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Star Wars: Squadrons Details The Eight Iconic Starfighters You Can Pilot

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EA has taken a detailed look at the starfighters you'll be able to pilot in Star Wars: Squadrons in a new blog post, explaining how they'll handle and the efforts that the development team went to to ensure that they felt authentic.

The eight ships available are:

  • T-65B X-wing starfighter
  • BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber
  • RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
  • UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
  • TIE/ln starfighter (“TIE fighter”)
  • TIE/sa bomber (“TIE bomber”)
  • TIE/in interceptor (“TIE interceptor”)
  • TIE/rp reaper attack lander (“TIE reaper”)

These are split into four categories - fighters, bombers, interceptors and support. Each ship will handle and function differently, although all ships will feature a primary weapon, countermeasures, hull outfitting, engines and two abilities, meaning it won't be too difficult to switch from piloting one starfighter to another.

Fighters are the jack-of-all-trades ship, being fairly quick, not too fragile and able to deal out decent damage. Meanwhile, Interceptors excel in dogfighting with a high speed and strong lasers, but they can't take too much of a beating themselves, meaning they are best used for quick attacks before retreating. Bombers do what they say on the tin - they may be slow, but they are bulky and can deal huge damage to cruisers and capital ships with their bombs, and can also pack a punch in a dogfight. Finally, Support ships are essential for your team to resupply and repair, but they can also disrupt enemy forces with deployable turrets and mines, as well as tractor beams that can slow enemy fighters.

Regardless of which starfighter you pick, a huge element of Squadrons is power management, allowing you to divert power to engines, lasers or shields depending on the situation. Keeping them all balanced will work well most of the time, but increasing one of the three to max power will unlock a unique ability, such as a Speed Boost for your engines or Overcharge for lasers.

The team at Motive Studios have worked at recreating the iconic ships as authentically as possible, and that includes the cockpits, which Creative Director Ian Frazier says was a challenge.

"A big part of our work in bringing these starfighters to life has been the creation of the cockpits. They're challenging, because we're trying to look as realistic as possible while matching the aesthetic from the films and incorporating the necessary gameplay information as naturally as possible. How do we convey the state of your shields or the status of your target, for instance, in a way that feels like it belongs in the Star Wars galaxy?"

The team designed the cockpits as if they were real props created in the '70s, with curved CRTs and LED bulbs rather than generic screens or flashing lights. Motive Studios also had a unique problem with the TIE ships, where they had to work out how those ships are piloted. All of this work has meant that the team is able to add a "Instruments Only" mode to the settings, which will turn off all UI elements and allow players to pilot the ships with just the cockpit instruments as if you were a real pilot in the Star Wars universe, which sounds very cool.

Star Wars: Squadrons releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on 2nd October 2020.


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