Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Card Sharp10
Use a Piñata Card    (11) 
Famous Piñata20
Obtain a special Piñata from the website (or trade one with someone who has)    (172) 
Records Keeper30
Restore 10 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records    
Master Exhibitor20
Win 10 Piñata shows   (3) 
Desert Collector10
Make 3 Desert species resident   
Couch Socialite10
Play One Box Co-op for 1 hour   
Master Couch Socialite20
Play One Box Co-op for 3 Hours   (5) 
Region 7 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 7    
Desert Green Fingers20
Grow all Desert plants to maturity   (2) 
Arctic Green Fingers20
Grow all Arctic plants to maturity   
Come And Have A Go20
Earn a Gold Combat Medal   (8) 
Master Arctic Collector20
Make all Arctic species resident   (5) 
Region 2 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 2    
Packet Bulger20
Packet contains all surface types   (1) 
Region 1 Challenger20
Complete all of Langston’s Destination Challenges in Region 1    
Full House10
Play 4 Player Online Co-op for 1 hour   (66) 
Master Card Sharp20
Use 10 different Piñata Cards    (11) 
Win a Piñata race   (3) 
Expert Records Keeper50
Restore all of Piñata Central’s Computer Records   (1) 
Master Records Keeper40
Restore 30 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records    (2) 
Win a Piñata show   
Region 3 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 3   
Region 4 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 4    
Region 5 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 5    
Master Speedfreak20
Win 10 Piñata races   (6) 
Region 6 Challenger20
Complete all Challenges in Region 6    
Master Desert Collector20
Make all Desert species resident   (1) 
Arctic Collector10
Make 3 Arctic species resident   
Master Challenger50
Complete all Challenges in all Regions    
Secret Achievements
Moojoo Evolution20
Evolve a Moojoo from a Doenut   (1) 
Twin Birth10
Create One Set of Twin Pinata's   
Hoghurt Evolution20
Evolve a Hoghurt from a Rashberry   
Yakity Yak20
Collect milk from a Flapyak   
Obtain a Choclodocus   (1) 
Polollybear Evolution20
Evolve a Polollybear from a Fizzlybear   
Fancy Dress30
Wear a complete Piñata "costume" of accessories   (2) 
Wildcard Variant10
Create a Wildcard Pinata   
Chocstrich Evolution20
Evolve a Chocstrich from a Cluckles   
Candied Camera10
Take 10 Photographs (Normal)   
Master Candied Camera20
Take a Special Photograph   (14) 
Have a Woo Woo Train in the Garden   (1) 
Pieena Evolution20
Evolve a Pieena from a Pretztail   
Parmadillo Evolution20
Evolve a Parmadillo from a Fudgehog   
Wildcard Variant Master20
Create 10 Wildcard Piñatas    (6) 
Twin Birth Master20
Create 10 sets of twin Piñatas   
Master Instructor20
Teach 10 Piñatas both of its tricks    (1) 
Long Shot20
Knock 1 Sweet into a seed hole from a long distance    (4) 
Teach a Piñata both of its tricks    
Choo-Choo Master20
Have a Spectral Locomotive in the Garden    (7) 
Gone Clubbing10
Knock 5 Sweets into seed holes using the Shovel    

Game Info


US September 02, 2008
Europe September 05, 2008

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
No videos available
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