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Star Wars: Squadrons Details Ship Customisation Features

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EA has unveiled details on some of the ways you'll be able to customise your spacecraft in the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons, which will come in both cosmetic and in functionality flavours.

Players will be able to earn requsition points as they play, which they can then spend to upgrade their ships in one of up to seven slots (with those craft with shield generators only getting six); Primary Weapons, two Auxillary slots, Countermeasures, Hull, Shields and Engines. Some components you'll buy will offer passive advantages, boosting your defence or speed or maybe boosting your shields, and some will infer active bonuses and even infer certain abilities onto your craft. Each Starfighter will be able to equipped with up to three passive and four active components.

In terms of active components, they'll include your ship's primary cannons, which can be tweaked to offer, for example, a faster rate of fire at the expense of their damage output or burst fire at long rage - it'll be up to you to tweak your weapons to get the loadout best suited for a given mission. Auxillary components will include heavier weapons like torpedos, bombs and mines or even repair astromechs. But bear in mind, you can't have two of the same component in each auxillary slot. Finally, Countermeasures include things like sensor jammers to throw lock-ons off your tail, or warheads that can seek out incoming missiles.

On top of these, there'll also be a bunch of cosmetic customisations available for both your starfighters and your pilots for both Imperials and New Republic, which you'll be able to see in both single player story and the multiplayer modes. You'll be able to unlock further customisations through earning Glory points, and naturally you'll be able to mix and match a range of faces and voices - including non-human characters - as you see fit. And yes, it seems you'll be able to customise your cockpit too with knick knacks - a hanging Stormtrooper helmet is mentioned, we're hoping for the classic fuzzy dice. If you're not a fan of all this customisation though and would prefer to see things as they were 'intended' then you'll have the option to disable them too so both you and everyone else looks to you as their default appearance.

You can read the full rundown of the customisation options over on the official EA Star Wars blog post. Star Wars Sqaudrons is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 2nd, 2020. 


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