Outriders Details Classes, Powers, Gameplay and More in New Videos

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People Can Fly and Square Enix revealed a truckload of new information on thier next game Outriders last night during a previously promised gameplay livestream, giving us all a bunch of new details on the forthcoming co-op RPG shooter. There's a lot to unpack, so let's get stuck in.

You'll get to pick from one of three classes as you step into the trenches of Enoch - the Pyromancers, whose whole deal is - as you probably guessed - fire, and manipulating the volcanic energy from the planet. Tricksters get to play with time and space manipulating powers, able to perform feats such as slowing down time in a bubble and teleporting across the battlefield. Finally, Devestators utilise the power of the earth to perform hard hitting attacks and blast through rock and stone with the force of several bulldozers.

As you progress and level up through the game, you'll unlock more powers and skills in your chosen classes relative skill tree, while coming up against equally tougher enemies mutated by the Anomaly including what appear to be bosses with even more extreme versions of some of these powers. Along the way through your journey across Enoch you'll unlock safe areas in the form of hubs, little pockets of civilisation that act as trading posts, where you'll be able to customise your Outrider's weapons and cosmetic looks. 

There's a bunch of videos to go through including more details on the game's story and lore - you can either watch them individually or check out the full 30-minute livestream below. As announced in the initial reveal earlier in the week, Outriders is set to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC in Holiday 2020.


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