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Tormented Souls is a Survival Horror That Looks a Bit Like Classic Resident Evil

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PQube, Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works have announced Tormented Souls, a survival horror inspired by classic examples of the genre, including the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, as well as the likes of Alone in the Dark. The game even features a fixed camera, like vintage Resident Evil.

Billed as a "modern take" on classic survival horror, Tormented Souls has a streamlined control system, "a more dynamic camera", and seeks to retain "everything that made those games so beloved by fans." You'll play as Caroline Walker, investigating the disappearance of twin girls in a place called Winterlake.

Awakening in the middle of the night, naked in a bathtub, hooked up to decaying medical equipment, you'll have to fight for your life while exploring the halls of a seemingly abandoned mansion that's been converted into a macabre hospital. Using weapons and sharp wits, you'll need to scour the environment for helpful resources, and solve puzzles by combining items. Sounds familiar...

In Tormented Souls, mirrors will also provide an entry point to an alternate reality and place in time, enabling Caroline to manipulate the fabric of reality "in surprising ways", helping to turn certain situations to her advantage. Expect to encounter "unspeakable horrors" when Tormented Souls launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021. Check out the debut trailer below.


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