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I Heal, Therefore I Am

Healed 50 sick animals 

This achievement requires that you heal 50 sick animals. Animals can become sick when they run out of food. The chance of this happening seems to occur more rapidly when an animals health percentage is lower. You can tell an animal is sick because it will have green bubbles above its head. Sick animals are useless to you. They cant be sent to reserves, breed, or even attract any zoo visitors. Select the sick animal and you will be asked which vitamin/medicine you want to use to heal them. Your options include one that costs just 300 Zoo Coins, but will take 24 hours to work, another that takes only five hours, but costs 1,500 Zoo Coins, and finally one that works instantly that costs 20 diamonds. Using diamonds is preferable, as everything else is just a waste of time, since having a sick (or healing) animal brings that exhibit to a halt. Once you max out an animal's reserve, feel free to use the 24-hour medicine on your sick critters.

After applying the medicine, wait the required amount of time and your animal will be good as new. Do this a total of 50 times across your entire zoo to pop this achievement. This will definitely come as you progress through the game because most exhibits run out of food in just an hour or two. Unless you set your alarm in the middle of the night to feed your digital zoo animals, they will be in starvation mode most of the night, almost guaranteeing you will have several sick animals per day, by no fault of your own. 

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