Assault Rifle, it's a very common weapon, and the Riot Cannon, a very powerful and useful gun. There are no real boss battles through the game so no worrying there. Remember to not rush into areas. Stay back and use all your resources to your best.

Easier Method for Hard:

If you want to enjoy the game, grab all the collectibles and get the related level achievement, then play on Easy. Once you have completed the entire game on Easy, gathered all collectibles and gotten all level related achievements you can now go and use chapter select to replay any level. 

What you will want to do is play through the level as normal on whatever difficulty you like. Then when you reach the final check point, simply Quit on the last checkpoint of the chapter > change the difficulty to Hard (for that specific chapter) from the Main Menu, by pressing  > then select Continue from last checkpoint. By doing this the game will recognize that you have completed that chapter on Hard.

NOTE: This method does not work by changing the difficulty when you die. It must be done from the Main Menu.

Chapter 1: When you're crawling up towards Optimus and Megatron.

Chapter 2: When you get off the artillery gun and state it needs more Energon, you start descending into an unknown territory.

Chapter 3: After your help is destroyed and you cross the bridge, before entering a door you have to pry open.

Chapter 4: When you have to escort the bomb.

Chapter 5: When you fight a couple of waves of Bug Bots, then there's an escape sequence. (When you automatically transform into vehicle mode, quit here.)

Chapter 6: After you defeat the Titan, you will have to plant a bomb to escape.

Chapter 7: When you have to fight two Titans. (You will need to fight them on Hard, level ends after both are dead.)

Chapter 8: Right before you break into the control room.(As soon as you play as Bruticus, quit here.)

Chapter 9: After the arena wave battles that comprise this entire chapter, there's a save section to quit out at. (I quit out at this point, but when I loaded it back up after the wave battles. It made me fight the 5-6 Leapers again on Hard. Not bad since you have a Riot Cannon! and at this point you should have it fully upgraded.)

Chapter 10: When Soundwave is working at a computer to power up Trypticon and you have to defend him with help from a few turrets.(This sequence must be fought on Hard).
(**Make use of the Diffraction Barrier and the Thermo Mine Payload, they respawn again after a few seconds.)

Chapter 11: After the fight with Hardshell, there's a safe sequence to quit out before the level ends, before you cross the bridge, quit here. 

Chapter 12: There is an escape sequence when Grimlock transforms into hes Dino mode and you have to escape before the time runs out.

Chapter 13: When you are asked to make your choice.

More Than Meets the Eye50
Complete Campaign - Normal      

See "All Hail You!" for more information.

The Battle is Far From Over!25
Complete Campaign - Easy      

See "All Hail You!" for more information.

Grimlock Smash10
Complete Chapter XII    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 12

Starscream's Betrayal10
Complete Chapter XI    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 11

The Final Countdown10
Complete Chapter X    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 10

Megatron Returns10
Complete Chapter IX    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 9

Combaticons Combine!10
Complete Chapter VIII    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 8

Belly of the Beast10
Complete Chapter VII    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 7

Death from Above10
Complete Chapter VI    (3) 

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 6

Cut and Run10
Complete Chapter V    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 5

Eye of the Storm10
Complete Chapter IV    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 4

Metroplex Heeds the Call10
Complete Chapter III    (1) 

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 3

Defend the Ark10
Complete Chapter II    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 2

The Exodus10
Complete Chapter I    

Story related and can't be missed.

Unlocks after Chapter 1

Secret Achievements
Till All Are One - (Megatron)15
Complete Chapter XIII as Megatron    (3) 

Chapter XIII (13). At the final battle you have the option of choosing Optimus or Megatron. If you chose Megatron, this will unlock upon successful completion of the battle.

NOTE: After choosing either Optimus or Megatron and completing the level. Let the ending credits roll out. After the credits, from the main menu select 'Continue' and you can choose again for the other achievement.

Till All Are One - (Optimus)15
Complete Chapter XIII as Optimus Prime    (2) 

Chapter XIII (13). At the final battle you have the option of choosing Optimus or Megatron. If you chose Optimus, this will unlock upon successful completion of the battle.

NOTE: After choosing either Optimus or Megatron and completing the level. Let the ending credits roll out. After the credits, from the main menu select 'Continue' and you can choose again for the other achievement.

Game Info


US August 21, 2012
Europe August 24, 2012

ESRB: T for Teen
Price: $29.99USD
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