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Tron: Evolution Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ninja Sakura, The Elven Jedi
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (3/10 if you skip Insane mode)
- Offline: 35 (930 )
- Online: 6 (70 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 25 - 35+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (3 recommended)
- Number of missable achievements: 1 (You can replay levels via Chapter Select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (There is an achievement for completing Insane difficulty)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

Welcome to the Grid, Program! Tron: Evolution is Disney's prequel game to the film release of December 2010, with the story filling in the decade from 1990-2000; bridging the gap from the original 1982 film.

The achievements are all reasonable and require an appropriate amount of effort, neither too hard nor too easy, and they provide excellent incentive to explore all aspects of the game. There is no reason anyone who enjoys the game and is willing to put in a few hours shouldn't be able to 100% the achievements for Tron.

The nice thing about Tron is that XP, abilities, and collectibles, whether they are gained online or off, stay with your character no matter what. Even if/when you start a new game, you'll still have the files and shards you got the first time around.

I highly recommend focusing on getting "It's all in the wrists" for 500 normal light disc kills, right from the beginning. After 2 campaign runs, you will be at a little over 200+, from just finishing enemies. You will need to get the remaining kills either online or by replaying story levels.

There is only 1 missable achievement and you can avoid missing it by doing it first. Before you start your first single player campaign, you will want to get "Gain a Version in the Game Grid" done. You will need to go online and level up once to get this. Its better to do this at level 1 than say level 40. You only need around 6 kills to rank up from level 1 to level 2 and you can complete this achievement solo online by playing with bots (you may even get some other random achievements during this short match). See the achievement guide for specific information.

Step 1 - Story Mode Playthrough 1:
Depending on your skill level you can either start on Hard (which you need to complete in order to unlock Insane) or you can start on Casual. Use the collectible guide found here, to avoid missing anything. Once you complete the game for the first time, your Character should be around Level (Version) 20. This first playthrough will take around 8 to 12 hours to complete.

As you unlock all the special disc powers, you may also want to focus some attention to the six (including the normal light disc and melee attack) disc-specific "finishing hits" achievements. The only ones that might require some grinding are 100 melee kills and 500 normal kills.

Step 2 - Story Mode Playthrough 2:
If you played on Hard the first time skip to step 3. Before you attempt Hard, it is recommeded that you be around level 40 to 50 so your character has all the enhancements which will make Hard more manageable. I recommend once you have completed the game on Casual, to redo Chapter 6 up to the point where you take on Abraxas (mainly the tank part). By doing this part of Chapter 6, you can gain 2 levels in about 5 -15 minutes. If you redo this over and over you should be level 50 within 4+ Hours. Its alot faster to gain levels in this part than by leveling in multiplayer. Also note that XP gained is not affected by difficulty levels so just stick it on casual and repeat Chapter 6 until level 50 (or whenever you feel like stopping).

Completing the game on Hard will unlock Insane. This second playthrough should only take 6-8 hours since you won't have to worry about collectibles.

Step 3 - Insane Playthrough:
This playthrough shouldn't be too much of a challenge if you leveled to 50 like i previously mentioned. Take your time as enemies require 3-6 more hits than Hard.

When you're ready to start your playthrough on insane make sure you select "create new game" because some people have reported having issues unlocking the achievement using only chapter select. Also note and do as the achievement description says: do not change the difficulty setting until you get the achievement. You will even get a warning message in game if you try to do this, so no excuses!

Please see "Evolved User" in the achievement guide for tips on beating Insane. This will take another 6 - 8 hours to complete.

Step 4 - Online and Mop Up Achievements:
Once you have finished on Insane, go into options and change the difficulty back to casual. This will allow enemies to die faster and for you to rush through the level to find the files/shards you've missed. Use the the collectible guide to find whatever you need.

Now, jump online and complete those couple of achievements. If needed, you can find a boosting partner in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

The final achievement will probably be "What a Ride!" for 100 light cycle kills. Please refer to the achievement guide for two different methods.

The majority of the game can be done on casual so most gamers will be able to obtain a sizable chunk of the gamerscore. You can also get some of the online achievements solo in private matches with bots and the others can be boosted. The only trouble for a casual gamer will be completing Insane.

x360a would like to thank NinjaSakura and The Elven Jedi for this Road Map.

Yeah that's the stuff40
Your character has reached Version 30    

See "Now for some real user power".

I want more!50
Your character has reached Version 40    

See "Now for some real user power".

System Monitor Evolved25
Your character has reached Version 20    

See "Now for some real user power".

Gain a Version in the Game Grid5
Gained a Version (Level) in the Game Grid   (1) 

The Game Grid simply means "online/Xbox Live play", so you need to gain enough experience by playing online matches to level up once. This can be done at any time as your experience carries over across online and offline modes.

Alternately, you can do this as your first acheivement in one match with these settings:

  • Type: Private Match
  • Game Mode: Disintegration
  • Maps: Heat Sink
  • Max Players: 10
  • Time limit: 10 Minutes
  • Score limit: 20 points

Once the game is setup, just start the match without inviting anyone and it will be you against 9 bots. Start racking up the kills using the basic attack/melee combo to gain experience until the achievement unlocks. You should only have to kill 5 or 6 guys if you do this while still version (level) 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to grind all the way to level 50 by replaying the single player campaign and NOT get this achievement. If you find yourself in this situation, the only fix is to delete your save game data  and clear your cache. This will reset your online level back to 1.

It's what I do10
Your character has reached Version 10    

See "Now for some real user power".

Ah, now I get it15
Collect all Abraxas Shards    

There are a total of 29 Tron files. and 6 Abraxas Shards. You can see which ones you have and the ones you are missing in the Chapter Select Screen. Like all measures of progress in this game, your collectibles status will remain the same even when you start a new game on another difficulty, so if you missed a couple during your first playthrough (like me), don't sweat it!

A written collectibles guide was created by osakamitsu and it can be found here.

A video guide can be found below.

Warming Up5
Get a 5X Hit multiplier    

See "Unstoppable Program".

Tron Aficionado30
Collected all Tron Files    

See "Ah, now I get it".

Now for some real user power 75
Your character has reached Version 50    

You level up by gaining experience, which is earned from defeating enemies, completing campaign objectives and finishing matches online. It is important to note that campaign difficulty does NOT affect XP earned so if you are going to grind for experience you may as well do it on easy.

The first time you complete the campaign you will be around level 20. At this point the fastest way to grind out most or all of the remaining levels is to keep replaying level 6 while still on easy. The tank section is the fastest way to gain experience in the game. Your experience saves once you get a checkpoint, so you can choose how much of the level you want to play. There is a checkpoint when you exit the tank, another one before the boss fight and one after the boss fight (the start of level 7). Play through whatever portions you want to, then just exit the level and replay it again. It will take approximately 4 hours to go from level 20 to level 50 by JUST replaying level 6.

Of course you will also gain more experience while playing through on Hard/Insane and any online games you complete.

To give a rough idea of how long it would take to get to level 50 by just playing through normally: You will gain level 10 just before chapter 3, level 20 before the first ending, level 30 before the "insane" ending, and the next 20 levels can be obtained from about 8+ hours of online play (experience gained online will vary depending on skill).

Look what I found!5
Collected your first Tron File    

See "Ah, now I get it". You should find your first Tron File on the first level, its directly in front of you as you progress.

Completed Chapter Three    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Race to the Grid20
Completed Chapter Four    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Completed Chapter Two    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Greetings, program!20
Completed the Tutorial    

Story related and cannot be missed. You get this on the first level. It teaches you the basics of the free running and combat aspects of the game.

Completed Chapter One     

Story related and cannot be missed.

Evolved User75
Completed the game on the "Insane" difficulty level without changing the setting.     

In order to unlock the "Insane" difficulty you must first complete all seven chapters on Hard. Take special care and do as the achievement description says: do not change the difficulty setting until you get the achievement. If you try to change it, you will get a warning message in the game, so no excuses! This stipulation applies during your playthrough on hard to unlock insane as well. So, when you're ready to start your insane playthrough, make sure you select "create new game" set the difficulty and then leave it alone until the achievement unlocks. Some people have reported that they did not get the achievement because they used chapter select on the first mission instead of "create new game".

Tips on actually beating insane/hard:

  • When a battle starts going badly and you need to retreat, use the stealth move while you have your stasis disc equipped and you will be invulnerable as long as you keep sprinting. You'll want to be sprinting to re-fill your health and energy. Once I figured out this technique, it saved me a lot of grief on some of the tough sections.
  • Pay close attention to the weaknesses/strengths information when it appears for a new enemy. You will need to exploit these to effectively deal with them. Even if it costs you a death or two to memorize the information it will pay off over time. Also, try experimenting with different disc powers on the various types of enemies, some may work unexpectedly well, especially when used in conjunction with multiple powers.
  • Lastly, if you really feel the need, you can "grind" on level 6 until you unlock more abilities, which will make your character stronger. If you are going to grind levels, it is recoomended that you do it while playing through the first time. All your stats will carry over and there is no experience increase from playing on higher difficulties. Starting Insane at level 50 is easier than starting at level 35. Please note that the game grid enhancers won't help you during the campaign.
What kind of program is he?5
Gained a Version (Level) for the first time    

See "Level up in the Game Grid" or "Now for some real user power".

End of line50
Completed The Game    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Completed Chapter Five    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Approach20
Completed Chapter Six    

Story related and cannot be missed.

I can do this all day15
Get a 15X Hit multiplier    

See "Unstoppable Program".

Knock Knock Kaboom!30
Derezzed 50 enemies with your Bomb Disc    

See "Never saw it coming" for more information.

You're not going to like this30
Corrupt 25 enemies    

See "Never saw it coming" for more information.

It's all in the wrists30
Derezzed 500 enemies with your Light Disc    

Kill 500 enemies using a basic attack. See "Never saw it coming" for more information.

After playing through the game twice, you may still need more of this type of kill. You can keep replaying levels on easy until you get it or create a match with these settings:

  • Type: Private Match
  • Game Mode: Disintegration
  • Maps: Heat Sink
  • Max Players: 10
  • Time limit: 10 Minutes
  • Score limit: 20 points

Once the game is setup, just start the match without inviting anyone and it will be you against 9 bots. Start whittling down the enemies with whatever you like but be sure that the actual kill comes from the basic attack.

We made it!... this far15
Drove a total of 15000 Kilocycles with your Lightcycle or Light Tank    

This will come naturally while playing through the campaign multiple times or while going for the required amount of kills on a light cycle or tank.

Up close and personal30
Derezzed 100 enemies with melee    

Your melee attack is the least useful offensive move in the game, meaning this achievement doesn't usually come through natural gameplay. This achievement is easier if you play on easy difficulty and instead of using the basic melee attack use the disc/melee combo moves, these being:

  • light disc, melee
  • light disc, light disc, melee

As long as you finish the enemy with a melee attack it will count towards this achievement. You can check your progress by going to extras from the main menu, then to data logs.

See "Never saw it coming" for more information.

Boom boom boom30
Derezzed 200 enemies while in the Light Tank   

This should come naturally through the mixture of 2 campaign playthroughs and online play, but if you still need a few more kills, head to mission 6 using "chapter select" for instant access to your light tank.

Derezzed 10 enemies before dying    

This will come naturally through the campaign, but if need be, drop the difficulty down to easy and use your special disc powers and ETC's (wall health-stations) a lot.

What a ride!30
Derezzed 100 enemies while on the Lightcycle    

This one will probably be one of the last achievements you get, and there are two methods for getting it:

I did it by concentrating on getting kills while on the bike during multiplayer games. You can only do this on the maps that allow vehicles. Note that you can either use your disc, let/make people run into your "light trail", or run right over someone on foot. This method depends solely on player skill and make take some people longer than others.

Alternatively, you can use this method in the single player campaign:

First you need to have played the game and at least reached Chapter 4: The Combatant. Difficulty does not matter. Now from the main menu choose "Chapter Select" and then pick chapter 4. Say "Yes" to the question that pops up and you will start on a light cycle.

You want to be able to do this as fast as possible so hold down accelerate the whole time. It may take a couple of tries to be able to complete this at top speed but it isnt impossible and you really want to be going fast when an enemy is around. You don't want him to crash into something and rob you of the opportunity to kill him yourself.

From the beginning stay in the middle of the road. An enemy light cycle will approach from the left so gain on him a little bit and press the basic attack key to toss your disk and kill him from a distance. A little bit further a Recognizer will float by and try to bomb you but as long as it isnt a direct hit you'll be fine.

A second Recognizer will land on the left, so take the right path and a third Recognizer will bomb the path again. Just avoid the blast and continue on. If you are going fast enough these will actually land behind you anyway.

Now a second enemy light cycle will drop in front of you. As soon as you see the little blue target arrow above his head press the basic attack key to kill him too. You will be moving pretty quick at this point so if you accidentally drive past him, just cut him off and he will crash into your light wall and the kill will still count.

A blast in front of you will knock over some debris and force you to the left. Ride the ramp up a little ways and then cut back to the right to the clear road below and you will see "checkpoint reached" appear right before entering a tunnel.

At the tunnel entrance pause the game, press up once and select "Quit". Answer "Yes" to the question that pops up and you will be back at the main menu to do it all again. Repeat 49 more times. The achievement unlocks as soon as you hit 100. You can check your total kills by selecting "Extras", then "Date Log" and then scroll down to light cycle derezz.

You're slower than me30
Derezzed 25 enemies with your Stasis Disc    

See "Never saw it coming" for more information.

Never Saw it coming30
Derezzed 50 enemies with your Heavy Disc    

All of these attack or disc-specific achievements require you to finish the enemy off with the particular attack or special disc. it doesn't matter what you use for 90% of their health, but you must finish the enemy with the disc or attack you're going for. Stasis is the hardest disc to finish enemies with because it doesn't really do any significant damage (it was the only one that didn't come naturally for me). Still, the principle is the same for every disc: get the enemy (it helps when they're alone) down to red/critical health and just keep pounding them with the required disc. As always, putting the difficulty down to easy should make any of these a piece of cake.

Game Grid Tactician30
Bought all enhancers    

See "Digital Shopping Spree".

Digital Shopping Spree30
Bought all character upgrades    

All types of upgrades are purchased at disc stations in campaign, or in the side-menu of a game lobby. You earn MB (the game's currency) every time you level up (whether in campaign or online, it doesn't matter) and the amount of MB you earn per level increases as you get higher; for example, lets say you might earn 2MB going from level 1 to 2, but you will gain 8MB when going from level 39 to 40.

I recommend saving the majority of the "grid enhancers" for last since:

  1. They are only effective online
  2. You can't unlock them all until you're version (level) 50 anyway. Otherwise, buy whatever looks like it would compliment your play-style the most, for example the stasis aux. mod. (stealth) is extremely useful during campaign but if you play more online then maybe get more total health capacity.

Lastly, for those who might be curious, the bomb mods require less total MB than the character upgrades (hence the lower gamerscore) so you could unlock that achievement faster than it's counterpart.

Light Disc Modder20
Bought all disc mods   

See "Digital Shopping Spree".

Unstoppable program20
Get the maximum hit multiplier    

The maximum hit mulitplier needed for this achievement is 30 and the easiest way to get this is on the first level. After you have escaped the CLU Sentries and ran through the section "Stack 262 - Under Construction" where you learn to grapple along ledges for the first time, you come to another section called "Exterior Maintenance Terrace 43". This room has 4 enemies in it. After you kill those 4 enemies a Heavy Sentry v1 (enemy with an Orange Shield) will come out of the elevator. Just keep spamming the basic attack on him until you have a 30 hit multiplier.

Please come again5
Bought your first upgrade    

See "Digital Shopping Spree". You will get this after you have leveled up for the first time and visited a Disc Station (looks like a white glowing access terminal) to access the upgrade options.

Hooray for our side15
Won an online Team Disintegration match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.   

Win a Team Disintegration match with two or more human players, bots don't count. It's also possible to boost this, just have you and a friend join one game. Your friend lets you win then visa versa.

You can look for online players in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

I think I like this15
Won an online Power Monger match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.   

Win a Power Monger match with two or more human players, bots don't count. It's also possible to boost this, just have you and a friend join one game. Your friend lets you win then visa versa.

You can look for online players in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

It's only the beginning15
Won an online Disintegration match in the Game Grid. 2 or more human players required.   

Win a Disintegration match with two or more human players, bots don't count. It's also possible to boost this, just have you and a friend join one game. Your friend lets you win then visa versa.

You can look for online players in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

Maybe This Will Do Something10
Captured a Power Node or Tank Node in the Game Grid   

Similar to "capture the flag" in other games, just stand on a power node in a multiplayer match to get this. The nodes are circles on the ground and can be found in strategic locations around the maps, usually with beacons of light shooting into the sky to note their locations. This can also be done in a private match with all bots.

See "It's only the beginning" for boosting methods if required. You can also look for online players in the Achievement Trading Thread found here.

Game Grid Newbie10
Played a match in the Game Grid   

Simply complete any game type online by either letting time run out, having all objective requirements fulfilled, or kill tallies reaching their limit. This can also be done in a private match with all bots.

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Propaganda Games


US December 07, 2010

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