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There's a ridiculous number of different characters from all walks of life to recruit to your burgeoning team of DedSec resistance members in Watch Dogs Legion. You can enlist esports stars, painters, politicians, police women, judges, lawyers, chefs, personal trainers, minor celebrities, hitmen, games developers, construction workers, janitors... heck, you can even recruit farting paramedics… not that you’d necessarily want to, mind. Paramedics, sure. Perhaps not farting ones.

The list of potential would-be teammates goes on, and on, and on. Admittedly, there are some weird and wonderful ones that are slightly trickier to find, so we thought we’d run you through seven of our favourites, and give you a rough idea of where to find them – we say rough because they move around and are randomised (that said, the archetypes generally don’t move around too much)! Anyway! Here are the seven best and most interesting recruits to add to your team in Watch Dogs Legion.

The Beekeeper – Let’s kick things off with an easy one. In Legion’s virtual London there are eight boroughs, all of which, when they are turned defiant, not only inspires the locals to fight in your corner, but each borough rewards you with a fancy new recruit, most of which are incredibly overpowered. Some, however, are just straight up bizarre, which is where our first recruit comes in, an apiarist anarchist known as the Beekeeper.

If you happen to liberate the City of London borough, not only will you make the Gherkin and the surrounding areas a safer place, but you’ll also be able to run around as the Beekeeper shooting swarms of deadly nano-bees at Albion oppressors, as well as gaining access to the Overcharger gun, which blasts enemies with, let's say honey-coloured lightning, in keeping with the bee theme. Plus, she has an amazing suit that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!

The Living Statue(s) – If you’ve ever been to London, specifically around Covent Garden, Embankment, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar Square, you’ll likely have seen what are commonly referred to as “Living Statues.” These aren't isolated to London of course - they’re just as popular in other tourist traps like Times Square in New York and Bognor Regis’ waterfront. Well, you can recruit these one-note entertainers when you stumble upon them in tourist traps in virtual London – there are a few, actually, and a few different types, too, like a gold spaceman or silver fella. So, what do they actually do? Well, they… they stand really still. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. They stand still and passers-by give them ETO credits. But wait, we lied, that’s not all they do… they can even pull a statue pose to evade pursuers, which if we’re being completely honest, is actually a highly amusing, bloody genius move from Ubisoft Toronto. Kudos!

The Royal Guard - Is there anything more British – in terms of icons – than the Royal Guard? You know, the guards that never smile, wear red coats, carry rifles, and guard the royal residence… oh, and the ones that sport a frickin' bearskin on their heads that make them look like an outdoors Marge Simpson. Okay, they’re not real bearskin hats… sorry, what’s that? They are?! Really? Okay, they are bearskin hats, surprisingly. Anyway, you can recruit one in Watch Dogs: Legion. We’re not sure why you would though as they stick out like a sore thumb (literally when you get in a car and their hat protrudes from the roof), but they are super iconic looking. That, and they can get you into Buckingham Palace’s grounds without being speared in the head. You’re only going to find them there, too, so that on its own makes them a very interesting recruit. After all, it pays to have royal friends, right?

The Stage Magician – Okay, so this one is a little trickier to find than most of the characters on this list. In fact, we’ve only ever found a single instance of the Stage Magician. Now look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, while we tell you all about our third character. Yes, you guessed it, there is a chuffin’ hypnotist in Watch Dogs Legion. That’s not even the best thing, the hypnotist has a pocketwatch and a hypnotise enemy ability that prompts foes to fight for you. Wait, wait, wait, we’re not done… she also has a unique takedown animation where she hypnotises enemies causing them to drop on the spot as they fall into a deep sleep. Honestly, this is one of the greatest characters in a video game ever, even if she does have the worst London accent ever. Ugh!

Buskers – London wouldn’t be London without a smattering of hugely talented buskers. You name the instrument, they play it… well, not literally, they play their own instruments, duh, but you know what we mean. Ubisoft’s virtual London is no different, the only real difference here is that you can become a busker, get virtual money for playing your instrument – be it trumpet, harmonica, or guitar - and well, that’s pretty much it. But the more interesting aspect is that Ubisoft Toronto went the extra mile to create buskers who can play a wide variety of instruments, whether that’s someone playing the harmonica, playing a trumpet, or heck, even becoming a human beatbox. Look, Watch Dogs Legion is not all hacking, espionage and infiltration. Sometimes you just wanna toot a trumpet or beatbox for a bit. It’ll make you feel like a proper Londoner, if only for a minute.

Bare Knuckle Fighter – Dotted throughout London, in some really inauspicious places, there’s a very good chance you’ll stumble upon one of Watch Dogs: Legion’s ‘bare knuckle’ fighting tournaments. Basically, no rules brawling in some right London dives. Not only do you get credits when you win the relatively easy tournaments, but when the tournament is over, you’ll also get a chance to recruit the fighters, and let me tell you, some of them have a great subset of traits.

Bare knuckle fighter abilities range from combat rolls to increased damage after a perfect dodge and so on, but the best ability they come tooled up with has to be the ability to call in friends as back-up. It does mean that you’ll effectively be doing away with stealth, but hey, you can’t beat a good ruckus – after all, it’s the most quintessential British pastime ever. Ubisoft thought so, as they put football hooligans in the game. Yay, violence!

The Super Spy – Yes, we were totally saving the best for last. And one of the easiest to unlock as well. Sure, many of the most badass characters in Watch Dogs: Legion are locked behind liberating boroughs, and the last thing we wanted this listicle to be was just seven of those recruits. The Beekeeper was a no brainer for us, as was the super spy, who you get for liberating the City of Westminster.

Why? Well, because this is a game set in Britain, so it’d be rude not to have a super spy in the same vein as James Bond – or, Jane Bond in this case. That, and the tools that the super spy comes with are just so much bloody fun. First up you have the silenced pistol, which is great for stealth; not so much for being non-lethal! Then you have the spy watch, which temporarily jams enemy weapons. Oh, and a frickin’ Aston Martin DB5 knock-off personal car that comes equipped with homing missiles and a cloak. After you unlock the super spy, why the hell would you use anyone else? What’s that? Her accent is bloody awful. Oh, okay then. Fun car, though!

There we have it, then - seven of Watch Dogs: Legion’s best and most interesting characters, that range from a beekeeper with nano-bees and buskers with their own instruments; to a stage magician who can hypnotise enemies, and a super spy packing more gadgets than 007! What a diverse list! Watch Dogs: Legion is out now. You can check out our review here, comparison here, and 7 helpful tips here.


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