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Guide By: Itsbrown4606, nastymastadaddy, Skorpion x360a
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1500 points.

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Overview (Retail):
- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 36 (915)
- Online: 4 (85)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Glitchy achievements: None!
- Unobtainable Achievements: None!
- Extra equipment needed: None!

  • Jack Pack 1 DLC
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 125: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Jack Pack 2 DLC
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 125: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Jack Pack 3 DLC
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 125: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Jack Pack 4 DLC
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 125: 2-3 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to the road map and achievement guide for You Don't Know Jack. You Don't Know Jack is a game “where high-culture and pop-culture collide.” The general concept of the game is combining two or more different subjects in a giant melting pot and reaping questions are born from the stew, with the gameplay closely resembling a game show's.

This game isn't hard to get the full gamerscore in by any means, but it will take a significant chunk of time and can be fairly tedious at times.

Step 1: Retail Playthrough
Just play through the game completely, and use the Back Taxes guide below to make sure you get the achievement. Along the way, you should pick up the x00,000aire! achievements, the achievements for answering ten questions relating to certain subjects, and all of the episode completion achievements. Anything else is optional, but it's also recommended you go for Genius for a Day here before you get your average score very high.

Step 2: Multiplayer
Now, move on to multiplayer. There are a few achievements you can get offline with multiple controllers, but some you can only get online. The multiplayer-specific achievements you should be getting in this step are: My First Time, Enscrewiast, Virtual Virgin, Taking It from Behind, Jack Attack Dog, Menage-A-Quatre, Lose to a Loser, Beat a Winner, and Always a Bridesmaid. Use the guide below to get these.

Step 3: Misc. Retail Achievements
The rest of the achievements for the retail 1000 are all pretty varied, but here's a list of the quickest way to get the rest of them:

  • Answer all seven items in a “Dis or Dat” correctly in 10 seconds to earn DisOrDat Destroyer. and DisOrDash.
  • Answer a question correctly in two seconds to earn Button Banger.
  • Answer all questions correctly in an episode to earn Vidiot Savant.
  • Do very well at episodes consecutively to earn the highest ranking in the game, unlocking Mouth-Breather, One Teat Short of an Udder, and Unicorn along the way.
  • Incorrectly answer ten questions within three seconds to earn Quick-Draw McDumbass.
  • Answer Episode 31, Question 7 correctly to earn Discover Gauntlet of Fire.
  • Watch the entire credit roll after an episode to get Overconsumer.
  • Don’t earn an achievement for five hours to earn Consolation Achievement.
  • Answer a question correctly with one second remaining to earn Smelt the Roses.
  • Tank a Jack Attack by scoring less than -$1,000,000 to earn Slack Attack.
  • Use the method described in Turncoat to get it and Social Outcast

Jack Pack 1

For this DLC, the majority of the achievements can be earned just by playing through the ten included episodes and answering three questions correctly in the literature, geography, and TV categories. Incredible Hoarder is the only achievement this won't earn, and is similar to Back Taxes from the Retail 1000. Refer to the achievement guide for the questions and answers for Hoarder.

Jack Pack 2

This DLC's achievements match exactly in form with the first Jack Pack. The only differences are the categories you have to answer three questions correctly in. For this DLC, it's math, music, and astrology. Refer to the guide below for the answers to Nest Egghead, as it's essentially another Back Taxes clone.

Jack Pack 3

Again, the achievements fit in form with Jack Pack 1. Beat the episodes, answer three questions correctly in history, sports, and science, and refer to the guide below for Steaming Stockpile.

Jack Pack 4

This DLC follows in the same footsteps as the previous 3 packs. Just follow THIS answer guide and you'll get all of the achievement in one playthrough. Remember to give the wrong answers to the wrong question of the day for each episode to gain all the prizes. In short, the gameplay is boring if you're in it just for achievements, but very easy.

Congratulations! Depending on whether or not you purchased the DLC, you should either have 1000 or 1500 in You Don't Know Jack.


[we would like to thank Itsbrown4606 for this roadmap]

[we would like to thank Skorpion x360a for the Jack Pack 4 DLC roadmap]

DisOrDat Participation Award5
Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds    (2) 

DisOrDat is a type of question in the game that features seven items presented rapid-fire format. Your job as the contestant is to decide whether they fit criteria or criteria , which is different for each question. The very first episode's DisOrDat is question 5.

For this achievement, you just have to finish one and you’ll be award the achievement after the question, no matter how you did.

DisorDat Destroyer15
Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly    (3) 

This is similar to DisOrDat Participation, but now you have to get all seven items correct. Out of 73 episodes, you should run across one DisOrDat that you will know inside and out. If you really want to get the achievement, replay an episode until you memorize all of the correct answers. Or, just use the following:

Episode 1, Question 5: Popes vs. Britney Spears songs

Note that if you are playing with a Big Button controller, the buttons are reversed.

The Regis50
Earn $1,000,000 lifetime points    

The final monetary amount you need to get to is $1,000,000. It shouldn’t take more than a few days to earn, and you should get there somewhere between the halfway point and the end of the episode list if you don’t do too poorly, and are not replaying episodes. You can replay (i.e. boost) episodes to earn more money, faster.

An average game will probably be somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000, depending on how well you do in-game. Typically, you'll do average with about $5,000-$10,000 and then the Jack Attack will propel you to the top as long as you don't do any stupid misses.

Earn $100,000 lifetime   

Refer to The Regis.

Earn $500,000 lifetime    

Refer to The Regis.

Back Taxes40
Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73     (2) 

One of the features in this game is the “Wrong Answer of the Game” mini-game, where one answer in one of the 9 questions you are asked relates to the “sponsor” of the current episode. Earn all of the prizes, one from each episode, to unlock the achievement.

A list of the questions and answers can be found here. If you follow it, you'll be able to get the achievement by the end of the game.

Button Banger15
Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds    (2) 

This shouldn’t be too hard and you’ll eventually get it without having to boost. All you have to do is know the answer to the question ahead of time (either by understanding the question and where it's headed or replaying an episode) and choose your answer before 18.00 seconds is passed on the clock. Typically, two seconds is enough time to scan through the answers real quick looking for the keyword in the answer, though if it's or you may miss it by a hair.

If you want to get this out of the way quickly, the answer to Episode 1, Question 1 is (63).

Taking It from Behind25
Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack    (3) 

Go from last place to victory in a multiplayer game using the Jack Attack. The easiest way to boost this is to do a 2-player game and just intentionally do poorly until the Jack Attack and then win. You can also easily combine this with Jack Attack Dog and hit two birds with one stone.

Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds    (2) 

Complete a DisOrDat in ten seconds, correctly (7/7), which isn’t as easy as it seems. Even if you know where each choice goes, you may have to repeat an episode for you to get it. Try not to let the verbal recitation of the choice hold you up, as that’s my biggest problem so far. Hit it as soon as you see it.

Refer to DisOrDash Destroyer for a lit of answers to a DisOrDat segment.

Jack Attack Dog50
Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up   (2) 

For this achievement, you’ll need to correctly answer all of the Jack Attack questions in a multiplayer game. You'll also need to win to unlock it, and you may get Taking It from Behind in the process. If you are going to attempt this online, try to host as the host advantage will help you a lot.

Beast Master40
Get 10 animal questions correct (excluding downloadable content)    (5) 

Refer to Living in the Past.

Film in Your Brain40
Get 10 movie questions correct (excluding downloadable content)    

Refer to Living in the Past.

Vidiot Savant50
Get every question right in an episode    (3) 

For this one, you will either need to replay an episode until you can memorize every answer to every question, as well as the correct DisOrDat selections, and the Jack Attack or use these answers in the first episode:

Episode 1: Supreme Court Children's Vitamins
Question 1: 63
Question 2: "Overuses the sauce squirters."
Question 3: Guan
Question 4: Captain Hook
Question 5: DisOrDat: , , , , , ,
Question 6: 12 Pez per Perez Pez
Question 7: 2009
Question 8: A Veggie Lover's Pizza
Question 9: Both have perfect cleavage
Question 10: Pour hot fryer oil on them

Jack Attack: The Hair Up There
Medusa : Snakes
Chia Head : Leaves
Cabbage Patch Kids : Yarn
Pinhead : Pins
Ghost Rider : Fire
Barbie : Nylon
Scarecrow : Straw

Birth Certificate5
Create a contestant   

At the “Play Local” lobby, you’ll have two choices for a name once you join: “New Name” or “I Don’t Care” (which assigns you a random (and funny) name from a pool of names). You’ll obviously want to choose "New Name". Once you’ve entered a name and confirmed, the achievement will unlock.

It's Just More of This5
Finish an episode    

Finish one entire episode in one sitting. This is very, very easy and self-explanatory.

One Teat Short of an Udder40
Achieve the second-highest rating    

Refer to Unicorn.

Achieve the third-highest rating    (1) 

Refer to Unicorn.

Achieve the highest gamer rating    

Ratings are an in-game representation of how well you play. Basically, doing fairly well in games will boost your rating while poor performances detract from it. Simply put, your most recent games determine more about your rating than past games. Replay episodes you know you can do well on and you’ll have no problem getting this achievement.

Get 10 food questions correct (excluding downloadable content)    (1) 

Refer to Living in the Past.

Living in the Past40
Get 10 history questions correct (excluding downloadable content)    (2) 

While it’s hard to pinpoint most of the time which questions count for these achievements, rest assured that you will get most (if not all) of these in the course of the game. And if not by then, certainly by the time you've gotten all of the other achievements.

Play on July 4th instead of celebrating America     (14) 

Obviously, you could wait until the 4th of July and get this, but if you don't want to you can just manipulate your Xbox 360's clock offline and still get the achievement using the following steps:

1. Disconnect from Xbox Live (unplug your Wi-Fi adapter or Ethernet cable)
2. Get to the dashboard.
3. Press your guide button.
4. Go to the "Settings" tab, then "System Settings".
5. Select "Console Settings", then "Clock", then "Date and Time".
6. Configure as needed.

Once you do that, just start the game and the achievement should unlock.

Quick-Draw McDumbass5
Choose wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times    (1) 

Spam a button once the answers appear and you’ll probably get it within two or three episodes. If you are patient, you will probably get this during normal gameplay.

Social Outcast15
Finish 5 single-player games on Friday or Saturday nights     (5) 

Load up some episodes on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy some solo You Don't Know Jack. Tackle them after, 7PM just to make sure you’re within the time frame the game wants. You can also manipulate the clock via the method in Turncoat and unlock this if you don't want to wait.

Lose to a Loser15
Lose an Xbox LIVE match to someone with a rating at or below Dullard   (8) 

Find a new player to You Don't Know Jack either from your friends list or from the Achievement Trading Thread and intentionally do badly while playing. If you can't find anyone and are not worried about your rank, just consistently do poorly while playing with other players and sooner or later you'll get it.

Always a Bridesmaid10
Come in second place 5 times in multiplayer games   (4) 

There is probably going to be someone better than you in at least five games on Xbox LIVE, or they’ll use the host advantage and come from behind to win, so it won’t need much boosting to get this one. Alternatively, you could just play five two-player games and lose each time.

Discover Gauntlet of Fire10
Find the very important gauntlet of fire    (3) 

Answer Episode 31, Question 7 correctly.

Question: Place these things in chronological order of when they were first established: World Wildlife Fund, World of Warcraft, World Wide Web, Walt Disney World.
Answer: WWF, WDW, WWW, WOW

Listen to all the commercials during the credits    (2) 

After you finish a game, let the credits roll and enjoy the fake commercials that play. After the credits finish, wait another 5-10 seconds and the game automatically advances to the lobby, popping the achievement.

Consolation Achievement20
Play 5 hours without getting a single achievement    (12) 

If you don’t do anything noteworthy for five hours while playing, you’ll earn this achievement. While it sounds pretty easy, during normal gameplay you’ll most likely break your streak a couple of times. If you want to boost it just load an episode, pause, and do something else for five hours.

Genius for a Day30
Score at least $30,000 over your average    (1) 

Earning $30,000 over you average really isn’t easy unless you boost it . The easiest thing to do is to blow your first episode, then nail your second episode. If you don't think you can do it legitimately, you can either refer to Vidiot Savant or quit the game and restart.

Virtual Virgin20
Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times   (1) 

Getting "screwed" means that in a multiplayer game another player used a screw to force you to answer the current question in 5 seconds for the current value on the clock.

For this achievement, correctly answer while screwed five times. Just don't panic, and use the time while Cookie is announcing you've been screwed to study the answers real quick. If you honestly don't know, you've got a 25% chance of getting it right, more if you can eliminate some obviously wrong answers. This is probably easier to boost, especially once everyone knows all of the questions, but you’ll get it eventually if you play online a lot.

Screw 50 times   (1) 

In 50 separate games of multiplayer play, use your screw, for better or for worse. Most online players tend to ignore their screws it seems like, so a 10th question screw will probably serve you well in most cases. You can then use the revenge screw that inevitably comes your way to go for Virtual Virgin.

My First Time10
Screw someone for the first time   (9) 

Use your screw once in a multiplayer game using or (or the Big Button on a Big Button controller). It's that simple.

Smelt the Roses15
Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second    

During normal gameplay, there will most likely be a moment where you realize the answer (or get lucky) in the last second of a question. Or, if you do know an answer, just wait out the clock until it’s under a second and answer then.

Complete a 4-player match on Xbox LIVE   (22) 

Online, just host a game and wait until three other players show up and then go for it. No one can quit on you, though, or else you won’t get it. Most hosts know to wait for a full house but some do want to play with less.

In my experiences online, most players will play out the game. Hard lag will probably be the most deciding factor regarding players sticking around, as opposed to doing poorly or anything else.

Slack Attack37
Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack    (10) 

For -$1,000,000, you need to answer incorrectly 250 times, and the game will probably go around ten or so times. Even if you can manage 4 presses per choice because the answer hasn't shown up yet, you still shouldn't have much trouble.

Also, going under -$1,000,000 is not the same as losing $1,000,000. Only the former will net you the achievement.

Beat a Winner40
Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an Xbox LIVE Match   (15) 

Playing online, you may eventually come across someone who’s rating is Unicorn. The trick is you will never know what their ratings are so just aim to win in every game and you’ll get it eventually. Or you can boost if you want to get this achievement out of the way.

Perfect Attendance73
Play episodes 1-73    

Complete Rounds 1-73. Nothing fancy here. By the time you get this, you should have most of the others unlocked as well.

The Game's Half Full5
Play episodes 1-36    (1) 

Refer to Perfect Attendance.

The Game's Half Empty5
Play episodes 1-37    

Refer to Perfect Attendance.

Secret Achievements
Great Crowd20
Laugh at an easy joke    (13) 

Complete Episode 8, Question 4. Laughing optional.

DLC: JACK Pack 1
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
JACK Wrack20
Play all episodes in JACK Pack    

Simply play all of the episodes featured in the first JACK Pack. There are 10 total.

Map Dancer25
Get 3 geography questions correct in JACK Pack    (2) 

This is just like the other "Get [x number of] [theme y] questions correct" in the main game, except you only need to answer three questions in the category instead of ten like in the main game. This will almost surely come from normal gameplay, but if not just replay episodes until you get it.

Lit Twit 25
Get 3 literature questions correct in JACK Pack    (2) 

Refer to Map Dancer.

Boob Tuber25
Get 3 TV questions correct in JACK Pack    (6) 

This is similar to Map Dancer, but there are only two TV questions in Jack Pack 1, so you'll have to replay an episode to get the achievement. The questions and answers are:

Episode 6, Question 6: "My Daddy is my Brother!"
Episode 6, Question 9: Bones

Incurable Hoarder30
Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack    

This is this DLC's counterpart to Back Taxes. The answers are as follows:

Episode 1: Q7, Lord of the Flies (Maggot World)
Episode 2: Q4, Vegas Vacation (Uncle Larry's Station Wagon Decals)
Episode 3: Q8, Magneto (The Bacon Magnet)
Episode 4: Q5, The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hallow (L'il Executioners Doll Guillotines)
Episode 5: Q6, December 21, 2012 (Doomsday Devices, Ltd.)
Episode 6: Q9, The X-Files (File Cabinets: The Video Game)
Episode 7: Q2, My Big Fat ITALIAN WEDDING (Soup-in-a-Cone)
Episode 8: Q6, Putting letters into boxes (Professor Impresser's Pre-Completed Crosswords)
Episode 9: Q2, The Way of the Samurai (The Animal Ghost Humane Society)
Episode 10: Q9, Planter's Mr. Peanut (Monocle City Monocle Superstore)

DLC: JACK Pack 2: Best of the Webshow
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
JACK Smack20
Play all episodes in JACK Pack 2    

Simply answer all of the questions from the second JACK Pack. Again, ten in total.

Super Know-va25
Get 3 astrology questions correct in JACK Pack 2    (2) 

This is similar to Map Dancer, but there are only three astrology questions in Jack Pack 2, so if you want to avoid having to replay episodes the questions and answers are:

Episode 3, Question 9: Miranda
Episode 7, Question 1: Uranus and Neptune
Episode 8, Question 2: She'd be the only player to SPIN CLOCKWISE to hit a ball.

B Sharp25
Get 3 music questions correct in JACK Pack 2    

Refer to Map Dancer.

Math Head25
Get 3 math questions correct in JACK Pack 2    

Refer to Map Dancer.

Nest Egghead30
Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack 2    

This is this DLC's counterpart to Back Taxes. The answers are as follows:

Episode 1: Q3, The Mask (Burglar King Designer Robbery Wear)
Episode 2: Q9, Blow (Inflata-Bill's Blow-Up Doll Rentals and Sales)
Episode 3: Q4, Sno-Caps (Snow Globe Surplus Store)
Episode 4: Q10, CONEy Island (The ManCone: Dog Cones for Men)
Episode 5: Q7, The one where he played Tripper (Mama Meatball's Yumball Machines)
Episode 6: Q5, A garter snake vacationing in Canada (Frederick's of Honolulu Tropical Intimates)
Episode 7: Q7, Jockey (Mr. Ted's Protective Horse Covers)
Episode 8: Q5, Nebraska Cornhuskers (Self-Righteous Harvest Vegetarian Corndogs)
Episode 9: Q8, Dates (Yesteryear's Used Calendars)
Episode 10: Q4, "HERSHEY'S MINIATURES crashing through your veins" (Tiny Joe's Miniature Golf Supply Depot)

DLC: JACK Pack 3
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
JACK Crack20
Play all episodes in JACK Pack 3    (2) 

Simply answer all of the questions from the third JACK Pack. Once again, ten in total.

Wizard of Balls25
Get 3 sports questions correct in JACK Pack 3    

Refer to Map Dancer.

Past Perfect25
Get 3 history questions correct in JACK Pack 3    

Refer to Map Dancer.

Sci Fly25
Get 3 science questions correct in JACK Pack 3    

Refer to Map Dancer.

Steaming Stockpile30
Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack 3      

This is this DLC's counterpart to Back Taxes. The answers are as follows:

Episode 1: Q7, Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the rope (Silly Nooses)
Episode 2: Q4, Marco Polo having a sleepover (Pocket Pool Instant Swimming Pools)
Episode 3: Q9, A bite saw (The Mosquitard)
Episode 4: Q6, A smokey BBQ pork butt (Ben Dover's Colonoscopy Knick Knacks)
Episode 5: Q8, Maids a-milking (Sergeant Soggy Cereal)
Episode 6: Q2, PB... &J (Radiologie Designer Lead Fashion Wear)
Episode 7: Q5, The Cannes International Film Festival ("Queef" Quick Beef in a Can)
Episode 8: Q3, B + rash = brash (Salvatore's Salve Store)
Episode 9: Q7, TNT (Pass the Dynamite board game)
Episode 10: Q9, Aladdin's lago (Gene's Used Genie Lamps)

DLC: Jack Pack 4
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
JACK Sack20
Play all episodes in JACK Pack 4    

All you have to do is play through all 10 episodes. It doesn't matter how well you do as long as you complete them all. If you follow the guide HEREyou will get all of the questions right and will get Cock of the Wok, Hot Butter, and Animal Husband right before you finish up all the episodes.

Cock of the Wok25
Get 3 food questions correct in JACK Pack 4    (3) 

See "JACK Sack"

Hot Butter25
Get 3 movie questions correct in JACK Pack 4    

See "JACK Sack"

Animal Husband25
Get 3 animal questions correct in JACK Pack 4    (1) 

See "JACK Sack"

Overprize Load30
Collect all 10 prizes in JACK Pack 4     
This is the DLC's counterpart to Back Taxes. The answers are as follows:

Episode 1, Q9: Road Runner Spray
Episode 2, Q7: a heavy shower
Episode 3, Q6: Tatooine
Episode 4, Q5: beef tongue
Episode 5, Q3: soft serve!!!
Episode 6, Q5: the Artistic Director of London's Globe Theatre
Episode 7, Q5: IV
Episode 8, Q2: danced in "West Side Story"
Episode 9, Q7: Scoop
Episode 10, Q7: Mr. Freeze

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