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Monster Truck Championship Shows Death Defying Jumps and Flips in New Trailer

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Monster Truck Championship has a new trailer, showcasing some of the races, jumps and tricks you'll be tackling in your heavy duty four-wheeler.

The game features a more realistic approach to monster truck driving, eschewing the arcadey style you might expect in order to allow players to pull of believable stunts by learning how to use the vehicle's unique physics. Once you've gotten to grips with controlling your truck, there are five main modes to take part in. The standard Race mode sees you taking on other monster trucks on a circuit, with a Time-Trial mode where you'll attempt to set new lap records.

Drag Races will see players racing against one other vehicle on a small section of track, while Freestyle will ask you to rack up points by performing as many tricks as possible. Destruction offers the most cathartic experience, rewarding players for destroying every obstacle they you can. There's currently no word on whether there will be some kind of Truckasaurus in the game, but we can only hope.

You can check out the game in action in the new trailer down below. Monster Truck Championship rolls onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in October 2020.


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