Splosion Man - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Get Them Out of Our Schools (10 points)
Eliminate 10 Scientists and stop them from spreading their filthy lies.
 Master of Controls (10 points)
Master the mastery of controlling your controls.
 You're the Best Around! (25 points)
Complete the Single Player game.
 A Little Help from Your Friends (25 points)
Complete the Multiplayer game.
 Omaha Steaks®, Delicious! (15 points)
Create 5,000 filets.
 Not a Portal Reference (25 points)
Collect all 47 cakes in Single Player mode.
 Sugar High (25 points)
Collect all 47 cakes in Multiplayer mode.
 Get Over Yourselves (10 points)
Select "Credits" from the "Help & Options" menu and watch the whole thing.
 Only Gandhi Would Be Proud (10 points)
How long can you handle being a pacifist?
 Lay Off the Caffeine (10 points)
Let your hyper little brother play the game for a bit.
 All Hail The Splode King (25 points)
Complete the Single Player game in Hardcore mode.
 Eventual Destruction of a Galaxy (10 points)
Be on the lookout for an old friend.

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