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Game Name
# Ach
Game Forums
iStunt 220200
Jetpack Joyride20200
Kinectimals Unleashed10200
Kingdoms & Lords20200
Make it Rain20200
Microsoft Bingo20200
Microsoft Jackpot20200
Microsoft Jigsaw20200
Microsoft Mahjong325
Microsoft Minesweeper20200
Microsoft Number Puzzle20200
Microsoft Solitaire Collection20200
Microsoft Sudoku20200
Microsoft Taptiles23215
Microsoft Treasure Hunt20200
Modern Combat 5: Blackout19200
Monster Go!20200
Monster Island18200
Monsters Love Candy20200
Order & Chaos20200
Overkill 320200
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX12200
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (TOSHIBA)12200
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (VAIO)12200
Pinball FX 2601500
Project Spark911000
Puzzle by Nikoli X Sudoku5200
Rabbids Big Bang20200
Rayman Fiesta Run25200
Rayman Jungle Run18200
Reckless Racing28300
Ridiculous Marathon20200
Rocket Riot 3D24500
Royal Envoy 2: Special Edition20200
Samurai vs. Zombies Defense20200
Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities9120
Shark Dash20200
Shuffle Party10200
Skulls of the Shogun20200
Team Crossword20200
Tentacles: Enter the Mind20200
The Great Wobo Escape (W8)12200
The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running20200
The Harvest18200
Throne Together12200
Tiny Troopers20200
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops20200
Total Conquest20200
Touchdown Hero: New Season20200
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