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Zoo Tycoon Friends Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 
- Offline: 0
- Online: 18 [200] Game requires active online connection at all times.
- Estimated time for 200100+ hours playtime and 2+ months actual time (unless using time glitch or spending real money).
- Minimum playthroughs: 1
- Missable Achievements: None
- Cloud Saving: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
- Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
- Glitchy/unobtainable achievements: ALL 18. Servers have been shut down.
- Extra equipment needed: Windows 8.1 Tablet or PC

Servers are shut down. Game can no longer be loaded or completed.

Zoo Tycoon Friends is a freemium zoo-building simulation game published by Microsoft Studios. The object of the game is to grow your zoo from scratch by constructing animals exhibits, decorations, and concessions to increase your zoo's visiting population. Visitors spend money which can be used to further upgrade your zoo. There are two currencies: Zoo Coins which can be earned regularly at a relatively quick pace just by progressing through the game and diamonds, which are quick rare to obtain without spending real money. This guide is based on the premise that you do not spend any money at all on the game. If you break down and pay the outrageous prices for diamonds, your path may be a little quicker. 

The game features automatic cloud saving between Windows Phone and Windows 8. You can tend to your zoo on either platform. Any achievements earned in one version will automatically pop on the loading screen when you boot up the other version. This works both ways, so feel free to play through the game on both devices if it is more convenient for you, or just one. 


  • Always watch the five ad videos to collect free diamonds when the option becomes available (look for the purple icon in the top left corner of the screen). This is the most efficient way to get diamonds. NOTE: Only available in the Windows 8 version of the game in select regions.
  • Diamonds can also be obtained randomly by tapping on decorations. They are also given as payouts for certain story missions and can be awarded randomly when you ship an animal to a reserve.
  • Besides using diamonds to heal sick animals when needed, feel free to use them for the premium Star Animal Habitats and Animal Exhibits. These exhibits will pay out a higher price than normal exhibits. Once you purchase the habitat, the actual animals themselves and all upgrades are purchased with Zoo Coins.
  • DO NOT spend Zoo Coins on anything else besides what is currently required for the story missions. This will minimize the amount of Zoo Coin grinding and keep story progress constant.
  • Exchanging gifts with friends is just about useless. The gifts are so insignificant in relation to what you get just by playing the game normally.
  • Upgrades: Upgrading the Feeder will increase the amount of food it can hold. Upgrading the Pond will improve animal health. Upgrading the Shelter will reduce breeding time. Upgrading Areas A, B, C, and D will increase the payout rate for the habitat.
  • Pay attention to the allotment of concessions at your disposal. Initially you will only be able to build one of each concession. As you progress through the story, you will be able to build multiple of each one.

Step 0 - Make a Friend That has Played the Game:
The "Good Neighbor" achievement will require that you have at least one other player on your friends list that has played the game. Make sure you have another friend with the game already, or post in the Achievement Trading Thread to find other players. The game also offers the ability to send and receive gifts with friends, so the more the merrier! 

Step 1 - Play Through all 14 Chapters of the Story:
Your main focus while progressing through the game will be completing the story chapters, which all consist of very linear and predefined missions. The way your zoo expands will be very limited by the game mechanics. The missions take you through just about everything. At all times, focus on completing your active mission objectives. Refrain from spending Zoo Coins on anything not related to your active mission. Near the end of the story, in Chapter 14, you will unlock the last Star Animal exhibit and pop the "Biodiversity" achievement. This is as far as you need to go into the story. The main achievement you will want to pay attention to the entire time is "It's Easy Being Green," which requires that you max out 10 nature reserves by releasing 100 of each species. To do this, you will want to constantly be releasing your grown-up baby animals to the wild. 

Step 2 - Mop-up:
After reaching the end point of the story, you may need to grind a bit to unlock those last few achievements, such as "One ... Million," "Moving On Up," and "Superstar!" This should mostly involve checking the game here and there to increase your bankroll. 

Zoo Tycoon Friends is not unlike Ice Age Village, another freemium city-builder on Windows Phone. It will require a vast amount of time to complete. It is not at all difficult, but will request a decent amount of dedication and patience. The best part is that the game is FREE and does not require real money to complete in any way.

[XBA would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Learning the Ropes… 5
Completed the tutorial  

This achievement requires that you complete the game's tutorial. Once you start the game, just follow the on-screen instructions for about ten minutes to finish the tutorial and pop this achievement, which will likely be your first. This will teach you the basic game mechanics that will be essential moving forward to complete the game.

Almost Famous 5
Grew your zoo to 100,000 occupants  

See "Superstar!"

Superstar! 10
Grew your zoo to 200,000 occupants  

These achievements require that you grow your zoo to entertain 100,000 and 200,000 occupants at once. This will come while progressing through the linear story. Star Animal exhibits, regular animal exhibits, and concessions all increase your number of occupants. Upgrading areas A,B,C, and D within exhibits and having higher star-leveled star animals also increases your visitors. Because the game mechanics greatly limit your ability to expand your zoo, upgrading will be the key to reaching these thresholds. 

Seeing Stars 5
Adopted a five-star animal  

This achievement requires that you adopt a five-star animal. This can be done with any species, but will first require a maxed-out nature reserve for that animal. See "It's Easy Being Green" for more information on maxing out a nature reserve. Once your reserve is at max, make sure you have a free spot in that animal's exhibit. If you do, purchase the five-star animal to unlock this achievement immediately.

*NOTE: This can "quickly" be done by maxing out the tiger reserve by repeatedly breeding and releasing 1-star tigers. These tigers have a short time (five minutes or less) than can be automatically advanced for no diamonds (free). The only requirement is that you have a 1-star male and a 1-star female. 

It's Easy Being Green 20
Maxed out 10 nature reserves  

This achievement requires that you max out 10 different star animals nature reserves. This is done by aging an animal to maximum and then sending them to the nature reserve. To max out a species' reserve, you must release a total of 100 of that animal. Do this for ten different Star Animals to unlock this achievement. 

This should be attempted with the first ten available star animals, starting the grind as soon as each becomes available. To conserve money, which will be vital elsewhere for upgrades and other zoo expenditures, you should adopt (i.e. purchase) just two to start with. Repeatedly breed babies, grow them to adults, and release them to the reserve. You can check your progress towards all nature reserves by tapping the globe button which is always located in the bottom left of the screen.

Always Good to See You! 10
Interacted with animals 250 times  

See "Grandma's Favorite Hugger."

Grandma's Favorite Hugger 15
Interacted with animals 500 times  

These achievements require that you interact with animals a cumulative total of 250 and 500 times. Only star animals can be interacted with. To interact with an animal, you must first tap on it. The animal will then move to a specific location within the exhibit (there are three such locations). Once stopped, tap on the animal again. It will perform some type of an action, and then return a stand-still. This counts as one interaction. You can immediately tap the animal again to get another interaction, and so on. Do this with numerous animals simultaneously to minimize the grind.

There is not much benefit to interacting with animals, other than increasing their happiness, which has a slight effect on the number of visitors they attract, and hence your income for the time being. These achievements will unlock immediately when the required amount of interactions is reached.

I Heal, Therefore I Am 10
Healed 50 sick animals  

This achievement requires that you heal 50 sick animals. Animals can become sick when they run out of food. The chance of this happening seems to occur more rapidly when an animals health percentage is lower. You can tell an animal is sick because it will have green bubbles above its head. Sick animals are useless to you. They cant be sent to reserves, breed, or even attract any zoo visitors. Select the sick animal and you will be asked which vitamin/medicine you want to use to heal them. Your options include one that costs just 300 Zoo Coins, but will take 24 hours to work, another that takes only five hours, but costs 1,500 Zoo Coins, and finally one that works instantly that costs 20 diamonds. Using diamonds is preferable, as everything else is just a waste of time, since having a sick (or healing) animal brings that exhibit to a halt. Once you max out an animal's reserve, feel free to use the 24-hour medicine on your sick critters.

After applying the medicine, wait the required amount of time and your animal will be good as new. Do this a total of 50 times across your entire zoo to pop this achievement. This will definitely come as you progress through the game because most exhibits run out of food in just an hour or two. Unless you set your alarm in the middle of the night to feed your digital zoo animals, they will be in starvation mode most of the night, almost guaranteeing you will have several sick animals per day, by no fault of your own. 

Taking Care of Business 15
Restocked concessions 500 times   

This achievement requires that you restock your concessions a cumulative total of 500 times. Concessions have their own category in the store, and include structures like the cotton candy stall, balloon shack, and sushi bar. You must keep them stocked with supplies in order for them to payout Zoo Coins. To restock a concession, tap on it, then choose the tab with the two small gears on it, then select restock. Once full, it will only be a matter of seconds before a concession loses a supply unit. At this time, you can restock it again. If you want to grind this, wait until you have a few concessions built and repeatedly keep restocking them as soon as they deplete a single supply unit. However, this achievement will definitely come during progress through the game, as constantly restocking concessions will be vital to keeping the Zoo Coins flowing.

Taming the Herd 10
Unlocked 10 animal exhibits  

This achievement requires that you unlock 10 different animal exhibits. Animal exhibits are those that contain the smaller animals that care for themselves (kiwi birds, cobras, lemurs, etc). Animal exhibits unlock naturally as you progress through the story. The 10th one, the premium peacock exhibit, unlocks in the middle of Chapter 8. As soon as you reach this point in the story, the achievement will unlock.

The Munchies 10
Fed 100,000 food portions to your animals  

This achievement requires that you feed a cumulative total of 100,000 food portions to your star animals. Feeding your animals will be an integral part of your experience with that game. You have an overall food supply, shown at the top center of the screen (number next to the food bowl icon). Feeding animals reduces this count, which slowly replenishes in time. At some points, your animals may need fed, but you are without any supply. Either wait while your food restores, or tap on decorations for the random chance of getting food crates. The rate at which each animal species consumes food varies, but this achievement will come in no time. Just always focus on keeping your animals fed. More than likely you will reach this milestone around Chapter 7.

Biodiversity 20
Unlocked 20 different Star Animal Habitats  

These achievements require that you unlock 10 and 20 different star animal habitats. Star animal habitats are those that contain the larger animals that require your full-care (healing, feeding etc.). Star animal habitats unlock naturally as you progress through the story. The 10th one, the premium Giraffe habitat, unlocks at the beginning of Chapter 7. The 20th one, the Wild Horse Habitat, unlocks in Chapter 14. As soon as you reach these points in the story, the achievements will unlock. You do not actually need to purchase the habitats, which is good in the case of Giraffe one, as it costs 1,275 diamonds.

Good Neighbor 10
Visited friends 100 times  

This achievement requires that you visit your friends' zoos a cumulative total of 100 times. Your first objective will be to ensure you have at least one friend playing the game. To access your friends list in-game, tap the icon in the bottom left of the screen that shows two people. This will bring up a listing of your Xbox Live friends, ranked by their current Zoo level.

If you have no friends on this list, see "Step 0" of the Roadmap for help finding some. From this list, you can visit anyone's zoo by tapping the Airplane icon next to their name. This will load their zoo for you to visit. Push the Home icon in the bottom left to return to your own zoo. This counts as one towards this achievement. Repeat until you reach 100. You can visit the same friend's zoo all 100 times if you want as all visits count. You might as well grind this early on, as there is no real benefit to you by visiting your friends' zoos while you play, other than to see how creative they might be.

A Place for Everything 5
Have 50 decorations in your zoo  

This achievement requires that you have a total of 50 decorations in your zoo at one time. Decorations can be found in their own section within the store. The game's story will eventually require that you place more than 50 (as long as you don't remove any), so feel free to ignore this one and let it pop naturally. If you want to grab this right away, save up 4,000 Zoo Coins and purchase the cheapest available cedar hedges. As soon as you reach 50, the achievement will pop.

Road to Success 10
Have 300 road tiles in your zoo  

This achievement requires that you have a total of 300 road tiles in your zoo at one time. Road tiles can be found in the "MISC" section of the store, short for miscellaneous. Having road tiles in your zoo is useless, other than to make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you just want the achievement quick, save up 3,000 Zoo Coins and place 300 road tiles in a massive blob (each tile costs 10 Zoo Coins). As soon as you reach 300, the achievement will pop. Feel free to sell the tiles back when you are done.

Moving on Up! 20
Fully upgraded 10 Star Animal Habitats   

This achievement requires that you fully upgrade 10 Star Animal Habitats. Each star animal habitat has a total of 24 upgrades. You can check your upgrade progress for each habitat by first selecting a habitat, then navigating to the statistics tab (looks like a pie chart). You must reach 24/24 upgrades for a total of 10 different star animal habitats. When you first place the habitat, it will show upgrade progress 3/24. These three upgrades are handed to you, and include the male and female adoption circles, and the breeding circle. The other 21 upgrades come from upgrading Area A, Area B, Area C, Area D, the Pond, the Feeder, and the Shelter to Level 3 (7x3=21). 

Since the cost of upgrades increases through the game, it is best to upgrade the first 10 star animal habitats you unlock (or at least the ones that do not cost diamonds). This achievement will require a large sum of cash regardless. It is probably best to save this achievement for last. 

The Good Shepherd 10
Unlocked 10 different Star Animal Habitats  

See "Biodiversity."

One … Million! 10
Collected 1,000,000 Zoo Coins  

This achievement requires that you collect a cumulative total of 1,000,000 Zoo Coins in your zoo. Zoo Coins will be integral to your progress through the game. They will be paid out to you from your star animal habitats, concessions, Story mission rewards, and normal animal exhibits. You will be required to spend far more than 1,000,000 Zoo Coins to complete the game, so do not worry about this one. More than likely you will unlock this achievement naturally, sometime between Chapter 6 and Chapter 8. See the "General Tips" section at the end of the Roadmap for tips to maximize your income.

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