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Virtua Tennis 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cyrex and Smolotheklown
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
- Offline: 41 [840]
- Online: 9 [160]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000:50+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple games
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: N/A
- Glitchy achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Virtua Tennis 3 is a very tough completion. It is a good enough tennis game, with most of the achievements well within most people's reach, in fact many for just playing the game over time. There are a couple of achievements that are absolute hell however, which I will go onto later. I will not be naming the achievements you will get as the achievement names are all descriptive of what needs to be done.

Getting some quick ones done...
Start off by creating yourself a player for the easiest 10 in the game. Win a match with him for another 20
Next you need to win as and beat every player in the game. It is best to write down a list so you can tick off who you still need to beat/play as. Make sure it is set to 1 set 2 games per set to make this fast. You also need to make sure the difficulty is on normal, you can check this in the settings. Four achievements for this.
Now follow the achievement guides for how to unlock Duke and King. You have to beat them both to unlock them. They are both very hard, but you can keep replaying them until you win. You may or may not wish to save these for later once you have played some career and got your skill level up.

Tour Mode
This is where you will be for a majority of your time playing this game. There are many achievements you will get along the way, and these will relate to progression in the following fields:

  • Matches won
  • Tournament progress/wins
  • Competing seasons
  • Moving up the rankings
  • Clearing Minigames
  • Clearing academy training sessions
  • Unlocking stages
  • Unlocking gear
  • Playing games
  • Shot types
  • Court types played on
  • Meeting pros

These will pop as you play through your career. Career mode is pretty fun, but does get harder the further you go through the ranks (as you would expect). Just make sure you make the most of your training sessions and make sure you are well rested before big games.

Gold In All Academy
This achievement has been won by very few people. It is not impossible, just unforgivably tough. It takes absolutely perfect shots and will take hours and hours until if you are lucky you will get there. The AI is very cheap, and sometimes even if you hit your shots perfectly, the game will still screw you. You have been warned!

Find yourself a boosting partner using the threads found in the forums. You will need to play a bunch of ranked matches for the various achievements, but it is pretty easy to find each other these days as it is pretty much dead online. You will also need to find another duo who are boosting for the doubles related achievements.
Watch a game on VT.TV for an achievement and drop in and out of your partner's lobby 50 times for another.

Mop Up
If you have been lucky or rather skilled enough to clear all gold in academy, you will probably just be left with some grinding achievements. You can play some more of your career if you wish, but it is probably quicker to use exhibition matches to get anything more you need finished off.

To conclude, this is a very reasonable 800+ but it is not very time efficient. According to one source, less that 0.5% of people who have played this game have the full 100% but it is doable. Not by me and most people, but some. Do you have the skill to be one of the elite few?

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Custom Player Created10
Create your own Custom Player   

This is like the achievement from Madden 06 where you have to create a profile. Here if you want to even start the world tour then you have to get this achievement.

World Tour Match10
Win your first match in the World Tour   

There is a long wait time for your first for a tournament. Try to play some of the court games and some stuff in the academy. There is about a 6 month wait before you can play in your first tournament.

World Tour Tournament10
Win your first tournament in the World Tour   

The first couple of tournaments that you are going to play in you will win very quickly. Most are going to be love games. Unless you really have a tough time with this game you should get this easily.

World Tour Season20
Complete Year 1 in the World Tour    

Here you have to simulate almost 6-7 months to even play in your first tournament once you finish that tournament then you should have to simulate all over again. I think that there are two 300+ tournaments so if you can finish those then you will have finished the season.

Rank #200 World Tour10
Rank #200 in the World Tour   

You start off at 300 you will move up pretty steadily there is a new tournament that you can play in somewhere around the mid 200’s.

Training Games Cleared10
Clear each type of mini-game in the World Tour   

You just have to beat each type of mini-game, there is no certain level that you must play on you just have to beat each one at least once.

Level 6 Training Game Cleared30
Clear a level 6 mini-game in the World Tour   

Do this on the Pin Crusher. It is the best way to improve upon your serve. The level 6 is not much harder because you eventually get really good at the game and it comes really quickly.

Academy Missions Cleared10
Clear each type of academy training session in the World Tour  

Here you need to finish each type of training session. You must get a silver medal, which is awarded for doing what you are asked to do once correctly. You do not have to finish all 3 which they want you to do.

Gold in all Academy30
Clear all the academy mission with gold medals  

By far the hardest achievement in the entire game. There are some mission for Gold that are almost impossible to even get a medal let alone get the 4 that they ask for. This will take a very long time but it is basically self explanatory.

Take a well deserved rest in the World Tour  

Go into your house and you can take some time off and just take a break. Very quick achievement.

25 Conversations10
Make friends and chat to 25 pro players in the World Tour    

This is unlocked during your quest towards #1. You cannot initiate the conversation they have to come and talk to you.

All Stages Unlocked30
Unlock every stage in the game   (2) 

This will also come when you get #1 but only then will it come.

Looking Good20
Unlock 1 of each type of gear    

Simply go through the story line and change the appearance of your character when you get new items.

Unlocked King30
Unlock secret player King   

Change your tournament settings to "very easy" and "one game" in the game settings menu. Play through and defeat each opponent until you get to the final round (right after the cinema of your player walking through the tunnel to the court). In this final match, win the first three points so that the score is 40-0, YOU MUST LOSE the next three points to get the game to Deuce. Simply win the next two points and you'll get to match up with King.

Unlocked Duke30
Unlock secret player Duke   

Same settings as King above, but you CANNOT lose any points throughout the tournament. Sounds tough, but on "very easy" and "one game" it's quite simple. Once you defeat the final player you'll get to match up with Duke.

25 Court Games Played20
Play and complete 25 Court Games   

This you will unlock on your way to improving your player and when you are trying to play every court game.

Won Using All Male Pro Players20
Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings    

See "Beat All Female Pro Players".

Won Using All Female Pro Players20
Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings    

See "Beat All Female Pro Players".

1st Custom Player Win20
Win a match with an Custom Player on default settings    

Just take your player and beat someone in a match.

Beat All Male Pro Players20
Beat all Male Pro Players on default settings    

See "Beat All Female Pro Players".

Beat All Female Pro Players20
Beat all Female Pro Players on default settings    

You must use default settings. The best way to do this is to beat each player using that same player. This will allow you unlock the “Won Using All Pro Players” too. You must do this for both the Women’s and the Men’s side.

1000 Plays30
Play the game 1000 times in any mode    

Very long and boring achievement, you can go into the mini games and choose the game alien attack and then set yourself up and let it play itself if you want to.

25 Love Games30
Achieve 25 Love Games    

Easily done in your first couple tournaments, you have to beat everyone without giving up a point. The first tournaments are very easy and this comes early in the World Tour.

40 Consecutive Rallies20
Achieve 40 Consecutive Rallies    

Just hit the ball back to the player on the other side and try to get to the ball when they hit it, make sure not to move you joystick in any direction so that the ball does not go in any direction. Also make sure that you don’t wind up to early because then you may just hit it by him.

500 MAX Serves20
Achieve 500 Max Serves    

Just keep playing the Serving Mini Games (Pin Crusher is the best.) Once you get full serving then you can play a 2-3 set and get a MAX serve on almost everyone of your serves because it is much easier when you have full stats.

5 Consecutive MAX Serves20
Achieve 5 Consecutive MAX Serves    

Almost the same as 500 Max Serves but you have to do it in Pin crusher because it only takes 4 points to win in a game. If you end up losing one of the points then you could do it but it is easier in Pin Crusher.

130mph / 209kmh serve20
Hit a serve over 130 mph    

Start an exhibition game and play as Andy Roddick. If you keep trying you will eventually hit a Max serve and it will go much higher than the required 130 MPH.

10Km Running Distance30
Run a total of 10Km    

Very simple you will run a large amount on the court. Very easily acquired through the World Tour.

500 Stroke Points20
500 stroke points won    

This is the easiest shot achievement to earn. Winning the point on a ground stroke is the easiest way to win a point. During the first year that you are playing you will win almost every point on a stroke. It can be a forehand or a back hand they both count toward the number. You can check out how many you have by going into statistics.

500 Volley Points20
500 volley points won    

For this achievement go to the net on every point that you can. If you’re not playing with your custom character then try playing with Tim Henman or Taylor Dent because their style is serving and Volley which means that they have a good serve and they are also very good at Volleying.

250 Lob Points20
250 lob points won    

See "250 Drop Shots".

500 Smash Points20
500 smash points won    

See "250 Drop Shots".

250 Drop Shot Points20
250 drop shot points won    

For this you can kill 3 birds with one stone. What you should do is play a character who likes to play far behind the baseline. Then you should drop shot them, and run up to the net while waiting for them, to get to the ball. If they do get the ball back over the net they will do one of two things, they will either try to lob you which sets you up to get a smash point, or they will just hit it back which lets you lob it back over them and get a lob point won. You can check out how many you have by going into statistics.

250 Running Shot Points20
250 running shot points won    

Basically play someone who is good and they make you run your character around a lot. When on the run try to hit hard angles and drop shots and keep the opponent off balance. Use down-the-line shots as they are the easiest to make while on the run. You can check out how many you have by going into statistics.

100 Grass Court Games20
100 grass court plays    

See "100 Artificial Court Plays".

100 Clay Court Games20
100 clay court plays    

See "100 Artificial Court Plays"

100 Artificial Court game20
100 artificial court plays    

Here you need to play 100 times on each court type, so a total of 300 games. You should try to get all the Live achievements before trying to get these because you will get credit for all of the plays online. If you try to get these before going for the online achievements you will be wasting a huge amount of time. You can check how many times you have played on each surface type by going into Statistics.

1st Xbox Live Play10
Play any game mode on Xbox Live    

Go into a game on Xbox Live. You don’t have to finish the match, you just have to play on Live.

50 Ranked Wins20
Win 50 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live    

See "Won Ranked Match player +25".

5 Consecutive Ranked Wins30
Win 5 Ranked Matches in a row on Xbox Live    (2) 

See "Won Ranked Match player +25".

10 Co-Op Doubles Ranked Wins20
Win 10 co-op doubles Ranked Matches on Xbox Live    

See "Won Ranked Match player +25".

Custom Player - 1st Ranked Win10
Win a Ranked Match using an Custom Player on Xbox Live   

See "Won Ranked Match player +25".

Play 10 hours court time30
Play for 10 hours on tennis courts    

This will be finished during the course of getting #1, if you are trying to get over 800 points you will have to put over 25 hours into this game.

Won Ranked Match Player Rank +2520
Beat a singles rival ranked 25 positions above you   

Basically the same strategy as the doubles achievement, you can try to beat them but the people who are still playing on Live are really good and have the game down. You could just sit there while on your serve and when they leave you will win.

Won Ranked Team Rank +2520
Beat a doubles team ranked 25 positions above you   

While you could try to beat them the real way and be “real” about it or you could just sit at your serve and wait for the opposing team to quit in which case you get the win. Note that doing this may cause you to get negative feedback from the other players.

50 Player lobbies visited20
Visit 50 Player Match lobbies on Xbox Live    (2) 

Go into the player match centre and just join every lobby that you can find and then leave. You should get this very quickly.

VT.TV Viewers10
Watch a match on VT.TV   

Go into the Xbox Live menu and watch a current match that is going on at that time. Just get into the match and the achievement should come up.

Ham and Eggs20
Get a Turkey in Pin Crusher in World Tour on level 4 or above   

Here you have to get 3 strikes in a row. Level 4 is not too much easier than Level 6. The pins move around about the same amount. Just Practice the game and you will eventually figure out where to hit the pins and how to knock them down. It is inevitable that you will play this game because it is the best one to use when trying to level up your serve.

Rank #100 World Tour20
Rank #100 in the World Tour   

You will start out at #300 so it will take some time to get here but make sure that you look at your calendar, and find out when the tournaments that you can play in are. You don’t want to miss a tournament because your character is too tired to play.

Rank #1 World Tour30
Rank #1 in the World Tour   

To get #1 you will face Roger Federer. Here he is much harder to beat than normal and you have to win 2 out of 3 sets. Keep trying to send him off the sides of the court. When possible try to hit a serve out wide and then just wind up and hit it down the line.

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US March 20, 2007
Japan June 30, 2007

Players: 1-4
ESRB: Everyone
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