Wallace & Gromit Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees

Wallace & Gromit Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees Achievement Guide

Guide By: Loopstahblue
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate time for 200 : 3 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 7
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats disable achievements?: No Cheats

Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees is a wacky adventure game based off of the hit movies following this duo through numerous adventures. Throughout the game there are four achievements that are story related and cannot be missed, but the other eight can be missed and are very insignificant, so they can be missed very easily.

If you get stuck at any point, you can check the walkthrough HERE.

Missable Achievements:
1. Memory Lane – Look at the hatch from the spaceship in the first movie. In the basement look behind the control console in the corner and you will see a dark orangish hatch simply examine it.
2. Get Cracking – You must hear Wallace say his catch phrase “Get Cracking” at every opportunity. This has to be done on one save. The one in Acts 1 and 4 you cannot miss, but 2 and 3 can be. In Act 2 go to the kitchen and turn the dial next to the door to bash and then back to tap, and in Act 3 clear out the town center first, and talk to Wallace after he hangs up the phone. Once you beat the game this should unlock.
3. Mmm... Cheese - Once you go into town in act two just walk up the the grocery store and pick one up off the table.
4. Yee-Oww! – Get stung by three different bees. This is done in Acts 1,2, and 3. The one in Act 2 is done in the story, so you only have to worry about the bees in Acts 1 and 3. In Act 1 go to the dining room, and examine the plates on the wall next to the bookcase, and in Act 3 simply walk into the kitchen, midway through the chaos the achievement should unlock.
5. Snail Whisperer – Show the snail to everyone in town ENDING with Felicity Flitt. This achievement can only be gained in Act 2. There are five people total that you must show the snail to, Major Crum, Paneer, Edwina, Dibbins, and Felicity Flitt.
6. Bee Pleaser – In Act 2, give the bees in the basement every type of flower in the game. The only ones you need to give them to complete the act are the giant daises, so make sure you give them to the bees last. At the beginning of the chapter there will be a table directly next to you, walk up to them and pick them up. The next set of flowers is at the newsstand, examine the metal rack hanging above the window, and scene will take place between Edwina and her husband which will end with him slamming the window knocking down the flowers, go ahead and take them, the next set will be obtained basically the same way except she will ask for your help in doing some sort of poem, here is what you should answer: 1. Anything 2. Anything 3. Mild 4. Gentleman, the next set of flowers will fall. Once you give the bees the giant daises you should hear the sensation of obtaining another achievement.
7. Crack Shot – You must shoot down all of the bees in “The shooting gallery” without missing. The gallery is in Act 3, it begins with you talk to Major Crum, before you start make sure you save, and fallow this guide HERE.
8. No Go Gorgonzola – Go through the entire level without ever touching the Gorgonzola, this is done in Act 3 simply fallow this guide HERE.

Enjoy your time at West Wallaby Street.

x360a would like to thank Steve50013 and jappe66 for this Road Map

Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler20
Complete Act 1.    (3) 


You gain this achievement as you play.
Gained once you have given the honey, egg and toast to Wallace.

How to:
Honey: The honey comes from the pump next to the window in the room you start in. Just activate the pump then give the honey to Wallace.

Toast: In the kitchen use the toaster. Then get the butter from the fridge and use it on the footprints left by the squirrel.

Egg: Collect the badger pen tray that descends from the picture before leaving the starter room. Once in the kitchen press the red button next to the fridge. Use the badger tray on the wire. Press the button again to retrieve the glove. Turn the dial next to the kitchen door on to Tap and then press the red button next to the fridge again.


Act 2: Ton o' Honey20
Complete Act 2.    


You gain this achievement as you play.
Gained once you have used the giant flowers in the honey machine in the cellar.

How to:
Teabag: The squirrel is in a tree in the garden. Pick up the toast in the kitchen and use it on the squirrel. Then go to the Town Centre and admire the flowers on the ledge above the newsagents. Speak to the newsagent. When prompted select the words "Pop", "Blimp", "Mild" and "Gentleman". Pick up the Purple pansies. Return to your garden and use the Purple Pansies on the pansies in your neighbours garden.

Battery: Collect the Gorgonzola from the bedroom. Collect the Wensleydale from the table outside the grocers. Go to the barred window in the police station. Throw one of the cheeses under the bed. Admire the policeman's helmet. Place the second cheese in his helmet. Look at the petition next to the police station door. When prompted select the cheese under the helmet, then the cheese under the bed, then the Rotterdam.

Food bar: In the cellar collect the brass lid of the hive by playing the record. Pick up Gromit's dog tags in the container next to the front door. Talk to the old man at the bus stop. Collect the snail. Show your neighbour the snail. Go to the cellar. Talk to the old man and look at the pictures. Once he talks about being a soldier again give him the lid and the dog tags.

Place all three items in the food mixer in the kitchen. Pick the flowers. Feed them to the honey machine in the cellar.


Act 3: Buzz Cutter20
Complete Act 3.    


You gain this achievement as you play.
Gained once you have taken care of the bees in the cellar, in the garden and in the Town Centre.

How to:
Garden: See "Crack Shot".

Cellar: See "No Go Gorgonzola".

Town Centre: Pick up the frying pan and the tape recorder from the kitchen. Use the tape recorder on the lady in the newsagents. Use the frying pan on the newsagents canopy pole. Go to the grocers and shake the pipe on the left wall to wet the bees.


Act 4: Queenly Bearing20
Complete Act 4.    


You gain this achievement as you play.
Gained once you rescue Wallace and escape through the tunnel.

How to:
Select the dashboard. Open the glove box and take the handle. Press the middle button above the radio to open the sun roof. Press the autopilot button. Exit the dashboard. Climb out the sunroof. Use the handle on the hole on the right to unwind the ladder. Climb back into the van. Select the dashboard. Press the left button above the radio. Climb out of the van. Pick up the feather. Climb the ladder and use the feather on the queen.

In the tunnel press "B" to go back to Wallace. Select the dashboard. Change the radio twice so the queen laughs. Use the growth formulae on the nozzle outside the window. Select the periscope. Shoot the queen in the mouth when she laughs.


Get Cracking15
Hear Wallace say this phrase in four of its instances.     


How to:

Cracking 1: Wallace says this when you give him the egg in Act 1. You can't miss this one.

Cracking 2: In Act 2 with Wallace, as soon as you can leave the cellar go to the kitchen and flick the egg hammer setting (next to the door) to Tap. He will then say something about walnuts and use the word "cracking". If it's already set to Tap you need to flip it to Bash then back to Tap.

Cracking 3: At the start of Act 3 with Gromit pick up the voice recorder and frying pan from the kitchen then leave the kitchen via the hall. Pick up the map and remote from Wallace's clothes. (Wallace gets the map from Mr Paneer in the Town centre in Act 2 so make sure you have it). Go to the Town centre, show Mrs Gabberly in the newsagent the voice recorder then set the frying pan up on the canopy pole. Go to Mr Paneer's store and shake the pipe to wet the bees. Then return home and go to the kitchen, talk to Wallace, then talk to him again at the blender and he will say "cracking".

NOTE: I have only got him to say this if I have only cleared the town, he doesn't appear to say this phrase if you have done the garden or cellar as well as the town so make sure you do the town first!

Cracking 4: At the end of Act 4 Wallace says this after the tunnel chase. You can't miss this one.


Snail Whisperer15
Give the entire cast a glance at a gastropod.     (5) 


Do not show your neighbour the snail before getting this achievement as you lose the snail once you have.
You need to go to the Town Centre (past the bus stop) and show the snail to the policeman, lady in the newsagents and the shopkeeper. Then return to your garden and show your neighbour. Once you have shown her the snail the achievement will unlock.

Note: I had already tried to use the snail on Gromit in the cellar, but it said there was no point when I tried, so I am unsure if you need to show Gromit, I would to be safe.


Crack Shot15
Get through the "shooting gallery" without missing a target.    (2) 


This must be completed without exiting the shooting game and without missing any of the targets below.

You need to give the second gnome in the garden the racket from the bedroom before starting the shooting game, Gromit can walk outside freely while the bees are about to do this.

You need to hit:

Bee 1: Shoot the dustbin to knock the lid off, then shoot the tree to draw the squirrel out, wait for a bee to fly above the dustbin and shoot it, then quickly shoot the squirrel in the tree after the bee falls in the bin.
Bee 2: Shoot the cupboard door on the right, wait for a bee to fly above the trousers and shoot it, then quickly shoot the trousers once the bee falls in.
Bee 3: Shoot the stop/go gnome to spin the pond upright, then wait for a bee to fly above the pond then shoot the stop/go gnome once the bee has fallen in the pond. This does not work if you haven't given the other gnome the racket.


Bee Pleaser15
Offer the bees inside of the Pollenator every type of flower.     


There are four different flowers you need to feed to the honey machine.

1) Flowers - on the table in the cellar straight ahead from the bottom of the stairs in Act 1.
2) Goldenroots- fall from the windowsill above the newsagents in Act 2. Just admire the ledge.
3) Purple Pansies - fall from the windowsill above the newsagents in Act 2. See "Act 2: Ton o' Honey" for the teabag instructions. You need to feed them to the machine before using them to advance the story as you can get a replacement from the newsagents.
4) Giant flowers - grown in the garden once you make the growth formulae. See "Act 2: Ton o' Honey".


Get stung by three different bees.     


There are three chances to be stung by bees.

1) In Act 1 in the room where you start, there is a bee on the yellow plate on the wall and it stings you if you investigate it.
2) If you try to remove the hive lid in the cellar in Act 1 while the bees are next to it they will sting you.
3) You get stung automatically when Wallace goes into the cellar to remonstrate with the bees at the start of Act 3.


No Go Gorgonzola15
Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.    


This does not mean the Gorgonzola in the bedroom in Act 1, you need this to free the sniffer.
There is a second piece of Gorgonzola in Act 3 that you can't pick up if you want this achievement. The policeman will drop it on the floor if you knock on the police station.

How to:
Investigate the pile of clothes in the hallway to get the controller and map. Use the map to go to the Town Centre and pick up the Wensleydale from the table next to the grocers. Return home and go upstairs to the bedroom. Go down to the dining room and pull the lever next to the door. Go back upstairs and pick up the record from the record player. Go down to the cellar and use the controller with Wensleydale. Go upstairs into the back garden (through the kitchen). Drop the Wensleydale down the cellar doors. Return to the cellar and use the hatch on the sniffer. Use the record on the record player.


Mmm... Cheese15
Eat this episode's "mystery cheese".    


You can find the Wensleydale in the Town Centre on a little table next to the front door of the grocers in Act 2.


Memory Lane15
Find an object from Wallace and Gromit’s first movie.    


You can find the hatch behind a machine at the right end of the cellar at the start of Act 2.
Stand near the bee hive and cycle through the objects in the room, it's the red oval. Once you investigate the hatch the achievement unlocks.


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